Book Sale: “How Much is Candy” $0.99

I’m rapidly finishing up “How Much is Candy 2” and will be releasing the book in the next few weeks! This second volume will show how the events unfold through the eyes of Jenn, Candy’s rival, along with telling her own, parallel story. For my fans who read along with Candy and bought the bookContinue reading “Book Sale: “How Much is Candy” $0.99″

How Much is Candy 10: Jenn’s Origin

How Much is Candy 2 is now Published!!! You were enthralled by Candy in the first book, now see how the events unfold through the eyes of Jenn, Candy’s rival at the massage parlor. Jenn goes on her own journey that intersects with the other girls at the parlor and adds a stunning dimension toContinue reading “How Much is Candy 10: Jenn’s Origin”

Book Sale: Miss Personality $0.99

When Diane’s book, “Miss Personality”, was first released TONS of people went crazy to read the story in its entirety and find out what happens in the end to the underdog teenaged girl who charmed us by finding her courage and having quite a lot of sex. I really enjoyed the feedback I got aboutContinue reading “Book Sale: Miss Personality $0.99”

How Much is Candy 9: Jenn’s Talent

“Is Jenn working today?” the nervous middle aged man named Scott asked Galina who buzzed him into the massage parlor after he pressed the button in the tiny waiting room. Galina knew the blonde was working and was, actually, the only girl available. Candy and Maddie were both busy in the other rooms, stroking anContinue reading “How Much is Candy 9: Jenn’s Talent”

How Much is Candy 8: Jenn’s Envy

“Candy! Room three!” Galina yelled into the bullpen where the girls waited for customers at the massage parlor. The skinny brunette stood up and walked out of the room to service the middle-aged businessman who asked for the girl by name when he buzzed the door a few seconds earlier. “Candy is such a bitch!”Continue reading “How Much is Candy 8: Jenn’s Envy”

Eating Out SF: The Boyfriend

 Halley twirled the linguini in her fork, using her spoon as a base, before delicately gliding the tightly wrapped noodles into her mouth. “Ugh!” she moaned, as if the handmade pasta had caused her an orgasm. “Good?” asked the hipster who refused to take his mesh trucker hat off at the table. “Oh God yes!”Continue reading “Eating Out SF: The Boyfriend”

Eating out in SF: Double Booked

Halley floated up the stairs of her apartment and breezed in the door. She was still slightly buzzed from the four glasses of exceptionally good wine she drank at Gary Danko, but there was something else tickling a part of her brain that left her feeling lighter than air. “How was the restaurant?” Kaitlyn beggedContinue reading “Eating out in SF: Double Booked”

Eating Out SF: Dessert to go

Halley needed to change up her dating profiles again; new pictures, new description, new Halley. She had gotten super-liked by several men whom she had allowed to take her on numerous expensive dates, after which she swiftly ghosted them. The aggravated fellows, upon noticing the beguiling former companion’s profile had once again appeared on theirContinue reading “Eating Out SF: Dessert to go”

Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date

“I had a great night,” the tucked in shirt with a fancy belt buckle whispered while drawing in close. “Oh… yeah?” Halley replied, trying not to belch from eating nearly all of her wagyu beef at Lord Stanley, paid for by the crisp shirt. He leaned in to kiss the girl and she quickly turnedContinue reading “Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date”

Eating Out in San Francisco

“So… ‘D’ and ‘D’… dinner and dick again?” Kaitlyn asked her roommate, Haley who was engrossed in her phone and the six dating apps she pivoted between in her daily hunt. “Yeah… starving!” “But for which ‘D’?” “Honestly… sushi. I’m fishing for any guy willing to take me…,” Haley grumbled. Down to meet up forContinue reading “Eating Out in San Francisco”