The Lobster Tale: Ch2. Choker

Becky signed her name with a flourish on the digital clipboard while the man from FedEx waited patiently next to the three large boxes on her doorstep. She had tracked the packages online for nearly a week in anticipation of their arrival. The grown man, wearing shorts with his company logo, spent his days droppingContinue reading “The Lobster Tale: Ch2. Choker”

The Lobster Tale: Ch.1 Marrakech

Becky took the plastic tip into her mouth and breathed deeply while listening to the metal hookah happily bubble while she sat cross-legged on her new silk rug, she and her husband had spread out in the living room of the apartment they had rented in Marrakech. She held the smoke in her lungs forContinue reading “The Lobster Tale: Ch.1 Marrakech”