Eating Out SF: Halley’s 2nd Date

“I had a great night,” the tucked in shirt with a fancy belt buckle whispered while drawing in close.

“Oh… yeah?” Halley replied, trying not to belch from eating nearly all of her wagyu beef at Lord Stanley, paid for by the crisp shirt.

He leaned in to kiss the girl and she quickly turned her head, to offer the man venue to deliver an awkwardly dismal kiss on her cheek.

“Did… umm… did you have a good time?” the shirt inquired, embarrassed and becoming irate.

“Such a good time!”

“Well… this is our third date and we haven’t kissed yet. I was hoping…,” the man whined.

Halley had gone on two other dates with the thirty year old coder-bro whose name she couldn’t quite remember. All of the men blended in together and this wasn’t the first time she had completely forgotten every detail except how much she enjoyed the amazing food she had consumed on their dates. The instant she met this man, she knew there was zero chemistry and she probably would never even kiss the clean shaven, intentionally messy haired, well-dressed wallet that had aggressively pursued her on Bumble.

“I really don’t move very fast… especially if I like you… I’d really appreciate if you respected me and didn’t pressure me, please,” she said in a tone of annoyance.

The truth was, she routinely slept with men on the first date if she wanted them. The only thing she wanted from this man was a few more lovely dinners. The previous two were satisfactory venues, but today he had gone all out and secured a table at a prix-fixe Michelin Star restaurant in his attempts to woo the attractive girl at least seven years his junior.

“They think they can buy sex with food so I’m more than willing to exploit that!” Halley had told her friend.

“Don’t they realize that they are the ones being used?”

“Of course they know that… but their ego won’t allow them to act on it and respect themselves. If I wanted to sleep with them I would… some guys have taken me on ten dates before they gave up!”

“Geez… how much did that guy spend?”

“I don’t know… couple thousand… another guy got real desperate and started buying me jewlery after the fifth or sixth date where I wouldn’t even kiss him. Men are just stupid!”

“Who are you seeing tonight?”

“I forget his name but we’re going to Lord Stanley and it’s going to lit!”

Standing outside of a random apartment, a block from where she really lived, Halley was delicately keeping the benefactor who purchased her wagyu beef at Lord Stanley on the trolley.

“Oh! I didn’t mean to pressure you… I’m so sorry!” he apologized.

“It’s really important that I’m with someone who listens to women and respects them… do you understand that… umm… I’m so annoyed, I can’t say your name!” Halley seethed.

“Cory… umm… my name is Cory,” the man drivelled.

“I know you name!” Halley angrily shouted.

“Do you think I could make it up to you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Umm… we could do something later on in the week…,” the man probed.

“Well… I wouldn’t say no to Saison…,” Halley smiled, giving the man a crumb of hope.

“I think… I could try to get a reservation!”

“Text me if you do… and try to not be so… I don’t know… pushy with women. I shouldn’t have to educate you… umm… Cory,” Halley lectured, then began to walk up a flight of stairs leading to an apartment building where she didn’t live.

“Bye!” Cory said to her turned back, then got in his car.

As soon as the car turned at the end of the street, Halley walked back down the steps to the sidewalk and tiredly ambled the block to her apartment building.

“How was dinner?” Kaitlyn excitedly asked.

“Oh my God! It was so good! I’m going to Yelp the shit out of that place!”

“Ugh! I’d love to go there!”

“Just find someone willing to take you… easy peasy!”

“Speaking of which… did you do anything with him?”

“Nothing! And that’s all he’ll ever get! He’s taking me to Saison in a few days!”

“I haven’t heard of that place. Good?”

“Umm… two frickin’ Michelin Stars!”

“Ugh! Amazing! So what’s up for the rest of your night?”

“I was thinking I’d have two-am-bobby come over… would you mind?” Halley begged.

“Do your thang!” Kaitlyn sassed.

While at the restaurant, in between courses, Halley had already texted her favorite fuck buddy, Rob, whom she had nicknamed ‘two-am-bobby’ because the only time she ever saw him was late at night. They had met while she was an undergraduate as USF two years earlier. Rob was a fit, handsome, fun guy who had some pedestrian work-a-day job but looked amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. Halley had been instantly drawn to him while partying at Kells in North Beach and had gone home with him the first time they met and the sex had been spectacular.

Unfortunately, when Halley woke up the following morning, the only beautiful thing she found in the apartment was the shirtless aphrodisiac with long eyelashes sleeping in the tiny bed next to her in his apartment in, what appeared to be Hunter’s Point. Looking out the first floor window, she saw numerous homeless people sleeping outside of the shabby three-decker apartment. The accommodations were so poor, she wasn’t sure if he was paying rent or just squatting in an abandoned building. Considering the price of rent in SF, he was probably paying half his salary to sleep three feet from someone peeing in an alley.

He didn’t appear to live there alone. There were more than a few other men, whose voice she could hear on the other side of the thin walls. His bedroom was excruciatingly small and was little more than a mattress on the floor and a doorless closet with a few collared t-shirts hanging.

Halley was too terrified to leave the room and meet the loud men on the other side of the door. She certainly wasn’t going to leave the home and be accosted by the junkies leaning against the very wall keeping her safe from them. Then she looked again at the young man.

“You’re so fuckin’ beautiful… why are you so poor?” she whispered then climbed back into bed, naked.

The half-asleep man reached over and snatched the girl into his arms, spun her under the sheets and spooned her. He was incredibly warm and his big, rough hands clasped her stomach and breast so gently while creating the perfect angle with his bicep and forearm to rest her head. Then Halley felt the pressure from his waking penis, looking for additional space as it pushed into her backside.

Reaching underneath herself, Halley glided a finger on her slit and found it to be both wet and sticky. She was well acquainted with the viscosity of long-in-the-tooth semen, injected into her vagina hours ago when they came home from the bar. Peeling her lips apart, she was more than wet enough to be penetrated, then angled her hips and kept her labia spread until the man’s purple knob was at the exact angle needed to slide back where it belonged. Sensing it was encroaching on a young and wet vagina, the barely conscious man’s penis elongated until it was several inches inside of the girl’s love tunnel that was still awash with last night’s insemination.

“Ahhh!” he breathed, waking as he penetrated.

With slow thrusts he pressed into Halley deeper until he rose from the fetal position and knelt next to the girl in order to plunge with more vigor.

“Yes! Fuck me!” Halley gritted as she rotated her hips in order to get on all fours into her favorite position.

With the man behind her, dominating her body, Halley saw his reflection in the small mirror on the back of the door and he looked otherworldly with his tight abs and veiny arms. She was incredibly wet and excited. It was the best sex she had every experienced.

I might be in love with this man! Her brain struggled to comprehend.  

“I’m getting close!” he whispered.

“Don’t pull out! Finish inside of me!” she belted, not caring if the men on the other side of the wall were listening to their, presumably, roommate have unprotected intercourse, early on a Sunday morning.

“HAAA-NNNNN!” he grunted and Halley could feel his perfectly shaped penis flex as it pumped hot semen into her body.

“OHH!” she moaned as she got filled.

Holding her closely, the man pulled her back onto the mattress, spooning her with his cock still deep inside, holding every drop of sperm against her cervix.

“That was… what is your name?” Halley glowed, happier than she had been in years.

“Rob,” he whispered.

“Can I call you… Bobby?” Halley joked.

“I prefer Rob,” the man replied.

“Can I call you… anytime I want this amazing dick back inside of me?” Halley smiled.

To be continued…

Author’s Note: The response to Halley’s first story was so good, I’m going to develop this character further and write several more chapters. This is part 2 of Eating out in SF and if you haven’t read the previous post, I would encourage it.

Another note is that I’m probably pulling the two remaining free chapters of ‘How Much is Candy’ off the blog and I’m also considering increasing the price on Kindle from $2.99 to $7.99 or more… it’s selling that well and my loyal fans have already taken advantage of the low price already.

That being said, it will always be free to read all of my published stories on Kindle Unlimited, but 40,000 people have read chapter’s 1 & 2 on the blog for free and if they read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, I’d be able to write stories full time.. .

Thank you all very, very much!


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