Eating Out SF: The Boyfriend

 Halley twirled the linguini in her fork, using her spoon as a base, before delicately gliding the tightly wrapped noodles into her mouth. “Ugh!” she moaned, as if the handmade pasta had caused her an orgasm. “Good?” asked the hipster who refused to take his mesh trucker hat off at the table. “Oh God yes!”Continue reading “Eating Out SF: The Boyfriend”

Eating out in SF: Double Booked

Halley floated up the stairs of her apartment and breezed in the door. She was still slightly buzzed from the four glasses of exceptionally good wine she drank at Gary Danko, but there was something else tickling a part of her brain that left her feeling lighter than air. “How was the restaurant?” Kaitlyn beggedContinue reading “Eating out in SF: Double Booked”