Singapore Party Girls 3: Origin Story

With Khet’s hand on Shirley’s back, running his fingers along the smooth flesh exposed by her tight fitting cocktail dress, Shirley belted out the final lyrics of ‘Bukan Cinta Biasa’ at K Suites Family Karaoke in the Orchard Palace Hotel. Her tall Louboutin’s gave the tiny girl an extra dozen centimetres creating a mirage effect making the thirty-nine kilogram teenager appear to be impossibly statuesque. Upon completion, the group, gathered around the giant screen, sitting on the massive lounge, beset by several bottles of top shelf booze in ice buckets, applauded loudly in the smoke filled room. Instantly, the next song queued up on screen and Shirley handed Khet the microphone to sing his favorite ‘An Jin’. Dinner had been at Les Amis, one of the island’s only three Michelin star restaurants, where the entire group had savoured Sebastien Lepinoy’s exquisite cuisine before aiding their digestion belting out classic, diaphragm expanding arias.

Shirley was the new addition to the entourage created by the well-known business leaders who enjoyed hobnobbing with young celebrities and were more than willing to finance enticing events that would guarantee their acceptance. She had been invited to the group by her newest friend, Angeline, whom she had met at an influencer’s event after the explosive reaction to her Instagram account after making it to the final selection round for Miss Singapore a week earlier.

“Is it a modelling job or what?” Shirley had asked Angeline.

“No, lah… these guys work in construction, not fashion!”

“Then why do I want to go to their party?”

“This is a private party … so very atas… these guys are billionaires and only for invited… you cannot bring anyone but you!” Angeline explained.

“Bo jio!” Shirley joked, eluding to how she wouldn’t be bringing her friends.

The night of the party, as instructed, Shirley wore her favorite slinky outfit and dressed for an unbelievable experience. At seven, to her complete surprise, waiting for her outside her HTB condo was a black Maserati.

“Get in, lah!” Angeline called out the window.

Shirley was very proud of how dexterously she walked in her high heels. The girl could even perform a little trot, which she did to quickly traverse her courtyard to reach the open rear door of the brand new four-door Italian sportscar.

“You have to look natural walking in heels, practice for hours!” her pagent coach had instructed her years ago.

Angeline was alone in the back wearing a stunning dress with a long slit up the side. For such a skinny girl, she had superb breasts that few people knew were actually exceptionally done implants. When most women opted for breast enhancement surgery, they tended to go very large, but Angeline opted for perfectly sculpted ‘B’ cup implants that were ideal for her frame and, unless they were to squeeze one, people simply assumed she had amazing, albeit, natural breasts.

The vehicle was being driven by a thirty-something Chinese Singaporean with another man sitting next to him who had a coiled piece of plastic-coated wire trail from inside his jacket into his ear. Despite being new, the car stunk of cigarettes and the men didn’t introduce themselves.

“You look CB, lah!” Angeline complimented Shirley in fast Mandarin mixing while using the shortened version of the hokkien compliment ‘chio bu’.

“Hello!” Shirley called into the front seat, but the men didn’t respond.

“Driver and body guard,” Angeline whispered.

The car drove for a few minutes until it reached the newer South Beach condo building and waited for a minute until a stunning young girl bounced down the steps.

“That’s Josephine something… she is a top influencer!” Angeline whispered to Shirley.

The girls hardly spoke in the car as it drove to Orchard and pulled up the Shaw Center. The man in the passenger seat got out and opened the door for the three girls then waited for all of them to land safely on the curb. After which he closed the door and car pulled instantly pulled away into the traffic on Orchard.

Feeling both nervous and excited, Shirley wanted to rush ahead, despite not knowing where she was going but Angeline held her hand, steadying her. She had never been escorted by a body guard before and the gruff PRC stranger in a dark suit looked incredibly dangerous. Unbeknownst to Shirley, the man had been part of the Oversea Protection Unit, a member of special forces within the People’s Liberation Army, before retiring from the military and going into private industry and working on Khet’s protective detail. Ironically, Singapore is one of the safest places in the world and the man’s duties were mostly required when traveling abroad, but still, since he was on the payroll full time, the man was put to work.

Taking cues from Josephine and Angeline, Shirley walked slowly, holding the other girl’s arms as the trio was trailed by their pit bull several feet behind. Everyone looked at the girls at first, then noticed the aggressive man wearing sunglasses and a covert acoustic earpiece.

One young man looked as if he intended to approach Josephine, but the guard quickly strode from behind putting his coiled body between the girls and the approaching fan. Not a single word was spoken by the bodyguard yet the man immediately abandoned his plan to ask for a selfie or whatever had willed him to accost the attractive young social media celebrity.

When they arrived at Les Amis, the girls were instantly ushered by a host to the private dining area where the bodyguard peeled off from supervising the three stunning girls to mix in with the other guards who looked eerily similar, all positioned at various points in the room.

“Be cool!” Angeline whispered to Shirley as a man approached them.

The man instantly went to Josephine and the pair kissed each other’s cheeks, greeting very casually as if they had been friends for years. The man was in his mid to late forties with thinning hair on the top of his head. He was wearing a very casual suit but what caught Shirley’s eye was his wristwatch. It was a Patek Philippe Tourbillion and Shirley knew it must have cost more than her wealthy father made in a year.

The man kissed Angeline’s cheeks before looking at Shirley.

“Is this Miss Singapore?” the man cheerily asked.

“Oh, no… I did not win… I was the runner up,” Shirley squeaked.

“I think you should have won! I am Khet, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” he beamed in a Beijing accent.

After the introduction, Khet moved on to talk to the other guests. There were six or seven gorgeous young girls wearing designer clothes along with five other men who appeared to be friends or business associates of Khets. Shirley felt incredibly uncomfortable in H&M cocktail dress because, even though it fit her incredibly well, and she had never worn it before, she knew Josephine’s dress was Balenciaga and cost more than twenty of her outfits.

The meal at the restaurant was exquisite. Sebastien Lepinoy’s himself took time to visit the dining room and take several pictures with the guests. Then the girl’s each took their turn for a selfie with the famous chef.

“Think how many likes you will get!” Angeline crowed just before she took several snaps of Shirley posing with the celebrity restauranteur.

“Take a picture with me and I’ll tag you!” Josephine had said to Shirley shortly after finding out she had narrowly lost Miss Singapore a few days earlier.

Before dessert had been served, Shirley noticed she had added nearly a thousand new followers, more than doubling her audience in a single night.

“Only one rule… no pictures with Khet or his friends. You cannot post if he is in the frame, understand?” Angeline told the girl when she noticed the Shirley had been liberally snapping pictures of everything.

“Oh, ok!” Shirley replied, feeling a bit buzzed from the mixture of drinks she was imbibing.

“Also, don’t post too much… make it seem like this is normal for you… going to Michelin Star restaurants and meeting TV chefs,” Angeline advised.

Shirley was having a wonderful time and happily let Khet rub her back while she sang karaoke later on that night. Normally, she never would let a strange man, especially one older than her father, touch her in such a way, but Shirley was having the most wonderful night of her life. She had to turn off the alerts on her phone as the buzzing never stopped from new followers, likes, and comments.

“Shirley… Khet likes you and he wants to invite you to Sentosa Cove with the rest of us!” Angeline smiled.

“Oh that sounds fun!” Shirley smiled, not thinking too much about the invitation.

“He has a landed house in Sentosa Cove and the party is quite good… but next week is better! We leave on his private mega-yacht for three days! He will send the car to get you one day before to shop so you will have new clothes to wear… if you are available to go?”

“Oh! Can!” Shirley babbled, grabbing the bottle of Grey Goose to pour another drizzle into her cup.

“So… you will come back to Sentosa Cove to extend the party? We are leaving in a few minutes…,” Angelina posed.

“It is only ten… of course I will continue!” Shirley replied, becoming a tad confused about the odd way her friend was extending an invitation.

“Do you like Khet? Do you think he is handsome?”

“For an Uncle, he is quite handsome… he has good style!” She complimented.

“Would you consider him?”

“No, I do not think so… he is more of an Uncle to me,” Shirley replied.

“Then you can queue for a taxi outside and go home,” Angelina said flatly.

“Oh… will I still be invited on the yacht?”

“Certainly not… Josephine may even delete her post with your picture,” she said, looking at her phone, turning away.

“Wait! I could consider him,” Shirley quickly replied, changing her story upon learning she would be left behind.

“Would you consider his associates?”

Shirley glanced at the men talking to Khet about whatever important men discuss after a meal that costs more than a new car. They seemed aloof in their importance, as if the dinner was a mundane event. Shirley wanted to live in a world where it was commonplace to experience luxuries that even very wealthy people considered a treat.

“Yes, I could consider them!”

“Good! We will be continuing then!” Angelina smiled and held her hand.

Leaving the Karaoke club, a large van picked up the fourteen patrons and whisked them down the road to Swissotel Stamford.

“I thought we were going to Sentosa?” Shirley asked a smiling Angelina.

They were all loaded out of the transport, ushered through the hotel to a bank of elevators, taken up to the top floor and then navigated to a flight of stairs. Moments later, Shirley found herself on the roof where a helicopter was slowly spinning it’s rotor to a deafening effect.

She screamed her excitement to Angelina but her words were lost among the noise. Shirley was quickly brought into the belly of the flying machine and found herself sitting next to Khet himself. He smiled at her and she instinctively grabbed his hand when the massive apparatus lurched upwards into the air. She could see Khet was mouthing something to her but it was too difficult to hear. She got as close to Khet as possible, trying to hear him. When she was practically in his lap, Khet pulled the girl forward and sat her on his knee then passed her a fancy headset that cupped her ears which she put on.

“Have you been on a helicopter before,” she heard him say through the ear pieces.

“Never!” she screamed, far too loudly.

“You can talk in a normal voice… the radio will pick it up. Are you afraid?”

“No! This is exciting!” she screamed, not following instructions.

The massive vibrating rotors of the helicopter shook the small girl and she found it to be much safer to have been back in the seat instead of on the owner’s lap. He did his best to steady the girl, wrapping his arms around her waist and Shirley attempted to anchor herself but only succeed in grinding into what she assumed was Khet’s penis, which she could feel poking through her tight fitting dress.

Looking out the windows, Shirley could see Marina Bay Sands and the gorgeous skyline. Moments later the massive cranes at the pier were in view then they were setting down in a beautiful lawn on Sentosa Island.

The rotors began to slow and Shirley took off the headset and placed it on the seat before standing up and removing herself from Khet’s lap. One of the pilots was helping the girl’s off the helicopter and Shirley thought he was very handsome. The entire trip took under five minutes from the rooftop of the hotel near downtown and it was the most thrilling ride of Shirley’s young life despite the fact that a geriatric dick was poking into her the entire time.

Inside, there were several Filipino staff members who started taking drink order and Shirley had her Goose and soda in her hands moments later. She looked around and saw Angeline but she did not see Josephine.

“Did Josephine not come back?” She asked Angeline.

“She doesn’t come back,” the girl replied.

“Then will she not be invited again?”

“No… she has more influence than most girls but we think Khet has a crush on her so he keeps inviting her out.”

Having a wonderful time, Shirley danced in the living room with the girls and the men danced alongside of them. The home was spectacular with massive floor to ceiling windows that overlooked a lush lawn and private pool. The space inside was unbelievable. Khet’s living room alone was twice the size of her parents entire HTB condo where she lived with her two sisters and their housekeeper.

“How much is this house?” Shirley asked Angeline.

“I do not know, but Eduardo Saverin lives two houses down.”

“Who is that?”

“The Facebook billionaire.”

It wasn’t long before the group started thinning. There were six total girls on the helicopter but Shirley watched one leave, holding the hand of one of Khet’s associates. They walked up the stairs and did not return. Then another. Soon Angelina, Shirley, and just one other girl remained.

Khet was talking with just one other man, and all of the staff seemed to have disappeared. The two men walked over and the associate whispered something in the third girl’s ear and she left with him without saying a word.

“Shirley, are you having fun?” Khet asked.


“I want to show you the rest of the house. We will all go!” he smiled, gathering the two girls up then began walking to the staircase at the other end of the massive entertaining encapsulated in glass.

“Are you prepared?” Angelina whispered to Shirley.

“How so?” she replied, to which Angelina rolled her eyes.

Shirley followed Angelina and Khet up the stairs and down a hallway until they reached an immense master bedroom with a beautiful private deck that had the most perfect view into the ocean.

“I have a present for both of you!” Khet warmly announced.

Sitting atop one of the tables was two beautiful green bags that proudly displayed the name ‘Bottega Veneta’ on them in bold black letters.

“Oh! How nice!” Shirley squealed as Khet handed her the bag.

Inside was a handsome hand-stitched, top-handled bag. It was far nicer than the humdrum clutch Shirley had tucked under her arm while she opened her gift. It was the most beautiful bag she had ever held, even more so because it was now hers.

“Open! Open!” Khet implored.

Carefully, Shirley unclasped the perfect leather tote and inside of her lovely virgin purse was the most perfect matching wallet, also of the same luxury brand.

“Open!” Khet continued excitedly.

Shirley popped open the wallet and it was stuffed full of one-hundred dollar Singaporean notes. The beautiful dull orange and tan cash was pressed together in a manner where it could only have come from a bank as those notes had never known a life not pressed, lovingly, into their current neighbor. Thumbing through the fat stack without removing them from the expensive wallet, Shirley estimated there was no less than to fifty of them. Quickly tallying up the gift, between the two beautiful items and the cash, Shirley estimated  her present from Khet was at least fifteen-thousand dollars, maybe even more.

“Thank you!” Shirley squealed, over and over in excited Mandarin.

Smiling, Angelina took the purse out of Shirley’s tight grip and placed it back on the table next to her own. Then she held Shirley by the hand and walked her up to Khet. Gently, Angelina put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and tenderly coaxed her onto her knees. Shirley was confused by what was going on until Khet began loosening his belt a few inches from her face.

Khet’s face held a marvellously pleased grin, looking directly at Angelina, as he quickly worked his fingers and thumbs in concert to disrobe.

“It was such a wonderful gift! Thank you so very much, Khet!” Angelina recited in her most sincere voice while firmly holding Shirley in place, noticing the young girl was beginning to recoil. A moment later, Khet’s penis was free of its worsted barrier, rigidly pointed at Shirley’s face.  

In Shirley’s eighteen years, she had slept with two boys, both of whom were classmates. When competing in pageants she had heard rumors of other contestants sleeping with older men attached to the competition and even having sex with top coaches in order to secure their expert services. She firmly believed that the girl who won over her had certainly traded sexual favors, as Shirley calculated her own face was far superior and more symmetrical, her body more lythe and devoid of a single bulge of unsightly fat, and her singing vastly surpassed that girl’s awful dance routine.

Over the last few days, Shirley had wondered if she had, indeed, been offered victory in exchange for sex. One of the pagent directors had asked her to have a private conversation with him in one of the rooms in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel then put his hand on the young girl’s knee. Shirley had told him, “Cannot”, but only because she was impatiently waiting on her mother who was rushing her gown back from the seamstress who had taken in the waistline a few centimetres for the final judging. Shirley, on orders from her coach, had consumed medicine designed to be taken the night before a colonoscopy to evacuate everything within the teenager’s digestive tract. She was further instructed to not drink or eat anything. The result had gotten the girl’s weight to just under forty kilograms and reduced her waistline to forty centimetres.

“Forty and Forty!” her coach had demanded while the teenager stood, crying, on the scale with a tape measure around her waist.

“What if I went to the hotel room? Would I have been crowned?” she had asked herself in the mirror as her tears carried chunks of make-up down her face.

Shirley wanted to win so badly that she didn’t see anything wrong with fighting for the victory with every tool she had. When the other girl was crowned it took every fiber of her strength to not burst into tears on the stage or to snatch the sparkling garland from atop her expensive real hair extension. In her gown, standing on her platform heels, Shirley looked down on her body and saw how small her waist appeared, how long and toned her legs stood, and felt the extreme pain of the tape on her chest, gathering her small breasts into the largest amount of cleavage possible. She had trained for weeks, not eaten any rice, and had sat on the toilet all night, clearing her bowels. She was dizzy from dehydration, incredible sleep deprivation, and felt like she had the flu, only to lose at the final moment.

“I will never lose again!” she promised herself through watery eyes, as her tears cut canyons in her professionally applied foundation.

She thought about that moment as she knelt in her middling branded dress with a powerful man’s cock poised in front of her face and Angeline’s firm hand on the back of her neck, pushing her face closer to the fifty year old erection.

“I will never lose again…,” she quietly whispered to herself then opened her mouth and wrapped it around the penis and began sucking generously.

Seeing that the girl had made the correct decision, Angelina pushed her head only a few more times as she noticed the forceful action delighted Khet. Then, she withdrew and kept a supervisory eye on the slurping teenager while she unzipped the back of her own dress, stepped out of it, then carefully laid it onto a chair. With her dress protected, Angelina unhooked her bra and slid her thong down her legs, then went to work pinching the zipper between Shirley’s shoulder blades and gliding the plastic nub down the cheap fabric it held tightly together.

Noticing her dress was being removed for her, Shirley reached behind herself and pulled the garment away so she could unhook her bra. While working on the effort, she felt Angelina, kneeling to join her on the floor and was attempting to maneuver her face to share the duties being performed on their host’s cock.

Relinquishing the hard extremity, Angelina began noisily gagging which allowed Shirley to stand up and undress. As she took off her lingerie, she looked over at the two bags on the table and smiled wickedly, thinking about how amazing her night had been. It had been an hour since she checked her steady stream of new followers and she already was lost in the anticipation of having a photoshoot with her new bag and displaying it for her larger audience. A lot of girl’s she knew would buy an expensive brand bauble and then take pictures of herself with it at home for their Instagram account before returning the item  to the store as they certainly could not afford to pay their credit card debt otherwise. Shirley revelled in her plan to create some sort of hashtag about cutting the tags, an act that would prove she wasn’t going to be returning the item. Then she thought about the celebrity chef experience, the helicopter ride, and, finally, being at a home that was certainly worth tens of millions of dollars. Empowered and naked, she walked back to Khet and grabbed the back of Angelina’s head and firmly pressed her deeper into the man’s cock, just as she had done to Shirley moments ago. Khet loved the turn of events as the student taught the master.

“Ahhh!” he moaned with his hard cock deep in Angelina’s throat as he looked at the teenage pagent finalist.

Shirley, still holding Angelina’s head, leaned in and kissed Khet. She could hear Angelina laboriously attempting to breathe out of her nose.

“Just a little longer…,” Shirley cooed at the choking girl, then released her.

Doing her best to gasp for breath while still looking pretty, Angelina rose to her feet just as Shirley was leading Khet to the bed. The man hungrily followed the stunning teen and nearly tackled her onto the duvet. Prying her legs apart, Khet took a moment to admire her tiny waxed slit before carefully positioning the head of his saliva coated penis up to Shirley’s puffy, delicate lips and roughly forcing his manhood into her vagina.

“MMnnn!” he grunted, penetrating the girl to the hilt.

It had been nearly four months since Shirley had sex and, even though her young body had quickly lubricated her love tunnel, the sudden penetration was not very comfortable. It was also shocking to the girl because she had never had a penis inside of her that was not first carefully wrapped in a condom.

“Ahhh!” Shirley moaned as her body adjusted and she began to receive pleasure from the cock, stretching her from the inside. The feel of an unsheathed cock was magnificent to the girl as the condoms tended to be irritating when they dragged across her delicate vaginal walls.

Wanting to participate, Angelina stood at the edge of the bed and busied her hands behind Khet sending him into an impassioned bout of moans.

Shirley craned her neck to see what the girl was doing. At first, she though Angelina might have inserted a finger into the man’s anus, but it turned out she was firmly clasping his testicles, almost pulling them longer, while he thrusted into Shirley. As Khet swung his hips pleasurably, he began hungrily sucking on Angelina’s nipple then parted her legs wider with a free hand in order to vigorously slide his fingers inside the girl.

After a few moments or probing Angelina, Khet’s penis became covetous of his drenched fingers. Withdrawing from Shirley, he pushed Angelina onto the bed then penetrated her from behind, using the slickness of Shirley’s pussy as lube.   

“Ugh!” Angelina grunted as she was skewered from behind.

The way Khet positioned Angelina on the bed, she was straddling one of Shirley’s legs who tried to slide her captured appendage free but realized it was impossible without running the risk of injuring the older man’s sensitive testicles, bouncing an inch above her knee. She looked up at Angelina’s eyes. They alternated between an unfocused glaze and squeezed shut.


Khet had slapped Angelina’s ass with a fast hand that filled the air with a sharp crack and left a blazing red welt on her toned flesh.

“MMMM!” the girl moaned as the thrusting continued.

Shirley could feel each thrust impacting the girl mounting her. She held Angelina’s shoulders, allowing the tremors to flow through her. Then, suddenly, Khet withdrew from Angelina. The girl unmounted Shirley’s leg as she was pushed aside so Khet could grab Shirley by the hips and spin her into the position Angela had previously occupied then pushed back inside of her.

“Ahh!” Shirley shrieked at the sudden penetration.

“HHMMM! HHHMMMM!” Khet began grunting.

Suddenly, Shirley felt incredibly wet as the man pummelled her from behind. His thrusting slowed and she felt the still penis inside of her tiny vagina twitch over and over as her newfound wetness embarrassingly leaked out of her vagina.

Terrified, Shirley attempted to pull away from the man but his heavy hand on her hips kept the teen in place as she panicked, worrying about what she was leaking. Shirley had not gotten her period in two months due to the intense dieting she had undergone for the pagent and she judged this was the most inopportune moment for her body to decide to return to a normal cycle.

“AHHH!” Khet sighed as he finally withdrew from Shirley’s vagina and stepped away from the edge of the bed. To Shirley’s horror, Angelina began sucking the man’s cock.  

Reaching underneath, Shirley swiped a finger through the wet lips and expected to see blood but only saw a thick white, mucus-like substance. Her brain puzzled for a moment until she realized that, without a condom to catch the semen, it would be, indeed, spilled into her vagina and Khet had done exactly that a moment ago.

“Shirley!” Angelina scolded while grabbed at the perplexed beauty queen’s elbow, tugging her down to the floor to take part in her duty of cleaning Khet’s penis with her mouth.

Still reeling from her first insemination, Shirley took up the duty of dabbing at Khet’s semen and vaginal lubricant covered balls with her tongue. She noticed how efficient Angelina was vacuuming all of the fluids off the rapidly shrinking manhood and she did her best to utilize the same technique.

“Shower?” Khet offered the girls once his genitals had been thoroughly lapped.

Both girls nodded their semen dribbled chins while still perched on the floor.

“But first…,” Khet scolded, making a stern face.

Angelina stood up and went to her purse and found a small plastic pouch with a white pill inside.

“Shirley!” she scolded, beckoning the girl to stand next to her.

Walking over, naked, with sperm droplets still weeping out of her vagina, Shirley stood next to her friend and the girl grabbed Shirley by the face and forced the pill into her mouth. Horrified, Shirley made an angry expression.

“Swallow!” Angelina demanded.

Taken aback by the stern command, Shirley swallowed the mystery pill, mostly out of fear. Then Angelina fished in the other purse until she found a similar one and followed suit, eating the white pill then holding her mouth open like a freshly caught fish. Instinctively, Shirley did the same.

Khet walked by to inspect the mouths and when he was satisfied both pills had gone down the hatch, continued his stroll into the massive luxurious bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom.

Gathering their clothes and bags, the pair walked naked out of the room into the darkened hall. There they were accosted by an older Filipino woman who appeared to be waiting outside the room.

“Here! Here!” the woman coaxed, guiding the two naked teens into a guest bathroom where she turned on the blinding light and adjusted the knobs within the shower until the water began generously flowing from the ceiling. As soon as the water rocketed out of the spout, the woman left and Angelina hauled Shirley into the large white marbled shower stall.

“What did I eat!”

“No baby pill,” Angelina grumbled.

“Oh! Will I get sick?”

“A little but not until tomorrow,” she assured.

Overwhelmed, Shirley became a little teary eyed, then looked over at the green gift bags and her wicked smile returned.

“Will I get another bag on the yacht in a few days?” she asked eagerly.

“Oh no… on the boat, you will get much more!”   

To be continued…

Author’s note: This is a chapter in an ongoing storyline chronicling Shirley the SPG’s adventures. If you enjoyed this chapter, I encourage you to go into the blog section and discover her other adventures. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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