Singapore Party Girls: Part II

“Can you guarantee me a table, if I come by?” Shirley asked the owner of Braci in Boat Quay over the phone.

“I can get you a table, even though you don’t have a reservation, but I certainly hope you understand the tasting menu with the wine pairing is four-hundred per person and we cannot comp the meal… we don’t do that for social media influencers… not unless you were a global celebrity or something,” she explained.

“Oh, of course we’ll be paying and I’ll be posting to my eighty-thousand followers… But can you ensure I can have a photo with the chef?”

“Our chef de cuisine, Mirko, will be in the kitchen, and he will take a brief few moments out of his busy schedule for you to take a picture with him,” she agreed, with a note of pain and frustration in her voice.

“Great! I’d like to have an eight o’clock table,” Shirley added.

“Oh, cannot. We can do six-thirty or nine… every other time cannot be bumped,” the woman returned without hiding her disdain at all.

“I’ll take the nine, thanks!”

Taking out her phone, she texted Scott, Meet me at 1-Altitude at eight-thirty?

Sure, you mentioned you wanted to grab a bite, any preference? He texted back.

I’m certain we’ll find something, lots of restaurants in Boat Quay, Shirley replied.

Scott went to the gym then put on a pair of casual slacks and a collared shirt for his date with Shirley. He had never met the girl, and when he first saw Shirley’s profile on Tinder yesterday, he assumed there would be a good chance that she was a fake profile; a catfish. Her main picture was of her, on a stage, wearing a bikini and a sash as part of some beauty contest; a photo easily stolen off the internet. All of her photos seemed like they were easily stolen from Instagram; polished professional photos of a stunningly beautiful girl. Ideally, you’d see one or two candid shots in the mix.

As he walked along Raffles place, he approached the giant tower in the courtyard where Shirley said she would be and, to his surprise, he saw the exact girl he expected, wearing a dazzlingly tight green dress. Her hair and make-up were meticulously done and she looked stunning.


“Yes, hello… Scott?”
She was wearing the most gorgeous designer shoes with a heel and toe that added a phenomenal amount of height to the girl so she came up to almost Scott’s shoulder. Her skin was incredibly pale and not a single hair was out of place. Scott was ecstatic.

“Would you like to grab a drink here before we get something to eat?” Scott offered, wanting to not seem too eager even though he was incredibly hungry.

“I could eat now,” she replied. In truth, Shirley didn’t want to take a single sip and risk smudging her make-up or spilling even a single drop of condensation on her tight cocktail dress and have a blemish in the photos she planned to take at Braci. She was also quite happy to see that Scott’s photos were not a total fabrication of his looks. He was tall, handsome, and the age he purported to be. He still certainly could not be in the photos with Shirley; handsome aside, it’s not like he was a celebrity or an influencer in his own right, Shirley thought.

“Ok, let’s take a walk down the row and see what we like!”

In a bold move, Scott offered his arm to Shirley who gladly accepted as walking in the heels was difficult on the steps and street.

“How about this place?” Scott offered, pointing at an outdoor café specializing in chili crab and beer.

“Maybe something else,” Shirley vetoed and the pair continued walking until they reached an inauspicious place with a sign labelled ‘Chicken and beer’. “This is the place I’d like to go!” Shirley beamed.

“Um… sure,” Scott agreed looking inside the unassuming beer haunt.

Then, Shirley walked up the stairs to the second story of the building which was an entirely different restaurant. The moment Scott reached the top of the steps he knew the place would cost a fortune.

Shirley jumped ahead of Scott and talked to the hostess very quickly in Mandarin.

“They have a table for us!” Shirley called over her shoulder to her date.

“Oh, ok,” Scott mused, feeling like this was no coincidence as there didn’t seem to be an empty seat in the joint and several other couples milled around the hostess’s table, looking anxious.

Then Shirley pulled a small camera out of her clutch and handed it to Scott.

“Can you take my picture?”

“Umm… sure,” Scott agreed.

Shirley walked to the window with a gorgeous view of the Straits river. She turned on her heel and then posed very deliberately with her hips angled away with her face and torso swinging back; a stance that made her seem curvier and skinnier at the same time. She lifted her chin and made a strange face; it wasn’t a smile, nor was it quite one of those annoying duck faces the Kardashian girls make. One could only describe her expressoin as a pouty girl getting her way. Scott instantly recognized it as it was the expression in every one of her profile photos.

He snapped a few pictures and expected Shirley to have a modicum of modesty and be satisfied with the two or three pictures but that was not the case. She approached Scott, took the camera from his hands, scrolled through the photos then handed it back to him.

“Try to frame me in the window,” she instructed.

Scott looked over at the hostess waiting to bring them to the table. The expression on her face was extreme annoyance. Not wanting to extend this embarrassing moment any longer, Scott did her best to place the posing girl exactly inside the window. Upon her inspection of the newer snaps, she approved of the handiwork and allowed the hostess to seat them.  

As soon as they were seated, Scott knew, for certain, Shirley was probably using him to pay for the restaurant. This was obvious when the chef, with an incredibly annoyed look on his face, was summoned from the kitchen for a photo. The man only smiled for the fraction of a second he was in the frame with Shirley who posed exactly how she did in the window. Scott, begrudgingly, took the photo and it was never suggested that he be in the photo with the wax statue girl and the exasperated chef who was forced to tolerate the moment.

Despite the ridiculous photoshoot that Shirley required, the food was exquisite and the wine was paired exceptionally well. When the check came, Shirley made no effort whatsoever to even acknowledge a bill was presented to the table. Luckily, the thousand dollar meal was not a luxury Scott couldn’t afford and his credit card cleared the check.

“Are you ready to go?” Scott asked Shirley, who had just returned from the ladies room after she watched Scott pay the check and judged he was wealthy enough to not get any heartburn if she would want him to pay for a future fine dining experience.

“Yes, where would you like to go next?” Shirley inquired.

“This is probably it… I have a busy day tomorrow,” Scott answered.

“Oh, ok… you don’t want to go to a club?” Shirley offered.

“Some other time,” Scott replied, offering the girl his hand.

They walked downstairs and Scott hailed a taxi and opened the door for Shirley.

“Two Marina boulevard… the Sail,” Scott said to the driver.

“Oh, can you drop me off first?” Shirley asked.

“Drop you where? You’re coming to my condo.”

“I am? What are we going to do there?” she quizzed.

“Sex, of course.”

Shirley, having been told what was expected of her, and having been told with authority, didn’t say another word and sat in the taxi with an expressionless look on her face while on her way to a luxury condo tower to fuck the man who picked up the check. She would have preferred to have included some pictures in her new dress at a second venue, like a higher end club or mysterious speakeasy that only the financial guys knew about, but she had inspected the contents of her camera and they would be more than enough to keep her fans enthralled. At least for a day or two.

“It’s a full time job posting good content to Instagram,” Shirley had recently told one of her friends. Then the two girls compared notes about who had the creepiest fans by showing disgusting messages from random men. There were literally thousands of messages just saying ‘hey’, but some truly delved into the depraved and even criminal.




I love you!

I want to marry you!


Fuck you, bitch! I fucking hate you! Cunt!


How are you?

Was sent, periodically, over the last few weeks by some man Shirley had never met in her life but liked every single one of her photos, and, continued to do so, even after calling her a cunt.

“That’s nothing!” her friend replied and passed her iPhone.


I saw you at Pure Fitness in Orchard!

You looked amazing in your outfit!


Who’s that guy who kept talking to you yesterday at Pure!

I’m a really nice guy who would protect you!

We should go out to Udders after a workout some time!

I saw you wore your pink top today! It’s my fav! You’re so beautiful!

The messages from the stalker went on and on making very specific references to where she was at different times.

“Men are so ridiculous!” Shirley replied, handing her back the phone. 

Now she sat in the back of a taxi waiting to arrive at a residential condo building she had stayed at numerous times with different men.

“Thank you, Uncle,” Shirley said to the older Singaporean gentlemen who had driven them.

The man grumbled at her as he shot a dirty look to her and then Scott as he paid the bill by tapping his DBS card.

The couple walked through the lobby to the elevator and rode up to the twenty-nineth floor. Upon entry, Shirley remembered how every condo in Sail looked about the same. Scott’s condo had the same banal white floor and walls as every other unit. The same massive, lovely windows with a view of the marina where you could see all the way to the Merlion.

Without wasting any time, Scott put his hand on the small of Shirley’s back and kissed her. She opened her mouth and stood in her heels while she massaged his tongue with her own.

So far pretty good… but I hope he had a good penis, Shirley thought, pleased that there was never an awkward moment where the man fumbled to make his move. He had said they were going to have sex and he was doing exactly that. One of Shirley’s favorite treats was a western penis. According to her and her friends, they were not as hard as the cocks of Chinese men, but they were considerably longer and thicker.

“For size, I prefer Ang mo,” Shirley had often said to her friends when discussing one of their favorite subjects. ‘Ang mo’ was the term given not just to foreigners in Singapore, but, usually, Caucasian foreigners. “But for hardness, Chinese is best!” she giggled.

Raising her arms, Shirley wrapped them around Scott’s neck as she enjoyed the kiss. The night had been a success up to this point. She had taken the pictures she wanted and, thankfully, she believed she looked quite amazing in them. The cuisine was immaculate and Shirley had only tasted a little of each portion of her food, which was exactly what she had planned to do.

“Forty-five is too much!” she had complained to her friend about her weight in kilograms.

Shirley also had the perfect amount of booze in her system. One of her favorite pastimes was drinking and she did so often, always on someone else’s tab of course.

Stepping out of her heels, Shirley head was now chest level with Scott. Well within her reach was the growing bulge in Scott’s pants and she dragged her hand across the thick appendage and squeezed it.

“Mmmnnn,” Shirley moaned in anticipation having felt that the cock was more than sufficient to satiate her appetite.

Hearing her approval, Scott began using his large hands to press and squeeze Shirley’s breasts. The moment he touched what he expected to be deliciously perky flesh, he realized he was gripping a very lifelike insert, perched inside a bra designed to contain such prosthetics at the perfect position to be mistaken for a breast. Feeling a tad disappointed, Scott expanded his reach and ventured south and felt the girl’s remarkably toned stomach. Then, reaching lower, was delighted to squeeze the impossibly toned, yet supple, perfection that was the girl’s lovely posterior. In order to maintain her body, Shirley agonized over the quantity and quality of food she ate, often skipping consecutive meals. She would begrudgingly exercise most days and hated every minute of it intensely.  

“Wait!” Shirley begged, feeling the man’s grip on her expensive dress and pulled away from him. “Do you have a coat hanger with the notches for a dress?”

“Yeah,” Scott replied and found her one in his closet.

Very carefully, Shirley unzipped the side of the outfit and stepped out without allowing the garment to even come close to touching the floor. She was wearing a thin, black thong that never seemed to be more than a few centimetres in width at any point; a tiny slingshot around her perfect ass, with the purpose of holding a stretch of material the size of a popsicle stick tightly across the opening of her vagina. The bra she was wearing looked more like a professional scaffolding to keep the weight of its payload floating at a lifelike angle. Reaching behind her, she unsnapped the sturdy appliance and revealed she had tiny but incredibly cute perky breasts with lovely, fat light brown nipples. After hanging her dress, with the bra also attached to the hanger, Shirley pulled her thong off her small body and placed it carefully on top of Scott’s couch. She then faced Scott, completely naked. She was the complete package with a beautiful face and flawless, albeit small chested, body.

Scott was still completely dressed. He stood there, marvelling at the girl for a moment before he decided to consume his dessert. Pulling off his shirt, Shirley was pleased to see that Scott took time every day to exercise and it very noticeably showed with well-defined muscles and a trim waist. Before he could finish undressing, Shirley strode up to him, dropped to her knees, then tugged at his belt, unzipped his fly, then fished inside his boxers until she was able to pull his cock. The penis was long, thick, and had a very symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing head.

“Mnnn,” Shirley happily snorted as the cock required both of her small hands to occupy. She happily squeezed and manipulated the cock in her hands, working up her desire to take it inside of her.

Scott watched the girl playing with his manhood and thought it odd she had not yet wrapped her lips around the tip to begin sucking. In order to entice her further, Scott completed the task of unhinging the belt and, briefly, took his cock away from the girl so he could take down his pants. Now with nothing in between the girl and his cock, he expected Shirley to begin sucking but she simply continued squeezing and pleasurably feeling the veiny member.

Oh this is quite good! I need to get very wet to take this cock! Shirley thought to herself while she played. For Shirley, oral sex was something she didn’t particularly care to give or receive. She often sucked the cocks of exceptionally wealthy men because they expected their penises sucked and would not accept a scenario where it did not happen. Scott was different; this was an actual date and not a quid pro quo. Technically, he had picked up the check for dinner, and made the decision for Shirley that she would be having sex, but Shirley like the fact he asserted himself. Had he not done so, she probably would have brought him to another expensive restaurant and then not slept with him afterwards for. a second time. To Shirley, Scott was acceptable and she was there on an actual date, which was not typical for the girl. If Scott were unbelievably wealthy and had just spent an exceptional amount on her, he’d have his penis in her hot little mouth at that very moment.

“It’s almost a good sign that I don’t give you a blowjob,” Shirley had said to her roommate. “It means I may actually like you… opposed to me liking your jet or your boat,” she added, giggling.

With the tip of his cock still a few inches away from Shirley’s face, Scott ended the unusual squeezing the girl was performing and coaxed the attractive vice-grip to the bedroom. When Shirley walked down the hallway behind Scott, she swayed her tiny hips and eyed the thick, engorged cock attached to the man who was going to use it to stretch her.

I wish I was a little more drunk! Shirley lamented as she neared a door and saw the bed inside where she was about to be penetrated.

Climbing onto the bed, Shirley tossed the haphazardly placed duvet onto the floor then positioned herself in the exact middle, laid on her back with her hips picked up and her knees  at her shoulders, waiting to be mounted. Just as Scott was approaching, his hard cock steaming towards her exposed slit, Shirley quickly pulled her dominant hand out from tucked under her knee and attempted to stuff a dry finger into her pussy, testing to see if it was lubricated enough for the approaching cock.

Seeing this, Scott slowed his arrival and took more time to position himself while the girl inspected her own pussy.

Not wet enough! Shirley concluded and grabbed the shaft of Scott’s cock with her left hand and then transferred a considerable amount of spit from her mouth to the head of the cock with the right. Then, without letting go of the shaft, reinitiated it’s approach to her love tunnel by pulling it inward.

“Do you want me to wear a condom?” Scott asked with his tip dangerously close to breaching.

“It’s fine!” Shirley responded, almost annoyed that he was taking so long now that she deemed the slickness was sufficient enough for penetration.

Not needing any further position, Scott pushed the head of his cock up to the tiny wet slit and started bulldozing forward into the lower portion of her lips. Shirley’s labia valiantly fought back and the petite pussy remained empty until Scott increased the pressure and the lips gave way.

“Nnnnn!” Shirley moaned as the thick cock infiltrated her vaginal canal.

For Shirley, penetration from a nice big cock inside her tiny vagina was always like jumping into the ocean; an initial shock, then acclimation, followed by pure enjoyment. This is specifically why she sought out a man like Scott, nearing one-hundred-ninety centimetres tall with, presumably, an equally proportionate phallus.

Scott, having forced his cock inside of the small girl, was very pleased with the tiny wet little slit that was now squeezing his manhood. He was particularly happy about being allowed to experience the little pussy without a condom. Shirley came off as a posh and very clean girl, but, unbeknownst to Scott, it wasn’t more than a few days ago that she was on Khet’s boat. Even though she was now far too old for Khet to penetrate, she did agree to allowing a prominent, up and coming Chinese government official to shoot his load inside of her. The man was definitely the lowest ranking guest on the boat, as his boss, an associate of Xi himself, was treated to a threesome with two celebrity YouTube and Instagram stars, one of whom had been instructing the young ladies of the internet on how to properly apply eyeliner since she was fifteen. Now, as an adult, floating on a mega yacht with billionaires, the exceptionally stunning eighteen year old was adding a layer of semen to her make-up routine, allowing a decrepit politician to heave his load atop her carefully cultivated foundation and blush having been first offered a matching love bracelet and necklace from Cartier with pink diamonds.

“How much was this, lah?” she had asked Shirley before going below deck with the other girl who had already accepted her gift and was in the ladies room applying a lubricant to her teenaged pussy as she could not possibly naturally lubricate for a man with liver spots on his face.  

“About forty thousand each,” Shirley had explained, while looking up the items on her phone then showing the pictures to the sporty girl being recruited into the threesome.  

“Why not just give me the money with Venmo, Auntie?” the perplexed teen asked Shirley.

“You can’t just walk into Changi with eighty-thousand dollars. Immigration will ask you where you got it then maybe make you pay tax. With jewelry or handbags you can just bring them in,” Shirley explained. The truth was it was simply easier for Khet to not worry about the girls acting stupidly with a shoebox full of cash and having it get back that he had given it to them. Also, he was getting tremendous deals on buying the luxury items from his personal buyer.

After the two teenagers had been bribed into joining the senior party official in the guest room, the man who was hoping to be in his boss’s position, both in the PRC government and underneath the two teenaged goddesses, grabbed the twenty-six year old auntie, Shirley by the elbow.

“Come below with me!” the twenty-five year old son of a prominent party member said, demanding sex from the only unspoken for girl wearing a bikini on the boat.

He was incredibly unattractive and overweight with bad skin and horrible breath from chain smoking ChungHua cigarettes in-between inhaling dumplings and pinching the tender flesh of teenagers running around the boat.

“No-lah,” Shirley declined, slinking away.

“No! Khet said I should try a few girls and I’ve only had one so far!” the man-child complained. Apparently, he had enjoyed a few short moments of sex inside one of the younger girls a few hours ago after Khet had made promises enough for the girl to agree to take his penis inside of her. After the deed had been done, the unlucky girl had disclosed to Shirley that he had a particularly small penis and his body was horridly unattractive for such a young man.

“I don’t know why you think I’ll just have sex with you!” Shirley protested.

“Fine! What you want?”

“It doesn’t work like that! Entice me! Make me want to go to bed with you!”

The young man looked at her quizzically then pulled out a money clip with a thick stack of Chinese Renminbi, and peeled off around fifty notes of one-hundred RMB and attempted to hand them to her. Shirley was incredibly displeased at his offering of the equivalent to around eight or nine-hundred US dollars. With her nose in the air, she turned around to storm off.

“I will tell Khet you are a difficult girl who was not kind!”

“Don’t you dare!” she retorted.

The young man spit.

I hate my life! Shirley screamed in her head. The other two girls, who were not as pretty as she was when she was eighteen, were getting Cartier diamonds while this fat lump was trying to hand her a meagre amount of sweaty money; not enough to buy a keychain at Cartier, let alone a diamond.

Sullenly, she walked back to the young man, grabbed his money clip and took all of the money, around seventy notes of one-hundred Renminbi, then led him by the wrist to an unoccupied room. There she sucked on his miniscule penis until it was rigid enough to penetrate her then allowed him to thrust inside of her doggy-style for a few moments until he came a considerable amount inside of the sad girl’s vagina. All the while, he held one of his ChungHwa cigarettes, unlit, in his teeth. Moments after he came, he ignited the cigarette, blowing his disgusting smoke into Shirley’s expensive real hair extensions.  

Now, Shirley was being stretched by a very attractive penis, attached to a very attractive man.

“Ugh!” She grunted, feeling the cock reach depths of her vaginal tract that had not seen the slick head of a cock in some time.

Scott was enjoying the amazing visual of thrusting his inside of the beautiful girl. The experience wasn’t everything he dreamed as, it seemed, Shirley was incredibly boring in bed. She made very little noise, moved even less, and seemed to be not much more than a living mannequin that looked amazing in clothes then, upon their removal, simply held the position that it was placed in, not matter what happened.

Not interested in the status quo, Scott grabbed a hip and a thigh of the girl and flipped her onto her hands and knees. Her thin waist and slightly visible ribcage flowed perfectly into the toned, smooth flesh that formed her lovely hips and taut ass. The delicate lips of her pussy jutted out spectacularly and begged Scott to part them with the tip of his very excited cock.

Holding the shaft, he easily slid into the well stretched pussy and impaled the girl all the way to his hilt.

“Awwww!” she belted, feeling the head plunge into her cervix.

“Mnnnn!” Scott snorted, holding her hips and increasing the speed and vigor of his pounding.

This is exactly what Shirley wanted; a man fucking her who could possibly be a boyfriend, not someone Khet needs to sign off on buying a thousand steel girders from in Beijing. She would still want to be aboard the boat and take trips on the jet to Macau for fun trips, but, when she was home in Singapore, she’d want to be owned by the tall man currently giving her pleasure, she mused.

Scott thrusted even harder into the trollop who conspired for him to finance her visit to a Michelin Star restaurant. What bothered him the most was she didn’t even seem to enjoy the food. It was incredibly evident to him that the girl truly just wanted a picture of herself there and nothing more.

I hope this was worth a thousand dollars, Scott pondered.

“I’m going to cum!” Scott announced.

“Ugh!” Shirley responded as the cock bounced against her cervix.

Scott pulled out and spun the girl back on her hip so she was sitting up on the bed as he furiously stroked his cock underneath the chin of the red-faced girl.

Shirley could tell from the angle, he wasn’t going to cum onto her face, like many men had enjoyed doing. The angle of Scott’s penis ensured his payload would land onto her small breasts. Scott had considered inseminating the girl but not ejaculating his sperm into her face; an act he found to be more than a little demeaning. Even though he didn’t think Shirley respected herself very much, he opted for a more polite target.

“Yeeeee-RRRRR!” Scott grunted as thick ropes of sperm launched from the tip of his cock and landed on the girl’s chest.

Shirley posed while the man painted her chest. Scott noticed she was making her photo face and he found it terribly distracting during the moment of his orgasm. Seconds after he finished, Shirley hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. He heard the tell-tale sound of her urinating, then, moments after the toilet flushed, the shower snapped on. Scott put his boxers back on and went to the living room and watched television. Shirley took nearly forty-five minutes in the shower then emerged wearing a towel on her head and another wrapped around her body. Every drop of makeup was absent from her remarkably beautiful face. She had the standard of looks where her unadulterated skin and bone structure was far better than most girl’s look after they had expertly applied makeup. Upon a second glance, Scott wondered if the girl needed to wear any make-up in the first place, save for the desire to have a splash of color above an already spectacular pair of eyes.

“Are you coming to bed?” she asked the man on his couch.

Without a word, Scott went into his bedroom. Shirley was in the bed, still wearing both damp towels, which was rather annoying. Still, he was exhausted and needed to sleep. In the morning, he woke up, showered, and got ready for work while the naked girl, having shed her towels during the night, slept in his bed.

“Do you want me to call you a taxi or are you going to take the MRT?” Scott asked the lump under the duvet.

“Mmmm,” she moaned sleepily.

Scott knew he had to leave in the next few minutes if he wanted to get to work on time but it seemed like he’d need to throw the naked girl out of the apartment if he wanted her gone. What he didn’t know was that seven in the morning to Shirley was an impossibly early hour to consider doing anything. She typically stayed up to three or four in the morning, partying in clubs or on boats, then slept until one or two in the afternoon. Even though dinner and sex concluded at the early hour of one am, Shirley was quite unaccustomed to her lovers having to be somewhere in the morning.

Scott decided to text his boss he would be working from home then went to Starbucks at the bottom of the escalator near his condo then work on his kitchen table while Shirley slept. Around ten in the morning, Scott decided he was interested in fucking the sleeping beauty and had a fun idea. He undressed and walked into the dark room, crept into bed and began licking Shirley’s pussy while she slept.

“Ahhhhhhh,” the girl moaned, waking up.

Then, a peculiar thing happened. The room was suddenly illuminated. It was Shirley’s phone. As he licked, she was busy texting away.

Is… is this rude or should I continue, Scott mused.  

Climbing on top of the girl, he penetrated her wet pussy and thrust hard into the texting girl who placed the phone down, nervously when she was discovered corresponding after Scott had initiated sex.

“Mnn! Mnn!” Shirley panted as she got pounded.

About one minute into sex, Scott felt as though he could unload his balls and decided to do exactly that.

“RRRRR!” he belted, pulling out of the girl and cumming on her lower stomach, just above her bald pussy.

After stroking every drop out of his cock, he walked to the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel and mopped the semen off the girl. Seeing that Scott had wiped the cum off her, Shirley gathered up the blankets and curled up to go back to sleep.

“That was weird,” Scott said to himself after leaving the room to go back to work.

A few hours later he repeated the event, rousting the girl for a few minutes of sex. She didn’t return to her home until later that night.

“I am going to meet some friends at Zouk,” she announced, as if it were any of Scott’s business.

“Oh… ok. Have fun,” he replied, noting there was not an invitation for him.

“I will text you!” Shirley smiled and then kissed him on his cheek as she bounded out the door in her cocktail dress with her thong in her purse. She hadn’t eaten any food since they were at the restaurant nearly twenty-four hours ago. She had only consumed a few cups of water, periodically throughout her intermittent all-day nap, periodically broken up with brief rounds of sex.

Scott went to the gym then ate a take-away dinner from the small café downstairs while watching Netflix before going to sleep. The following morning he woke up to several texts from Shirley.

We are leaving Zouk and I can come over!



I am at an afterparty and I can come over.


To be continued…

Author’s note: This is a chapter in an ongoing storyline chronicling Shirley the SPG’s adventures. If you enjoyed this chapter, I encourage you to go into the blog section and discover her other adventures. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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