Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date

“I had a great night,” the tucked in shirt with a fancy belt buckle whispered while drawing in close. “Oh… yeah?” Halley replied, trying not to belch from eating nearly all of her wagyu beef at Lord Stanley, paid for by the crisp shirt. He leaned in to kiss the girl and she quickly turnedContinue reading “Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date”

Eating Out in San Francisco

“So… ‘D’ and ‘D’… dinner and dick again?” Kaitlyn asked her roommate, Haley who was engrossed in her phone and the six dating apps she pivoted between in her daily hunt. “Yeah… starving!” “But for which ‘D’?” “Honestly… sushi. I’m fishing for any guy willing to take me…,” Haley grumbled. Down to meet up forContinue reading “Eating Out in San Francisco”