Love in the time of Covid

Tracy had been going out of her mind for weeks and she simply couldn’t take it any longer.

“Finding a guy during this pandemic is impossible!” she complained.

Earlier in the year, Aaron, her boyfriend, had destroyed their relationship just before Valentine’s day, when his phone erupted in text messages while she was concentrating on achieving an orgasm. He had been awkwardly licking her clitoris as if her throbbing little pearl were a lollypop given to a five year old for waiting patiently at the bank. The strokes of his tongue were quite productive, but there was nearly a full second delay between each stimulation. Despite his uneven technique, his phone buzzing was far more of an impediment to her bliss.

“Maybe if you go faster… or change pace… and maybe finger me at the same time to give me something to squeeze…” Tracy had offered as she was interrupted by his buzzing phone. The messages arrived in a cadence that could only be rapid text messages, sent in succession.

“Forget it… just fuck me!” she finally gave up.

Aaron had also noticed the phone receiving messages while he attempted to please his girlfriend.

Why didn’t I just silence the damn phone? He thought, berating himself.

Relieved he was no longer responsible for Tracy’s orgasm, just his own, Aaron felt it was fine to not simply mount the girl in the position she was already in, but press his luck and attempt to fuck doggy-style. This was a large part of his undoing.

With Tracy on all fours she was at a vantage point to see the wide-screened iPhone sitting on the nightstand when it next buzzed, which it did, moments later. The screen lit up and the first sentence was clearly visible to both herself and the man behind her, sliding his cock inside of his long term girlfriend without a condom on.

I just can’t stop thinking about you… I’m so wet!

The text message was sent from a contact labelled ‘Uncle Steve’.

Tracy turned her head around upon reading the message and immediately saw in Aaron’s eyes that he read it as well. A look of embarrassment washed over the man’s face; at least Tracy thought it was embarrassment.

“Hah! Uh! Hah!” Aaron began grunting as he quickly thrust over and over.

“Don’t you dare!” Tracy screamed, trying to wrestle away.

“GRRRR!” Aaron belted.

Snapping her hips, Tracy dislodged her boyfriend’s cock just as he was ejaculating. Instinctively, Aaron began stroking his cock causing an errant rope of semen to launch from his tip and spackle itself on her back.

“The fuck!” Tracy raged just as a massive dribble of semen evacuated from the girl’s barely fucked pussy amidst a pocket of air that caused the ejaculate to chamber dozens of small bubbles as it trailed down to form a massive blotch on the sheets.

“Ahh! Ah!’ he continued, bombarding the furious girl with more liquid projectiles.

Usually, Tracy would allow her man to inseminate her completely, then, she would run to her toilet using the palm of her hand, pressed tightly to the opening of her pussy, to contain the fleeing sperm. Tracy also didn’t usually read text messages from other women on her boyfriend’s phone just as he was pumping her full of his sperm.

“Who the fuck is texting you!” Tracy demanded.

Aaron dismounted the bed and began quickly gathering his clothes then started stuffing his legs and arms into them.

“Are you going to answer me?” she fumed.

“I’m busted. We’re done. Nothing more to say,” Aaron nonchalantly admitted, throwing his hands up.

“Don’t you dare leave!” the naked girl shrieked.

“Why? What are we going to fight about this? We’re done. Bye.” And then he walked out of her bedroom.

A moment later, Tracy heard her front door close.

“Fuck!” she screamed through gritted teeth just as a second drip leapt from inside of her.

Begrudgingly, Tracy cupped her pussy to stop the leakage, then elephant walked to her toilet where she sat and cried. The crying was more about how angry she was about being deceived than for the demise of the relationship. She had been toying with the idea of breaking up with Aaron for a few weeks. The man just didn’t do it for her.

He had pursued her like she was the least interesting option he had. Early on in the relationship, Tracy had written him off numerous times for being absent for days, not answering any of her texts or calls. Had any other man shown interest in her, she would have welcomed the pursuit. Early on in the relationship, she had though he had an easy going personality; this turned out to be untrue. It wasn’t long until she realized he was just lazy. It seemed that Aaron was content with mediocrity and Tracy took that as a bad sign for a long term mate. He dressed like he didn’t care; unkempt hair style, wrinkled clothes, no real effort in his look whatsoever. He drove a dated car that was always messy on the inside with sandwich wrappers and old coffee cups piling everywhere. He had a mid-level job at a company no one ever heard of where he made enough money to meet his financial obligations and play xbox but not much more. Everyone thought Tracy could do better. The problem was, no one who was better seemed to be interested.  

It wasn’t that Tracy was unattractive; everyone agreed she was solidly above average, bordering on hot. She had an athletes body that she kept in meticulous shape by eating healthy and constant exercise. Her face was lovely and symmetrical with sparkling green eyes. She didn’t have that stunning look that caused men to forget how to speak, but seldom women do, despite social media brimming with sensational beauties that, elusively, seemed to be beyond count and located in every city and town. In addition to merely being just a pretty girl, Tracy had moved away from the city to the suburbs and, now, very unfrequently met age appropriate, single men.

A week after the horrible Valentine’s day incident, the pandemic went from a worrisome concern to people hoarding food and barricading themselves in their homes. After the initial fears had turned into boredom, the weeks began to fly by and now it was nearly summer and the last sexual encounter Tracy enjoyed was the orally challenged Aaron who, inexplicably, thought it was fair game to inseminate her during the very moment he was exposed as a cheater.

“Just sign up for a dating app… you can literally summon men to your house!” Olivia, her friend said during a frequent video chat featuring wine and complaining.

“I don’t live near a lot of people… my neighbours will see I’m on the app and looking!”

“Only if they’re on the app too!” Olivia laughed.

Tracy had purchased a small condo in a suburb of the city she had previously lived in and enjoyed amazingly fun times. She had toyed with the idea of buying in the city but her father had advised her not to do so. In retrospect, had she bought a city apartment she would now be deep underwater, financially speaking, as people were fleeing those buildings for more space in the suburbs. Still, now that she was a homeowner, she didn’t want to announce to her neighbors that she was a single woman aggressively on the hunt for a man.

“Most of my neighbors are older and married. The women I’d talk to around the neighborhood looked at me with daggers until I remembered to announce my ‘very serious boyfriend’ to them,” Tracy mocked.

“You told them Aaron was a serious boyfriend?”

“In the burbs, married women hate younger, single girls living near their men. They think I’m going to fuck their guy!” She explained, rolling her eyes.

“Oh my, if only you could control yourself when potbellied, balding married men sit on their riding lawnmowers while watching baseball on their phone!” Olivia joked.

“Actually… men doing yard work is kinda hot… I’ve watched it. Guys in the suburbs are doing sexy things all the time like grocery shopping while wearing a baby bjorn… yum! That’s my favorite!”

“Maybe you should buy a toy… the neighborhood men just aren’t safe with you on the loose!”

“Oh… what… like this?” Tracy laughed, setting down her glass of wine to hold up a remarkably complicated vibrator with more settings than the space shuttle.

“Tracy! Why is that at your desk?”

“Work conference calls are the best time to masturbate!”

“Yeah, you mute yourself and turn off the camera. It’s so hot… and there are mostly men on the calls. Some of the guys I work with are starting to look sexy… it’s been that long!”

“Hahaha! You’re so perverted, Trace!” Olivia laughed.

“Oh please! If you didn’t have Matt there to fuck you all the time, you’d be crawling up the walls too!” Tracy complained. “I need a guy who isn’t one of the married men living near me… but also definitely doesn’t have Covid… and is hot and great in bed… and has a beard…”

“The beard sound hot!” her friend agreed.

The girl’s finished their call and Tracy ended her evening going for a walk around her neighborhood. Normally she’d go for a run, but she had a healthy buzz from the glasses of wine she drank while on her Zoom call. As she passed each house, she peered inside and saw couples with kids, people watching TV, or eating. She was incredibly bored and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. After her walk she went to bed with her vibrator and stimulated herself to a shaking orgasm then fell asleep.

The following day Tracy’s boring loop continued with work calls and emails. She never did her hair or make-up any more for Zoom meetings as she had done during the first few weeks of the pandemic; she simply did not care. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail but he was wearing an attractive but conservative top where you could tell she had a nice body without being unprofessional. She carefully framed her face and shoulders in the camera before clicking the button and displaying herself to the rest of the team. The alignment of the camera was crucial as she was completely naked from the waist down. She scrolled through the attendees and enlarged the live video feeds of two of her male colleagues she found attractive.

“Hi Tracy, how are you today?” the boss asked in front of the entire staff.

“Living the dream!” Tracy commented and all of the men smiled at the same joke they had heard five or six times already that week.

Now that she had contributed to the meeting, Tracy muted her microphone and dexterously slid the desk drawer open and extracted her toy; all done out of her camera’s view.

BRRRRooROWoooROWoooROW!!! Her vibrator loudly sang.

She wasn’t ready to penetrate herself with the toy yet. It was nearly eight inches long and very thick. Her favorite run up to full use of the toy’s pleasure was to grasp the shaft, holding it outside of her vagina, and press the two dancing feathers right up to her clitoris. The feathers were very close together and they formed the most perfect ping-pong effect when they were pressed into her clitoral hood.

“Uhh…..,” Tracy gasped while the lowest level of stimulation raced her heartbeat faster. She focused her eyes on the screen. She looked at Dan, he was talking.

“…the pipeline for the quarter is strong, but that was mostly due to a couple of sales being pushed into this quarter from last… wheels are moving slower now that our people can’t meet the customers face to face…,” he’d explain to the caffeinated, emotionless group.

Dan had grown a thick beard which he kept in good order with regular trimmings. It was jet black except for flecks of grey near the chin. His hair was also longer than when she last saw him in person. He was in his early to mid-forties but could easily pass for thirties. He had the look of an urban lumberjack, which was nicely juxtaposed against his professionally starched, collared shirts and rigid demeanour.

“Haaa… Ahhhh!!” Tracy moaned as she retracted the vibrating feathers from her hood and spun the toy in order to feed the tip inside of her ready and waiting pussy.

Keep a straight face, girl! She whispered to herself, knowing she was still on camera.

Tracy rocked back on her hips slightly, almost looking like she was fidgeting in her chair. She casually spread her labia then her pupils dilated as she pushed the toy inside. When she had first purchased the vibrator, it was incredibly large for her body and it was some time before she could comfortably take it all. Now, her pussy felt empty without the eight inch pulsating, grinding, teasing Rube Goldberg machine that pleasured her more than any cock ever did.

The toy wasn’t inside more than a moment when Dan’s turn to talk completed and she was shocked when one of her less attractive colleague’s faces became omnipresent on the screen.

Carefully holding the end of the toy inside of her as it twisted and buzzed, Tracy scrolled through the attendees to find her guy. The buzzing started to reach a crescendo inside of her when she was finally able to pin him on the main screen.

Tracy looked into his eyes as she approached her orgasm. The tickling feathers danced on her clit as the fat beads in the base of the toy spun, amplifying that glorious feeling of fullness inside of her stretching pussy. She was getting close. In a quick movement, Tracy slid the small black window to cover her camera, as one would often do in a meeting they needed a moment of privacy.

“OH! FUCK! FUCK ME DAN! MAKE ME CUM!” she screamed while riding the twisting rod of insane tickling pleasure. Her eyes bulged in her head as she squeezed the toy and soaked her chair.

She gasped for air, coming down from the high of her orgasm. All the while, her heart pounded in her chest. The moment the crescendo faded, Tracy immediately turned the toy off and withdrew it from inside; she hated stimulation even a few seconds after she came. She had the toy so deeply embedded, she could feel the tip pressed into her cervix; exactly the way she liked it. She placed the toy on the sink, walked to toilet and wiped her sopping pussy lips, then put on a thong and pair of workout shorts from her drawer. Taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror, she saw that her cheeks were flushed, but it was hardly something that would be noticed on screen.

It was a blissful orgasm and she was so pleased to have enjoyed it as it would be, most likely, the best part of her day unless she chose to indulge herself with one of the frozen Dove bars, hidden from herself in the back of the freezer that she saved for special occasions. When she returned to her screen, the meeting had gone on as if she had been present the entire time. She scrolled through the bored faces, then focused back on Dan; his face wasn’t bored at all. He had a wild look about him and his face was beat red.

“What’s got you so spooked, Danno… Dan the man… lieutenant Dan?” she goofed, looking at the screen.

“You… you know I can hear you, right?” Dan spoke through her microphone.

Tracy’s heart stopped and fear gripped her entire body. Panicked, she looked at the settings.

“I’m still on mute! What the fuck! I’m still on mute!” she flustered.

“Umm… yeah, you’re on mute, but, for some reason… you clicked on me and used the ‘side-bar’ feature… you know… so people can have a private conversation during the meeting,” Dan explained, sheepishly.

Tracy, immediately slid the window back shut. She could see the look of horror on her face. Her cheeks were purple and she was about to have a panic attack. She examined the box containing Dan’s face and, apparently, there was a tiny button that could be clicked for a private conversation. She had accidentally clicked it while bringing his picture back up while she was in the throws of her orgasm.

“I am… I am so… so very sorry,” she was practically in tears.

“It’s quite alright… gotta admit, it scared the bejesus out of me when I first heard you yelling,” Dan confessed.

“You… ummm… heard all of it?”

“Yeah,” Dan replied.

“I’m so… so… so… embarrassed!”

“Well… at least you got to cum!” Dan joked.

“That’s not funny, Dan,” Tracy pleaded. “Your wife could have heard… or your kids… I’ve got to go!”

“Wait!” Dan blurted out. “My marriage didn’t survive Covid… Lisa and I split up last month. And our youngest moved out of the house a year ago… maybe we could see each other?”

Tracy was floored and the sudden turn of events.

“I… oh my God… this is too weird… we work together… and the age gap…”

“How old are you, Tracy?”

“I’m twenty-five.”

“Seventeen years isn’t that much… and you’re obviously attracted to me…”

“I don’t know…,” Tracy breathed in exhaustion.

“I always thought you were so beautiful,” Dan replied, in confident and knowing way.

Tracy was bowled over by not just the compliment, but the way he delivered it. It was an immediate hit of steadying warmth that completely settled the girl. Even though her camera was shielded, he looked directly into her soul when he spoke those words. The calming confidence of the older man shattered her embarrassment.

“No… you do?” she beamed.

“You, Tracy Johnson, are a classic beauty. I’d be so proud to take you out,” Dan explained to her, emanating his reasonable and authentic persona.

Is this how a real man asks a woman out? Tracy wondered, lapping up the best compliment she had ever received in her life.

Aaron had got her number at a party then texted ‘sup almost two weeks later and, after a few days of texting back and forth, the young man had successfully invited himself over for some Netflix and Chill where he managed to have incredibly selfish sex with Tracy where his orgasms outnumbered hers two to zero.

“An actual date… I mean… even with Covid?”

“Of course, let me show you how creative I can be,” he smiled with his eyes and Tracy melted thinking about rubbing her face, and other body parts, against his thick beard.

“When will you take me out on his date?” Tracy asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“When are you available?”

Tracy flipped open the small window so he could see her on the screen. Everyone else was still chattering away about the quarter’s sales projections. They were oblivious to the private conversation happening at the same time.

“I’m available now!” Tracy replied, firmly, seductively.

“We wrap up this call in twenty minutes, text me your address to my work phone. I’ll swing by Whole Foods then come over and cook for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed,” Dan assured.

“Dan… umm…. Can I ask you a favor?”

“Anything you want,” he replied.

“Wear your suit. The dark one… Can you?”

“Of course,” he said, without losing his cool confidence.

OH MY GOD! Tracy screamed in her head.

He had worn the suit more than a few times in the office and Tracy thought it looked like he stepped out of the TV show Mad Men. She had been recently binging that show and her little clitoris would tingle every time Don Draper was on the screen.

The meeting wrapped up and Dan signed out of Microsoft Teams, indicating he was done for the day.

“This is really happening!” Tracy squealed. “Oh my God! I’m not even close to ready for anyone to see me!”

Tracy signed out as well then ran into the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. Quickly undressing, she immersed herself under the scalding falling water then grabbed her razor and jettisoned the blade into the trash and popped a new one into place. She picked up the bottle of Aveeno shaving gel and slathered a healthy amount into her hands then lathered them before smoothing its entirety from just below her belly button and across to her hip bones then all the way underneath as far back as her asshole. She angled the spout to target the wall and not her reddening ass cheeks then carefully dragged the Venus razor stopping at the very peak of her clitoral hood.

“No time to even out a strip… we’re going Brazilian,” she coached herself, being very careful to keep the motion smooth and the blade flat. A single razor bump would be unacceptable.

After shaving her mons in both direction, she moved on to more delicate areas. Placing a foot on the rise of the tub, she carefully traced along each of her outer lips coming as close as possible to her delicate inner labia without ever letting even the plastic edge of the tool make contact. Widening her stance and thrusting her pelvis out as far as she dared while standing in the slippery shower, Tracy touched up spots incredibly far back to make certain that if Dan chose to take her from behind, which she hoped he would, the man would not be greeted by long errant hairs from the postern sections surrounding her love tunnel. Then, with the most care she could muster, while operating blindly, Tracy held the blade itself in her fingertips and carefully made tiny back and forth motions to clear away those horrid, yet fast growing, black curly hairs that encircled her asshole.

“I wish I could just get a wax!” Tracy bemoaned.

After completing her task, she pointed the stinging flow of the shower directly into her nether regions and repeated the process a second time to hedge her bet against a single hair being left behind. Then she covered her legs with cream and shaved, after which her arms and armpits were next completely removed of every single strand of hair. Now, Tracy was finally ready to begin getting clean. She coated herself with the sweet smelling shower milk that she ordered by the case from Amazon and used her loofah to scrub her entire body. Then her special wash for her vagina which she delicately worked into her lips but not too deeply inside of her to preserve the natural Ph balance.

“I don’t want him to wear a condom but I might make him… but he was married a long time… I’m sure he’s clean… oh my God I need to go faster!” Tracy’s mind spun.

She finished cleaning her pussy then lathered her hair, rinsed, conditioned her hair, rinsed, then put in her ‘leave in’ conditioner and turned off the water.

“Showered in only thirty-five minutes!” she cheered, looking at her bedroom clock.

Drying off quickly, she sat cross-legged on her bed with a pair of tweezers hunting for tiny hairs that escaped the razor blade along the edge of his labia. She winched as she pulled out each one.

“Gotta be done!” she complained, manipulating her tender lips to find every last one.

Then she spread her areolas and pulled the tiny blonde hairs that were growing along the edge. With her hair removal routine now, finally, complete, she stepped into a thong and began running around the house making critical adjustments. All of the clothes on the floor were stuffed into her hamper, hidden away in the hallway closet. She quickly stripped the sheets off her bed and deposited them atop her other dirty clothes before fishing in the linen closet for the soft white Egyptian cotton sheets that were her favorites. She loved the smell of freshly cleaned sheets; it was a huge aphrodisiac for the girl. Tracy was an expert at placing the fitted sheet herself and completed making the bed faster than a Marine recruit at Parris Island.

Still topless, she bolted into the living room and continued her cleaning spree, gathering up napkins and arranging haphazardly placed magazines.

Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzt! Her phone wobbled on the desk.

It was Dan and he was just leaving the store and would be arriving in five minutes. Tracy panicked even more. She usually kept a very tidy house but the pandemic had ruined her routine and she had not enjoyed a house guest since Aaron had trapsed out her door like the spoiled man-child he was.

“The dishes or my hair!” Tracy wailed, almost on the verge of tears.

Can you give me thirty minutes? She texted Dan.

Sure. He replied.

“Oh my God! Thank you!” she breathed.

Rushing over to the sink, she stuffed her hands into the giant yellow gloves and began furiously prewashing plates and pans before stuffing them into the dishwasher. All the while, her tits jostled from her frantic cleaning.

Running back into her bedroom, she danced in front of her closet for nearly a minute, panicked as to what she should wear.

“Casual? Sexy? I don’t know! He’s wearing his suit but I’m definitely not dressing up…”

She finally decided on a darker tank top that made her chest really pop, especially when she wore her Curvy Couture bra underneath. The bra itself wasn’t very sexy, but it gave the illusion that her perky C-cups were a sprawling double-D while emphasizing her flat stomach. It was her favorite boobie shirt and it didn’t even show an inch of cleavage.

“Fuck it! I’m wearing jeans!” she decided and pulled open the drawer with a creak.

Tracy hadn’t put on jeans in months and was terrified if they would still fit. Unlike many other girls, she hadn’t spent the quarantine stuffing her face while lounging on the couch. Tracy had rigorously maintained her diet and, since she was in the suburbs, had gone for almost daily runs, mostly to break up the monotony. Without needing to commute into the city or spend time preparing her hair and make-up each day, the girl found plenty of time to exercise. Still, she hadn’t squeezed into her tight fitting jeans since the winter.

To her surprise, they were actually a little loose. This became a problem because they weren’t hugging her ass the way she wanted.

“Frumpy!” she wailed looking at her ass in the mirror from over her shoulder.

She pulled out pair after pair until she dug deep enough to find the low-rise, skinny jeans she wore almost six years ago when she was in college. The style was prehistoric but the fit was perfect. Her ass looked great, and Dan was old so it didn’t matter.

“It’s not like he’s going to ask me if I borrowed Iggy Azalea’s pants,” she laughed.

With her outfit sorted, Tracy began hurriedly blow-drying her hair. A quick glance at the clock doubled her pace as she had gone through nearly all of her bought thirty minutes.

“Did he understand that I needed thirty minutes in addition to the five I had or is he going to knock on my door any second?” she worried while blasting hot air.

Tracy focused on her task and successfully sculped her hair then began working on her make-up. The extra thirty minutes came and went while she lined her eyes perfectly and used a very light foundation and seamless lip gloss.

“Where is he?” she began to panic. “Maybe he changed his mind.”

She picked up her phone and there were no more messages after ‘sure’. Nearly an hour had passed and Tracy was in her living room on the verge of tears wondering if she had been stood up.

Still coming over? She texted, trying to be casual.

Seconds later she got her response.

In front of your house. Just waiting for you to be ready.

“Oh my God! How sweet!” she burst out.

A moment later there as a knock on the door. Holding her breath, Tracy felt her hip bones jutting out of the top of her 2013 outfit as she walked to her front door. Opening the door, she revealed a dashing man wearing a tailored slim-fit charcoal grey suit. Many of the men his age at the office wore the Brooks Brother’s style of suit that made the men look older than they really were; an unathletic, bloated look. Dan would always look like he stepped out of the pages of GQ in his trim suits.

Why did his wife leave him exactly? Tracy thought, eyeballing her visitor.  

“Hello,” Dan greeted, smiling.

“Why, hello!” Tracy responded likewise, holding the door open.

Dan stooped down and picked up a paper bag that had several leafy protrusion jutting out from the top. Tracy turned her back to her guest and sensuously walked into her home, allowing the man to follow her.

He looks amazing! She screamed in her head.

“You’re in for a treat,” Dan spoke to the girl walking away from him. “I’m making my shrimp Florentine pasta with a Romaine lettuce salad to sta-”

Before the words finished leaving the man’s mouth, Tracy had turned on a dime and pounced on him like a tigress. Dan caught the girl in mid-air, grabbing her up and holding her aloft while they kissed.

Ugh! His cologne is just… ugh! Tracy screamed in her head while ravenously kissing the older man.

Carrying the girl further into the house, Dan managed to peel off his jacket with the young girl still attached to him. This was the kind of passion he had been missing over the last few years. Throwing himself into work had allowed his dead relationship to continue but the pandemic changed everything. He could no longer escape the fact that he couldn’t get hard for his wife unless he thought of someone else and he was done pretending to be happy. It was a leap of faith for the man to strike out on his own in the middle of the pandemic but he knew there was no other path for him to take. For his boldness, he now found himself, carrying a twenty-something girl with her tongue in his mouth.

“Take me to the bedroom!” Tracy demanded and Dan walked through the only door in the living room which, indeed, led to the boudoir.

He dropped Tracy onto the corner of the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tracy flared her legs along the side and looked up at him, waiting, with lust in her eyes. Dan slowed down his motions to assert control over the situation. He took time with the buttons on his collar. He snaked the tie out from around his neck with purpose. Finally pulling the shirt open, Dan revealed he wasn’t wearing an undershirt and his trim physique was exceptional for a man of any age, let alone well into his forties.

Tracy reached upwards and pressed her fingertips into his chest then dragged them all the way to his belt. Dan decisively snapped open his belt and unzipped while the girl eagerly awaited. He pulled out his hard cock and, in a very coy manner, Tracy opened her mouth very slightly while keeping her hands pressed into the mattress at her sides.

Smiling, Dan fed the crimson bulb of his cock into the girl’s mouth and she complied, opening for his deposit. She sensuously closed her lips an inch past the throbbing head and began gently sucking.

“That’s good,” Dan hummed as Tracy began flicking his frenulum with her tongue as the head ventured deeper into her mouth.

Dan took this opportunity to finish removing his shirt and then shimmy his pants to around his ankles. He was now standing, nearly, completely naked in front of the girl, seventeen years his junior, who was fully dressed but holding his throbbing cock in her mouth.

Tracy pivoted from her masterful flicking technique to sucking with incredible pressure and intensity. Dan’s balls retracted high and tight into his sack. The visual was beyond the typical fantasies he would indulge himself with, masturbating in the barren apartment he recently rented after surrendering the home to his wife.

Dan stepped out of his shoes and was now completely naked. The clothed girl reached up and gripped his shaft with one hand and gently cupped his balls with the other. With the timing of a metronome, Tracy advanced two inches, pushing the cock into the back of her throat while sliding her hand down the shaft, maintaining a solid grip the entire length. Then she would retract until only the head remained in her mouth, sliding her grip back, in turn. At each moment before she plunged the cock back down her throat, she’d flick the tip inside of her mouth with her flattened tongue using two or three sharp whacks. Dan was reaching the end of what he could stand before erupting in the girl’s hot mouth.

“If you keep this up… I’m not going to be able to hold back!” Dan gasped, reeling from the rapid notes beat into his engorged head.

Tracy didn’t relent. She squeezed harder, plunged deeper, flicked more intensely. Dan was done for.

“I’m going to cum!” he announced and then fully expected the girl to immediately halt her fellatio and give him an anemic handjob while dangling some sort of tissue in front of his manhood. Then he remembered his ex-wife wasn’t the one sucking his cock.

Tracy slowed her movement and held the tip in her mouth, applying as much suction as she could. She gripped his balls tightly and used fast, deliberate, little strokes with her hand. Dan’s breathing was so loud, for a moment she worried he was having a heart attack.

“Ugggghhh!!!” Dan belted.

Hot bursts of cum shot out of the tip of his cock and into Tracy’s mouth. The girl quickly swallowed each burst and further slowed her stroking to coax the maximum amount of sperm out of the man.

“Uh! Uh! Ugggghhhh!” Dan continued. The euphoria of the semen leaving his body, straight into the stomach of the fully clothed, perched girl, was immaculately gratifying.

Tracy continued sucking the tip, drawing out tiny drops of remaining sperm while Dan’s shaft began to shrink. She squeezed the balls as if they were a delicious fruit she intended to juice for every trace they contained. Eventually, Dan took a step back and stood in a pile of his own clothes, cock twitching every few seconds.

“That was… truly, it was…,” Dan fished for the words.

“…certainly not the end!” Tracy interrupted, finishing his sentence.

“Oh?” Dan asked, regaining his confidence.

“Yes, I just had the appetizer and now I was promised dinner? You’d better recover while you cook, because I’m definitely expecting dessert!”

“That can be arranged,” Dan smiled and reached down to grab his pants.

“No! Those stay on the floor until you’re ready to put them on for good!” Tracy shot back, enjoying a little game she was playing. During the subsequent weeks since Aaron had inseminated her after being caught cheating, Tracy had developed some particularly dominant sexual fantasies where she was in charge, not the man. She wasn’t certain how Dan would take to this game she was playing, but something told her that he wouldn’t try to turn it around and reassert himself.

“Umm… ok…,” he agreed.

Tracy stood up and led the naked man by the hand into her kitchen and took her apron off the hook inside the pantry door. It was a short, purple affair with a frilly black outline of a woman with a thought bubble over her head declaring ‘Rosé All-Day!’ while holding the outline of a wine glass.

Dan began busying himself in the kitchen, pulling out ingredients from his brown Whole Foods bag and searching for various pots and pans to use. Tracy sat on the couch watching him. She pressed a finger to the tight-fitting crotch of her jeans; her pussy had almost completely soaked through while giving her blowjob. Tracy had definitely wanted to fuck Dan immediately, but had made the decision to suck him to completion the minute she felt his cock pulse in her mouth. His cock shuddered with the urgency of a man who hadn’t been sucked in forever; there was no way he’d last very long in her soaked, shaved pussy, especially considering Tracy had decided she was going to take him inside of her without a condom. It had probably been months since he had been inside a woman and this would most likely be the first woman since his marriage falling apart. Tracy didn’t want him to finish before she had a chance to orgasm.

“Unless they’re drunk, it’s always better to make them cum and then fuck them!” Rebecca, a senior in Tracy’s sorority, explained to her and another girl while sipping a freshly made long island iced tea in their sitting room.

“Why not just fuck them both times?” Tracy had asked, intrigued.

“Well… once I have the dick in me, I want to get fucked well. None of this ‘stop and start’ nonsense. Fuck me good once! Don’t fuck me poorly once and then do a better job…”

Dan was relieved to have an intermission from sex as well; he definitely needed the time to recover. When he left his wife, they hadn’t been intimate in months, and, when they were, it was hardly thrilling. Tracy’s expertise with her mouth was alarmingly good. Dan had never experienced anything like it. He had started dating his wife when they both were undergraduates, and her blowjob was a lacklustre event with an abysmal finish. In general, sex with her was boring but he was young and didn’t know you shouldn’t marry a woman who doesn’t particularly enjoy sleeping with you.

“Gotta use the restroom, be right back!” Dan announced and trotted into Tracy’s bedroom to the confusion of the girl.

“It’s not in there!” She yelled through the wall.
Dan quickly grabbed his pants and rifled through the pockets until he found the small blue pill he had placed there and quickly swallowed it without any water. After which, he trotted back out of the room and into the actual bathroom where his prostate behaved and didn’t spray urine in every direction due to post-ejaculatory flexing. He washed his hands then slurped a mouthful of water from the sink as the pill felt stuck in his throat. Then eyed himself in the mirror wearing the ridiculous costume.

“You wanted to be single and fuck young girls…,” he whispered then saluted himself.

Walking back into the kitchen, Dan completed crafting the meal he planned out in the aisles of Whole Foods. He sautéed his shrimp perfectly and timed the pasta so it would not be too al dente. His sauce tasted exactly the way he wanted to.

“Can you wear the suit when we eat?” Tracy asked.

“As long as it doesn’t mean I can’t take it off again after…” Dan posed.

“Oh, it’s coming off after!” Tracy asserted.

“Will you dress up as well?” Dan inquired.

“If you’re lucky…” Tracy teased.

Dan quickly dressed in the girl’s bedroom and returned before anything had burned. As he plated the food, Tracy excused herself to her bedroom to also change for dinner.

Dan had taken particular care to arrange the items on the plate to look as if a chef had prepared the dish. Everything was uniformly placed and not merely glopped on the plate. He sat down and opened the bottle of wine he had brought and poured it into the mismatched wine glasses he found in Tracy’s cupboard. He wanted to have a sip but opted to wait in order to cheers the girl properly. It had been nearly an hour since he had taken the pill and the effects were already starting to work. Dan was very excited for the evening to continue.

The door to Tracy’s bedroom opened and he expected to see the fetching twenty-five-year-old in evening wear, but, instead, she emerged wearing only a pair of spikey stiletto heels. Dan’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he drank in the vision of this girl from her perfectly shaped legs, up through her marvellously tapered hips that formed the perfect dive into the tiny folds of her pussy lips, then up through her flat little tummy and plump, perky breasts. His ex-wife would emerge from the shower, drop her towel after drying, and Dan would wince looking at how time, a lousy diet, and lack of exercise and care had ravaged a woman who was once very desirable. Tracy was a goddess in Dan’s eyes and his prick nearly ripped a hole in his trousers the moment she clicked her heels through the transom of the bedroom door.

Not even speaking a word, Dan stood up and approached the girl. She cocked her head at the perfect moment for their kiss as Dan pulled her into his body while gripping the small muscles of her back. Tracy’s hands glided over the material of his suit until they settled on the massive protrusion that was jutting into her ribs.

“Fuck me!” Tracy demanded, squeezing the bulge inside of the fabric.

Dropping the pretext of properly removing his suit, Dan’s fingers rushed through the buttons on his shirt while the naked girl pawed at his achingly erect cock.

That damn blue pill is powerful! Dan thought.

Moments later Dan had completely removed his clothes. He scooped Tracy up and planted her on her back with him on top, mounted, pointed directly at her eager hole. Tracy opened her hips wide as Dan fitted the tip of his cock up to her glisteningly soaked lips.

“Do you need me to wear a condom?” Dan paused, on the cusp of penetrating the sprawled girl.

“I need you to fuck me!” Tracy roared and grabbed the shaft of the phallus and pushed her hips forward causing the head to breach her tiny pink lips.

Dan’s eyes rolled into the back of his head upon feeling the slippery velvet envelop the sensitive head of his underused cock. Without wasting time, Dan pressed forward, deeper inside her soaked pussy, until her small body had swallowed up the entire length of his shaft.

Rolling onto her lower back and flexing her toes, Tracy luxuriated in the bliss of having a real cock, warm and pulsing, inside of her and not a plastic and rubber, battery powered, robotic dick.

“Oh yes!” she moaned.

It wasn’t just the feeling of a real cock that was driving Tracy wild. It was the embrace of a large, strong body. It was the masculine smell. The movement of a man inside of her, making love to her, pleasing himself while pleasing her. It was feeling so vulnerable, on her back, exposed, penetrated, being fucked. The robotic dick never fucked her and that was the core of the let-down. She was the one fucking the dildo. She was the one controlling the entirety of the sex with the inanimate object; and she hated that.

I wanna be fucked! I want to give complete control to a living, breathing, sweaty, muscular, hairy, grunting, horny man who wants me! A man who wants to fuck me and then does! She had sobbed in the shower only a few days prior.  

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She moaned in Dan’s ear.

Armed with the strength of his blue pill, Dan snapped his hips back and forth, thrusting into the young girl. His cock slid, effortlessly, inside of her well lubricated love tunnel.

“You are so wet!” Dan breathed.

The last time he fucked his ex, he needed to squirt a healthy dollop of ‘intimate lubrication’ onto his cock in order to get inside of her. The toll taken on her body during the three pregnancies was very evident. The sensation of the healthy grip inside Tracy’s pussy was exhilarating. The bounce of her perky tits at every thrust was a visual delight. The moan that resonated from deep in her chest at the pinnacle of each thrust was a song that spoke to his soul.

Then, Tracy did something that Dan had not experienced for nearly a decade. She pushed off him, withdrawing his cock from her slick hole, then spun around and presented herself doggy style.

Do I even freaking remember how to do this? Dan cheered in his own head.

The delicate pink lips never parted along her taut, smooth skin, until they terminated a centimetre below her round, hairless little asshole. The tiny part of her gorgeous lips seemed too small to penetrate, yet, when Dan pressed the fat, slick head of his cock into the fleshy lips they only protested for a moment before giving way and granting his entry to her tunnel of love.

“Fuck me!” Tracy demanded, again.

“Oh yes!” Dan growled, excitedly, and gripped Tracy’s perky ass and started thrusting hard.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Tracy belted with every deep thrust.

Dan’s heart was exploding in his chest. This was the first time he had ever exerted himself during sex while taking Viagra. He had previously used the drug to be able to achieve an erection with his disinterested partner. Now he was using it to enhance his performance, like a professional athlete competing while on steroids. He didn’t care if his heart gave out and he collapsed. If there ever was a moment to throw all caution to the wind and press onward, no matter what the consequences, this was that moment.

“Yes! I’m going to cum!” Tracy wailed.

Dan noticed she had been manipulating her clitoris while he fucked her from behind. He had taken to holding his cock at the deepest point of penetration as the girl’s dancing fingers would throw a tiny swirl onto his taut scrotum.

“Whhoooo!” Dan breathed; his orgasm was close as well.

Do I pull out? What do I do? Dan panicked.

“Where should I cum?” Dan blurted, not knowing what else to do but ask the owner of the pussy he was franticly thrusting inside.

“Don’t pull out! Fill me! FUCK ME DAN! FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM!” she roared, just as she had during the call, hours earlier, with the massive dildo churning inside of her.

Tracy’s slippery velvet pussy began to squeeze as if it had become twice as narrow. A jolting grip danced along that happy trail, clutching Dan’s cock in the most delectable way.

“Uhh….UGH!” Dan belted and began furiously pumping his load deep inside Tracy.

“Yes!” Tracy screamed, feeling the pulsing cock erupt inside of her.

“HAAA!!! GRRRRRR!” Dan groaned, unleashing every drop inside of himself into the girl. It felt as if his very soul was being emptied and given to the young, beautiful siren, leaving him bereft of his life spirit to collapse dead after the act had been completed.

Tracy felt Dan slowing behind her. His breathing was still laboured but his twitching cock had begun to shrink. When he was ejaculating, he had pressed it as deep as he could inside of the girl, but now it was retreating to the aperture of the lovely girl’s pussy. Leaning forward, Tracy gave it that final push to dislodge the member and Dan’s cock fell out of the girl causing a large spatter of semen to spurt out of Tracy’s well fucked pussy.

“Oh!” Tracy squealed and covered her pussy with a cupped hand and scrambled off the bed to sit on the toilet and allow the other hundred million of Dan’s swimmers spend their final hours in her porcelain throne.

Dan flipped himself over onto his back. The relief of the past few moments were akin to marooned sailor, trapped on a deserted island for a decade, seeing the while sail of an approaching ship, coming to whisk him home, ending his purgatory and isolation. And on the deck of that boat made out of pure salvation, was the twenty-five-year-old Tracy, wearing nothing but her heels, encouraging Dan to board the ship.

Tracy walked back into the room and laid back on the bed next to Dan and snuggled up to him.

Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzt! The noise of a phone receiving a message sounded from inside the suit pant on Tracy’s floor.

“Do you need to get that?” She asked.

“Of course not,” Dan replied, content in not moving.

“Get it. It could be important,” Tracy pushed, remembering the last time a man’s phone buzzed in this room when she was filled with sperm.

Scooting off the bed, Dan fished in his pants and found the black smartphone that was interrupting the couple’s post-coital relaxation.

Looking at the message, Dan furrowed his brow in displeasure.

“Can I see?” Tracy asked.

“Sure,” he responded, nonchalantly.

The message was from a contact labelled ‘Lisa Ex-Wife’ and read:

Pick up your golf clubs or they’re being put out on the curb.

Tracy smiled and handed the phone back to Dan.

“I hope your wonderful smelling dinner isn’t ruined,” she smiled, then leaned in to kiss the breathless man whose cum was still bubbling out from her very pleased pussy.

The End

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