The Lobster Tale: Ch2. Choker

Becky signed her name with a flourish on the digital clipboard while the man from FedEx waited patiently next to the three large boxes on her doorstep. She had tracked the packages online for nearly a week in anticipation of their arrival. The grown man, wearing shorts with his company logo, spent his days dropping off packages throughout the greater DC area. He didn’t care what was inside of the packages as long as they weren’t too heavy. Was this young woman receiving plates from Crate & Barrel? Maybe furniture that needed to assembled from the three boxes? He was just annoyed that he had to wear the back brace to carry them up the few steps to the door.

Becky, after handing back the clipboard, picked up each package individually and carried them inside. She needed to take three trips unlike the professional hauler who stacked the boxes like a cardboard pyramid because there was no red tape marking the contents fragile. And fragile they were not.

After closing the door, she locked the bolt and walked to the window to draw the shades. Even though she was in her own home, the need for privacy was crucial. From a kitchen drawer, she fished through ladles and bottle openers until she found the orange handled pair of scissors. She dared not use one of the elegant chef’s knives for anything that was not going into a fantastically prepared meal.

With childlike wonder, she sliced open the largest box first. It contained several smaller boxes that were not sealed shut with packing tape, only held together through a specifically cut piece of the cardboard inserted into itself to form a flimsy seal. The first smaller package, half the size of a shoebox, contained a barely visible black item entombed in bubble wrap. She held and edge and accidentally allowed the roll of bubble wrap to spin into a single, long sheet while the contents hit the floor with a thud and clank. A pair of leather rectangles about the height of her iPhone and twice as wide with a little belt on each of them. The two rectangles were held together by clasps that looked like a giant version of the back of a necklace. On one side of the rectangles was real rabbit fur. Pressing the fur to her cheek she admired how soft it was while noting the connected squares were, indeed, very heavy. They aroma of new leather wafted to her nose as if she was at the mall and examining a new purse. She set the leather apparatus on the coffee table and fished for another box to open.

The second box contained the exact same item as the first except these were slightly larger and the clasp connecting them was longer.

“Must be for my feet,” she said, aloud and very matter-of-factly.

The third box was smaller and contained a two, long ribbons of leather that was a few inches wide that appeared to be belts. On the very back of the back of each belt was a thick and strong metal ring. When she placed them next to the cuffs, she noticed one of the belts was far too small. She held it to her waist and it barely made it around her body halfway.

“They shipped a second one but it’s the wrong size?”

The smaller one appeared to have a softer, calfskin lining that was very pleasurable to the touch and a good deal of padding between the soft calfskin and the actual belt. Then it dawned on her the purpose of this item. Walking to the mirror, she put the leather around her neck, fastening it in the back and leaving the metal ring in the front. It fit perfectly and was actually quite comfy. Becky grabbed the ring in front and gave it a good tug and felt her body jerked by her own action, choking her very slightly with the comfortable materials. Instinctively, she felt her nipples harden by the familiar sensation of something strong around her neck dictating the movement of her body. She breathed in deeply and said with confidence “this will do.”

The remaining small boxes contained an assortment of chains, each with a nice clasping hook at the end as if she were going to climb a mountain – in Italian stiletto heels.  

The next largest box was lighter but was still rather bulky. After slicing open the box, she pulled out a cardboard woman’s torso wearing a leather brassiere with a bold steel zipper on the front. Becky’s mouth was wide open when she pulled the garment from the carboard keeping it’s form during shipping. This was no cheap Halloween costume but something a professional dominatrix would splurge on. The lining was similar to the choker, soft and supple, and there were small rings near where the cups met her armpits, and in the back where a clasp might have been. All of the metal fittings were the same quality of steel as her cuffs and choker. The whole thing looked like it was designed by Chloe Tess.

Blood rushed to Becky’s cheeks as she carefully pulled her shirt over her head, minding the tight choker, and removed her lacy bra to try on Elvira’s style. It fit perfectly and the smooth metal zipper held the entire apparatus snugly in place. Looking back in the mirror, she admired herself until her eyes traced her way down her body and said, again, aloud, “These jean have to go!”

Inside the same box was the leather thong, also in the style of a naughty Chloe Tess. Deciding to keep a thin barrier, Becky rifled through one of her drawers in her armoire until she found her most minimal thong, which luckily happened to also be black, and kicked off the remainder of her clothes to wear the full leather outfit with her tiny black thong underneath.

Feeling something was missing, she went back to the original, large box and found the straps that connected the belt to the sheer stockings that were also packed with the outfit.

“These go on last.” She loved talking herself through the process.

There was one package left to be opened, the smallest one. And she knew exactly what was inside; two smaller cases that looked to contain expensive jewelry. The larger one was opened first and contained a strong rubber ball attached to leather straps and rings.

“Chloe has been so bad!” She mused.

And the other, a sterling silver mushroom, about two inches long, with a nice flat stand. Becky set it down and looked at the intimidating little toy, furrowed her brow, and said, “maybe… maybe not.”

Just at that moment, her iPhone buzzed and flashed her boyfriend’s name, Arn. Picking up the phone, she swiped the message open and it read, ‘headed home babe! See you in an hour. I want you, my beautiful little lobster tail…’

Becky squealed with delight. She took off all of the leather and metal and carefully placed them on the bed before taking the cardboard boxes and hiding them in the hall closet. She brought the ball-gag into the kitchen and carefully sterilized the entire part that would be in her mouth with warm water and antibacterial soap. Then, just in case, she did the same with the little mushroom. After that, she went into the master bathroom and turned the shower on hot while she brushed her hair to get it nice and straight before it was washed.

She coated herself in the luxurious body wash then wet her hair while rinsing herself squeaky clean. She shampoo’d her hair with the color treated product she had bought at the same salon that she had gotten her styling done. Then, after washing it out, she used a generous portion of her conditioner and worked it into her hair before washing that completely out as well. Then she took her new pink razor from its perch, suction cupped to the wall, and doused it with the bottle of isopropyl that sits on the bathroom counter. She glided the razor under her armpits with a little of the foaming cream she loved so much.

Then, Becky turned the faucet to the wall and placed the razor, temporarily, away as she covered her pussy in the cream. Picking up the razor, she doused it again in alcohol before carefully traced her mons and cleaned up from hip to hip. Then she gently and slowly glided over her delicate outer lips with precision. She loved keeping her little cookie completely bald. Her boyfriend certainly loved it too.

After rinsing off, she turned off the hot water and then covered herself in lotion, washed her face in the sink, blow-dried her hair while still wearing her towel, and then put on just her thong to spend the next thirty minutes creating the rest of the look. Using her new Ionic flat iron, and some spray, Becky sculpted her gorgeous blond hair to perfection. She was going to shock him. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

Usually, Becky didn’t wear much makeup. Her skin was radiant, her alluring eyes needed little help standing out, and her nose was devilishly cute. Her very kissable lips rarely saw much more than gloss but today she was going deep red. She accentuated her eyes with a few extra touches of color and made her cheeks rosy with a flair from her makeup brush. It was all coming together. Today, she was going to embody her more carnal self.

Finally, the leather, the stockings, the black stiletto heels, and her, all on the bed. And not a moment too soon. Arn’s key hit the lock within minutes of her finishing. Today had been a rather important day for her man at work, he was wearing his dark Bespoke suit that really showed off his powerful frame. Nothing turned Becky on more than her man in a dark suit. This was especially true when he was in a very serious mood for work. Many times, she had attended his work functions and she would live the entire night for the few moments where she could closely watch him, brow furrowed with concentration, listening to another powerful man, and then responding, powerfully, in turn. The seriousness of the exchange was her aphrodisiac. Her man, in charge of the outside world, but in the bedroom, in charge of her.

Arn had discarded his bag in the living room and called out to her as he tossed his keys on the table.

“Can you help me with something, babe?” Becky called from the bedroom.

Her man strode through bedroom door, loosening his tie knot, to see his woman; seductively displayed on their bed and ready to be tied herself.

Becky had removed the comforter and was laying on just the top sheet. Her head on a pillow, her legs, playfully crossed and her foot bobbing a pointed black Valentino. Her creamy skin juxtaposed against the black leather and crisp white sheets was as if she had been painted by Vermeer. A sultry look across her face as she parted her red lips while looking at her man who was transfixed at her beauty and boldness.

Without saying a word, Arn unthreaded his silk tie from his neck with a clean motion that resulted in a sound that was a little too close to a rough smack on a Becky’s supple ass. He walked to the edge of the bed and silently leaned over to kiss his woman. Becky, frowning, turned her head slightly away and ignored the kiss. This is what she lived for, and he was playing the game without showing how thrilled he was inside as well. He remained stern. Becky’s heart raced.

Surveying his disobedient woman, Arn looked to the tools at his disposal. Picking up a steel-linked chain, Arn connected it to the ring on Becky’s choker. Holding the ring tightly, Arn pulled her face to his; doing what was required to tame his woman enough to submit to a single kiss. Much more that that would be needed if he dared to be inside of her.

Arn took his woman by the chain and raised her body slightly revealing that she was wearing the cuffs on her wrists but not on her ankles. Becky had thought the ankle cuffs ruined the delicious line of her legs but now, nothing mattered, she was in the moment. Becky submitted to having her hands clamped behind her back because Arn did it with such seriousness. Arn, then took the ankle cuffs, fitted them to her, and clasped them. From the container, open and ready at the foot of the bed, he took the ball-gag out and Becky obediently opened her mouth to accept the piece. Arn then did something very surprising. From his suit jacket he pulled out a blindfold and placed it over Becky’s eyes and the room went dark for the beautiful, restrained, gagged girl.

‘Where did he get that?!?!’ Becky’s mind raced. ‘Was he carrying it all day?!?’

Becky trusted her man completely, but this was new. She had never been completely deprived in this way prior. Her heart accelerated. With her other senses heightened, she could hear her man undressing. She could smell the musk of his cologne. Then she heard something incredibly curious, the sound of a chain being pulled, loudly, through a ring as if it carried a weight. As it turned out, she was right.

Becky’s mind spun as she was lifted off the bed by the rings in her hands, feet, and by the belt. ‘WHAT WAS THIS CONNECTED TO?’ her mind screamed. Becky squealed into the ball-gag. Still, her man spoke no words. She dangled, suspended mid-air and completely helpless.

Becky could not remember the last time she felt this way; having no idea what would happen to her next. Still, she trusted her man. She felt exhilarated. She had planned a devious surprise for him, but now, the tables had turned, and she was the one being surprised.

Then she heard another loud noise; the bed was being moved from under her. Was is being pushed to the left wall or the right wall? Becky had no idea which way she was facing. Her ability to discern direction had been completely compromised when she was hoisted. The comfortable lining of the cuffs and belt were a godsend and she felt perfectly snug and so sexy. She wanted a thrill and now she was getting it.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, she felt something. It was a zipper being pulled from near her little tummy. The zipper went down, around, and all the way to her ass. Arn had removed her leather thong. Upon tossing the garment to the bed, Arn chuckled, seeing the second, thin black thong that Becky had hidden underneath – her Matroyshka of lingerie. Becky could feel his fingers tracing the narrow straps, slowly lifting them off her skin an inch, then slowly lowering them back. Suddenly, with a terrifying move that startled Becky to her core, her powerful man, with one quick, painless snap, had yanked the black thong and it tore from her body with a loud ‘POP!’

Becky felt the cool air instantly on her newly shaved body and she shuddered with excitement. This all had happened in darkness, yet she was living every second of it. Suspended from the ceiling. Owned by her man.

A second zipper began opening in between her breasts. The leather bra had now come off and Becky was only wearing the stockings, leather garter belt, heels, and the four black cuffs. A light touch started at Becky’s neck. It was Arn’s hand. The same hand that just snapped off her thong was gently touching her cheek, then her neck, and finally cupped her breasts. Becky was loving the range of sensations she was feeling. Free from the burden of witnessing the event with her eyes, she focused on smell and touch. The isolation of the other senses brought on an amplification of the others. Arn began to kiss her neck and Becky groaned into the ball with pleasure.

The terrible sound of the chain being forced through a ring began again and Becky felt her torso raise until she was almost upright but still suspended. Arn made his way down her neckline, dragging his thick beard along with loving kisses. Becky felt her face flush. Her arousal was peaking. Even though she was completely restrained, she knew that she was wetter than any time she could remember. She craved having attention being payed to her wetness, but Arn denied her and Becky began to wonder how close she could come to orgasm with only having her neck kissed. Maybe she was about to find out.

Arn, lifted Becky’s blindfold. The room was bathed in red and blue as Arn had placed one of Becky’s silk shawls over each of the lampshades. He loomed, eyelevel with his woman, only a few inches away from her face. With a stern but genuine voice, Arn said his first words of the night, “Are you enjoying yourself?”.

Unable to speak, Becky locked eyes with her man, her pupils dilated with passion, slowly nodded ‘yes’ before Arn spoke again, “If you don’t like something shake your head ‘no’. If you want more, then shake your head ‘yes’”.

Becky bobbed her head enthusiastically. Arn couldn’t have known but, had Becky not been gagged, she would have been smiling from ear to ear. Could she speak, she would have begged to be made love to.

Arn returned the blindfold over his woman’s eyes. She welcomed the darkness. She welcomed the unknown. Whatever was going to happen to her would be amazing. Her submission was complete. Now, only pleasure remained.

Arn resumed kissing down her neck. Becky gurgled into the ball. Her man gently straightened her nipples with his lips and paid them delicate attention. Becky strained against her chains to increase the tempo of her man’s lips on her body. Arn kissed down her stomach and stopped right before Becky’s little hood. He left his lips pressed, just beyond the border and Becky’s mind screamed for him to continue.

Finally, her man gave her the relief she desired after more teasing than she thought she could stand. Becky’s legs were comfortably opened by the angle of the chains and her man had perfect access to her supple body. He began gently at first by giving her long licks across her throbbing clitoris. The sensation was that of the first sip of water after nearly dying of thirst. Becky was certain she would have no choice but to cum. Usually, Becky would hold off on her orgasm to let it build. She didn’t know how she could hold off this time. She hadn’t even had anything inside of her yet and she was about to surrender.

Arn felt the chains beginning to shake as Becky thrashed about while moaning vowels into her ball. Arn continued to draw long strokes with his tongue over his woman’s electrified little clitoris. Becky shuddered in the darkness with her orgasm. It was like an isolation tank; the intensity of the experience was like nothing she had ever experienced. But Becky was yet to anticipate Arn’s next trick.

The chain began to jolt again, as Arn lowered his girl back to being parallel with the ground. Arn crossed the chains and now Becky was flipped with her facing down; doggy-style suspended in midair. Arn swung his woman in one direction and removed the mask again. Becky was now facing the mirror with Arn behind her. They made eye contact in the mirror. The look in Becky’s eyes was of begging to be made love to; she was hungry for more and could easily orgasm again. And she was more than ready to have something hard and deep inside of her.

Her man was naked and rubbing the tip of his cock against her soaked opening. But, instead of pushing inside, Arn rocked Becky forward and when his love swung back, she was slowly impaled by her man’s cock. Having already orgasmed, Becky was sopping wet and very comfortably took her man’s large cock right up to her cervix. The warm feeling of fullness almost brought her right back to orgasm. This time, Becky was determined not to be forced into cumming so easily.

Her man slowly rocked her, back and forth using the suspension to his advantage, gently penetrating his girl with long and deliberate strokes. Despite the fact that Becky was restrained and hung from the ceiling, she could feel such kindness and affection in the action. She was not getting fucked while tied up; she was being made love to.

“Are you ready?” Arn asked, with authority.

Becky had no idea what he was talking about, but it didn’t matter. The only thing she was NOT ready for was his love making to stop. Arn, very gently, reached his long arm to his woman’s loving face and gently pinched her adorable little nose closed.

THIS IS WHAT HE MEANT! Becky said in her own head.

Arn increased the pace of his thrusting while Becky watched the entire scene through the mirror. Something about the oxygen deprivation turned her on more than she could describe. It was the thrill. The danger. Seconds pared away as she became acutely aware that she had not drawn a breath. She could feel herself getting wetter. She squeezed his hard cock every time he paused at its zenith inside of her. Her nipples were so erect they were throbbing. Her skin was flush. But still, she wanted more. With Arn’s other hand, he began putting pressure on his woman’s tiny asshole. He met her eyes in the mirror and they had not started blinking yet. She could do more. She wanted more. She craved it.

All of Becky’s concentration was on not having an orgasm. It was as if she were standing on the edge of the roof a skyscraper and the wind was blowing her off the ledge. She was fighting with every ounce of her energy to remain on top and not succumb to her plummeting ecstasy. The restraints, the teasing orgasm, the ceremony of the whole act had set the stage. Her oxygen was getting low and the sex was so intense. Becky felt herself blacking out and began blinking frantically. Before her third blink, Arn released her nose and the rush of oxygen into her lungs drew fuel into the fire that was their amazing sex.

Becky was close to orgasm, but she could still fight more. Then, Arn withdrew from her wetness and walked over to the bed pushed against the wall and out of Becky’s view. When he returned, he was holding the small silver mushroom with the little Christmas tree stand. Becky looked at the glistening toy and at her man’s hard cock that was soaked her wetness. She wanted him. She wanted it all. The stern man required an answer. And that answer was YES.

Arn returned behind his woman and penetrated her slowly with his thick cock. Becky welcomed the familiar sensation of taking her man all the way back to her cervix again. Arn began slowly rocking her again while putting the very tip of the mushroom against his woman’s pulsing ass. Becky rocked back into her man and half expected the mushroom to be very painful. Yet, as more pressure came from the mushroom it seemed to intensify what was happening inside of her pussy. Then, with what seemed like a little speed, the tiny mushroom slid its little hat inside and locked itself in her ass. Becky was shocked that it fit so snugly and created this intense pressure inside of her. There was nothing painful about it. It was just more. More inside of her. She trusted her man. He had been watching her very closely in the mirror. She never blinked.

Becky was going to have her first orgasm ever with something in her ass. She wished she could touch her clit, but her hands were locked away. Maybe it was better this way, she thought. Her man was going to be 100% responsible for her orgasm and this excited her.

The wind blew hard on the top of the skyscraper as Becky’s man smoothly marched her towards her second orgasm. Becky had held off for so long that a single lapse in concentration would result in her cumming violently. She was determined to have this be the most intense orgasm of her life. As her man quickened the pace, he reached underneath her and began quickly swirling the hood of her clitoris in a rapid back and forth manner. This was too much. Becky was going to fall off the building. She gripped the ball tightly with her teeth and exploded inside. It was a full body orgasm. She couldn’t even begin to guess where the pleasure erupted from within her body as she was overloaded with pleasure. Heat radiated throughout her. She was drowning in an endless ocean of pleasure that brought on full body contractions.

Arn, watching his woman convulse with ecstasy, had been holding back his own orgasm with great care as well. He wanted her to reach her peak before him. Now that she was shaking the chains so much, he feared they may rip out of the wall, he could no longer contain himself either. Not wanting to increase the force of his thrusting and disrupt his orgasming love, he slowed down and tilted her hips upward. Becky was soaked and very comfortable with her deep penetration, so her man fixed the tip of his cock right against her cervix and began to shudder as he pumped several spurts of hot semen directly into Becky’s womb. Becky could feel her man cumming and the satisfaction of being inseminated satisfied a carnal desire to be bred by the man she had chosen.

When the act was complete, Arn was forced to withdraw from his woman and return the bed to underneath her so she could be lowered and unrestrained. Upon removal of the ball from Becky’s mouth, she immediately looked up to be kissed; which they did for several minutes while cuddling, with interlocked arms and legs, on their bed.

“I’ll be right back, I need to pee,” Becky said, sweetly, and still panting as she pulled away from her man’s embrace.

As she sat on the toilet, only wearing the choker, she remembered something important. Reaching into the makeup bag on the back of the toilet, Becky pulled out the plastic rectangle containing her birth control pills. She cracked the package causing one to drop in her hand. Looking down at the small pill, in her peripheral vision she saw the large steel ring attached to her choker. Popping the pill in her mouth, Becky said quietly to herself, while holding the large steel ring in her other hand, “I want to do that again and again. The only thing I want to change is adding one more ring. But I wonder if he’ll get me a round cut or a princess cut…”

Author’s note: This is the first chapter of my newly published book “The Lobster Tail”. Only the first three chapters are on the blog, the other 16 chapters can only be read in the book on Kindle (Link Below). If you enjoyed the above chapter, you’ll love the rest of the book!


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