Lyla’s World Excerpt

An alert on Lyla’s phone went off, then she handed the camera to Muffy and said, “Always keep me in the frame. Do a good job,” and walked to the door. She pressed a button on the panel that made a loud buzzing noise, then unhooked the chain on the door. She then rushed over, tits bouncing, to the couch and grabbed a silk robe she had previously laid out and slid it on to cover up before taking a seat on the couch. A moment later there was a knock on the door. Lyla sexily walked over and opened it for two large black men who confidently strode in. The men were in their mid-20s and very muscular with noticeable tattoos on their arms and neck. They were dressed very urban stylish and appeared to have money as their clothes were evidently very expensive. They were inexpensive compared to the suits that Sean normally wore, but, then again, at the moment, Sean was Muffy and Muffy was only wearing a metal restraint on his penis and a woman’s burlesque mask.

“The fuck is this shit?” One of the men asked upon seeing the overweight, nearly naked man with his dick locked in a cock cage.

“Oh, this is just Muffy. He’s my little bitch. I own him.”

The men doubled over laughing. Tears streamed out of their eyes as they choked and howled.

“Don’t laugh at Muffy, he doesn’t like that,” Lyla chided. “He only likes it when I humiliate him. Now, Muffy is here to video and he’s already started. So, wave hello to my fans online and sign your consent forms,” Lyla said while casually handing each of them clipboards containing a form with pens attached on a string.

The two men knew they were going to be recorded but balked at the contract. This is the moment that Lyla chose to slip off her robe and began stretching her hands in the air, limbering up for the imminent events. The pair’s eyes grew wide as they took in the flawless, naked blonde girl and both, immediately, began signing.

“So, when are you gonna post this video?” One asked while eyeing Lyla.

“Oh, this is streaming live. You’re live right now,” she casually replied.

“Live? How many people are watching? Plus, don’t you want to start live when we start fuckin’?”

“No, people love this candid part. They love to know that it’s not some corporate porn studio thing. And maybe a few dozen people are watching.”

Muffy knew that was an incredible lie. Looking at Lyla’s screen a few seconds earlier, there were nearly two thousand paying fans who were already watching. And this number was unusually high because Lyla would typically have a few hundred to maybe a thousand live viewers at most. A few months ago, when Muffy first started helping her film, she really did only have a few dozen viewers. Lyla would walk around her apartment naked before deciding to make herself orgasm with a vibrator, or perform naked yoga, while the men watching begged her to say their name or touch herself in a certain manner. It was all rather vanilla. Lyla had struck gold while speaking to a female friend of hers who continually complained that whenever she matched with a handsome man on the dating app Tinder, the man would propose a sexual encounter, in lieu of an awkward first date. “What’s your address? I can be in a cab now,” she said the thirsty men would offer. That day, while Muffy filmed her, Lyla put her idea to work.

“I made a profile on Tinder and the first man in my area who super likes me, I’m going to invite up to fuck me on camera!”

The audience loved the idea and, within sixty seconds of making her profile public, a dozen men had super liked her. She then explained to each of them she would be filming and several of the men were still very willing to be there right away. She informed two of them they had been selected and that they were, indeed, racing, to arrive first. The winner would get their cock sucked and the loser would have to watch and wait for sloppy seconds. In the end, she sucked them both at the same time and the audience loved it. The two strangers didn’t even seem to care their faces were being broadcasted all over the internet. They stood, a mere foot apart from each other with the naked vixen alternating her attention between their cocks until they both had been freed of their baby batter. She put these clips on her Only Fan’s site, while advertising them on Reddit and her viewership began to grow rapidly. As she refined the process, she soon had a huge following. Over time, as the quality of her content improved, she slowly increased the price striking a nice balance of holding the largest audience of men possible while, simultaneously, fleecing them as much as possible. Muffy would be there holding the camera and, afterwards, Lyla would take him out of his cage to clean his small penis and sterilize the cage, with a wipe. Sometimes she would poll the audience as to whether Muffy should be allowed to ejaculate. About half of the time Muffy was allowed to stroke his cock while Lyla insulted him. The other half he was denied and stuffed back in his cage. On a very rare occasion, Lyla would play the “ruined orgasm” game with Muffy to see if she could bring him to the point of ejaculation with only her hand then stop before he reached orgasm and let him suffer. Muffy would try his best to ejaculate, but if he were able to reach that point, Lyla would immediately stop touching him, hence ruining his orgasm. Naturally, Muffy’s hands were restrained to keep him from assisting in his own orgasm. Nothing was more frustrating to Muffy than having the gorgeous Lyla stroke his little cock and then, close to ejaculating, stuff his quivering penis back into the metal coil. Today, over two thousand strong were streaming the live show and this was a record for Lyla by a good margin. The sheer number of spectators today led Muffy to believe the event was very special.

“Is fat boy going to be in on this too?”

“No, he’s just filming‚ unless you want to fuck him too?” She smirked.

“Aww… Hell no!” The man shuddered. “So why you call him “Muffy’?”

Lyla giggled and snapped her fingers for Muffy to come close to her. Muffy placed the 4K camera in the tripod, pointed it at Lyla and approached her and presented himself for the viewing audience. Lyla held him tightly by the cage as she began to tell her story.

“When I first took him as a slave, I decided I would cage his little cock but when he took off his little man panties, he had a giant bush of pubes. I could barely find his cock in there!” Lyla laughed. “I was streaming it and one of my subscribers called him ‘Muffy’ and I thought it was just perfect. Then I shaved him on camera and, usually when a cock is shaved it looks bigger, but Muffy’s looked even smaller! Such a disgusting little worm.”

“So, you… like… fuck him?” The other man asked.

“Never. I only fuck hot men. And today I’m going to fuck the both of you while Muffy films.”

Lyla then looked directly at the camera and said her catch phrase that she used at the start of every video, “See you on the other side.” She then walked up to the men, “What is your name?”, she said to one.

“Jamal.” He responded while cupping a breast and taking her tongue into his mouth.

Lyla then turned to the other and he responded, “Andre”, as she kissed him.

Jamal trailed his hand behind Lyla’s well sculpted ass and pushed the tiny patch of material covering her pussy aside. He then began sliding his finger along her pussy as Lyla kissed Andre. She was already very wet and comfortably took Jamal’s long thick finger inside of her. She could hear them undoing the buckles of their pants and she briefly thought about how successfully she had marketed this event and how many people were watching and paying for the privilege. She was going to be fucking for a stadium sized audience, knowing this made her pussy incredibly wet. Muffy zoomed to Lyla’s thigh gap and focused on the dark, wet finger sliding in and out of her. It was an excellent shot and Muffy’s tiny cock pushed against the restraint. Wearing the cage had definitely made his cock even smaller over the past few months. He found that even when he was free from the cage it was smaller both when flaccid and erect. Muffy then panned out perfectly to capture Lyla drifting her hand over to squeeze Andre’s thick cock that had just been pulled out of colorful boxer shorts. Lyla found the finger inside of her to be very comfortable but all of that kissing and fingering had gotten her ready to move along from the appetizer to the main course and start showing the audience what she planned on doing with those big cocks. It was such a power move to Lyla, giving a blowjob on camera in front of all of those thirsty men watching. She also loved that Muffy was there and watching but not allowed to participate. She really did think he was pathetic, and that along with his finances, was the primary reason he was selected over so many other pathetic, horny men who wanted to be her sub. When she was interviewing him as a slave, she demanded to see his cock erect. Without hesitating, Sean pulled out his small penis for Lyla to inspect and it did absolutely nothing for her and that was very important to Lyla. If she was attracted to her slave then, eventually, she may develop feeling for him. She wanted him to be a pet, not a person.

“Your ownership fee is one thousand dollars per week, electronic wire transfer to my account, understand?” Lyla told Sean while holding his small penis with a tissue so she wouldn’t need to touch it directly. “Never miss a week!”

“Yes, Lyla,” Sean agreed immediately.

“And give me your watch,” Lyla commanded. “It’s a down payment until you set up the wire transfer. Non-refundable.”

Without hesitation, Sean removed his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch and handed it to the girl.

“Do you want your face shown on camera?” She asked.

“Oh, never! Please!” Sean implored.

“Ok, we’re going on camera now so I can record when I cage you.”

“Yes, Lyla,” Sean agreed, squealing with excitement.

The main reason she wanted a slave was she needed help with the content creation and one of Muffy’s critical roles was to hold the camera. She had tried doing a sex scene with the camera stationary in the tripod and it was just awful, even with the 4K quality. Amazing things were happening, and the audience was unable to see. Even worse was allowing the men to hold the camera themselves. Instinctively, they would just point it at their own dick the entire time and it made for awful viewing. She needed a smart man, a clean man, and someone who would do this for free, or even pay, while not trying to fuck her, all at the same time. Muffy fit all of those criteria. At first, she didn’t think she particularly wanted to be a dom, however, she realized she had been already doing it since she was a teenager. Controlling men, extracting what was valuable, using them, but making them thrilled to be used was her bread and butter.

She had met Andre on Tinder and she was very forthright in her profile that she was an Only Fans creator and looking to make amateur videos, not have a relationship. And that she was only interested in exceptionally attractive men who were also willing to perform on camera. She was also interested in exceptionally ugly men if they were within one mile on Tinder and willing to race to her apartment while her viewers timed their speed. Lyla also felt it was important to film herself having sex with ugly men so her viewers, who were probably ugly men themselves, could really get into the fantasy and, in turn, empty their wallets into her account. Still, she naturally preferred fucking other beautiful people and the two men who had just crossed her transom were definitely of that sort.

As Lyla knelt down, she felt Jamal’s finger retract from her wet pussy, so she turned her attention to his cock and as she squeezed it a tiny bead of precum appeared at the tip. Muffy zoomed in closely as she raised her face up and squeezed the cock from the base to the tip as if she were attempting to empty and entire tube of toothpaste in a single use. The bead of precum expanded and fell from the tip and a long strand of DNA trailed down. Expertly, Muffy captured the falling droplet on camera and how it landed on the beautiful girl’s thigh. All the while, Lyla continued to squeeze, and another pearl formed, and she pursed her lips around the dark purple head to dip her tongue into the tip and pull out another long strand that stayed connected to her tongue. When she pulled back the strand elongated into a bridge from Lyla’s mouth back to the thick cock. She lookup up at the man, her tongue thrust out and the long strand of DNA trailing back to her tongue, the whole time she continued to squeeze tightly. His eyes were as large as saucers as his friend looked on green with envy. Lyla reached up and cupped his balls that instantly retracted from hanging low to as tight into his body as possible as she repeated her toothpaste technique to pull out more of the precum. She brought her face up close, never losing the long strand as she placed her pursed lips on the tip and sucked intensely allowing her lips to form an imperfect seal around the head, so she noisily drew air in from her mouth while sucking and tightly gripping with her hand. The look of extasy on Jamal’s face quickly turned to panic as he tried to take his throbbing cock away from the girl, but it was too late. She held on tightly and would not relinquish until Jamal gave in and began groaning. The veiny cock spasmed violently as Lyla kept the tip in her mouth as she allowed each spurt to hit her on the back of the throat. As each jet of cum hit, she immediately swallowed it down as she drained the cock. Quivering from no more than two feet away, Muffy captured every twitch of the cock, every bulging vein, and every greedy swallow. As the intensity of Jamal’s orgasm slowed, Muffy panned out to capture the entire scene. It was a brilliant display of amateur porn as the hunky, good looking guy lasted about nine seconds in the hot girl’s mouth and she had not even advanced beyond the tip of his cock. Andre looked on in a mixture of shock, curiosity, and eagerness for his turn in the blonde girl’s mouth. Lyla pulled back from the cock and repeated her toothpaste squeeze one more time, except with far more grip than she had used before, slightly hurting Jamal who winced. Luckily his facial distress wasn’t on the camera as Muffy was focused on Lyla. The intense milking created a nice ivory bead of semen on the tip that she expertly retrieved with her tongue. She held the tiny dollop and turned to face the camera to show the audience. Muffy zoomed in to frame her face and capture the moment she retracted her tongue to embellish swallowing so she could open her mouth wide after, showing there was no trace remaining of the man’s semen. Jamal, standing with his pants around his ankles while holding up his hoodie from off his stomach, became suddenly very self-conscious of the situation. He remembered the content was streaming live and, quite possibly, a large number of people just watched him prematurely ejaculate.

Lyla is hot, people get that shit. He thought to himself and, for a moment, considered explaining to the camera that this blonde chick’s mouth is insane.

What Jamal didn’t know is nearly a thousand men, viewing from all over the world, had just ejaculated themselves watching Lyla bring him to an orgasm so quickly. The other thousand were right on the edge but had promised themselves they wouldn’t cum until Lyla had been penetrated by at least one of the bulls. Lyla continued to suck on the tip of Jamal’s cock as it retracted to its flaccid state and began hiding in its own foreskin. Craning her neck, Lyla kept the tip in her mouth and Muffy zoomed in to show how much pressure the gorgeous girl was putting the on the shrinking head. The sucking was incredibly intense and was bordering on uncomfortable due to the sensitivity, but Jamal was frozen. Andre was busy stripping down to just his socks as he knew that hot little blondie was going to pivot to his cock any second. Right on cue, Lyla reached out and grabbed Andre’s engorged cock while tossing aside Jamal’s shrinking windsock like an empty wrapper bound for the bin. She stuffed as much of the new member into her mouth as it could contain and began aggressively sucking. Muffy made certain to capture Jamal awkwardly pulling up his pants and then bolting to Lyla’s bathroom. Muffy enjoyed that little bit of revenge because of the way Jamal laughed at him, but then immediately focused back on Andre.

Not wanting to fall into the same trap as his friend, Andre picked Lyla up and spun her around. She propped her perfect ass in the air and Andre pulled the thong out from her crack and placed the tip of his glistening cock right against her tiny wet slit. Panic struck Muffy as he remembered the package of condoms that Lyla kept handy for these moments. Breaking with his role as cameraman, Muffy did his best to keep the camera focused while attempting to give Andre an unopened condom. Andre ignored Muffy and steadied himself to penetrate the spectacular white, shaved pussy in front of him. Then, Muffy took the extraordinary step of trying to give Lyla the condom. She swatted it away and scolded Muffy.

“Don’t interrupt me while I’m getting fucked by a man, you little worm”. And, just as the words escaped her mouth, Andre managed to push the tip of his cock inside of Lyla’s unprotected pussy. Muffy perfectly captured her long eyelashes flutter and beautiful blue irises roll into the back of her head as Andre capitalized on his initial headway and forced the majority of his veiny shaft into her stretching pink pussy. Muffy panned back to capture the entire scene after zooming in on the penetration and reaction. Andre calmed himself and then began slowly and deliberately thrusting. The scene was phenomenal; Lyla looked amazing. Her perfect body was moving in tandem with Andre’s and Muffy panned to get the ideal angle to capture the beautiful moment. Muffy carefully attached the tripod to the 4k camera to take a nice steady shot of the doggy style scene as Jamal emerged from the bathroom where he had removed all of his clothes, except his socks and sneakers, and, most likely, gave his dick the pep talk it needed after betraying him by ejaculating within seconds of receiving attention from the stunning blonde’s mouth. Muffy adjusted the frame to include Jamal, who confidently walked to Lyla’s face and inserted his hard cock into her mouth without any permission. Lyla didn’t open her mouth until the last second; after Jamal’s first performance, nothing would be given, he’d have to take it; unlike Andre who was giving Lyla quite the vigorous pounding from behind. And, as a reward for his confidence and panache, was inside of the young girl without a condom. With the camera firmly in the tripod, Muffy looked at the chat window and the comments were so frequent they were scrolling by unreadable. The onlookers were going wild. It was so hot. Lyla fucked for the camera quite often but never without a condom. Even when she had multiple partners, they not only needed to wear a condom, but a new condom for every penetration, as Lyla speculated that once the condom was outside of her body, if it touched anything it was no longer clean. In fact, in the famous episode where Lyla sucked off a stranger she had summoned from Tinder where neither of them spoke a single word, as per her instructions, she sucked him off through a condom. This truly was unprecedented, and the fans knew it.

“I want to taste myself!” Lyla demanded as she enjoyed her pussy being stretched.

Not wanting to vacate the slippery pink hole, Andre gave the girl several more thrusts before she repeated her demand with more authority. Reluctantly, Andre pulled out and spun the girl around. Lyla instantly abandoned Jamal’s cock to suck Andre’s that was now very wet and slick from the short but pleasurable experience inside of her. Now, with the perky white ass in his face, Jamal positioned himself to penetrate Lyla exquisite pussy but was abruptly stopped.

“Condom!” Lyla shouted, after quickly taking the head of Andre’s cock out of her mouth.

“Dre didn’t need one…”

Annoyed, Lyla threatened, “No condom, no pussy!”

Right on time, Muffy handed Jamal a condom and he reluctantly began putting it on his cock. As Jamal attempted to roll the condom, he suddenly began having difficulty in maintaining his erection having just been scolded by the girl who had earlier humiliated him. He finally got the condom on and managed to feed his floppy erection into the beautiful pink pussy. He grabbed her hips and began slowly thrusting, regaining his hardness and confidence.

Lyla raised her torso to give Andre’s cock her maximum attention. She tasted her slick pussy on the purple head, and she licked up and down the shaft while slowly stroking the big cock. She wanted him to last, unlike Jamal. Lyla was actually very pleased Jamal had come so quickly and in such an embarrassing fashion. She knew her fans would love it. Ironically, his was the cock she reached for first, preferring it to Andre’s as it was bigger, more symmetrical, and had such a lovely head. Now, Jamal was quickening his pace behind her, causing her breathing to increase with pleasure. Jamal was redeeming himself. She was very much enjoying the new dick inside of her, even though its pleasures were certainly diminished due to the condom. It wasn’t really Jamal’s fault that Andre’s uncovered cock felt so much warmer and slid so much better in her hungry cunt.

I hate condoms, Lyla thought to herself as she raised Andre’s cock to give attention to his pendulous balls with her mouth. Then, to Lyla’s surprise, Jamal, without withdrawing his cock from inside of her, scooped her up by the waist and deftly transitioned her from doggy to riding reverse cowgirl. This pleased Lyla immensely and she knew the audience would love it. In the new position, Muffy noted how she could much more comfortably suck Andre’s balls while being given control over the motion of sex with Jamal as she rode him. Muffy changed the angle of the camera and zoomed in to catch delicious moments. Lyla snapped her hips back forth aggressively so she could stimulate her clit by grinding it while she enjoyed the stretching inside of her. The sex was really good, despite the condom being in the way. She started paying less attention to Andre’s cock and simply held it while she alternated between grinding and snapping her hips back and forth. Lyla felt warm pins and needles on her skin. She let go of Andre’s balls and used her free hand to twist her pink nipples and the sensation was electric down her spine to her buzzing clitoris. Her heart sped up and she was nice and close. She dropped Andre’s cock altogether and spun to put both hands on Jamal’s chest as she hit that perfect little road bump that was her clitoris and crescendo into her full orgasm. Her pussy gripped Jamal tightly and, even though the condom removed much of the sensation, this was, by far, the most beautiful girl Jamal had ever had, and her pussy was clamping on his cock so intensely that he began cumming as well into the condom.

Lyla’s rotating hips slowed as she cruised into the final stages of her orgasm. Muffy had captured the scene with gusto and the thousands watching online were enthralled and boasting how much they had ejaculated while watching. Yet, others booed the magnificent scene while repeating “STILL WAITING!” over and over. Meanwhile, Andre was feeling quite awkward standing adjacent to the pair. Jamal had, somehow, managed to cum twice while he had not even finished once. A few moments ago, he was the one fucking Lyla raw, and now he wasn’t even getting his dick sucked. He was just standing there in his socks with a raging hard-on that no one was paying attention to. Being immensely satisfied with her orgasm, Lyla lifted herself off the dark cock and carefully removed the condom while preserving the content inside so as to not make a mess. She held the condom sealed and placed it on the rug then returned her efforts to Jamal’s now uncovered cock and she squeezed the shaft very tightly and sucked all the cum off Jamal’s tip. Jamal was laying on his back in sheer bliss; he had completely forgotten about his premature ejaculation and was now relishing in having caused Lyla’s orgasm and having himself orgasmed a second time, with clean-up service to boot!

After sucking all of the cum that had been hiding within Jamal’s urethra, Lyla looked directly at the camera and said, “Good boy,” while gesturing to Jamal. “Ok, I’m done. You can both leave now,” Lyla commented while dreamily running her hand across her chest and living in the memory of her dearest departed orgasm. Andre held his ready and engorged cock in his hand with a befuddled look on his face that was slowly turning into anger.

“You serious, bitch?” He muttered with an upward inflection.

Lyla didn’t even acknowledge him and began lazily pulling one of her nipples longer while posing sexily for the camera and maintaining her sleepy demeanor.

Jamal sat up but seemed in no rush to get dressed and simply lounged naked on Lyla’s rug. He, too, was also lost in the previous moment. Then, Andre strode up behind Lyla and grabbed her by the hip and around the chest.

“Ugh!” Lyla expelled the air from her lungs as she attempted to wrestle her way out of the man’s grip. Jamal looked up at the camera, making a face that expressed a mixture of shock and excitement.

Watching this surprising turn, Muffy’s heart raced and his hands began to shake as his tiny cock ached inside the metal cage. So many times, after Lyla had rejected him Muffy had dreamed of taking what he wanted by force. As he watched Andre, his excitement caused him to sweat. Lyla struggled as Andre forced her down to the rug on her knees with him gripping her from behind. Andre had Lyla’s hands pinned behind her back, causing her breasts to jut out spectacularly. Muffy took the opportunity to take a single, still picture of Lyla, restrained with her enormous protruding tits. Lyla was strong and Andre was having a difficult time as he needed his hands free to push his cock inside of her, but he was using both in order to restrain the athletic blonde.

“Help me with this bitch!” Andre snapped at Jamal.

“Y’all on your own,” he quipped back, nervously.

Muffy’s heart was exploding in his chest as he became worried, he was now filming a crime for thousands to watch. Yet, he decided to do nothing, no matter what happened. This was mostly because Muffy was a coward. Yet, to himself, he rationalized not intervening because both of the men knew this was streaming live and Muffy was the only one wearing a mask. Also, Lyla had not said “no” or “stop” or “help”. Muffy knew she was very familiar with the word “no” as she had just said it very commandingly when Jamal had attempted to enter her without a condom. She would always say it to Muffy when he begged to be let out of his cage and cum pathetically. In fact, the noise she made upon being onset by Andre sounded almost pleasurable.

“C’mon!” Andre barked to Jamal.

Begrudgingly, Jamal grabbed the struggling girl’s wrists and held them as tightly as he could. It took almost all of Jamal’s strength to occupy Lyla’s fighting so Andre could let go and make an attempt to penetrate her. Muffy panned out to the side so he could keep all three in the frame and then push in on Andre’s cock so he could get a great shot of the insertion. It looked like Lyla’s pussy was still sopping wet and, surprisingly, the way she was struggling caused her back to arch and form a rather good angle for Andre to penetrate from his position behind her. Holding her hip steady with one hand and his cock with the other, Andre managed to press the tip of his cock against her delicate pussy lips, just below her puckered little asshole. After a few seconds of trial and error, Andre’s bulbous purple head found the correct angle and the little lips parted. Not wasting time, Andre pushed in, penetrating Lyla deeply with a single thrust.

“Ugh!” Lyla moaned.

Lyla had struggled fiercely, but the moment she was penetrated she instantly calmed down. With Andre’s cock embedded deeply in her from behind, her wrists went limp and she became very pliable. Andre noticed this change and took full advantage. He let go of the girl without fear of her wriggling away in order to get a better grip on Lyla’s hips with both hands. There was still an inch of Andre’s cock outside of Lyla’s pussy and, now with his ideal grip, he began slowly pushing his cock further into her then retracting only a little before pushing back in deeper.

Jamal let go of Lyla’s limp wrists and she delicately placed both hands on the rug while Andre enjoyed free rein behind her. Without needing to restrain her anymore, Jamal began fondling the girl and cupped both of Lyla’s breasts as he roughly tweaked and pulled at her sensitive nipples, extending them the way the girl had done after orgasming on top of him. Lyla looked directly at Jamal and leaned in with an open mouth to be kissed. As they kissed, Jamal began getting aroused and he abandoned the hard nipples in order to guide Lyla by the wrist to his mostly flaccid cock. As Lyla began coaxing a third erection from Jamal, Andre landed a sharp hand on her ass while completing increasingly deeper strokes.

“Ugh! Yesss!” Lyla screamed when Andre’s hand smacked her perky ass with authority, leaving a large red welt behind.

Seeing Lyla’s reaction to her spanking while getting fucked roughly, Muffy concluded that Lyla was getting exactly what she wanted; a man who could handle her.

“Awwww bitch I’m close!” Andre moaned as he increased the intensity in his pounding.

Muffy’s heartrate ticked up a notch as he wondered if Andre was going to pull out of Lyla’s gorgeous pussy to ejaculate.

“Yesss!” She moaned.

“I’m there bitch! Oh, you fucking whore!” Andre growled through gritted teeth.

Muffy tried to speak but no words came out. It didn’t appear Andre had any intention of pulling out. Muffy’s tiny penis was crimson and about to pop inside of the cock cage. He had never seen Lyla take birth control pills or seen a pack of them laying around the house. He also knew she was in the middle of her monthly cycle.

“I’m there bitch!” Andre yelled urgently.

“Yesss!” Lyla screamed.

Muffy panted as he watched through the camera lens.

“Oh, you fucking white whore!” Andre shouted, clenching his entire body as he shot his load deeply inside of Lyla.

As Andre convulsed behind Lyla, she seemed to melt into the floor, dropping her shoulders and letting out a high-pitched moan as she got filled. She held her hips perfectly still while maintaining an amazing arch with her back to receive Andre’s insemination as thousands of viewers in live audience went out of their minds.

Muffy, in the most dexterous move he had ever made, grabbed the camera off the tripod and swung around to Andre’s cock, deeply embedded in Lyla’s tight pussy, and zoomed in closely. Andre, playing it up for the camera, slowly withdrew so that the instant his throbbing head emerged from the entrance of Lyla’s pussy a river of chunky semen bubbled out after it. Then, to Muffy’s delight, Andre ran his cum covered cock up and down the pink slit and then he pushed his way back inside. As Andre fully pushed in, Muffy panned out to show the relief and pleasure on Andre’s face, then he zoomed over to Lyla and Jamal. She had a look of drunkenness as she held Jamal’s thick cock in her hands and made failing attempts to feed it into her mouth.

“Oh, I hope she just got pregnant,” Muffy dared to breath aloud.

“You wanna hit raw?” Andre asked Jamal who was busying himself trying to get more of his cock into Lyla’s drooling mouth.

“I don’t know if I can bust a third time,” he responded sheepishly, as Lyla pawed at his drooping erection.

Andre scoffed then pulled his cock out of Lyla’s pussy, stood up, and then carefully retrieved Jamal’s used condom on the rug. All the while, Lyla was still holding the position she had been inseminated in and looked as if she were not even on planet earth.

“Part these lips, yo?” Andre said to Jamal.

“What?” he responded, in a confused and alarmed tone. Then Andre made a spreading gesture with his hands.

Jamal slowly shook his head and eased away from Lyla who continued looking stoned.

“Fine,” Andre scoffed. With a thumb and finger, Andre opened Lyla’s well fucked pussy from behind then stuffed the opening of the condom a full two inches inside.

Muffy was as close as he could get with the camera. Muffy’s adrenaline was so high he was doing everything he could do not to shake and keep the camera still.

As soon as the opening of the condom was well embedded into the girl’s vagina, Andre held the condom by the tip and raised it to dump the contents down her love tunnel to land on her cervix. Pinching the tip, he squeezed the prophylactic as best he could and got every drop inside. Then, he withdrew the condom and held the puffy pink lips shut with a pinched finger and thumb.

“Muffy, you like milkshakes?”

“I… I… don’t understand,” Muffy responded without breaking his camera duties.

While holding the lips shut tightly, Andre began vigorously stimulating Lyla’s protruding clitoris with two fingers and this instantly woke her up.

“Ugh! Ugh!” She moaned.

Muffy then understood what he had meant by ‘milkshake’. Before Lyla was able to achieve any meaningful level of pleasure, Andre stopped rubbing her clit and relinquished his painful grip on Lyla’s delicate labia. He had been holding the lips so tightly that it forced Lyla to keep her hips high so that when she was released, she instinctively rotated her hips lower and large globs of cum belched out from inside of the girl.

“Oh shit!” Andre yelled. “Hey Muffy, put yo finger in the dyke! Those are our babies runnin out!” Jamal watched the scene blankly while Muffy quivered from behind the camera. “Shit, and we best be running out too,” Andre quipped then began pulling on his clothes.

Jamal sat motionless on the rug while his friend dressed until Andre grabbed a few garments belonging to his friend and threw them at him.

“Come on!” Andre growled.

As the men grabbed their things to leave, Lyla rolled onto her back. Muffy filmed the men rapidly exit the apartment. Jamal paused to say something to Lyla, who was naked on the floor, but no words came to him and Andre simply yanked him out of the door by the crook of his elbow. Meanwhile, Lyla had reverted back to her dream state and trailed her hand down her stomach to insert a finger into her puffy pussy. She drew out a cum covered digit and sucked on it dreamily while elongating her favorite nipple with the other hand. She cooed with satisfaction and appeared to be grooving to music only she could hear. Muffy kept the video on the naked, cum covered girl for a few moments until his aching penis could no longer stand being in the cage a moment longer.

“I want to cum now too!” Muffy protested.

“Fine, my little piglet,” Lyla said in a bored voice as she gestured for him to fetch his key off her keychain.

In his wildest dreams, he had been allowed to fuck Lyla without a condom. This may actually happen, Muffy thought while sweating. She was in such a detached dream-state that even fucking Muffy seemed possible. Hurriedly, Muffy placed his cage very close to Lyla’s face and handed her the specific key. She struggled for a moment to unlock the tiny padlock and finally it snapped open. With the lock open, she tossed the key on the rug and left it to Muffy to unhook the apparatus and free himself. Muffy’s baby dick had deep red lines from where it had pushed against the cage while he filmed the bulls fucking his dream girl. It didn’t matter; Muffy had his hard little dart in his hand and he was beyond excited to use it. He raced around and positioned himself between Lyla’s open legs.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Lyla cursed at Muffy; inches was away from penetrating her.

Muffy stopped in his tracks and he confusedly looked at Lyla’s furious expression. Summoning all of his confidence, he then thrust his hips forward in an attempted to push his tiny penis inside of her, disobeying her orders, just like the bull had done.

“You absolutely will not!” She barked, scooting her ass backwards and sitting up with authority.

“Who do you think you are?” She then slapped Muffy hard in the face and then slapped his penis with equal force. Muffy yelped with fear and pain.

The camera in the tripod caught the entire scene. The cucks watching the live stream were going out of their minds. Muffy whimpered and tried to speak but no words came out.

“This isn’t for you, Muffy. Just because you are a little pussy doesn’t mean you get a little pussy,” she berated. “I’m not even attracted to you, Muffy. Why would I allow your pathetic little child-cock inside of me? And with no condom? Never. Now you have sixty seconds to make yourself cum on the rug and then I’m putting you back in your cage, whether you’ve came or not.”

Without waiting another second, Muffy began furiously masturbating while looking at Lyla’s cum dripping pussy.

“If one drop of your worthless semen lands on me, I’m going to cage you for a month, Muffy,” she chided.

“Lyla?” Muffy squeaked, “did you plan that whole thing with the bulls?”

“I was in control the entire time, but I let things happen naturally.”

“Are… Are you worried about getting pregnant?” Muffy squeaked.

Lyla smiled. Her face returned to its cleverly wicked beauty as she twisted away from Muffy to look directly into the camera lens positioned to perfectly capture the scene.

“I promised my viewers that they could watch me get bred by two hung black men and they got exactly that.”

Upon hearing those words, Muffy exploded all over the rug with watery semen that sprayed everywhere but, despite the intensity of his orgasm, not a drop landed on Lyla as Muffy was terribly careful. Muffy shuddered throughout his orgasm. Lyla watched him as if he were a leashed schnauzer defecating in central park and she his bored owner, holding the tether and waiting with a small plastic bag.

“OK, come here,” Lyla instructed and she pulled out an alcohol wipe and roughly cleaned Muffy’s small penis. When she got the semen out of Muffy’s tip she would hold the tiny head inside the cloth wipe and painfully pinch the semen out. A harsh contrast to how she had cleaned the penises of her bulls. Then carefully cleaned the cage before enclosing it around his little cock and balls with a metallic snap. Then she looked directly at the camera. “In the next few weeks, I’ll let you all watch when I pee on a pregnancy test. I’m so glad you all got to watch your favorite girl get impregnated by two of my bulls. I know a lot of you have been asking for that and you got exactly what you want by subscribing to my Only Fans. Now, I’m not going to put this video up on the site, but you can buy clips. I think I’m going to look adorable when I’m pregnant and we’ll never know which one the father really is. I want to say that I love all of you and if you really enjoyed watching me tonight, you can show your appreciation by purchasing me something from my wish list at Louis Vuitton or leaving me an additional tip; I’m going to need it now that I’m knocked up. Now, I think I’m going to go and lay down and let this cum find my egg and impregnate me with an adorable black baby. Goodnight! I love you all!”

Author’s Notes:

This is a small section of my first erotic novel “Lyla’s World”. This novel is some of my best work and the entire thing is a complete mind-melt. The link to read the rest of “Lyla’s World” on Kindle is below. It’s only priced at $0.99 but it’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy. (link below)


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