First Day of College: Miss Personality II

Diane knew the second she saw the calendar of buff, shirtless firemen, hanging from the desk of her roommate, that they would get along. She had only been on campus one hour and her parents had dropped her off after unpacking her belongings. She was finally at college where she could be a brand new person having shed just over one hundred pounds over the last four months. With her parents now gone, she leafed through the calendar and noticed the rippling muscles and bulging packages of the men. She was particularly enthralled with Mr. September and the hose with which he seemed to be personally equipped.

“I’d love to squeeze that cock inside of me,” she whispered, feeling herself become aroused.

Diane wanted to climb onto her newly made bed and stuff her middle three fingers of her left hand inside of her pussy while rubbing her clitoris with the tips of the fingers on her right, but she was painfully aware her roommate could arrive at any moment and she didn’t want her first impression to be so humiliating.

Then Diane’s eyes trailed to a whole collage of personal photos that had been painstakingly printed off social media and mashed together into a massive poster under glass. They were photos of a skinny, pretty girl hugging other skinny, pretty girls. They were photos of Diane’s roommate’s hometown friends and it was obvious that this girl was incredibly well liked and had scores of friends. They were all laughing and having a marvellous time in the photos in a way that only the popular girls could. Diane and her meagre pack of friends had plenty of fun times but never that unbridled fun where you’re never scared that someone is going to swoop in and humiliate you, effectively ending a cheerful moment and remind you that you have a horrible nickname, like ‘Miss Personality’; a terrible reminder that you’re flawed. Despite their frequent cruelty, Diane never hated the popular girls, but it didn’t occur to her that a popular girl from a different school would be her roommate one day. She thought she had escaped all of them.

Then Diane looked at a few other pictures and saw that this girl was quite the athlete. A huge portion of the photos were of her in a skimpy little track outfit either running fast or in her happy world hugging teammates. More than a few of the pictures were of her hanging on a beautiful boy who looked like he could have been the star of some thoughtful Netflix series about a very handsome young man who struggled with teenaged problems, just like the viewer, except the handsome boy went through his hardships while being uniquely attractive, so it was more fun to watch them, especially knowing that they would, of course, overcome all adversities. He was better looking that all of the boys that had been at Diane’s school, not that she ever dated any them. He was even better looking than Mike, the boy who nicknamed her ‘Miss Personality’.

Diane didn’t have a single picture she wanted to hang on her wall. The posters and calendars of beautiful men could be bought and shipped to her dorm overnight, but the pictures of friends, that was a different story. Diane had friends; friends that she loved. But she had been ignoring them since the last day of school. They were smart girls who were lovely companions but they were part of a life that Diane simply wanted to forget. They were the unpopular girls. The girl’s with weight problems, skin problems, or simply had features that were not going to ever turn a head. Now that Diane had lost the weight, and the beautiful girl that everyone had promised was underneath those pounds was staring back at her in the mirror, she wanted to surround herself with similar people and distance herself from ‘Miss Personality’. She understood what she was doing, abandoning her childhood friends that stood with her on her worst days, was just as cruel as her tormentors had been to her. She didn’t care; she wanted to be happy and that was what mattered to her the most.

“I can do this! New me! New me!” Diane assured herself.

As she starred at her about-to-be roommate’s pictures, a key hit the lock and a girl walked in that would have intimidated the old Diane to her core. The girl was maybe an inch or two taller than she was, but her body was cut from stone. She was wearing a tank top that stopped a few inches above her belly button, proudly displaying the girl’s abdominal muscles. Dangling from her belly button was an adorable little ring that hung perfectly. She was lean all over and still had perky breasts. Her face had the look of a wonderful summer; a buckshot of freckles on each cheek, offset by sparkling eyes that could never be hidden behind her wispy blonde hair. She looked like she just stepped off an Abercrombie and Fitch billboard and she was now Diane’s college roommate.

“Hi I’m Devyn! Are you my roomie!” she bubbled.

“Yes!” Diane sang. “I’m Diane!”

The two girls instantly hugged as if they were old friends, just like in the girl’s pictures. Diane was beyond thrilled.

Would I have been one of the popular girls at Devyn School? Diane wondered.

The two girl’s launched into a lengthy conversation to get to know each other.

“Aiden, my boyfriend… ugh! I love him! We’ve been together since summer before sophomore year… he’s studying to be either a journalist or maybe major in Disruption or Peace Studies… he’s so kind! We took each other’s virginities during the summer before our Junior year… what about you?”

Diane knew she had so say something and she couldn’t tell the exact truth so she told her new bestie a version of it.

“I was actually seeing an older guy this summer…,” she salaciously laid on the table.

“No!” Devyn gasped playfully.

“I was sooooo over high school boys and, like every year, I was training at the gym over the summer and had this aaaaaamazing fling with this guy in his mid-twenties who had the best body…,” she dazzled.

“You trained at a gym before this summer? Didn’t you just work out at your high school?”

Diane was already caught in a lie because she had no idea high school kids worked out at the high school; she had never played sports.

“I meant, like, I always train over the summer, but this summer I was at the gym and a hot older guy just zero’d in on me and I was all ‘umm… yes please!’” Diane corrected.

“Oh, yeah. Totally!” Devyn agreed.

“I mean, he had his own place but it was always messy and his roommates always left their shoes in the living room…,” Diane described, remembering a few of the details of the only time she was ever at Brian’s place.

“You have so much to teach me! I’ve only ever dated high school boys… not men… we’re going to have so much fun!” Devyn cheered and wrapped her arms around Diane.

Diane was completely thrown. This girl who had endlessly more experience with boys was saying she had to learn from her. Diane had never had a boyfriend. She had only every hooked up once and that was with Brian at the gym, who had texted her several times and she was yet to respond.

“Sooo… dish! Tell me about this stud from the gym!”

“Well… when I first got a membership I was like… hat on… airpods in… leave me alone, I’m working out!”

“Ugh! I hate when guys bother you during your workouts!” Devyn commiserated.

“Totally!” Diane lied, she wanted attention and it didn’t matter where; she could count the number of boys who had hit on her with one hand. “And this guy, Brian, was one of those super muscley guys who was a trainer and he’d always flirt with me. And… this is a true story… he asked me out but I had plans and stuff so I said ‘how about now’ and he was all like ‘I have to work’,” Diane said, mimicking a gruff man’s voice comically. “And I said, ‘now or never!’ and he totally quit his job to hook up with me!”


“Yeah! It was a huge turn-on.”

“Why didn’t you just let him ask you out and then let him plan something? Why did it have to be right then?”

Diane, luckily, had already thought up a lie beforehand.

“Because I didn’t want to date him… he was like twenty-five… I don’t have an ID… I can’t go to bars… and my friends would be all ‘who is this old guy?’”

“Yeah, totally… but how was the sex?”

“Well… I would have liked him to be a little bigger,” Diane admitted while using her hands to show how Brian’s penis was only about seven inches.

“Oh my god! That’s huge! Did it hurt?” Devyn blurted.

Does she think that is big? Diane pondered.

“It was fine… I would have liked maybe an inch bigger… but he definitely came a lot all over my face,” Diane added.

“You let him cum on your face?” Devyn gasped.

“It was in the moment and it was hot!” Diane cheered, remembering how most girl’s think cum on their faces is disgusting.

“You are so wild!” Devyn complimented.

“Tell me about Aiden!” Diane begged.

“Well… he’s this amazing guy and I had a crush on his since I was in junior high but I was so incredibly awkward and unconfident. I never thought he could ever like me,” Devyn explained.

“How could he not love you, you’re gorgeous!” Diane belted, but not to give her new roommate a compliment. Diane genuinely did not believe that a girl as stunning as Devyn ever had a moment of insecurity.

“No! I was soooo unfortunate looking and I still hate so many things about me I can’t even begin to count them!” Devin complained.

Diane didn’t understand what was happening. She always assumed that the pretty, popular girls were just brimming with confidence.

“You are, hands down, the prettiest girl I’ve ever been friends with!” Diane replied with such a level of honesty Devyn thought she was the most wonderful and genuine person she had ever met. What she didn’t know was the reason Diane came off with such candor because her compliments stemmed from the truth that Devyn was her only friend, ever, that could have been described as beautiful and Diane desperately wanted her approval.

“How’s the sex with Aiden?” Diane probed.

“Ugh! Amazing! He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with… so I don’t have anything to compare… but, without a doubt, having sex with your best friend is the most perfect thing in the world!”

“Do you orgasm?”

“Oh… umm… actually, I’ve never had an orgasm,” Devyn admitted, looking incredibly embarrassed and insecure.

Diane knew exactly what it mean to be that insecure and rushed to save her new friend.

“Oh, do not even worry! It took me forever to figure out how to have an orgasm! It has nothing to do with you or Aiden!” Diane assured.

“You are so sweet! I love you!” Devyn sang, hugging her roommate again.

The truth was, Diane had learned to orgasm very young. There was just some deep desire that made her want to touch herself. When she finally orgasmed, it was all she wanted to do. Diane debated offering to show her roommate how to properly masturbate, but she figured that was more than a little too much for day one at college.

“I wish I could stay longer and talk with you all day, but I have to go to practice,” Devyn lamented.


“Oh, I’m on the cross country team,” Devyn smiled.

“Cross country?” Diane puzzled.

“You know… track,” Devyn clarified, a tad confused Diane didn’t automatically know.

“I love to run… it’s my favorite!” Diane smiled back. “I ran the 10K road race in my hometown last week.”

“What was your time?”

“fifty-eight,” Diane replied, wondering if the girl would be impressed.

“Oh… that’s really good. Did you run track in high school?” Devyn asked after not sounding very impressed at all.

“No, I mostly hung out. Honestly, that was my first race ever,” she honestly replied.

“That’s an amazing time for your first race ever!” Devyn belted. “You should totally just walk on the track team and we could hang out all the time!”

“Ummmm… don’t I need to be recruited for track or something?”

“This is not division one… no one is on scholarship. We’ve only had meeting and today is our first practice and there are like six girls who are walking on as well. You should totally give it a shot!”

“Sure, why not!” Diane agreed.

Diane was secretly worried about her weight loss being permanent when she first heard about the dreaded ‘freshman fifteen’ where the newly arrived students gain weight from eating dorm food and drinking beer. Diane had never drank before but she knew there were lots of calories in alcohol and her mother wasn’t there to stock a private refrigerator with healthy, organic food.

Maybe track will keep me on track! Diane joked in her own head. 

She put on her favorite workout attire while Devyn waited. Diane had never been on a team sport in high school and this scared her, like the first time she went to the gym or yoga.

“Oh my god… your boobs are amazing!” Devyn complimented when she saw Diane changing.

“Thank you!” Diane replied then did a little shake that made Devyn laugh.

Diane had been incredibly nervous getting undressed in front of Devyn because she was worried Devyn would think she was still fat. Diane had debated bringing her scale to college but she was afraid people would think she was weird. She was one-forty the morning she left for college, which marked one-hundred and four pounds lost over the last four months. Still, standing next to Devyn she felt unconfident.

The girls walked through campus and down a hill to the edge of where the boys were practicing football. The boys were so much bigger than Mike and the other football guys at her high school and they looked over at the group of girls gathering.

The minute Diane arrived she was terrified. Every girl there was as skinny as Devyn and she was the heaviest one by far. The other girls looked at her and whispered, or at least Diane thought they were.

This was a terrible idea! Diane screamed in her head and debated leaving.

The coach, a man in his mid-fifties, who still looked like he could run a marathon, walked up to the group and made a little speech.

“Welcome to the new season. If you’re a freshman, get ready for the most challenging experience of your running career. If you’re an upperclassman, then I hope you all trained hard and followed the plan I left you with at the end of last year. Ok, Kate and Nat, warm ‘em up!” he said in a very stern voice.

“Ok let’s go!” a girl, who was either Kate or Nat, Diane didn’t know, yelled and the girls began running.

They did a lap around the track that encircled the field where the boys were playing football. The pace was exactly how Diane would run at home. She glided with the other girls and was starting to feel better. Upon completion of the first lap, the two girls leading the pack picked up the pace a notch. Diane had to find a new gear to run that fast. It was about the pace she ran when she was finishing the 10k a week earlier; a full stride. Diane felt herself breathing hard like when she first worked out with Brian. The lap completed and another began, then another. Four laps in total with the first lap being Diane’s pace and the remaining three being the fastest she had ever ran. When the group stopped after the fourth lap, Diane was winded and didn’t think she could have done lap number five.

“Great warm-up, ladies! Form a circle and let’s stretch!” Nat or Kate yelled.

Warm-up! Holy shit this is too much! Diane screamed in her head.

She looked over and saw Devyn and she looked perfectly happy. Diane positioned herself next to her friend and, thankfully, her stretching techniques were similar to the other girls. As the girls stretched, the coach addressed them again. Next to him were two assistant coaches. They each had clip-boards in their hands and black stopwatches on strings around their necks.

“If you’re a walk-on, and you missed the meeting earlier today, then I’m going to need you to sign this form right now. It’s a form that the university requires in case you hurt yourself for their insurance policy.”

Diane, along with one other girl, were handed a piece of paper and a pen. The form required her to fill in some basic information and sign her name acknowledging a bunch of things Diane was too winded to care about. When the coach walked around to pick up the forms, she noticed he looked down her tank top with peering eyes, straining to see her tightly packed cleavage inside of her most constricting training bra that she liked to wear when running.

Hmmm! She smiled in her head at the elderly man looking at her sexually while there were so many other fit girls around that Diane thought were better looking.  

“Ok, we don’t usually race in practice, but I want to get a scope of your progress. I don’t want a personal best, I just want a damn good run. Stride it out. Show me you put in the work over the summer.”

Diane had no idea what was going on as the team walked the edge of the field. Some of the girls made little jumps, limbering up.

“What’s going on Devyn?” Diane asked.

“Oh, we’re doing a timed run,” she explained.

“How far?”

“Standard race, three point seven miles, not very far,” Devyn answered.

“Ok team, for a little fun, I brought out the starter,” the man said, holding up a small starter’s pistol.


The gun went off and it terrified Diane, causing her to jolt forward and run with the other girls. She immediately launched into the same pace as the previous few laps and the pack of girls held the same pace.

I can do this! I’ve got this! She encouraged herself, hanging in the pack.

The pace continued for about one minute until all of the girls, somehow, found another gear and began to pull away. Diane struggled, pumping her legs, desperate to keep up. Her heart pounded in her chest and she gasped for air. One minute later, the girls found another new gear and just left her in the dust. Not giving up, Diane found a pace slightly faster than the stride during the last lap of the warm-up run. The pack of girls in front of her elongated as they pulled away. She couldn’t even see where Devyn was in the group. Diane was determined and struggled, pushing herself harder than she ever had.

Half of a 10K! You got this! She yelled as she felt her legs buckling while her muscles burned and her heart exploded in her chest.

There was no one behind her and she pushed to not lose sight of the last girl in front of her. The trail she ran on was well worn and wide enough for two cars to drive on. The dirt was packed like pavement from the millions of impacts by the feet of runners far swifter than Diane. With her lungs sucking air as fast as they could she finally finished the race, dead last. Every girl, including Devyn, watched her cross the line. They had been stretching and were being instructed by the coach. The moment she arrived, the group disbanded. Practice was over.

“What’s your name?” the coach who looked down Diane’s top asked.

“Diane,” she breathed.

“Well, Diane, you ran the loop in twenty-six minutes and fifty-four seconds… that’s not going to win you a high school race and we’re a whole level above that,” he explained. “Now, Natale ran hers in just over eighteen minutes and I think that needs some improvement if she’s going to lead this team to some victories. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I do,” Diane gasped, surmising the man was telling her that, even though he enjoyed looking at her breasts, he did not enjoy looking at her time.

“Now, I’m not saying you can’t stay on the team. You’re a walk-on and it’s your right. But you’ve got to get a heck of a lot better and you’ve got to do it quickly. Where did you run track in high school?”

“I didn’t,” Diane admitted.

“Well, you definitely showed some heart running today. Let’s see if your legs can keep up!”

Diane hobbled back up the hill to the dorms then got a towel out of her things and went to the women’s shower with her tote containing her shampoos and washes. It was weird showering in a stall with other people there but Diane was too exhausted to care. She could already tell she was going to be incredibly sore. Devyn was nowhere to be seen and Diane was contemplating making herself orgasm as soon as she got back to the room in order to sooth her after the track ordeal.

I’ll be in my towel, I can play it off like I’m getting dressed if she walks in… plus the key gives me a few seconds to collect myself, She figured.

“Hey, you’re on the track team, right?” a masculine voice said to Diane as she walked back to her room wearing only a wet towel.

Diane looked over and almost died. Leaning inside the doorway of a room a few down from hers and Devyns was a massive man, a muscular man, with a jawline like a Roman God.

“Ummm… what?” Diane managed to say.

“I saw you running track today. I was on the field… you probably couldn’t tell it was me because of the helmet… I’m on the football team,” he said casually.

He was wearing a grey t-shirt that clung to his body. The school logo was on both the shirt and his shorts along with the word ‘football’.

Oh my god! I’m staring at his package! Diane screamed in her head, after looking for at least a full second.

“Oh… yeah, I didn’t notice you,” she replied, pretending to be casual.

“Well, I noticed you,” he said with immense confidence, not breaking eye contact.

AHHHH!!!! Diane screamed in her head.

“Well… it was nice to meet you… I have to go because I’m so wet… I mean… like, I need to dry off… from the shower…,” she stammered.

“I’m Marcus. And you are…,” he cut her off.

“Diane. I’d shake your hand but then I’d drop my towel,” she joked.

“Would that be a problem for you?” he asked, still dripping with confidence.

“Well… everyone in the hall would see me,” Diane explained, nervously.

She was enthralled by the flirting. No one had ever pressed her like this and he was so unbelievably gorgeous. He was the ideal picture of the dream man she would meet in college.

“That makes sense… the other people in the hallway… you don’t want them to see you naked… Only I get to.”

AHHHH!!!! Diane screamed in her head a second time.

“Okay, then… it was nice to meet you, Marcus,” Diane replied, feigning boredom to mask how enraptured she was with the chiselled man hitting on her.

“So that’s it? You’re not going to invite me over?” Marcus asked playfully.


“To your room. Right now,” he explained.

“I need to get dressed,” Diane replied.

“No you don’t.”

Diane looked him up and down. He was perfect. Then she remembered how Brian chased her but only after she made it difficult for him. It cost him something to have her and Diane knew she had stumbled onto a winning move because, now, Brian was so into her.

“Oh, you think it’s just that easy, don’t you?”

“Ha… yeah, you know… you miss all the shots you don’t take…”

“Keep taking shots, Marcus… I bet you’ll eventually score,” she joked.

Then Diane went back into her room and ripped off her towel and plunged her fingers into her sopping pussy and danced her clitoris with two fingers until she was clenching and biting the towel hard so she wouldn’t scream.

“Fuck me Marcus! Make me cum! Fuck me!” she gritted into the towel.

She was grinding so hard that, for a brief moment, she thought she might have cracked a tooth.

“Cum for me, Marcus! Cum all over me!” she screeched into the towel.

It was getting too loud, people in the hallway might have been able to hear, so Diane stuffed the towel so far into her mouth her teeth couldn’t quite meet. Her pussy was a soaked mess. She pushed her fingers in deeper than sped up her back and forth motion with her clit. Euphoria was rushing in as she realized the towel was constricting her breathing. It didn’t matter, she was right there and about to orgasm.


Diane knew that Devyn would use a key so this was someone else, someone she could ignore as if she wasn’t there.


God Damn It! Diane cursed in her head, feeling her orgasm slip away from her fingers.

“One second!” she hollered through the door.

Diane climbed off the bed and wrapped the towel around her body that was previously stuffed in her mouth. She quickly looked at herself in the mirror; her face was red and her eyes were watering. Annoyed, she looked through the door’s peephole. It was Marcus.

Oh my God! Do I dress? What do I do? She panicked.

“Diane?” his voice called through the door.

“Umm… yeah?” she answered through the door.

“I was wondering if you’d let me take you out… like… this weekend?”

AHHHH!!!! Diane screamed in her head.

“On a date?” Diane probed.

“Yes. Definitely a date,” Marcus clarified.

Unbeknownst to her, Marcus cursed himself up and down the moment she left for not getting her number. He wasn’t the only one who had seen Diane running on the track during practice. Every pair of male eyes had watched her tits bounce around the track. Dozens of comments were made. At that moment, Diane was, possibly, the best looking girl on campus. At least the best looking if one were to ask the Football team after that particular practice. 

“When this weekend is our date going to take place?” Diane asked.

“Friday. Friday night. I’ll knock on your door at, say, seven.”

“Where are we going?”

“Umm… I’ll plan something… so is that a ‘Yes’?”

Diane opened the door. It seemed that making Marcus chase her a little worked quite well. He looked even better than he did a moment ago.

“Oh, you’re still in your towel…,” Marcus said, surprised.

“Yes, you can take me out Friday night,” Diane said, smiling.

“Great! Can I get your number so I can text you?”

“Sure, come in,” Diane suggested, after peering out into the hallway and noticing it was completely empty.

“Umm… ok,” Marcus replied, with obvious notes of excitement mixed with nervousness.

Diane’s libido was in control now. She wanted to make Marcus wait, but she could not fathom sending him away, only to continue masturbating to the actual man who was knocking at her door and chasing her. She loved how he chased and now she needed to get caught, hopefully at least twice. She slinked past him and, using the same two fingers that were gliding back and forth on her clitoris, only minutes ago, pushed at the door and it closed with a thud. Marcus had a look on his face like a child on Christmas morning, seeing an avalanche of brightly wrapped boxes, poised for him to tear into; his expression was the variety of surprise and unbridled joy that was almost akin to witnessing a miracle. And, at that blessed moment, Diane dropped her towel.

Without hesitating, Marcus stepped into the girl and they kissed exactly the way Diane had hoped. She wasn’t certain if Marcus was a better kisser than Brian or that she was the one who improved; it didn’t matter. Just like with all of her other life pursuits, Diane had done her homework by fucking Brian and she was prepared to devour Marcus like a Siren who just coaxed his ship to the rocks.

The couple sucked on each other’s tongues and hands began to freely roam. Marcus’ left hand was fixed on the small of Diane’s back while his right was completely occupied trying to palm the entirety of one of the gorgeous, massive breasts firmly standing on the girl’s chest. Then, Marcus relocated his left hand to grasp the girl’s ass for the briefest of moments before he stooped, just slightly, to reach both behind and under Diane in order to probe her pussy.

“Oh my God! You’re so wet!” Marcus breathed into her ear upon feeling Diane’s sopping pussy. The slickness was unbelievable to the young man who, in his limited experience with sex, had never experienced not only such a slick pussy, but one that was soaked before he even touched the girl. Obviously it had never occurred to the young man that she had been rubbing her pussy only seconds before she opened the door and he certainly never considered the possibility she was masturbating while thinking about him.

Diane leaned backwards, encouraging him to finger her more deeply, and his long finger found a wonderful depth.

“Ahhh!” she moaned.

Feeling confident, Marcus let go of her breast and rerouted his free hand until his two fingers were pressed up to Diane’s clitoral hood. Instinctively, Diane widened her stance while Marcus began to rub, back and forth, across her clitoris while fingering her from behind. It was almost the exact same technique that Diane used when she masturbated, except it was now being done by a gorgeous guy. She wrapped her arms around his next and stuck her tongue in his mouth as she flew off the edge of a waterfall, euphoria curling her toes into the rug below her feet.

“UUGGHHH!! NNAAAA!!!” Diane belted, orgasming while being held up almost entirely by Marcus’s supportive hand with two digits deep inside of her.

As she came back to Earth, Marcus had retracted his fingers and eased her over to her bed and sat her down. Instinctively, Diane flopped onto her back.

“That was just… oh, Marcus,” Diane babbled, almost feeling embarrassed for the nonsense she had spouted. It had only taken moments from Diane to orgasm, but, this would never had been the case if she was not already on the edge of an orgasm she had cultivated when Marcus was cursing himself for not trying harder with the raven haired vixen who distracted the entire team earlier that day.

Marcus stood at the side of the bed and pulled off his shirt. Upon seeing him, Diane needed to sit up and inspect this unusual marvel. Diane’s favorite fantasy were men whose bodies had the muscular physique of the toy action heroes that came to life in her preferred genre of pornographic movies. They had rippling abdominals, perfectly defined pectorals, and bulging biceps with ready-to-pop veins everywhere. This was exactly how Brian looked naked. Marcus, on the other hand, had an altogether different look and Diane was enthralled.

Brian had painstakingly trained each muscle group for symmetry. He ate an incredibly rigid diet and took supplements. Brian’s body was an ongoing project that he spent almost all of his time cultivating for a specific look. Marcus just looked like a badass.

The entirety of Marcus’ exercise routine was to get stronger and faster without much concern as to the ascetics. He looked exactly like the men who brutally fought shirtless in a cage on the television shows her father and brother sometimes watched. It just did it for Diane.

Then he slid down his shorts. His cock was about the same size as Brian’s, seven inches and thick as a half-dollar coin, but Diane didn’t care it wasn’t as big as her favorites on porn. A second later he climbed onto the bed with her, poised to enter her soaked pussy.

“Wait! Do you have a condom?” Diane asked, quickly covering her pussy with a free hand.

“Umm… no,” Marcus admitted.

“In your room?”

“No, I don’t… I can just pull out. Is that ok?”

What is with guys wanting to have unprotected sex? Diane puzzled.

“No, Marcus… I’m not on birth control and pulling out doesn’t always work… here, let me…,” she whispered and grabbed his thick shoulder and coaxed the massive man onto his back.

When Diane touched his body, it was so much harder than Brian’s, even though Brian had almost zero body fat.

I bet Marcus is so much stronger than Brian, Diane speculated.

Then, Diane straddled Marcus’ knees, grabbed his shaft and squeezed quite hard, turning the head an even deeper shade of purple. She stroked up and down, with her face inches away, she wanted to force a nice bead of precum and she got her wish. Within four hard, milking strokes the perfect bead formed and Diane moved close to collect it with her tongue while Marcus watched, enthralled. At the last moment, Diane opened her mouth and playfully locked her teeth on the crimson head while dragging her tongue on the tiny opening to get her just desserts.

“OOHHHH!!!” Marcus moaned, unable to blink at the stunning girl with her massive breasts, having put the slightest pressure on his cock with her sparkling, perfectly symmetrical white teeth.

Diane pivoted from her teeth to suckling the head with her warm mouth then dove deeply into the cock while tightly grasping Marcus’ balls with one hand. Her other hand continued the slow, tight stroke as she put tremendous pressure with her mouth on the head. She repeated this full circle several times as she paid intense attention to his breathing and how quickly it was increasing. She was so close she could literally hear his powerful heart thumping in his chest. The cock she held flexed back as she squeezed. Diane increased the pace slightly and started flicking her tongue at the zenith of each circle.

“OH! I’m going to cum!” Marcus announced with urgency, barely twenty second’s into Diane’s technique.

Oh! My first blowjob! I shouldn’t let him cum on my face… Devyn wouldn’t approve. But maybe my tits? Diane wondered.

“EEERRRRR!!” Marcus grunted and began spurting in Diane’s mouth.

The hot spunk pumped into her mouth and Diane held the pulsing head between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and tasted the semen while she swallowed.

It doesn’t taste too bad! Diane thought.

The ejaculations slowed and Diane continued to massage the head with her tongue until they finished and the cock began to shrink. Then, to Diane’s wonderment, Marcus pulled her up by the shoulders and then cradled her in his arms. She pressed her body up to his and the warmth of his body and the comfort was magical. Then he kissed her on the back of her neck while she snuggled into him.

This is heaven! She concluded.

Then, Diane became paranoid that maybe Marcus was no longer interested in her, now that he had came; a fear placed in her mind by television and the internet.

“Are we still going out on Friday?” She asked.

“Ummm… yeah! Of course!” he assured.

A moment later, a key hit the lock.

“Oh shit!” Diane cursed and grabbed the sheets just in time to cover her and Marcus’ naked body as Devyn pushed through the door.

“Hey! Oh! Oh my! Let me just grab this and I’ll go!” Devyn panicked, grabbing her phone charger from the wall and bolting out the door.

“I should go… but I’m really excited about Friday… and I’ll look for you at practice tomorrow!” Marcus smiled, pulling up his shorts.

I definitely need to make this track thing work! Diane resolved.

“I’ll look for you too!” she replied, beaming.

The moment Marcus walked out the door, Diane’s phone beeped. She stood up, stepped into some clothes and picked up her phone. It was a text from Devyn.

Teach me you sexy Goddess! Her message read.

You are the Goddess and get me through track and I’ll teach you anything you want! Diane wrote back.

Authors Notes:

My Friends,

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