Singapore Party Girls 6

It had been nearly two months since Shirley had even opened the drawer container her vast collection of colorful thongs and heavily padded brassieres. They remained in the case, positioned as if on display at a store, unused and bored. Not one of them fit Shirley anymore. Almost nothing she owned fit. It had beenContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls 6”

Singapore Party Girls 5

Shirley starred at the ceiling while the thirty-something-year-old banker from Finland thrust into her. She was on her back with one ankle on the man’s shoulder and the other splayed around his hip. It was a somewhat uncomfortable position to hold for  a long time, especially while being penetrated. The entire evening had been aContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls 5”

Singapore Party Girls 4

“Kopi!” Shirley croaked at her closed door while her head spun. The quiet of the room made her frown. She expected to hear the reply of her helper on the other side followed by the telltale sounds of someone making her a drink. “Aiyoh!” she cried out in frustration. Still prone, she fished for herContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls 4”

Singapore Party Girls 3: Origin Story

With Khet’s hand on Shirley’s back, running his fingers along the smooth flesh exposed by her tight fitting cocktail dress, Shirley belted out the final lyrics of ‘Bukan Cinta Biasa’ at K Suites Family Karaoke in the Orchard Palace Hotel. Her tall Louboutin’s gave the tiny girl an extra dozen centimetres creating a mirage effectContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls 3: Origin Story”

Singapore Party Girls: Part II

“Can you guarantee me a table, if I come by?” Shirley asked the owner of Braci in Boat Quay over the phone. “I can get you a table, even though you don’t have a reservation, but I certainly hope you understand the tasting menu with the wine pairing is four-hundred per person and we cannotContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls: Part II”

Singapore Party Girls: Part I

“Nope… No… Yuck… Never…” Shirly said, aloud while going through her super-likes on Tinder. She was looking for a Westerner who was tall, rich, and good looking. Someone she could add to her stable of interesting men who continuously supply her with wonderfully entertaining events then pick up the bill. Shirly’s owned her private condoContinue reading “Singapore Party Girls: Part I”