Singapore Party Girls 6

It had been nearly two months since Shirley had even opened the drawer container her vast collection of colorful thongs and heavily padded brassieres. They remained in the case, positioned as if on display at a store, unused and bored. Not one of them fit Shirley anymore. Almost nothing she owned fit. It had been seven months since she discovered her birth control implant had expired and she was now carrying the child of an unknown lover. She had also failed to go to the doctor even once to inquire about the pregnancy. It was almost as if Shirly was deeply stuck in a rabbit-hole of denial that she was, indeed, pregnant, and had allowed the window to pass where she could have made alternative choices about carrying the child to term.

Shirley had flatly refused to purchase any clothes that were not her size zero. Now, she spent almost all her time in bed, completely naked, on her phone. She would rest her hands on her gestating body while simultaneously ignoring the abundance that had become of her once perfectly flat tummy. She would writhe on the bed in discomfort until either hunger or frustration would bring her to the decision to investigate the dozens of notifications that had piled into her dating app inbox.

‘Can you bring me Din Tai Fung?’ she texted into her Tinder chat.

‘You want to go to DTF or are you DTF?’ the westerner joked.

‘If you bring me a dozen Xiaolongbao then we can have sex right away’ she replied curtly.

There were several other men she was chatting with and all of them were being asked for delivery food. Whomever agreed the fastest would get her address.

After some wrangling, a forty-something year old German banker was en route to the restaurant to retrieve Shirley’s dozen dumplings, his token to gain entrance into the young woman with whom he super-liked an hour earlier, along with a dozen other young women, showing off their bodies to entice attention from men that could be casually ignored or acted upon, whatever their fleeting whimsey decided.

As Shirley waited, she swiped through other profiles and then examined her own photos. They were all at least ten months old and displayed her with a flat tummy on the deck of yachts, smiling and alluring. She never considered updating her profile and this had caused problems with the dating apps due to the surprise of her gentleman callers when they discovered she was in a delicate state. As a result, she had been banned from every app except tinder due to the user base being comprised of the least ethical group of men who would chalk up the event as that time they expected a sexy sarong party girl and discovered that a tinder date from a few months ago had already been there and left a surprise.

“Ummm… you’re pregnant!” they would all, inevitably blurt out when seeing the naked girl, unashamed, laying in her bed, after being shown inside by the Malaysian helper.

“Yes, and I would like to have sex now!” She would command.

Most of the men acquiesced, but several had departed in a huff and complained about being catfished on the dating app.

Men, summoned from her phone, had been arriving day and night to Shirley’s condo. In addition to being intolerably horny, she had not left her condo for months. Her helper, Nayla, had been exceedingly unhelpful after several bouts of verbal abuse from the frustrated hormonal girl. The helper was now more of a doorman, opening the entrance of the condo to men about to gain entrance to Shirley. Now men arrived with meals, lotions to rub on her skin, she had even allowed one man to thrust inside of her for quickly bringing a ChapStick to the prone girl.

“You need to go to the doctor for the health of your baby!” Nayla pressed the naked girl with semen glistening on her belly from an Australian who had arrived with Jollibee and left with a smile.

“Do not tell me what to do! You are an old useless woman who does not help me, and I will dismiss you!”

The personal insults and poor behaviour of her employer had been something Nayla had been able to ignore, but her wanton disregard of her pregnancy was beyond what she could tolerate.

“Rosmah bodoh! It will take you weeks to get a new helper and you refuse to even leave your bed! You lay there naked and shameful! Dismiss me and see what you get!” the older woman challenged

Knowing she was beat, Shirley turned away and her helper smiled and went back to her favourite show, Rindu Awak, which she watched on the older Android phone she had carefully purchased after saving for months. After that conversation, the only time she even acknowledged Shirley was when a man came to the door. Nayla would simply usher them inside and try to ignore the loud noises of copulation and focus on her television program. Now that the power dynamic had shifted, she would take the money she normally spent on dry cleaning Shirley’s elaborate cocktail dresses and having her decadently expensive shoes repaired and spent it on herself. A mere fraction of those hundreds of dollars allocated per month for the removal of semen on sequins financed lovely lunches at the Malay Hawker centres or buying her favorite milo then a ride on the MRT to the botanical gardens for an afternoon stroll. Nayla knew that her time in Singapore was over the moment Shirley could dismiss her, but not until the birth of this bastard that the feckless girl was carrying.

With her new freedom, for a fleeting moment, Nayla considered taking a lover but then decided she wanted companionship far more than a new male acquaintance. Sex had not been even a small component of her life for many years. She was married in her late teen and had four daughters in rapid succession before she was Shirley’s age. All of them were now adults and had their own families. Her husband had taken a much younger mistress while she raised their children and, as soon as Nayla’s youngest daughter was married, he promptly left her, a man of over fifty, to marry a twenty-two-year-old Filipino girl he had met only a few months earlier.

Her entire life Nayla had lived as a chaste Muslim woman, despite her husband’s infidelities. She never would have moved to Singapore to live as a maid if she had any other options. She had no career in Malaysia as she was the sole caretaker of four children, and it was the only work she had ever done. She had no idea that her life as a caretaker would sharply pivot from guiding her young daughters to shuttling cocktail dresses to the cleaners and washing semen out of minimalistic thongs.

Nayla had first signed up for the service to be a foreign maid when her oldest daughter became a mother for the third time and there was no longer any room in their home to host her along with the children. Her daughter’s husband had long conspired to send the woman away as she was always in her daughter’s ear about where her husband was when he was not working. It was not Nayla’s fault; she had become horribly nosey and suspicious after her own husband’s deceptions. They all lived in a small apartment in Bukit Jalil to be close to the husband’s work. After the second baby was born, Nayla took up residency in the helper’s quarters. Now the apartment would be bursting at the seams with people and, even though Nayla offered to live on the sofa, her daughter’s husband put his foot down and allowed for Nayla to leave her belongings in a box while she went to Singapore to earn money for her own apartment.

On her first night in Singapore, Nayla thought Shirley to be a beautiful young woman that she could treat like a daughter, to care for, and help guide her into a respectable marriage with a man who would be decent, hardworking, and devoted to raising children and living a good life. She was rather confused when she saw Shirley dress herself in a very revealing cocktail dress and then not return until almost dinnertime the next day.

“Where did you stay?” she scolded the teenager who returned looking hungover and dishevelled.

“I am your employer! Do not speak to me like a child! Now fix me kopi c!”

The following night, she found out exactly what the young girl was doing on her nights out when a drunken banker arrived at their home and proceeded to have loud sex with the girl. Nayla sat in her room, horrified at the obscene display happening on the other side of the wall. Nyla had been a virgin when she married and had known that many women were promiscuous but had never been witness to a teenaged girl partaking in impromptu sex with a man twice her age on the other side of a wall. Now she never inquired but silently judged until Shirley turned up pregnant like Nayla always suspected she would. A different version of her would have taken pity on the young pregnant girl, but years of rude behaviour had hardened her heart against her employer, and she now treated the job like a short vacation until her return to Malaysia, never to work as an overseas maid again.

For Shirley, time had faded into the background for the last few weeks of her monotonous pregnancy. There was no difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday. Her Korean soap operas played continuously on the screen one man had brought for her while she always held her phone. Even when lovers arrived, she never stopped watching her show or even corresponding with other men on tinder. It gave a few of the men pause, but, eventually, they remembered their task at hand and finished, wiped themselves off, then left the former pageant queen, naked on the bed, semen dribbling out of her very puffy lips, and her gaze never looking away from ‘Angel Eyes’ or ‘Joseon Gunman’

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Shirley made no motion despite the banging on her bedroom door. Without saying a word, the door instantly opened, and she saw a thin but unattractive man being ushered inside by her indifferent helper.

“Oh mein Gott!” A German voice uttered upon seeing the naked pregnant girl sprawled on top of the bedsheets.

“Did you bring my dumplings?” The pregnant girl inquired.

“Yes” he replied, still shocked.

“Give them to me!” Shirley demanded.

“Ok” he replied, sheepishly.

It was obvious he was disappointed and now assuming he had been duped.

Shirley opened the plastic bag and began expertly snatching the dumplings with the provided chopsticks and eating them whole. All the while the man stood over her, watching the naked pregnant girl eat, intrigued, but confused.

“Well?” Shirley inquired with a full mouth.

“Yes?” he begged.

“Are you going to take off your pants or just stand there?” she replied with a dribble of soup on her chin.

The man paused for a moment and then began working on his belt while Shirley continued to gobble. Soon he was naked with his pale, forty-year-old, German penis standing at attention.

“Condom?” he asked, hopeful.

“I cannot get more pregnant” Shirley scoffed.

Without hesitation, the man leapt onto the bed and grasped each of the girl’s ankles, spreading her feet widely. Shirley’s thin, spindly legs seemed almost comical jutting out from her rotund torso, as if they belonged to a different person and were haphazardly added like some sort of mismatched puzzle pieces. At the apex of those beanpole limbs was a healthy tuft of dark black plumage.  It had been months since Shirley had made much effort to groom her pubes. When she was performing in pageants, she had gotten electrolysis on her outer labia as she was so often in a very revealing bikini, it was impractical to be continuously waxed. Now, her smooth slit was topped with a thick welcome mat that quickly ran vertically as her tummy rose.

With his cock in his hand, the German saddled up close, placing his hips inside the young girls, then firmly planting himself while keeping her legs in a near split. With two fingers on his free hand, he inspected the orifice by inserting them both. The girl took both fingers with ease. A smile ran across his face when he withdrew his slippery finger, which he instinctively held to his nose to catch the aroma, then, in a perverted but silly manner, stuffed his own fingers in his mouth as if he were Shirley consuming a freshly grasped dumpling. Still smiling, he then lined up his manhood to the bottom edge of those puffy pink lips and easily pushed his cock into Shirley’s warm slit.

Ever since she had reached her second trimester, Shirley found

 that she was not only constantly wet, but she could easily fit toys inside of her that had previously been rather uncomfortable. Now with the German on top of her, he slid inside of her to the hilt and began thrusting carefully while avoiding touching her belly. He seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly, despite taking great pains not to disturb the vast hemisphere that contained a child in utero.

This annoyed Shirley terribly because she wanted to be fucked quite roughly and this man was far too gentle. She didn’t invite this man over to simply deliver food, she wanted to silence the incessant voice in her head that begged for sexual gratification. The voice traded turns with her hunger and discomfort. The moment Shirley was penetrated, she began the task of swallowing the current contents of her mouth and settling in to enjoy the servicing she was about to receive.

“Much harder!” Shirley barked with a mouth full of pork.

Realizing the young girl was not concerned with where he placed his hands or the impetus of his thrusts, the German anchored himself down, grasped Shirley behind each knee and happily increased his pace causing Shirley’s distended abdomen to heave along with her swollen breasts.

As the man finally began properly fucking the girl, Shirley put down her chopsticks and reached for her favourite vibrating toy and held the phallus of the object vertical, along her heaving tummy, and pressed the feathers into her clitoral hood.

“MMM! MMM! OH! MMMM!” The Shirley began moaning as she quickly reached orgasm with the rapidly fluttering silicone appendages stimulating her intensely. Before she was pregnant, orgasming for Shirley required an incredible production of timing, environment, and stimulation. Now it was as easy as opening her phone. She was capable of masturbating to orgasm, and she did so every day, but it was always a poor substitute to an actual penis, and she had been finding herself inviting men over at a rapidly increasing frequency as her pregnancy progressed.

The German held her skinny legs wide while thrusting deeply into the very pregnant girl. Even though this was a less than ideal, Shirley was still nearly twenty years younger than he, and the previous women the man had slept with were considerably older and insisted that he wear a condom during their mundane couplings. Now his unencumbered prick slid in the immensely lubricated slit of the girl his eyes bulged out of his head when she replied to his super-like earlier that day. He did his best to control his breathing and excitement as the younger woman began masturbating with her toy and began instantly orgasming which caused the walls of her vagina to grip his cock like a lovely handshake from deep within her body. He couldn’t last much longer and decided not to deny himself a single moment, nor withdraw from the soaked velvet sleeve of the twenty-something-year-old girl he was thrusting into.

“Mein Gott!” he gasped while holding his prick deeply inside of Shirley who was grunting through her own orgasm with a face twisted away from the aging German while she fantasized about a younger man with well sculped abdominals in a room at the Mandarin Oriental. As her own bliss swept her away, Shirley noticed the man inside of her had that urgent expression all men get on their faces the moment before their penises erupt with that horrible fluid that had ruined many of Shirley’s expensive outfits, caused her tastebuds to recoil in her mouth, and, sadly, turn her perfectly flat, fifty centimetre waistline to expand into the debilitating monstrosity that caused her to become a shut-in, ordering food and cocks online instead of being whisked away from fine dining and clubs to marvellous condos at South Beach or Sentosa Island.

She was beyond apathetic and was now relegated to the simple desires of eating noodles, watching Korean dramas, and orgasming five times per day. Shirley didn’t care in the least that the nameless man didn’t even offer to pull out. He began grunting and his urgent face washed over with satisfaction as he pumped his semen inside of the vibrating girl with soup on her chin. With his seed contained deeply inside of former pageant queen, he rested a moment while the final tremors of his orgasm echoed inside of the now bored girl. A moment later, he withdrew and a large amount of his sperm blurped its way from Shirley’s labia and onto the sheets.

Shirley put the toy down and picked her chopsticks back up and went to work finishing the final dumplings, not even acknowledging the man and his meager accomplishment of having extremely selfish, unprotected sex.

Seeing Shirley’s utter indifference, the man stumbled about the room and quickly dressed then looked down her Shirley, naked and eating with his sperm running down her ass. He motioned, as if he intended to say goodbye but then thought better of doing so after seeing her eyes fixed back on her phone. He cleared his throat then shuffled out the door and into the hallway as if he had just purchased a small item from a kiosk and no ‘farewell’ had been warranted.

Once the man left, Shirley pulled several wipes from the box on her stand and cleaned her sperm filled vagina, as well as accounting for the portion of the fluid that had ran down her ass. With her belly and vagina full, she began to doze and fell asleep with the tv playing in the background.

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