Book Launch! How Much is Candy 2

It took me an extra month to painstakingly edit and enhance the content but… How Much is Candy 2 is now Published!!! I put so much into this second volume of the series you loved and it came out fantastic!!

If you were enthralled by Candy in the first book, now see how the events unfold through the eyes of Jenn, Candy’s rival at the massage parlor. Jenn goes on her own journey that intersects with the other girls at the parlor and adds a stunning dimension to this intriguing tale. This steamy novel embodies an entirely unique parallel plot that will leave you shocked, intrigued, and excited to know the full extent of the debauchery and tragedy detailed in the second book of this sordid series.

The entire book, including the final two, never published before chapters, can be read FOR FREE on Kindle Unlimited (link below) or buy the book for $2.99.

How Much is Candy Part 2:

How Much is Candy Part 1:

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  1. Both books are completely amazing. Reading both of the women’s point of view helps to really paint a complete picture. Must read! There are a few lingering questions but my favorite read in a very long time.

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