The Lobster Tale: Chapter 3

Becky had been waiting for weeks, in agony, but the day had finally arrived. She wore her favorite jeans and a tight little top. A skirt was out of the question because she planned on leaping into her man’s arms the moment she saw him. The hours ticked away as slowly as the cars moved on the 405 as she inched her way along the highway to LAX in her Uber. The driver tried to make small talk with her but there was no way she could concentrate on anything at the moment.

After arriving, she checked in at her ticket counter and got her boarding documents before using all of her strength to heave her luggage onto the black conveyor belt and watching the roller-bag get slowly dragged passed the wall and, hopefully, arrive at her final destination.

Clutching her tickets in her hand, she passed security and walked to a gate that was a different number than printed on her ticket. The gate her man would emerge from in around twenty minutes. She refreshed her phone over and over to watch the animated plane containing Arn slowly reach its destination; her.

As the passengers finally started streaming out of the jetway, she stood near the blue nylon barrier and peered past the strangers while darting her eyes in search of her man. She knew it would be an unconscious realization the instant his face would come into view. Bobbing her head like a boxer, she repeated ‘no, no, no, no’ in her mind as the wrong faces graced her field of vision.

Where is my man! She pleaded to no one.

The moment finally arrived, and she saw her man, he was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, bag slung over his shoulder, and rolling a suitcase behind him. Without heed or warning, she took a running leap and squealed as she bounded into the air. Arn face lit up as he let go of his roller bag and caught his woman with a single free arm and held her, suspended in the air, with their lips locked together. To the aggravation of the other passengers, they kissed for nearly a minute forcing the crowd to weave around the happy couple.

“I’ve waited forever!” Becky moaned, as her man carefully lowered her to the ground.

“The last few hours of the flight seemed to be in slow motion,” Arn agreed. “What gate are we going to now?”

“Thirty-Five. It’s not too far away,” Becky grinned.

The couple walked arm-in-arm down the corridor until they reached their gate. The overhead screen displayed their destination, Puerto Vallarta. Becky gripped her man’s hand tightly in anticipation.

The plane wouldn’t board for another hour so the two sat down in a nearby cafe and drank iced coffee and talked about the last twenty-four hours they had been apart. Arn had departed from Asia and had been in a bubble, flying over the Pacific since, the previous day.

“You don’t smell great babe!” Becky joked, as her man’s deodorant hand long since worn off.

“Oh, you know I’m prepared for this!” Arn returned, pulling a stick out of his bag and liberally applying it under each pit.

Eventually, it became time to board and the couple strolled down the jetway to find their seats. Arn had bought first class tickets to celebrate his return to the US and Becky plopped herself next to her man and immediately started push away the bulky center console blocking her from easily touching her man.

“I need to touch you!” Becky complained while smiling and enjoying the comfort of the roomy seat. Her man smiled back. This was an important trip. Arn was moving home. The days of their long-distance relationship were going to fade away.

“…Drinks? Champagne?” The flight attendant queried.

Arn and Becky both opted for champagne and sipped their flutes while the remainder of the passengers lumbered past them, enviously looking at the couple. Almost all of the seats in first class were empty while economy was packed. At about the time their glasses were being refilled, the cabin door was shut, and the crew didn’t even bother to confiscate their beverages or bore them with the safety instructions as the proles in economy were hassled about the status of their phones or need to remain seated until the overhead seatbelt light was turned off.

The plane picked its way around the tarmac until it straightened itself in front of a long empty strip. The engines screamed as the plane built up speed before Arn and Becky’s inner ears informed them that they were rapidly gaining altitude. Since first class was largely empty, after a delicious meal service and another round of drinks, they found themselves quite alone. Only another couple was in their section, seated a few rows in front and to the side busied themselves watching sitcoms.

Becky squished her body against the seat so she could better hold her boyfriend’s hand. She squeezed it and felt so happy and at ease. The flight was just under three hours and they were cruising. As Becky’s hand sat in her man’s lap, she noticed he was becoming aroused. Pretending not to notice, Becky rested her hand on Arn’s bulge. It had been weeks since she had last gotten to hold his cock and she was eager to have access to her favorite toy.

Arn was getting noticeably uncomfortable as his erection pressed against his clothes. Becky was enjoying the small torture. She had spent so many nights rubbing her clitoris, alone in her bed, and dreaming of her man’s touch.

This is so much fun… Becky mused.

“Babe…” Arn finally said, gesturing towards the predicament that had emerged in his jeans.

Becky happily pretended not to notice as her wrist and hand slowly slid across his bulge while Arn began to noticeably sweat. At this point, Becky was beginning to get turned on herself. She wanted to play more. Letting go of her man’s hand, she glided a finger along the shaft and gave it a healthy squeeze. Arn held back a groan.

Popping out of her seat, Becky rummaged through the overhead compartment until she found a blanket and tossed it on Arn’s lap. Then she sat back in the chair, looked at her man and said, “… Well…?”

Without hesitating, Arn undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and his tortured cock sprang into the fabric. Becky reached inside and gripped the warm and veiny cock tightly. Arn’s eyes glazed over as his woman began to slowly stroke while she alternated between looking at her man’s reaction and searching for the cabin crew.

Emboldened, Becky began to increase her pace.

“If you… keep this up… I won’t be able to stop…” Arn breathed.

“Good.” Becky said, curtly, as she began squeezing the head at the peak of each stroke. “Just save some for later!” she added with a perky note in her voice.

Suddenly, the flight attendant burst through the curtain and turned around to refasten the clasp separating them from economy. Becky nonchalantly released the throbbing cock and put her thumb in her mouth sideways and bit down across it. Arn, tried to act casual and spread the bunched up blanked over his lap while using his hand to flatten his erection. The flight attendant sidled up to the pair and asked them if they’d like anything.

“Oh yes,” Becky responded, happily. “Another champagne please. Wait, no, make that two!”

Arn couldn’t even talk.

The attendant returned with the sparkling glasses and either didn’t notice or care what was going on in the between the couple. Becky seductively sipped her drink while watching her man in agony.

“I’ll be right back,” she said to her struggling man as she poured the remainder of her drink down her throat.

Arn sat in his chair, pants half way off, hiding under the flimsy blanket.

Do I zip up? He wondered.

If he did, this would be the end of this dangerous game and he desperately needed to cum. After a few minutes later, Becky emerged from the toilet with an evil smile, and one of her hands balled up in a fist.

The flight attendant was nowhere to be seen so she yanked back the blanket, exposing her man’s erection. Arn was instantly terrified but did nothing to stop her. Opening her hand, Becky was holding her panties rolled up in a ball. With a devilish look on her face, Becky slid the head of Arn’s cock into the small pocket in the crotch of the silky lingerie. Arn could feel that they were wet. Then Becky wrapped the remainder of the garment around the full length of her man’s member. Without returning the protective blanket, she gave her man’s cock a squeeze. Smiled at him, then started furiously stroking.

Arn could feel his own heart pounding in his chest. The tease had gone on too long and he no longer cared what about the consequences of getting caught. Arn had masturbated a few hours before he left Asia, but it had now been well over a day without ejaculating. He was close, and the pace of his woman’s hand was too much.

Gripping the arm rests, Arn gritted his teeth and began furiously pumping his load into the delicate lace and silk wrapped around his cock.

Becky smiled and cooed at him, “…There we go… very good.” As Arn returned back to his senses, he felt his woman unwrap his cock from her panties. He had came so much inside of them. Nervously, he forced his still hard cock back into his jeans and quickly replaced the belt.

Becky smiled, still holding her cum soaked panties and stood back up and returned to the toilet. Arn’s eyeballs swam in his head from post-orgasm bliss as he wondered what his woman was doing. Becky returned with a giant smile on her face.

“Did you throw them out?” Arn inquired.

“Of course not,” Becky responded, smirking. “I’m wearing them.”

Arn’s eyes widened as Becky proceeded to slide her hand down the front of her jeans. She made a few circular motions inside and then withdrew showing her finger coated in her man’s cum. Arn was speechless.

A few minutes later, Becky stood up and retrieved her oversized purse from above. Returned to the toilet and came back wearing little shorts.

Holy shit she planned this… Arn realized with his mouth wide open.

“Does this count as mile high?” Becky asked, mischievously. “I mean, your cum is inside of me…”

Again, Arn was speechless.

Not long after Becky gave her man a treat, the plan began to descend, and they landed in Mexico. Becky collected her bags before they stepped into the warm tropical air. The pair walked to the taxi line and Arn instructed the driver to take them to their resort. He wrapped his arm around his woman while he followed their progress on Google Maps and Becky started out the windows as they bounced on the uneven road to their destination. As soon as they reached, they were greeted at the door and taken to an alternate check-in location reserved only for a certain tier guests.

The resort was waterfront and made to look like a classic villa with tiled roof and stucco walls. The staff seemed to outnumber the guests as they were walked past the gorgeous, sprawling pool and several bars. Their handler walked slightly ahead of them while the bellhop trailed them with a brass trolley containing their luggage. Two flights up the elevator and they were ushered to a set of double-wide wooden doors that opened with a tap of the plastic key fitted into the small paper sleeve. The room opened up to a small sitting area that flowed into a gorgeous bedroom with a huge bed covered in white linens. Alongside the bed was a full wall of glass doors leading to the lanai. Stepping outside, Arn and Becky gazed into the panoramic ocean view that was part of their gorgeous suite.

The resort handler instructed the pair on how to use the remote control to close and open the shades and various other features of the room. As soon as the help was given their tip and the door close, Becky repeated her adorable bunny hop and sprang back into her man’s arms.

Unencumbered by baggage, Arn kissed her deeply while supporting her back and cupping her ass. He slowly lowered her to the bed without breaking their kiss and they remained there for several minutes, kissing fully clothed while listening to the waves crash outside and seagulls calling to each other. Finally, they broke apart from their kiss and Arn slid Becky onto her side so he could cradle her from behind. His hand was tight around her waist and Becky tucked her little tail as deeply as she could and arched her back when her man began to kiss her neck.

Breaking away from there embrace, Becky craned her neck in confusion.

Where is my man going? She wondered

Arn grabbed his bag from the spot the bellhop had placed it and peeled back the zipper. From inside he pulled out a red box with gold detailing that was twice the size of Becky’s hand.

“For you, my wonderful girl…” Arn said, sweetly, while Becky’s eyes grew wide.

Spinning the box in her hand, looking for the hinges, her eyes paused on the insignia that was also written in gold lettering.

“Cartier…” Becky said, gleefully.

She savored the moment before opening. She knew it would not be an engagement ring because her man would never, simply, hand her the box without opening it while on one knee. Besides, she didn’t expect that event until well after Christmas. Becky sat on the corner of their beautiful bed in their suite and pulled open the box to see a single, thick gold bangle with golden screws every few centimeters across the circumference.

“Babe…,” Becky cooed, “it’s gorgeous…”

Plucking the bracelet from its perch, she spent a moment looking at the detail before scrunching her hand through the opening. The golden bauble rested comfortably on her wrist and glinted in the sunlit room.

“There is no way I can wear this outside of the resort!” Becky giggled. “I love this babe. My wonderful, wonderful man!”

Arn scooped her up and set her on his lap. Becky immediately looked up to be kissed and her man, gladly, obliged. She wrapped her hands around his neck and squeezed him tightly. They held that position kissing for several minutes while she pressed her body into her man, lovingly.

“You are mine. I want you to be with me forever,” Arn said while looking into her eyes.

Becky melted then repeated “Forever” to her man.

As they kissed, Becky began pulling at her man’s shirt. She needed him. Desperately. It had been so long since they last made love and she was so wrapped up in the emotion and the waiting that her heart felt like it was ready to explode.

Very slowly and carefully, Arn undressed her, first taking off her top and then the tiny shorts. He looped his thumbs under the hip strings of her new thongs and Becky lifted her round little ass off the mattress to assist in his effort. She wanted this. She wanted him. All of him.

Arn stepped back off the bed and undressed himself while his woman waited. While he had been packing and preparing to move back to the US he had definitely found time to exercise and Becky was beginning to get very aroused. And, despite the fact that she had brought him to orgasm on the plane, Arn was also quite aroused.

Becky reached up while laying on her back. Her body was perfectly positioned for him to fit on top of her. It was a subliminal action she did to accept him and his body. She gave herself away so naturally, so lovingly. They kissed naked and Becky felt so comfortable and ready. She was finally with her man and her happiness was complete. Without needing to think about it, she knew the glow she was feeling had nothing to do with the vacation or the gift. It was exclusively about being with someone who truly cared for her. Someone who put her happiness above all else. And Becky would do anything to ensure that he felt the same love and caring that she was receiving.

As they kissed, Becky raised her chin to give her man access to her neck. Arn happily nibbled from her ears down to her collarbone, planting small kisses while firmly holding his woman. Becky could feel how turned on she was becoming. Her skin was flushed, and, despite the warm, tropical air, her nipples were quite erect. Arn gently kissed down her chest and gave attention to her nipples. This was the gentle kind of love making that she wanted. And she didn’t need to tell her man. He just knew. He knew her mind at all times.

Just as gently as he kissed her breasts, her man kissed further south until his tongue had found its way to her trembling clitoris. He slowly encircled the throbbing button with his tongue before kissing deeply into her soaked and wanting lips. Continuing to read her mind, Arn knew his woman didn’t want a prolonged session of oral sex. She wanted to be made love to and she wanted it now. Aligning himself with her face, Arn began to kiss his woman while she reached down to guide his cock into her waiting body. He slowly entered her and allowed his woman to adjust to being penetrated. It had been weeks since he was inside of her and the considerate progression of his movements was exactly what his lover wanted.

After a few minutes, he had nearly completed his journey inside of his lover while their kissing had never ceased. Becky raised her hips to take more of him inside of her. She was on fire but loving the soft motions he was using, and she relaxed her hips, knowing that there would be no unexpected or deep thrust and allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Slowly, her man began rocking her back and forth while they kissed. She held him back and felt her passion growing as she began running her nails gently across his back as waves of pleasure began to build inside of her.

The tenderness of their coupling was something that she knew she wanted and never needed to say aloud. This was the most beautiful moment as she felt her living, breathing man on top of her, inside of her, making love to her. She curled her toes and interlocked her feet behind his back. The change in angle of her hips by hooking her feet brought a different set of waves of pleasure through her body. The new position, with her man, pressed against her, caused her clitoris to be stimulated through each long and slow thrust. A glide of skin against her exposed and wet button while she enjoyed the sensation of fullness inside. At this moment, she knew she would orgasm, and it would be intense.

Gripping his neck, she angled her hips to further lean into the thrust and enjoy a longer exposure of her sensitive clitoris during each movement. She listened to her man. His breathing. The noises he made. The sounds the bed made at each moment of penetration. Her head began to slightly bob, and her eyelids grew heavy. She was close. And she didn’t want to hold back and play with her orgasm as she often did. She wasn’t going to change anything. She was in the moment.

Arn, hearing the pitch of his woman’s moaning build, continued to make love to her without changing the pace. They were one mind at that moment. He felt her grip his neck tighter. He felt the tell-tale clutching of his cock inside of her. He knew it would be soon.

With a slight buck of her hips, his woman clenched her entire body as her orgasm washed over her. The gentle glide over her clitoris on her man’s last thrust was the feather that landed on the scale and summoned the primal release that had been building. Heat and pleasure rushed from her abdomen up through her head and down to her toes. She loudly pushed air out of her lungs until the pleasure began to abate.

When she quieted down, she felt her man slow his thrusting and look into her eyes. He could see into her soul. They kissed while he remained inside of her; a living and breathing encapsulation of devotion.

“Babe, are you going to cum too?” She finally spoke.

“Yes babe, I’m so close,” he responded, holding her tightly.

Becky had been dreaming of his man shooting in-between her ass cheeks for nearly a week, but she felt that was a moment for a more carnal sexual moment the couple would enjoy many times before they left Mexico.

“Cum inside of me, babe,” she whispered.

This was something the couple had never done before. Arn looked into her eyes and she knew that this was a moment they would both remember forever. Without breaking eye contact, her man began to slowly thrust inside of her again. Becky could feel the same tickling on her clitoris and her previous orgasm felt as if it could be followed by a second. She was so wet and the echo of her earlier orgasm rang in her ears.

“I am close too babe,” Becky jolted as she began to fall back into ecstasy.

Remembering what brought her to bliss a few moments earlier, Arn mimicked his previous thrusting and felt his woman’s breathing increase in pace and her grip tighten.

Becky let her mind be lost in the moment. There was no bed. No ocean or seagulls outside. No Mexico. The only thing that existed was her and her lover. Becky’s eyes fluttered as her moaning reached a second crescendo while she wrapped herself in the heat and bliss of her orgasm. As her euphoria was peaking, her only other conscious sensation was feeling her man, stiffen inside of her and begin throbbing. The feeling of her man cumming inside of her was such heaven as it seemed he was pouring his soul into hers, like a waterfall where two rivers met; the delirium of the charging currents, fueling each other, tearing the ground apart to carve a permanent ravine into the earth.

As the rapture of their orgasms abated, Becky felt the warmth inside of her. She felt as though she owned her man on an entirely new level. They kissed.

“Mine,” Becky whispered to her man.

“Yours,” he replied.  

To be continued….

Author’s note: This is the third chapter of my newly published book “The Lobster Tail”. Only the first three chapters are on the blog, the other 16 chapters can only be read in the book on Kindle (Link Below). If you enjoyed the above chapter, you’ll love the rest of the book!


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