Book Launch! How Much is Candy 2

It took me an extra month to painstakingly edit and enhance the content but… How Much is Candy 2 is now Published!!! I put so much into this second volume of the series you loved and it came out fantastic!! If you were enthralled by Candy in the first book, now see how the eventsContinue reading “Book Launch! How Much is Candy 2”

Eating Out SF: Dessert to go

Halley needed to change up her dating profiles again; new pictures, new description, new Halley. She had gotten super-liked by several men whom she had allowed to take her on numerous expensive dates, after which she swiftly ghosted them. The aggravated fellows, upon noticing the beguiling former companion’s profile had once again appeared on theirContinue reading “Eating Out SF: Dessert to go”

Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date

“I had a great night,” the tucked in shirt with a fancy belt buckle whispered while drawing in close. “Oh… yeah?” Halley replied, trying not to belch from eating nearly all of her wagyu beef at Lord Stanley, paid for by the crisp shirt. He leaned in to kiss the girl and she quickly turnedContinue reading “Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date”

Eating Out in San Francisco

“So… ‘D’ and ‘D’… dinner and dick again?” Kaitlyn asked her roommate, Haley who was engrossed in her phone and the six dating apps she pivoted between in her daily hunt. “Yeah… starving!” “But for which ‘D’?” “Honestly… sushi. I’m fishing for any guy willing to take me…,” Haley grumbled. Down to meet up forContinue reading “Eating Out in San Francisco”

Gretchen’s Game: Part I

Gretchen wrapped her knees around the soldier’s hips and straddled him before reaching behind her ass to guide his cock inside her primed and ready squeeze box. Running her fingers along the throbbing, veiny appendage, she trailed her fingertips up until she found the spongy head with the diamond hard point right at its tinyContinue reading “Gretchen’s Game: Part I”

Lyla’s World Excerpt

An alert on Lyla’s phone went off, then she handed the camera to Muffy and said, “Always keep me in the frame. Do a good job,” and walked to the door. She pressed a button on the panel that made a loud buzzing noise, then unhooked the chain on the door. She then rushed over,Continue reading “Lyla’s World Excerpt”

Love in the time of Covid

Tracy had been going out of her mind for weeks and she simply couldn’t take it any longer. “Finding a guy during this pandemic is impossible!” she complained. Earlier in the year, Aaron, her boyfriend, had destroyed their relationship just before Valentine’s day, when his phone erupted in text messages while she was concentrating onContinue reading “Love in the time of Covid”

Hitchhiking on Madison Avenue

“You’ve never truly lived until you sail in open waters,” Jennifer announced, uncoordinatedly swirling a drink in her hands as she pointed at the whitecaps spanning to the horizon from the wooden deck of her William Fife cutter. Her guests, much like herself, were three sheets to the wind with their eyes sharing time betweenContinue reading “Hitchhiking on Madison Avenue”

Party of four

Jennine spent far too much time worrying about what the other girls thought of her and she hated that about herself. She worried because she had been part of many conversations where she cut other girls down with snarky criticisms. It didn’t take a genius to know that when she wasn’t there, they were cuttingContinue reading “Party of four”