Book Sale: Miss Personality $0.99

When Diane’s book, “Miss Personality”, was first released TONS of people went crazy to read the story in its entirety and find out what happens in the end to the underdog teenaged girl who charmed us by finding her courage and having quite a lot of sex.

I really enjoyed the feedback I got about how everyone cared so much about finding out what happened to Diane as they developed such a bond with her along her journey. Then I released “How Much is Candy” and that book just exploded in sales. Candy and Diane are such different characters but Diane’s tale sizzled and I felt that if more people read it, they would be asking for a second book about Diane, just like everyone asked for a second book about Candy, which I am releasing chapters here now.

So, I’m having a book sale for a limited time: $0.99 to own Diane’s story, including the final, never published before chapters where the reader learns how her tale concludes. You can always read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. (link below)


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