How Much is Candy 9: Jenn’s Talent

“Is Jenn working today?” the nervous middle aged man named Scott asked Galina who buzzed him into the massage parlor after he pressed the button in the tiny waiting room.

Galina knew the blonde was working and was, actually, the only girl available. Candy and Maddie were both busy in the other rooms, stroking an eager customer’s cock to an orgasm.

“Yes, Jenn is here and available. I will get her. Do you want to shower first?”


“You been here before, no?
“Many times.”

“Yes, I remember you. One hundred for the hour,” Galina requested.

The man pulled out a stuffed leather wallet from his back pocket and counted Galina out five crisp twenty dollar bills that he had procured from an ATM machine a few minutes earlier.

“Go to room two, there should be towels,” Galina instructed.

Smiling, he teetered off in the direction of the massage rooms.

Scott had parked his car halfway down the block so that it wouldn’t be seen in front of the innocuous establishment in a strip mall, nestled between a cell phone repair store and a vaping shop. He wore his sunglasses, even though it was a cloudy day, and walked casually, as to not draw attention, even though his heart thumped in his chest with nervous apprehension. It was the same for him every time he went to the parlor to see one of the girls. He couldn’t place exactly what he was afraid of though. He thought it highly unlikely he’d run into someone he knew that would shame him for his weekly visits. As far as he knew, the police had never shown up there either. It was just a horrible sinking feeling of fear mixed with the intense elation that very soon a beautiful teenaged girl would be his for an hour. Scott had never been very successful with women. He would get so nervous when asking them out as they typically scoffed at his interest in them.

“I’m seeing someone right now,” one would say.

“I’m so sorry, but I really don’t see you that way,” another would offer.

“But why? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong!” Scott would break down after a particularly cold streak.

“You’re just not my type,” the woman replied, refusing to help the man understand his pitiful track record at dating out of politeness. She didn’t want to point out the most obvious of Scott’s flaws.

“No! That’s not a real answer! Tell me!”

“Fine… I’m not attracted to you… and you’re kinda creepy. You stare at us and it’s off-putting. On top of this, the age gap is a little too much… you’re in your forties and I prefer to date men in my age group. But, most importantly, I know I can do better. Much better. And this little confrontation is proof of that,” the moderately attractive divorced woman in her thirties with two kids explained to the exasperated man.

When Scott would finally get a woman to agree to spend time with him, it would be a humiliating struggle to receive even the smallest amount of affection; dinner, movies, calling – but not too much – then the asking, the begging only to be rejected, over and over. When he finally would be permitted to have sex with the woman, it would be a lacklustre coupling with a partner, much like himself, well past their prime. Scott faced an age old conundrum that teased his soul; he simply was not attracted to the women willing to sleep with him. Pornography had ruined him, indulging the man with endless reservoir of his niche interest to gobble up, alone in his moderately priced condo: older men having sex with teenaged girls.

Scott was tasked with business analytics during the day, and he simply couldn’t help but maintain spreadsheets on the women he dated where he calculated the cost per sexual encounter. When he discovered it cost him, on average, over one thousand dollars to entice a forty-something year old woman into bed the initial time, and two hundred each subsequent time, he decided the prodigality must be curbed. There were few outliers where a woman quickly engaged with him sexually, the majority of his statistical math pointed to a rotten deal. In his research to find a better one, he discovered Galina’s parlor where teenaged girls were instantly available and his spreadsheet proved the fare was eons below market price of an aging consort, let alone a fresh-faced, perky blonde with massive unsagging breasts.

Scott had recently turned forty-five. He was short and slightly overweight with a receding hairline he would treat with mineral oil to extend his retreating mop as far as the stubby curls would reach into the expanding wasteland that was his climbing forehead. His eyes were beady which gave his pointy face a rodent-like semblance. Today, much like any other day, he was wearing khakis and a button down shirt; the uniform of a middle manager, or business functionary, at one of the nearby office parks. He went into room number two and took out his wallet and counted out two-hundred in twenties and put the money in his left pocket, then counted out another hundred, also in twenties, and put it in the right pocket. Then he undressed, put his wallet in one of his black, off-brand shoes, then folded his clothes, placing them on top to further protect his now empty billfold. With his belonging neatly on the chair, he wrapped the towel around himself, stepped into the provided flip-flops and proceeded on to the shower to scrub the liquid soap into this crevices in anticipation of his treasured moments with Jenn, the girl who had serviced him several times before.

“Jenn! Room two! He is in shower, so you have few minutes,” Galina called into the bullpen.

It had been nearly an hour since Jenn’s last customer. Since then, two men had come into the parlor and both of them had asked for Candy who was still in massage room four when Jenn had finished with her customer. As she left her massage room, she was certain she could hear Candy’s sharp yelps from being fucked hard on the other side of the wall.

The first gentleman who asked for Candy was given Emily by Galina. The other gentleman was paired up with Maddie leaving Jenn alone in the bullpen. Selecting other girls over herself was a common occurrence and Jenn was convinced Galina simply did not like her. It didn’t matter, she was about to have her third customer of the day and she could probably get one or two more before her shift was over. Her previous customer had been an easy hour with a boring a young man two or three years out of college who held her breast while Jenn’s lubricated hands caused his penis to erupt with semen within ten seconds of her touching.

“Most young guys are so excited they cum almost right away… it’s the older guys who take the little blue pills that cause your wrist to go numb you have to stroke them so long,” Jenn had explained to a new girl.

The first gentleman she serviced was more difficult; a gruff and grizzled truck driver in his thirties that Jenn wished had showered beforehand. The man looked like he had slept in the back of his rig as he appeared quite dishevelled with nappy hair and bad breath.

“Is that big titty blonde still here?” the man had asked Galina when he arrived.

The man had grabbed at Jenn the entire massage, pinching her sides and ass in a playful but not very comfortable manner.

“Can you maybe do that with your mouth, hun?” the man, reeking of body odor, asked the teen while she jerked his cock.

“For another hundred bucks,” Jenn negotiated, slowing her stroke so the man wouldn’t ejaculate before he had a chance to pay more.

“Hundred! You sucked me off for a hundred last time! How bout twenty more?” he scoffed.

Jenn honestly couldn’t remember if she had the disgusting man’s prick in her mouth in the past. Still, she hated negotiating sexual favors with gross men. It wasn’t because it made her feel cheap, it was just a frustrating process and the girl was very lazy. She wanted them to simply agree to whatever inflated figure the stoned girl came up with for the ludicrous sexual favor they deeply desired the teenager to perform.

“Forty but don’t cum in my mouth,” Jenn shot back.

“What’s the point if I don’t nut in yer mouth? Forget it… just jerk me off, bitch!” the trucker sneered.

“Fine,” Jenn smiled, not wanting to anger the large naked man and sped up her stroking until the blue-collar oaf grunted and his smelly cock spurted a meagre amount of semen all over his unwashed stomach.

After that unpleasant customer, Jenn was actually fine with Galina picking Maddie and Emily for the men who truly wanted Candy but had to settle for one of her confederates. She rested in the lounge and ate chips from her bag until Galina called her, saying a man was asking for her specifically and he was going to take a shower first, which made the girl very happy and she hoped he would do a thorough job washing himself, especially his armpits, genitals, and ass.

“Do men not know how to wash themselves?” was a commonly heard phrase uttered in the bullpen by the young girls.

Not feeling rushed, Jenn walked down the hallway and peered at the silhouette of the man in the shower. Upon seeing him, she immediately recognized the man and her face dropped.

“Mousey again!” she breathed.

He had been coming to see her quite a bit. She loved her regulars as long as they were easy but this was her least favorite repeat customer. For some reason, he gave Jenn a creepy vibe and was always asking for odd sexual favor and trying to negotiate them at a lower price. Steeling herself for the session, Jenn walked past the showers then into the door marked ‘private’ where the cleaning supplies and towel machine were stored. She pushed the door at the back of the room and stood in the alley behind the building and pulled out her vape pen, swapped the cartridge, and pressed the button along the side, activating the instrument, and inhaled concentrated weed so she would be nice and buzzed for the awful customer.

Normally Jenn would smoke the cartridge loaded with Sativia, to give her a relaxing boost to energetically massage and jerk-off the customers while the time sped by almost magically. Knowing Mr. Mouse was the customer, she swapped to her Indica cartridge that she typically used before bedtime to relax her into a pleasant slumber. The deep drag instantly worked and she felt quite sedated and calm.

“Maybe one more,” the sleepy girl mumbled to herself and took another deep drag.

Stoned and serene, Jenn floated back into the building and noticed the shower was vacant and her customer was already in the room. When she pushed open the door, she saw the pudgy little man with the needle-sharp face vigorously drying himself.

“Hi Jenn!” he exclaimed, excitedly.

“Oh.. hi,” she replied, not being able to recall his name.

“It’s Scott… but that’s ok! How are you?”

“I’m really good, are you ready for your massage,” she sleepily replied, still not remembering his name was Scott even though he just told the girl.

“Well… I was hoping we could do what we did last time… at the end… but for the whole time… for an hour,” Scott nervously asked.

She might have forgotten his name, but Jenn remembered what he wanted to do. It seems that he now wanted to skip the pretext of the massage and happy ending altogether and just repeat the kink he discovered during his normal routine with the blonde college girl.

“Oh… that… are you sure you don’t want a massage and a nice handjob… or I could suck you off if that’s something you’d want to do… or we could even have sex…,” Jenn lethargically offered, trying to bribe the man with her teenaged mouth and pussy.

“No. I definitely want to do what we did last time. The thing at the end. That! But… can you still do it? I mean… are you still.. you know…,” he nervously chattered.

“I can still do it… but I don’t know if I want to,” Jenn admitted.

“I could give you the same tip as last time, two-hundred,” he enticed, reaching into the left pocket of his folded pants on the chair and pulling out the carefully counted cash.

“I don’t think so… how about I just give you a nice blowjob for two-hundred? You can cum in my mouth,” Jenn soothed.

“But that’s not what I want to do!” the man whined. “How about for fifty more?”

“No,” Jenn said firmly.

“A hundred more!”

“No!”‘ Jenn repeated.

“That’s all i’ve got… maybe Candy is free… can I talk to Galina?” Scott weaselled. “You know Candy will do QUITE a lot for three hundred bucks… quite a lot!” he repeated.

Jenn exhaled through her nose in defeat. She firmly didn’t want to give Scott his sexual favor but she knew that he’d eventually pull out enough cash where she’d allow him. She also knew the man refused to settle and would argue with her until he got his way and his price.

“Fine!” Jenn breathed and the man jubilantly stuffed his hand back into his pants and produced the remainder of the money and handed the teen all three-hundred dollars.

Without another word, Jenn carefully pulled her t-shirt over her head, flipped the loops of her bra off her shoulders, spun the garment around and unhooked it just above her belly button. Then she slid down her yoga pants and thong and hopped up on the edge of the table and sat down naked.

Scott yanked off his towel and dropped it on the floor then crawled onto the massage table with his prick erect and waggling straight up in the air. He flopped on his back and continued his wiggle-waggle march on his back until his head was nestled in the lap of the busty blonde teen. Jenn had recently gotten a Brazilian wax and the salon she would frequent did an amazing job of tearing every blonde hair out by the root but not leaving a single bump or blemish. Jenn’s perky pink labia jutted out cutely from the teens delicate folds and was an incredibly enticing pussy but the man didn’t pay a moment’s notice to the teenaged slit when he plunked his head onto her smooth lap. With his head nestled comfortably, Jenn reached underneath the hairy sphere and cradled the man’s head lovingly. Then, with his naked body sprawled on the massage table, his cock pointed in the air, and his head cradled, Jenn rose his head the final inch that allowed his lips to wrap around her lovely pink nipple that jut out from her massive breasts.

“Slowly… gently… gently…,” Jenn soothed and the eager man suckled at her tit vigorously as soon as he attached.

“Ahhh…haaaa!” Jenn exhaled.

Jenn could tell that she was now lactating and the man, more than twice her age, was drinking sweet milk from her teenaged breast.

Ever since Jenn was in junior high school, both her male classmates and adult men had shown an enormous level of interest, some bearing on obsession, with her breasts. She first began to develop at the early age of twelve and by the time she was a freshman in high school, she required a D-cup brassiere to support her hefty bosom. It was a terrible hardship on the girl in many senses as she was wholly unprepared for the attention she received. Still, she quickly learned to tilt the situation strongly into her favor, learning the male gender was easily duped, especially when they were mesmerized by young, bouncy flesh. Every boyfriend she had ever dated would relish in touching her breasts and sucking on her nipples. At first, she enjoyed the sensation of a lustful mouth, drawing succulently on her hardened bud, which was very much an erogenous experience. Her nipples were rather sensitive and the mouths of the popular boys would always make the young girl very turned on. However, this foreplay would typically only last for a few moments until her boyfriends would quickly remember that they wanted to do something with their penis and the girl would be on her back shortly, having awkward sex on her parent’s couch while they were at work. Jenn truly made the rounds in high school, having slept with so many of her male classmates, the tides turned on her and she became a local pariah. As a result, her parents pulled her from public school midway through her junior year and enrolled her in a private school where she continued to fuck her more attractive male peers but now only had slightly over a year to ruin her young reputation.

This obsession with Jenn’s breasts continued at the massage parlor and was the primary driver of her client base and her only real way of competing with the likes of Candy and Maddie for frequent clients. It was well known that Candy would do almost anything with her clients in the massage room, but she was the top girl at the parlor because of her stunningly beautiful face, lean body, and exquisitely sculped ass, not her extensive menu of sexual delights being offered to men. Candy was shockingly beautiful, even without makeup and even when Jenn dolled herself up, curling her hair, expertly applying makeup, and dressing to accentuate her body, she could never match up to Candace’s looks in her pyjamas rolling out of bed without make-up, hungover. This was also true with Maddie, but to a lesser extent. All of this infuriated Jenn but she still raked in a hefty sum at the parlor from men who were obsessed with breasts.

Jenn would very infrequently sleep with the clients. The blonde teen would only allow them to penetrate her if she had serviced them several times before and if she felt like doing so. This wasn’t because she had any ethical qualms with fucking strangers for money; Jenn was simply a very lazy girl and would rather make a fast hundred with the flick of her wrist than considerably more but have to deal with the female maintenance associated with frequent sex with, often, unwashed partners in order to stave off urinary tract infections or worse.

When it came to handjobs, much like Candy, Jenn learned early on that men tended to have zero control about where they ejaculated and it was typical for their exploding penises to soil Jenn’s outfit. So, they found the best solution was to do what Galina suggested and ask for twenty dollars more to give the massage topless. As soon as men saw Jenn’s enormous rack, they all wanted to put her nipples in their mouth; a sex act for which Jenn would charge an additional twenty, bringing the till up to one-hundred and forty in tip for the hour.

On a given day, between four and six different men sucked on the girl’s nipples and, after a few weeks, it was Scott who noticed a discharge coming from her perky pink bud.

“It tastes sweet!” He exclaimed, while receiving his handjob and sucking on her tit.

Jenn didn’t think much of it until, when cleaning her nipples after the man finished, she was horrified to see that a clear liquid was beading. Squeezing the bud and several drops fell from each nipple.

“Oh my God, I’m pregnant! But I’m not late…,” Jenn puzzled aloud.

“Wasn’t me!” Scott joked, still in a euphoric state from his handjob. “But can I taste again?”

“What do you want to do?” Jenn puzzled.

“I want to taste you again! I’ll give you twenty!” he repeated.

“A hundred,” Jenn demanded, still reeling from the discovery, but instinctively angling for more cash as she calculated the price tag of an abortion.

“Forty! I’ve already came… I mean, I can just go and take my money with me… and this will only take a minute or two… that’s a great return for you to do nothing! Just let me taste some more!” Scott argued.

She then allowed Scott to suckle on her breast for a few minutes and then told him time was up. As soon as her shift was over, Jenn went to the store and bought several pregnancy tests and, back at the dorms, guzzled water to pee on all of them.

“Negative… negative… negative… and negative!” she repeated, looking at them, lined up on the back of the toilet.

It wasn’t until she was researching the phenomenon that she discovered that women who were not pregnant, and didn’t recently have a baby could, indeed, lactate if their nipples were sufficiently stimulated by a baby who was trying to nurse. It was a throwback genetic bodily function that came from an era when women routinely died in childbirth and the other women in the tribe would care for the infant, whether they had recently given birth or not. It seemed the scores of men suckling at the girl’s nipples has invoked this prehistoric trait.

Now, for the tidy sum of three-hundred dollars, a forty-something year old man was nursing from the teenaged girl’s breasts in a seedy massage parlor. She watched him, holding his lips greedily on her teat and periodically swallowing. For some reason, it gave Jenn a tremendous sense of purpose and happiness to do this action of feeding another person. After a while, her nipple began to ache.

“I’m going to switch you to the other nipple, ok… ummm… ok, baby?” she cooed, forgetting Scott’s name.

“Can you sing to me?” Scott asked, when he detached.

“I don’t really know the lyrics to any songs,” Jenn replied, still very stoned.

“Then you can just hum… and can you play with my hair too?” he begged.

“Ok, but we’re only doing this until my other nipple aches like the first,” Jenn told him.

“Oh, it was aching? It was really flowing at the end,” he trailed then attached to her other nipple and began sucking.

Wondering about what Scott had just said, Jenn held his head with only one arm and squeezed her free nipple until a several thin streams of white milk sprayed from her pink bud.

“Oh my!” Jenn exclaimed.

There was enough on her fingertips to taste and she put them in her mouth to sample her own milk. It tasted nothing like she expected. It was more sweet and like coconut water than the milk she sometimes drank from the supermarket.

“Hhhmmmm… mmmmm…  hhhhhmmmmm,” she hummed the notes to ‘Old Town Road’ while Scott nursed.

Even though she had been very hesitant about the entire thing, she was now feeling very intimate and very aroused. It was almost like she had bonded a little with her least favorite customer. She was also feeling very horny and found herself looking at Scott’s erection, jutting from his body with precum all over his dripping head. She could tell that her pussy was sopping wet as she could feel the slickness between her thighs. Shifting her weight, she could smell the sweet pungent aroma of her slick hole, raring to go.

She looked down at the man and he was now swallowing every few seconds while his pursed lips pulled and milked. The aching feeling began to return and it caused her to feel as if being penetrated would be the most divine sensation.

Is this biological? Jenn thought.

“They’re starting to ache,” Jenn whispered to Scott who ignored her and continued his suckling.

“Do you want to cum now?” Jenn asked, changing tactics.

“Oh, yes! Can you make me cum while I continue with your milk?” he asked, dribbling all over himself.

“No, they ache. I don’t think I can do this anymore,” she reasoned with the man.

Scott immediately reattached and began sucking quite hard until Jenn was able to pull away and he let go with his hungry mouth.

Jenn’s nipples continued their dull ache, but in many ways, she found it to be immensely satisfying. Then she saw Scott’s erection and gripped it causing a fat bead of precum to swell onto the top.

“Oil please?” Scott asked.

“Maybe you would like to have sex?”

“Oh yes!” Scott cheered.

It was exactly what Jenn wanted as well, but the girl knew she should sell the sexual favor, not simply give it away. She was incredibly horny and she knew that nothing short of penetration could satiate her. She also knew that she didn’t crave an orgasm, she craved to be inseminated. That immaculately calming feeling she got when her cervix was awash with hot cum, injected urgently by a throbbing penis.

“Give me another two hundred and I’ll let you go without a condom,” she smiled.

“Without a condom! Can I… could I finish inside of you?” he stammered.

“Yes,” Jenn smiled.

“One hundred!” Scott pressed.

“No… two,” Jenn whined, becoming antsy.

“I’ve already paid Galina one hundred and you three hundred… this is quite a bill you’re charing me. Two hundred more is too much! One hundred on my credit card!” Scott demanded.

“Ok, fine! One hundred… just don’t pull out! I’m already pregnant, so don’t worry,” Jenn lied, coaxing her preference out of the man.

“Is this how you got pregnant? Are you having the baby of another customer from here?”

“Oh… umm… yes,” Jenn lied.

“Well… yes. Yes! I can do that!” Scott cheered, hopping up from the massage table and grabbing his cock, eager to use it on the blonde teenager from whom he just consumed a considerable amount of milk.

Scott stepped into Jenn’s hips as she spread her legs wide, revealing her smooth little slit. She could feel that the nursing had excited her, but when she peeled her lips apart, she was truly shocked how wet she had become. With her feet spread wide and gripped the edge of the massage table, Jenn scooted her hips forward until she was precariously hanging off the table, supported completely by her feet on the edge. In position, she got one final glance at the purple head of the man she had just nursed. A fat bead of precum drizzled from the tip to land on the floor as he grasped his shaft for insertion.

With her wet pussy so accessible, Scott easily pushed his very average sized cock inside of her and the blonde took him right to the hilt.

“Oooh!” Jenn moaned upon being penetrated. She had hoped the cock would have stretched her more, but this was better than nothing.

With his cock inside of the teen, Scott began thrusting but, within a few second his face turned red and he began grunting.

“UGH! RRR!! RRRAAA!” The pudgy man belted as his prick pulsed inside of the girl.

“Good boy!” Jenn sang at the man, then, for a treat, she squeezed both of her nipples causing the thin streams to hit the man in his face and chest.

“OOOHHH!” he squawked then attached his mouth to drink more from Jenn’s breast while still inside of the girl.

Jenn rubbed his hair while the man nursed. He was still inside of her and his shrinking penis twitched every few seconds. After a few moments, his cock had shrunk to the point it fell out of Jenn’s pussy along with a massive glob of his semen.

As Scott detatched from Jenn’s breast, a few white beads formed on her nipple as the milky white semen dripped from her cleanly waxed lips.

The man stood in front of her, drunk from his orgasm and the girl’s milk.

Jenn wiped her nipple, then, with the same fingers, inserted them into her pussy and retrieved a healthy glop of thick white semen.

“It looks like I got to milk you too!” Jenn smiled.

To be continued…

Author’s note:

This is a chapter from “How Much is Candy 2” which is now for sale on Kindle! if you were enthralled by Candy in the first book, now see how the events unfold through the eyes of Jenn, Candy’s rival at the massage parlor. Jenn goes on her own journey that intersects with the other girls at the parlor and adds a stunning dimension to this intriguing tale. This steamy novel embodies an entirely unique parallel plot that will leave you shocked, intrigued, and excited to know the full extent of the debauchery and tragedy detailed in the second book of this sordid series.

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