The Lobster Tale: Ch.1 Marrakech

Becky took the plastic tip into her mouth and breathed deeply while listening to the metal hookah happily bubble while she sat cross-legged on her new silk rug, she and her husband had spread out in the living room of the apartment they had rented in Marrakech. She held the smoke in her lungs for a moment and could hear the beating of her heart and bustling noise on the streets a few stories below. Tilting her head back, she blew the hashish infused smoke into the air and watched it swirl around the smooth Tadelakt walls.

Suppressing her cough, she passed the passed the hose to Arn and rose to her feet while her head swam. Walking to the balcony, she held the cool metal rail with her hands and looked out at the living city that had stood for nearly a thousand years. Breathing deeply, she took in the smells of roasting spiced meats and exhaust from cars that were not held to any emission standards. They were a few stories up but she still felt as if she was still standing in the marketplace.

Over her shoulder she heard Arn cough and place the hose on the floor as he stood to join her looking at the city. The hashish had caused her head to swim with euphoria and the warm air flowing into the apartment penetrated her body and she felt one with her surroundings. Before they had smoked, Becky had been sweating from the blazing June heat but now she was quite comfortable. Wearing tiny shorts and her tank with no bra, she enjoyed the summer breeze and closed her eyes to fully immerse herself in the moment.

The day had been spent visiting ancient landmarks of the Almoravids who founded the city and the Saadian Sultans who built fantastic palaces and gardens.

While completely mesmerized by Marrakech, she felt Arn’s presence as he stood behind her and wrapped his large arms around her torso. Instinctively, Becky pressed back into her man and she felt the electric tingle of arousal course through her body upon feeling her man’s touch. Arn’s hands roamed freely over her and Becky gasped as his thick fingers found their way to her nipples and applied a gentle amount of pressure once he noticed they were quite hard.

Becky wanted to turn around to be kissed but her husband’s embrace prevented her from turning. She struggled slightly, testing to see how far she could twist her thin body and revelled in her discovery that her man was completely controlling her without any effort. Arn was not only twice Becky’s size, he was packed with thick muscle. During their adventure in the marketplace, Becky loved walking alongside of him, holding his hand, and feeling free to explore any nook of the bazaar as long as he was attached to her hand.

Many of the local men raised an eye when her blonde hair and young, shapely body came into view. They would quickly avert their eyes upon seeing her man. Becky always felt so very safe with him. Especially since she had requested he grow out his thick black beard.  Jokingly, Becky had whispered to him the few phrases she knew in Farsi when they were negotiating with merchants for their famously gorgeous lamp and rug that would be placed prominently in their new home.

Arn’s burly hand wandered all over her body and a slow moan escaped her lips. The heat was returning but it wasn’t from the nearby desert. The heat was coming from Becky. Struggling harder to be kissed, Arn refused to allow her to turn and face him. The struggle and frustration was building inside of Becky and she was bathing in the desire that radiated through her body. Being denied always turned her on but only if she knew she would eventually get satisfaction.

As if Arn could read Becky’s mind, she began to raise her arms over her head and was delighted to feel her man deftly pull her top over her head. It happened almost too seamlessly.

Or maybe I’m just that high! Becky bemused.

With her large, perky breasts free in the night air, Arn began to kiss her neck as he cupped and squeezed his wife’s wanton breasts. Becky arched her back, thrusting her ass into her man, goading him to press further. It took little encouragement for her man to pop the top button of her shorts off and slide them down her thin toned legs along with her tight black thong. The night was the perfect mask as there were no lights where they stood in the darkness looking out at the still bustling market a hundred yards away.

Being naked on the balcony was driving Becky wild. The perfect amount of danger and excitement. She longed to be touched more but her man restricted the path of his hands to her breasts, hips, and well-toned midriff.

“More!” Becky pleaded to her fully clothed man behind her as she writhed, naked in his embrace.

Holding across her body and cupping her breast, she felt her husband’s strong hand leave her narrow hip to firmly grasp her ass cheek. Beck wriggled her body to position herself to be touched. Arn tightened his grip on her torso, ensuring she was unable to move, while he slowly slid his meaty hand underneath his woman. Obediently, Becky widened her stance to completely give her man access. She wanted to be touched and she wanted it now.

Arn traced his fingers from her pubic bone to the hood of her clitoris and began making small circles with two fingers. Becky shuddered with the relief of finally being touched. After far too short of a time, Arn’s fingers retreated from his wife’s tingling clit and slid along her protruding lips that were quite wet with anticipation. Becky hoped they would be inserted as she craved something hard inside. Something to squeeze.

“Fuck me!” she begged. But her request fell on deaf ears.

Arn continued to trace along her lips until he paused at her tight asshole and put the perfect amount of pressure on her little button. The pleasure was almost as intense as when she was enjoying having her hood and clitoris swirled. Becky pushed into her husband’s fingers hoping to be penetrated. The pressure was magnificent, yet, the thick fingers refused to impale her. Becky pushed back harder, only to feel her man hold back and not allow her to get what she wanted.

All the while, the intense kissing and pressure from being held was driving Becky insane.

I’m so ready that I am going to scream! Becky thought

At the last moment, she finally heard a sound that was more musical than the sound of their infant son’s voice who was back in the states with her parents while they vacationed. It was the clanking sound of Arn’s belt being undone. The sound of the belt hitting the cement floor with a thud.

Becky strained to arch her back and felt the throbbing tip of her man’s bulbous cock press against her ass. Knowing it wouldn’t penetrate without significant lube, Becky pressed into it and felt the heat and pressure causing her to softly moan. Still holding his woman tightly, Arn repositioned himself and the engorged head slipped into Becky’s sopping wet pussy.

“Ahhh!” Becky moaned at the feeling of being penetrated.

Reaching around her, Arn began to use the same two fingers as before to swirl his wife’s hood and clitoris. Pleasure shot up and down Becky’s spine. She stood on her toes to allow her man the best angle to perform one of her favourite ways to orgasm; rubbing while being penetrated.

As Becky was lost in the perfectly executed swirls, she noticed that her man was not withdrawing from her pussy so he could penetrate deeper on the following thrust. Only the tip remained inside of her and she craved being filled deeply. The high from the hashish was still peaking and Becky felt more than comfortable enough for her man’s large cock to be completely inside of her while she tried to orgasm.

The twenty minutes of foreplay definitely got me ready! Becky joked to herself.

Then she began to feel something different. Arn was not thrusting, he was simply rubbing and the increasing wetness of his wife’s pussy slowly began to lubricate the massive cock inside of her and Becky got to experience a slow penetration over a few minutes. The deeper the cock went, the more Becky enjoyed the swirling. She hardly noticed how tightly she was gripping the metal rail. She was even less aware about how loud she had been moaning until the strong arm that tightly held her torso in place released her suddenly. She couldn’t tell what was going on and she didn’t care, the thick cock was completely buried inside of her and the swirling continued.

Then, for a moment, Arn withdrew his fingers from her clit and she felt him rapidly moving his hands behind her back. He was doing something.

“What are you doing?” Becky asked, in-between deep and loud moans.

Without a word, the giant arm, that was as thick as her leg, coiled back around her torso like a python. Then, to her shock, a ball of material was thrust into her mouth. Arn had tied a knot in his cotton t-shirt and placed the thick knot in her mouth. The shirt looked like a big bow-tie and Arn took the sides of the shirt that was spilling out of Becky’s mouth and pulled them behind her head. It took Becky a few seconds to realize what had happened before she could comprehend that she had been gagged with a knotted shirt and Arn was holding the extra material behind her with his teeth so he could use one arm to control her body and the other hand to furiously rub her pussy.

Becky wasn’t sure if she wanted the knot in her mouth. She tried to get away but between the massive arm around her chest, pinning her hands at her sides, and the cock buried deep in her pussy, she was trapped. When she struggled, the only thing she succeeded in doing was wiggling her hips and rubbing her g-spot perfectly with the thick cock. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head at the sensation of the swirling fingers and the penetrating cock.

Becky began to use the struggling to build towards her orgasm. She hated the knot but she loved the restriction. It was too complex for her to figure out and she cared far more about the result than the method.

This is so intense! Becky screamed in her own head.

She bit into the knot and wiggled her ass while keeping her hips open to ensure the swirling on her clit wouldn’t stop. Suddenly, she started bucking. Her orgasm was impossible to stop. She sucked air in through her nostrils.

Fuck! I’m glad I can finally breathe deeply through my nose! Beck thought.

Just as she was about to fall over the edge and cascade into a brilliant orgasm, she felt her man inside of her stiffen and pulse hot globs of semen inside of her. The timing was perfect.

Becky screamed into the knot as her orgasm was amplified. She partially blacked out with euphoria as she exploded from within. Every pulse from her man’s throbbing cock caused a mini-orgasm to collide with the previous. Becky felt her man release her arms and she instinctively grabbed for the metal rail. Her man’s cock slipped out of her and Becky felt an ocean of semen splash onto her feet from inside of her pussy.

As Becky caught her breath, she saw her man had returned with a small towel from the bathroom and the hookah. Holding the towel between her legs, Becky drew deeply from the pipe and blew fresh smoke into the starry night sky.

“That was amazing but I don’t know if I want to be gagged again,” Becky said, after a few moments of reflection.

“I’m sorry babe, but I had to do it… the people in the marketplace thought your screaming was the Mu’azzin calling out the Adhan and they started to line up at the Mosque for prayers.”

“Well… I was definitely screaming God’s name!” Becky laughed, as she took another drag. “Shit, I might have converted to Islam!”

To be continued…

Author’s note: This is the second chapter of my newly published book “The Lobster Tail”. Only the first three chapters are on the blog, the other 16 chapters can only be read in the book on Kindle (Link Below). If you enjoyed the above chapter, you’ll love the rest of the book!


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