If you have enjoyed the short stories in the blogs, you should graduate to reading my full books on Amazon. There are several chapters in each book that I’ve never put for free on the blog. -Jack

How Much Is Candy?

Candy was in dire need of cash and to solve her problem, the beautiful eighteen-year-old took a job working at a massage parlor that specialized in college girls giving their clients very happy endings. The naïve teen soon learns the rules of being hustler as she falls deeper into the seedy realm of prostitution, drugs, and crime. You’ll be enthralled, entertained, and so excited you won’t be able to look away as you go on Candy’s journey.

Miss Personality

Diane just graduated from high school and is headed to her dream college where she plans to live her best life filled with wonderful escapades. She especially is interested in living out her carnal fantasies. The only problem is Diane has numerous obstacles she needs to overcome. You’ll be captivated watching Diane finding herself and navigating the world where she didn’t think she would ever fit in, let alone thrive.

Lyla’s World

Lyla ran track at NYU before the pandemic. Now she runs an Only Fans account, captivating an army of degenerate subscribers, clamouring to see what sexually depraved act the girl will do next. Along her journey, she skates all ethical lines. How much debauchery can she stand and how much misery she can inflict on the unwitting men who fall prey to her siren’s song by agreeing to appear in her twisted online fantasy world.? Believing they stumbled onto a once in a lifetime opportunity, the men sign away their rights before tumbling down a rabbit hole while her pathetic slave films the depravities for her drooling fans.

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