How Much is Candy 8: Jenn’s Envy

“Candy! Room three!” Galina yelled into the bullpen where the girls waited for customers at the massage parlor.

The skinny brunette stood up and walked out of the room to service the middle-aged businessman who asked for the girl by name when he buzzed the door a few seconds earlier.

“Candy is such a bitch!” Jenn whispered to Emily, the moment Candy was out of earshot.

“Oh, I know! Thinks she is SOOOO hot!” she whispered back. 

The previous week, Jenn had seen Candy at a party on campus. The two girls pretended they didn’t know each other and never made more than eye contact. When their eyes did meet, there was nothing but disgust and contempt in them; neither girl liked seeing the other anywhere besides the massage parlor where they both worked. It was a reminder that they both falsely purported themselves to be classy young women. They were both students in good standing, but when they weren’t studying for midterms, attending classes, or drinking beers with the sons of doctors and prominent businessmen in fraternity houses, the two girls were stroking the cocks of any man who walked through the parlor’s door and had a few bucks in their pocket and they hated to be reminded of that fact.

Jenn especially hated how Galina, the Russian woman who managed the massage parlor, seemed to give Candy the majority of the fat pigeons; the older customers who looked like they had money. She was always giving Jenn the younger guys who counted out lunch money to pay for the blonde girl’s services while she wondered how much the skinny brunette was making jerking off the wrinkly cocks of  men who arrived wearing expensive watches with a bulging wallets.

“Smoke a little?” Emily offered.

“Sure!” Jenn smiled and followed Emily out to the back of the parlor while she promised herself she wouldn’t eat anything after she was stoned.

As she walked down the hallway, Jenn paused at room three where Candy was with her customer. There was a tiny window in the door and the tall blonde craned her neck to look inside. She saw Candy, topless, with her perfectly toned abdominals and perky tits talking with a greying man as he fondled the girl’s ass through her tight yoga pants.

Seeing a face in the window, Candy made eye contact with Jenn. The brunette had dead eyes, as if the small window were a television set playing an infomercial and there was no reason to devote any thought to the happenings on the screen. Jenn stood for a moment watching with interest. Candy never broke eye contact with Jenn while speaking with the man who quickly sat up and counted out several bills from the wallet he kept next to him despite his pants being folded on a nearby chair. Candy quickly shuffled the bills, checking the man’s count, then expertly folded her cash and placed it in a pocket along the leg of her stretchy pants. The man settled himself down on the massage table and Candy broke eye contact with the blonde in the window to bend at the waist. She cupped the man’s testicles with one hand and his shaft with the other before swallowing up the bulbous tip with her pouty teenaged mouth. Jenn watched her bob her head while the man’s toes danced.

“Are you coming?” Emily asked Jenn.

“Hold on… I’m watching Candy suck this guy’s cock,” the blonde explained.

“I’ll meet you outside,” the girl scoffed, not caring.

Jenn stood on her toes and observed the skinny girl’s technique. The man was very much enjoying the medley of pleasures he was receiving from Candy who was born when the man was in his twenties. Watching Candy suck turned Jenn on slightly but only because she secretly wanted to be Candy, or at least have her body and face.

“I diet! I exercise! I do everything and I’m never going to be skinny like Candace!” she had complained to her friends while drunk and high at the party where she had made awkward eye contact with Candy.


“This girl I know… well, I don’t know her, I’ve seen her around… but she’s just so skinny,” Jenn covered, realzing her friends could never know how she actually knew Candace.

“I know her! She was hooking up with Gavin for a while but he tossed her aside after he was done. I heard she made a huge scene when she got chucked out with the trash and I was all like… what did you expect, bitch! Gavin’s way out of her league… he’s gorg AND his parents are super rich. His family has legit clout. She’s hot but comes from a nothing family with no money!”

“I heard her parents are dead,” another girl gossiped.

“You’re talking about Candace with the face… she kinda looks like a younger Minka Kelly when she was on that high school football show?”

“Yeah, that one… I think she’s at this party… and I was totally fooled by her apparently fake LV purse!”

“I thought it was real too… she has on good clothes all the time and I saw her at the salon… if her parents are dead then how does she have any money?”

“Oh, yeah… insurance money I heard… from the dead parent…,” Jenn lied, realizing she was dangerously close to exposing herself.

“Well, anyways… Jenn, you are so beautiful… I don’t know why you beat yourself up like that!” her friend assured.

Jenn was, indeed, a very attractive girl. She had lovely face and natural blonde hair that was courtesy of her German, Swedish, and Norwegian lineage. Unfortunately, she also had the body of a hardy Saxon peasant with plump breasts for feeding numerous children that could be comfortably delivered through her ample hips. She was keenly aware that her body would only decline as she aged and that she needed to relish her teens and early twenties because after a few years, and a few kids, her sex appeal would wane. Despite her misgivings about her own look, plenty of her male classmates had attempted to hook up with the blonde, many of then succeeded. There were also dozens of men who asked for her by name when they visited the parlor.

“All men have a different thing they want, Jenn. And lots of men want to squeeze the fat tits of white teenaged girl,” Galina told Jenn when she complained that Candy was getting better customers.

Jenn wanted to tell Galina her breasts were not ‘fat’ but she thought better of trying to correct the forty year old woman from Russia. Galina’s body was incredibly toned for her age and she probably was as skinny as Candy when she was nineteen but had a rack like Jenn’s. She knew Galina thought she could lose weight she had said it often.

“Jenn you should stop eating American junk food and cook your meals,” Galina had scolded while Jenn ate a sandwich from a local shop in-between customers at the parlor.

“I don’t have time to cook and I don’t have a kitchen to do it in,” Jenn protested.

“American girl is almost twenty and does not cook… how will you get a man?”

“Men don’t care about that!”

“Oh, you know what men cares about? Do they care about chubby girl who knows what makes them cum?”

“I know how to satisfy a man,” Jenn smugly replied.

“Then go into room one… one of your university classmates wants to suck on mommy tit!”

When Jenn had these men in the room, just like Galina suspected, they did act like babies with her; pawing at her enormous breasts and negotiating to suck on her nipples for a few dollars more. One man literally acted like a baby. He would get naked and have Jenn cradle his head while he painfully nursed on her massive milky white breast while stroking his own cock. His lips and tongue would put tremendous pressure on Jenn’s nipple causing it to chafe as if she had actually been breastfeeding. After some time, she found her nipples were discharging a small amount of sweet fluid during these sessions, much to the delight of the men. A quick search on the internet and she discovered her customers hungry mouths had, indeed, caused the girl to begin lactating; a phenomenon that would happen that allowed her ancient ancestors to nourish an infant if the mother were to die in child birth.

“It tastes sweet!” the big baby would cheer while stroking his own cock.

“Ssshhhh, sweetheart… mmmm…mmm….mmmmm….,” Jenn would hum as she gently ran her fingers through the man’s hair while cradling his head.

When he would finally reach completion, his young body would rocket jism into the air, raining down on Jenn’s back and often in her hair. He was an incredibly handsome twenty-something guy who Jenn would have been excited to have gone on an actual date with and, almost certainly, fucked afterwards. But now, knowing he was so strange with women, soured on the idea. Still, she stroked his hair and softly hummed to the man-boy at her breast, just the way he liked. His sessions typically ended in less than five minutes and it was a rather easy hundred dollars for the blonde, but she still dreamed of being skinny and having a shockingly beautiful look, just like Candy who was busy sucking an elderly man’s cock at that moment and certainly being paid more hundreds more to do so than Jenn received from her blue-collar babies.

When she first met Candy, Jenn had not been catty with the girl at all and had even tried to be friends. She struck up a few conversations and truly wanted to get along with her until Candy had inadvertently insulted her.

“I need to wash my face and reapply makeup before my next customer!” Jenn had complained to Candy while they waited in the bullpen.

“Oh?” Candy had replied, baked and starring at the television.

“I wish I was as pretty as you so I didn’t HAVE to wear makeup!” Jenn replied, expecting her new friend to tell her that she was beautiful too.

“Well… you gotta do something to compete with me and the other girls for customers…,” Candy trailed off.

In truth, Candace had not meant to insult the girl. The previous night, she had done a considerable amount of cocaine while binge drinking and barely slept causing her to wake with a terrible hangover which she treated medically with a tremendous amount of weed that gave her a prosaic demeanour and resulted in her spouting truths that normally she would have been too polite to utter aloud.

“Oh… well, I mean… I think I have a look that guys go for…,” Jenn stumbled, genuinely hurt.

“You have really good boobs,” Candace offered, myopically unaware of the damage she had done.

“Yeah, a lot of guys don’t like the flat chested look,” Jenn shot back, becoming angry at the skinny stunner and pointing out that she had a small chest, arguably her only flaw.

“Yeah, if I had your boobs I’d be a solid ten,” Candace agreed, infuriating Jenn by not catching on to her insult and, inadvertently, turning it around to compliment herself.

Ever since then, Jenn had taken every opportunity to cut the girl down behind her back. Despite Jenn’s best efforts, she couldn’t get a quorum of women to dislike Candace. Most of the girl’s working there were too high and far too interested in making money to get involved in a petty spat between the girls. Also, Galina, the Russian woman in charge of the parlor, kept a very close eye on the working girls and didn’t tolerate fighting. It was also widely rumoured that, not only was Candy the favorite of the Russian madam, that Galina was also having sex with her.

Galina was always touching the other girls, especially Candy, but never showed any interest in Jenn. It seemed that Galina had a type as well; skinny and young. Whenever Candy was around, Galina would look at her as if she were garment of clothing she wanted to try on; craning her neck to study the curves of Candy’s ass. She would then, inevitably touch her in a very innocuous manner that was also subtly sexual. A few of her fingers would glide through Candy’s dark hair, stuffing an exposed tag of her top back inside, holding the girl’s ear while complimenting her earrings.

Now, Jenn stared at the visible vertebrae, poking out of Candy’s skinny back, as she rapidly bobbed her head, sucking while stroking the middle-aged man’s cock.

“HAAA!! AAARRRR!!” The man roared and Candace slowed her bobbing in order to capture the man’s semen in her mouth.

Jenn craned her neck to see Candy manipulating the soft pink head in her mouth, siphoning off every drop of the man’s spunk.

“She definitely knows how to suck a good cock!” Jenn admitted to herself, watching the girl’s technique, understanding why the man asked for her specifically.

Then, suddenly, Candy looked up, directly at the window, startling Jenn. It was as if Candy knew she had never left the window while she pleasured the grey-pubed cock. Then, as Jenn continued to watch, Candy walked up to the man’s head. He opened his mouth like a hungry baby bird, and Candace carefully spit the massive wad of the man’s sperm into his own mouth. The man gobbled it up with pleasure, then, as Candy walked back to the chair where she had draped her top, she slapped the man’s genitals quite viciously.

“OOOWWW!” he howled.

“Again?” Candy asked, with an air of annoyance.

The man bobbed his head urgently.

“OOOWWW!” he howled again as Candy’s flat hand smacked his sensitive bits.

Then Candy looked up at Jenn in the window. Without breaking eye contact, she held the tip of the penis up in the air, posing it for a wicked hand that batted the small tube of flesh painfully.

“OOOOWWWW!” he whimpered after the final painful smack.

Then Candy grabbed her tank off the chair and stretched her arms into the air in a way that almost appeared to be a celebration of a hard won victory. Still topless, her perfect abdominals flexed and her tiny breasts disappeared into her upper ribcage. It was a stunning display that would have hardened any man’s cock. The man on the massage table said something Jenn couldn’t quite make out from the other side of the door. Candy looked at him cockeyed then backhanded his genitals a fourth time causing the main to yelp in a painfully pleasurable way. Then Candy marched outside, still topless.

“Enjoy the show, Jenn?” Candy snarked.

“I see why he asks for you… what did he say, at the end?”

“He said he wants to take me to Mexico and see this doctor he heard about who does castrations on men… and then he wants to give me his severed testicles to keep,” she replied.

“That’s gross!” Jenn muttered.

“Yeah, he’s sick as fuck… but he only asks for me and he pays a shit ton to snowball him and slap his balls… would you be able to spit the cum into his mouth, or do you just swallow anything that you think might be food?”

“For the right amount, Candy, you probably would cut that guy’s nuts off!” Jenn shot back.

“Yeah, I probably would… but at least I wouldn’t eat them after!”

To Be Continued…

Author’s note:

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