Miss Personality

Diane hated the way she looked and was determined to change that during the next fourteen weeks, before she went away to college. In high school, she had been nicknamed “miss personality” by one of the popular boys. The infamous event took place during a chemistry lab when a new boy had transferred into the school and needed a lab partner.

“Great to have you in class. I’m going to pair you with Diane for today’s lab assignment. She’s one of my best and brightest!” the teacher beamed.

“Umm… ok, which one is Diane?”

“Well, she’s got a great personality!” Mike, yelled from the back row, before the teacher could respond.

Everyone fell over their chairs laughing and the nickname stuck.

“I don’t understand why saying you have a wonderful personality is mean, Diane?” her mother asked, when she came home crying that day.

“It’s how you describe an ugly girl! It’s what you say when there is nothing nice to say… and everyone knows it!”

Young people can be exceptionally cruel and have little compassion for an overweight teenaged girl.

Diane’s weight was not her fault. She was born into a family that made eating a form of entertainment. Whenever the family did anything, it was food oriented. When Diane made honor role, they celebrated by going to a steakhouse and encouraged the girl to get a huge slab of beef with all sorts of side dishes and appetizers.

“You deserve this!” her father would say.

When they went to the movies, they loaded up on candy and soda. Christmas, fourth of July, Easter… these were all day eating extravaganzas. The cupboards were packed with chips, sweets, and sugary soda. The freezer always had several ice cream options.

“Are we out of Ice Cream Sandwiches?” Her father would complain.

“Just have a bowl of Rocky Road!” Her mother would reply.

“I finished that earlier… I’m going to the store.”

“Pick up more Coke, we don’t have enough for dinnertime!”

Diane was accepted into an elite university and she planned on fully embracing a new chapter in her life including a new lifestyle, a new look, and a new body. A healthy body.

“Just don’t become one of those girls who turn their nose up at anything that’s not a piece of lettuce!” her father chided.

“Don’t be anorexic! Eat full healthy meals!” her mother worried.  

Diane had no intention of falling down some unhealthy rabbit hole of starving herself and playing games with her own mental health. Diane was incredibly clever and had a very pragmatic approach to problem solving. She had aspirations of being a doctor or scientist one day and she had the grades and temperament to make it happen. Concerning her weight, she knew the imbalance in the equation that had to be adjusted. She needed to drop the sugar, drop the processed food, and drop the all-day gorging she was taught her entire life. She needed to exercise and stop spending her leisure time snacking in front of the TV. She needed to change her entire daily routine.

One of the main drivers for Diane’s to change her body was her deep passion for finding a boyfriend. She had never even kissed a boy and her hormones had raged throughout high school. In her bedroom at night she would glide her fingers over her slick pussy, thinking about the popular boys, many of whom tormented her. She would get incredibly wet and achieve orgasm after orgasm thinking about their toned bodies and cocks, thrust into her. Diane desperately wanted a sex life.

The morning after graduation, when many of her former classmates were waking up hung over, Diane rose from her bed feeling fresh. The sun had just begun to shine through the tiny crack along the edge of the shade in her eastern facing bedroom. She climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom and saw her enemy; the brand new scale she had demanded her parents purchase. It was like an old western standoff. Strategically, Diane peed before stepping on the plastic and metal judge.

“Two-hundred and forty-four! Oh no!” she cried. Diane then stripped off her massive t-shirt, boring granny panties, and oversized bra. She looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. Diane wasn’t particularly tall and the pounds seemed to be evenly spread over her entire body as if she were an overinflated balloon.

“It’s all in your chest, sweetie!” her mother had once told her. Even though Diane did require an ‘E’ cup sized bra, no one seemed to care as her massive breasts piled on top of her equally disproportionate stomach.

“Big tits and an even bigger personality!” the popular boys tormented her.

She walked downstairs and her mother had already piled four hefty pancakes onto a plate for her alongside a big glass of orange juice. In the middle of the table there was a tin plate with a cheese danish, meant to be consumed while waiting for additional pancakes to finish cooking on the griddle.

“Mom! No more pancakes!”

“Sweetie! You need energy for your day!”

“Don’t fight me on this!” Diane sternly responded and passed the full plate to her brother who flopped the cakes on top of his nearly finished stack.

Diane walked to the refrigerator and selected two eggs, boiled them, and ate them with water and a banana.

“Diane! That’s not enough for a growing girl!”

“It’s plenty!” she pushed back.

Shortly after eating, Diane laced up her new running shoes and synched her new Fitbit then headed out. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Diane decided she would do something she had not done in years and began jogging. She bounced her feet and propelled her body forward. At each lurch her breasts jumped up to her chin and the fat around her hips rolled along with her stomach. Terrified that someone would see her and laugh, Diane immediately stopped bouncing. Looking at her progress, she had successfully jogged about ten feet.

“Maybe I’ll just walk for today,” she decided.

Diane trudged along the sidewalk and felt a disturbing sensation in her chest. Her heart was pounding and it was terribly uncomfortable. She began sweating as she gasped for air. She could feel her inner thigh become red as they chaffed together. It wasn’t more than a minute longer when she felt an incredible pain in the back of her leg. It was as if the muscle had tied itself in a knot!

“Awww!” she wailed and sat on the grass of some stranger’s lawn. Diane had heard of leg cramps but had never experienced one. She was less than a half of a mile from her house. She massaged her leg then slowly walked home, pausing frequently to prevent another cramp. It had been an hour since she left home and her Fitbit informed her she had taken just under two-thousand steps, or twenty percent of what a healthy person should walk in a day.

Immediately she went upstairs to her room and researched leg cramps and exercise. After a few videos she was aware of how dehydrated she probably was and that she had never stretched in her life. After several glasses of water, Diane resumed her research until she heard her mother leave for the store.

Being alone in the house, Diane closed her bedroom door, took her laptop to the bed and got completely naked. She browsed to her favorite streaming porn site and typed ‘big dicks’ into the search bar. Immediately she saw a veiny curved monster being held by a tiny girl making a shocked face and Diane clicked on the video and watched the small girl scream while the massive cock impaled her. Diane stuck three fingers inside of her soaked pussy with her left hand and furiously rubbed his clitoris with the tips of her fingers from the right hand. She gasped and watched the girl getting fucked. She wanted it to be her. She wanted to experience an enormous cock inside of her. She wanted a heavy hand to spank her ass while she got fucked. And, more than anything, she wanted to experience the gratification of making a man lose all control and ejaculate.

“You’re so hot, Diane! I had to cum! I couldn’t stop myself!” she whispered to herself.

It didn’t matter to Diane, she would take the cum any way she could. She’d swallow it down, or let them spray it all over her body. It only mattered that she was the one who made it happen.

Diane switched to another video and watched a girl about her age take two massive cocks at once. Diane stuffed the fingers deeper inside and rubbed faster.

“Uh! Uh! Uhhh!” she moaned, building up to her orgasm. She wanted to see the cocks ejaculate, then she would allow herself to orgasm. Diane needed to pretend she was the one making the cocks cum.

Taking her finger off her clitoris for a moment, she scrolled the video forward until the men had the girl on her knees in order to explode all over her face. Diane’s breathing increased and she hardly blinked as the big cocks spurted over the happy girl.

“Ahhh!!” Diane screamed, her pussy clenching throughout her orgasm.

She walked naked to the bathroom and showered. While standing in the beautiful glass and tile stand-up, her legs shook and she felt weak. There was a small bench on the backwall of the newly renovated shower and she sat there, naked until she had the strength to stand again. Finally she was able to finish her shower and then get dressed. She was ravenously hungry.

Inside the refrigerator, Diane found the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other ingredients she requested her mother purchase and she made a salad for herself with no dressing. It was so much less fulfilling than her orgasm. She ate her salad and drank a huge amount of water. Then she went out for another walk. Just before she reached the spot where she cramped, Diane felt the powerful urge to use the restroom. She hurried back, barely making it in time. She sat on the toilet, crying. The first day of her new mindset was turning into a huge failure and she didn’t know if she could keep it up. After defecating, she stood naked on the scale.

“Two hundred, forty six! I gained weight! How!”

Diane didn’t know that she had easily drank the additional pounds in healthy water. Or that she would, most likely, always be lightest in the morning. She went to her laptop and searched for ‘weight gain while dieting’ and found dozens of articles speculating she had thyroid disease, cancer, diabetes, and a whole slew of other disorders. She cried again. After she stopped bawling, she switched back to pornography and masturbated over and over to skinny girls being fucked by massive cocks until she heard the key open the door downstairs.

Diane’s mother had come back from the grocery store and she went down to help her bring in the bags.

“I got something special for you!” her mother beamed.

“Ice cream? Chips? Soda?” Diane muttered sarcastically.

“No, sweetheart. I got you vegetables and lean chicken and fruit. I got you more eggs. I got you vitamins. I got you lots and lots of Greek yogurt… I read that Greek yogurt is so healthy and good for weight loss…”

Diane threw her arms around her mother and hugged her. That night, while the family gathered around several large pizzas, Diane crunched on vegetables while salivating over the smell of molten cheese on fluffy crusts. It was nearly eight pm and, even though Diane typically didn’t sleep until midnight, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She was lacking the thousands of sugary calories that usually fuelled her late nights and she had exercised more than since she was eight years old. She also had not drank a single drop of soda and was missing those extraordinary doses of caffeine, sugar, and unknown chemicals. Normally she would pour the better part of a two litre bottle of Coke into her cup while gobbling down slice after slice. Lumbering up the stairs, Diane collapsed into bed, exhausted.

The following morning, Diane went into the bathroom, stripped naked, peed, and then weighed herself.

“Two hundred and forty one!! I lost three whole pounds?” She screamed in elation.

It seemed, a single day of not gorging on pancakes, pizza and soda had made a profound difference. Diane was incredibly encouraged and went downstairs in her new exercise clothes and gobbled up one of the Greek yogurts while downing several glasses of water. Not caring how she looked, Diane managed to jog for nearly a minute and walked much farther than the previous day. That night, she continued to crunch on vegetables and slug down glasses of water while her family dove into buckets of Chinese food. Her younger brother took particular pleasure in guzzling down tall glasses of root beer in order to belch in her direction. Diane didn’t care.

“Three whole pound,” she murmured to herself while being forced to smell the disgusting combination of digesting msg covered noodles and soda emanating from her brother’s stomach. Just like the previous night, after eight pm, her eyelids became the heaviest appendage on her body and she happily climbed into bed, forgoing TV time with the family where they gathered on their massive array of couches. Perched and watching, her brother with his tube of Pringles potato chips, her father running to the freezer every commercial for another ice cream sandwich, and her mother, happily snacking on miniature candy bars from a large plastic bag, watched sitcom after sitcom until falling asleep on the couch and being rousted by an adjacent family member to go to bed as the snoring was impeding their ability to hear the show.

The following morning, Diane could barely move. Every muscle in her body was so sore. Her ass, her thighs, her calves, everything. She spent the entire day walking around the house like Frankenstein as her younger brother laughed at her. She guzzled water and painfully stretched her aching muscles. The only reprieve she found was in the afternoon, when she was alone in the house, rubbing her pussy to a particularly attractive cock that she watched stretch a young girl painfully.

“Ugh! I want it!” she moaned while rubbing furiously.

Weeks of exercising and healthy eating slowly rolled by and it was finally one whole month into her journey. It had been the hardest month of Diane’s life. She couldn’t even begin to count the number of times she had cried that month. It was especially difficult because she was doing it alone. Not a single friend from high school had seen her, even though they had invited her to the movies and out for ice cream several times. Everything felt like a temptation. Diane was focused. She woke up that morning and walked into the bathroom for her showdown with the scale.

“One hundred and fucking ninety-nine!” she cheered. Diane couldn’t believe what she was reading on the scale; she had to jump off and then back on again several times. She had painstakingly done the math over and over; she knew what the ice cream, the pizza, the soda added up to every day. Her consumption was down between twenty-five-hundred and three-thousand calories every day. Her exercise output went from barely moving to well over two-thousand calories per day; tallied by her twice daily trots around the neighborhood where she now was up to fifteen-thousand daily steps which she tracked on her Fitbit. She estimated that, between her new diet and exercise routine, every day peeled around four-thousand calories off her body. Still, she couldn’t believe the results were real. The rush of emotions was so intense that, despite being overcome with joy, a tear streamed down her cheek. The last month had definitely tested her will more times than she thought she could handle. She never once caved in to her food cravings, but that didn’t mean her body didn’t scream to her it was starving and the intense hunger pains could go away with a single bite of the strawberry-shortcake ice-creams in the freezer. She had experienced massive headaches from the caffeine withdrawl but she chose to suffer rather than take a single sip of soda. Her mother was the only one supporting her as her father and little brother tempted her again and again with offers of her favorite foods.

“Diane, honey, I got the extra order of Chicken Vindaloo because I know it’s your favorite! Just have a bite! Don’t let it go to waste!” her father had pleaded with her.

She stood on the scale for several minutes looking at the number. The family didn’t keep a scale in the house until recently but, Diane speculated she had probably not been under two hundred pounds since she was a freshman in high school.

“This is good, but I’m not even close to done!” Diane said aloud, fortifying her resolve.

The research she had been doing for her new health kick always pointed towards a two pronged approach; diet and exercise. She had done the work to ensure her diet was exactly what it should be for a healthy woman of her age. Now it was time to increase the effectiveness of her workouts. The walks around the block, as of the last week or so, had become a bit monotonous. This was mostly because they became easier for her to complete. The joys of her first ten-thousand and fifteen-thousand step days had long since become humdrum. Diane was afraid to exercise in front of other people but she knew she had to be brave. She put on her newest workout ensemble and grabbed her mother’s car keys to drive to the gym at the center of town to sign up.

The moment she arrived, Diane was intimidated. She saw several of the girls she knew in high school and they were exercising away wearing tiny shorts and revealing tops. They wore makeup to the gym and had done their hair. Before Diane could decide if she wanted to stay, a buff guy in his late twenties wearing skin tight workout apparel and a nametag accosted her.

“Hey! Are you a member or are you looking to sign up?”

Diane looked him up and down. He was so muscular and looked like the men she masturbated to online. She had to stop herself from looking at the bulge in his workout shorts.

“Umm… yeah, I want to sign up, but I’m going to college in around ten weeks… do you have a college student special?” Diane asked while looking at the giant banner overhead that read ‘College Student Summer Special’.

“Yeah, we can sign you up! What are your fitness goals?” he asked, sounding like a proper meathead.  

“Just, you know… get in shape,” Diane said, unconfidently as she spied a girl she knew wearing her sports bra as a top, showing off her abdominal muscles.

“Cool! Cool! Well, I’m Brian and I’m one of the trainers here and I’d be happy to help you reach your fitness goals. Would you be interested in buying sessions with me as your personal trainer?”

I’d be interested in you bending me over any piece of equipment here! Diane though to herself.

“You know, sure! Why not!” she replied, smiling.

Even though Diane knew this guy was trying to sell her a membership, it was one of the only times she could ever think of in her life that an attractive guy had talked to her and hadn’t made fun of her or asked if he could copy her homework.

Diane signed the papers and used the credit card her parents had given her and their first session started immediately as Brian had nothing to do that hour. Even though she had exercised every day of the last month, her idea of exercise was nothing compared to Brian’s. Within two minutes of his routine, Diane felt worse than when she jogged that first day.

“I have to stop!” she gasped.

“You gotta push through!” Brian demanded.

Diane was furious. She no longer wanted to shove Brian’s cock down her throat, she wanted to shove the small weight down his throat that he had made her hold while doing lunges until her legs buckled and failed.

“I need to rest!” she pleaded.

“You have thirty seconds,” he acquiesced.

“I mean rest for the… rest of the… day…” Diane gasped with her hands on her knees.

“You’re funny!” Brian said and Diane wasn’t sure if he was being honest or sarcastic.

The hour finally ended and Diane left the gym walking like a drunken sailor. She was soaked in sweat, more so than she had never been in her life. She had to sit in the car for almost twenty minutes before she could get up the initiative to start the engine and drive home. When she started the workout, she was very concerned about being judged by several of the girls at the gym. It wasn’t more than one minute into the workout she completely forgot about them and was too focused on her own misery.

“Come back tomorrow for your next session?” Brian asked.

“Give me a day in-between. Two days?” Diane pleaded.

“Fine. Day after next. Have a great day!”

“As if I have the energy to do anything else today!” she whined, shaking her head while leaving.

When she got home, she showered and went into her bedroom. She didn’t need to watch any pornography to masturbate. She thought about Brian fucking her and was orgasming within less time than it took for her to collapse during the workout. She imagined Brian had a massive cock and used it to roughly fuck her and make her scream in both pleasure and pain. She thought of his muscular arms controlling her. Then she thought about him cumming all over her. Diane was able to orgasm twice with ease.

The following morning she was so sore she could barely move. It was far worse than it had ever been and she decided to spend the day stretching. While researching online different stretching techniques, she saw an ad for a local yoga studio and decided this was the best stretch she could get.

When she arrived at the studio there were several women there in extremely tight outfits and more than a few men. They weren’t the muscular centurions Diane typically enthralled her imagination with but they were exceptionally attractive nonetheless. They were more lythe and toned than powerful. Diane wondered if they had average sized penises or if it was possible for a thin man to be equipped with a thick member that he could shove down her throat.

“Can I help you?” a thin woman in her early thirties asked Diane as she looked at the various bulges on the men, posing in linen shorts in the studio.

“Yeah, I’m interested in really learning how to stretch,” Diane replied.

“Oh, this is so much more than stretching. Yoga is about flexibility and balance and strength. It can improve your overall health more than any other activity,” the woman explained in a kind but somewhat condescending voice.

“Oh, ok… do I need to sign up for a membership or can I just go to the next class?”

“You need to buy bundles of classes and sign up for each one individually… classes fill up fast,” she replied and handed Diane a schedule.

Diane read the laminated paper and saw there was a beginner class in less than an hour being taught by Brahma.

“Who is Brahma?” Diane asked.

“Brahma is the one leading the current class,” and she pointed into the studio at an attractive, shirtless man assisting women with their poses.

“Are there any openings for his class?” Diane asked.

The woman made a sarcastic face and held her hand out.

“Ninety-Nine dollars gets you eight classes,” she said, expecting a credit card.

Diane handed her the card and then patiently waited on the benches for the class to start. Before she knew it, she was being ushered inside and given a disgusting mat from a bin along the side of the room. Most of the other women had brought their own mats with them and Diane realized she could have purchased one earlier when buying a membership. Then she speculated the woman intentionally didn’t give her one. This made her very happy. Usually, women were exceedingly nice to her in every possible way. Other girls she knew talked about how competitive women were with each other but Diane had never experienced it.

Was this thirty-year old woman competing with me? Diane wondered.

She looked over and the woman made eye contact with her and it wasn’t pleasant. Diane smiled outwardly and inwardly.

The class started and immediately Diane struggled. This was much harder than she anticipated and she was clearly the worst student in the class. She had no balance and could hardly get into a pose, let alone hold it. Still, on several occasions, Brahma walked over to her and placed his hands on her hips or her back to correct her technique. Diane had never been touched by a man before and it enthralled her to the point where she was becoming aroused during the class, despite sweating and struggling with the movements. When it was over, she wanted to talk to Brahma but the man was instantly surrounded by other women vying for his time. Instead, she went home and orgasmed to the thought of Brahma firmly holding her hips while penetrating her deeply.

The following day, she returned to the gym and Brian punished her for the entire hour. She fared much better but it was still a horrible struggle where she’d look at the clock then exercise for what seemed like half an hour, only to see the clock advance three or four minutes. Just like the previous day, Diane needed to sit in the car for some time before she was able to drive. She wasn’t halfway home before she broke out in tears and had to pull to the side of the road for a long crying jag. She wasn’t sad, she was just overwhelmed and craved soothing, even if it came from her own tears.

For the next month and a half she alternated days between going to the gym and going to the yoga studio then a day off. She had read that rest is when your body recovers and to deny your body recovery would slow progress. All the while she abstained from the pastries and soda while only eating healthy organics and in proper portions. Her days off were not spent lounging either. She would go for long walks and read online about dieting techniques, exercise, and healthy living. Diane focused on her new lifestyle every bit as hard as she studied to get into college.

The yoga studio was her new favorite place, and she would often attend the more grueling, bikram yoga classes that lasted ninety minutes with the room heated like a sauna. During those classes she perfected her technique while pouring sweat all over her new yoga mat. At first, she gasped for air during those roasting sessions, but, Diane was very determined. To gain confidence, she attended more beginner classes, often on her days off, and soon she could perform all of the poses and hold them until the instructor called for a change. It wasn’t long before she began gravitating towards the more difficult classes. She found it ironic that the better she got, the fewer times she would have a fit instructor’s hands on her body, assisting her through his touch. She never picked classes led by women, only the men. She was enthralled by watching their sculpted, lean muscle flex and hold positions. It all seemed so sexual to her. Diane couldn’t believe that she had gone this far in life being so excited by fit athletic men, and not going to visit them in their natural habitat; gyms, yoga studios, hiking trails, road races.

Diane had also stopped weighing herself on a daily basis as she preferred the amazing rush of treating herself after enough time had passed. It had been just over a week since her last weigh in and it was now only one month until she departed for college. She had been doing her gym and yoga routine for six weeks now, and it was getting easier and easier.

Before she got on the scale, Diane stood naked, looking in the mirror and admired her progress. She remembered how her body was only ten weeks ago; paunchy and bloated. She had felt uncomfortable all the time. And, furthermore, she had felt that her body possessed zero femininity; that graceful beauty that she was honour bound to protect as all the world desired to drink from her youthful good looks and gorge themselves on the pleasures they held. Diane felt it was her right, as a teenaged girl, to possess that youthful beauty and she was determined to have it.

Diane beamed, noticing that she very much had a waistline. Her hips didn’t simply extend up to her armpits giving her body a bell shape, as it previously had. Her belly button was remarkably cute and no longer a massive hole in her swarming gut. Also her breasts were much smaller but no longer resembled giant loaves of bread, resting atop her stomach, but actual womanly orbs of beauty.

Holding her breath, Diane stepped on the scale.

“One hundred sixty eight!” she belted then jumped off the scale.

The first month she had lost forty four-pounds but those seemed easier than the thirty-two she dropped the last six weeks. In fact, the majority of the weight loss the first month was probably from the exceptional dietary changes she made alone. Diane estimated that she used to consume thousands of unnecessary calories every day. She had tallied up her typical afternoon of between-meal-snacking and figured she often ate as much as three thousand calories of ice cream, soda, candy, and chips every day. On top of this, her regular meals used to be just as bad; great troughs of Thai and Indian food, nearly a whole pizza by herself, and regular fast food. Diane would always get an apple pie with her supersized meal at McDonalds, then be looking in the cupboard for snacks forty-five minutes later. There were one-hundred-forty calories in a single can of Coke, and she used to drink five or six cans every day. Since she started her diet, Diane hadn’t tasted a drop of soda, a dollop of ice cream, or a single potato chip the entire summer. Her meals had been tailored portions of lean organic chicken and vegetables. In the last ten weeks, she had tallied nearly a quarter million calories of sugar, fat, and carbs she had not consumed. Diane was so proud.

In addition to the scale declaring she had made great strides, she had seen other remarkable changes. Men were noticing her. A new phenomenon was happening where nearly every man who passed her made intentional eye contact. She never knew men did this. It didn’t matter if they were as old as her father, they looked in her eyes very deliberately. Every one of them used their eyes to ask the same question: Interested in having sex with me? At first, Diane thought this was a trick, as the boys from high school would always tease her without mercy. But, after a few weeks it became more and more consistent.

Diane was also enjoying her workouts more. She had purchased more sessions with Brian and he would now compliment her and even sexually harass her a little. During the early workouts Brian just pushed her to exercise until she wanted to puke, then he’d robotically schedule the next session without fanfare or praise. Now, after their session was over, Brian was assisting her stretching and had often put her on her back and pushed her outstretched legs in a similar fashion as if he were to be mounting her during sex. Diane was beyond enthralled and looked forward to the stretching immensely.

“How are you feeling after the workout?”

“Great! But maybe a little tight in my hamstrings…” Diane would say after learning hamstrings were the magic muscle that could only be stretched properly in missionary sex position.

Diane was now nursing a new fear about going to college. She was quite convinced she’d be looking the best she ever had in her life by the time she set foot in the dorms. However, she was now concerned about being a virgin. And not just a virgin, she had never even kissed a boy. She had never been felt up. She had never seen a penis.

On top of this, Diane was unsure how to solve this problem. She lived with her parents and, even though they gave her complete autonomy, she certainly couldn’t bring a man over the house; not that she was confident enough to simply invite one over. She also was still a little afraid of being mocked. It had only been about three months since someone had last called her ‘miss personality’ and her ego had been healed significantly by Brian and various yoga instructors touching her hips but her pain was something that wouldn’t easily fade. She decided that she would ask Brian out on the last day of her training, two days before she leaves for college. She’d let him make the first move and, if everything felt right, she’d let him take her virginity. Brian could sort out all of the details concerning where the sex would take place. Diane didn’t particularly want to give Brian her virginity, but the fear of meeting the man of her dreams in college and not even knowing how to kiss him, let alone sleep with him, terrified the girl.

Over the next four weeks, Diane pushed herself even harder during her workouts and stayed diligent with her healthy diet. She was training for her big event; being seen naked by a man. She even signed up for the city’s annual summer road race. It was a ten kilo-meter event and Diane’s family all showed up to cheer her at the finish line. She timed her workout so the race was the day after a yoga workout, and not a session with Brian. When the gun went off, she ran at a fast pace with a crowd of other young people and she felt like she belonged. No one was looking at her or laughing at her. She was simply accepted as one of them; one of the athletic people. She pushed herself and ran the entire race and even sprinted at the very end, finishing in just under one hour.

“I didn’t even believe it was you, running so fast! You beat a lot of the boys!” her father cheered Diane when they all met up at the parking lot near the finish line.

“Your boobs bounce too much… looks like you’ve got two basketballs!” her chubby brother teased, probably feeling ashamed as his father had never complimented anything athletic he had done; not that he had ever even attempted to play a sport. Diane had even asked him if he wanted to run the race with her but he declined in an immature way, calling the race stupid. The tubby fifteen year old knew he couldn’t run one mile, let alone six.

“You should be proud of your sister! You should be running like she does! We all should!” Her mother scolded, then hugged Diane.

Diane felt so proud. She was exhausted but couldn’t stop smiling. As she walked to her parent’s car, dozens of male eyes darted in her direction to catch a glimpse of the young girl in her tight athletic clothes. One college aged boy nervously walked up to her and looked like he was going to say something, but then saw she was with her family and he suddenly became embarrassed and chickened out, walking away, awkwardly.

“Do you know that boy, Diane?” her father asked.

“No,” she replied honestly. He might have been one of the many runners in the pack she had finished the race with, but she wasn’t sure. Diane was quite disappointed he chickened out; she thought he was very cute and would have happily given him her number, even in front of her parents. He didn’t have the bulging look that Diane loved, but if this had been only a few months earlier, she would have never believed such a cute boy would have been too scared to talk to her. Unbeknownst to him, Diane may have very well decided to give him her virginity, instead of Brian.

Two days later, on the morning of her last session with Brian, she woke up in her bedroom feeling rested and happy. Had the room belonged to another girl in her class, two days before leaving for college, the closets would be empty and dumped into boxes and suitcases. Nothing in Diane’s closets were making the trip. None of her old clothes fit.

Over the last fourteen weeks, she had twice bought new clothes only to have them fall off her about a month later. Now she was exclusively wearing gym clothes everywhere she went. The proudest moment of her life, even more than the day she was accepted into college, was when her mother accompanied her to Victoria Secret to purchase beautiful lacy bras and panties. When Diane was nearly two-hundred and fifty pounds, there was nothing in the entirety of the mall that fit her, let alone a store like Victoria Secrets. The majority of her clothes were purchased off the internet in order to guarantee her size. Sadly, all of the lingerie made for overweight girls fell into two categories; boring and bizarre. The bizarre was highly impractical for everyday wear and decidedly trashy. It all looked like it was designed for an over the hill woman who needed to excite her over the hill husband; out of fashion styles, gaudy frills, loud colors. As a result, Diane had exclusively purchased the boring, functional sort; giant tope colored breast holders and stretchy, full-seated paunch containers. Not even a pretty little bow to indicate the garment was being worn by a confident and beautiful woman.

Diane walked to the bathroom wearing just her brand new pink thong and a t-shirt that used to barely fit her but now hung like a dress. Diane closed the bathroom door behind her and pulled the giant shirt over her head and slipped off the pink underwear. She picked the thong up and marvelled at the tag with the bold black ‘M’ for medium and smiled. After peeing, Diane stepped onto the scale and held her breath, like she always did.

“One-forty-one!! Woot! Woot!” she screamed. “One hundred and three fucking pounds lost in one summer!”

She did a small dance on the tiles, celebrating.

“That’s like a pound a day on average! Seven pounds each week!”

Her body had responded magnificently to the new lifestyle she had embarked on. Thanks to her youthful eighteen year old skin, and it’s elasticity, there were no drooping folds of skin on her new body. Her skin’s health had also improved magnificently from exclusively drinking water. Diane couldn’t even remember the last time she drank water before the summer. Her whole family had always drank soda, and not diet soda either. When she was at school, she’d always wash down her lunch with a can of fruit punch as they wouldn’t carry soda in the schools. However, the fruit punch had every bit as much sugar as the cola. Diane had also spent hundreds of dollars on a trendy new hairstyle with alluring blond highlights. Her new hobby was watching make-up tutorials in order to properly apply the expensive products she now owned after buying up half of Sephora. Today, the new Diane would start her amazing, fun life.

She went downstairs and ate her Greek yogurt with several glasses of water and a daily multivitamin. Her mother beamed every time she saw how healthy her daughter had become and had even embarked on her own lifestyle change, eliminating soda from the family’s cupboard, which was met with complaints from the other family members.

Diane went back upstairs to shower then opened the bag on her desk with new workout clothes. She selected a tight pair of shorts and her new sports bra that gave her amazing cleavage. Then she put on a very strappy tank top with a plunging neckline. The top wasn’t form fitting but flowed in a way that gave anyone willing to look a revealing glimpse of how she’d look in just the sports bra, which was far too revealing to even consider wearing as a top. With her outfit squared away, she blow-dried and curled her hair, then spent nearly half and hour applying make-up. She was now ready for the gym.

Diane hopped in the car, put on her new designer sun glasses and drove toward the gym. Along the way, she stopped at a red light and, to her horror, next to her in traffic was the popular boys in her school who had nicknamed her ‘miss personality’. She tried to slink into the seat, but, somehow, they had already spied her. It was that jerk Mike and his two stooges, Tim and John.

“Hey! Wassup!” Tim yelled at her from the passenger window.

“Hey! Where you going? We’re headed to the beach, you wanna roll with?” Mike shouted from the driver’s seat.

They don’t recognize me! They’re hitting on me! Diane squealed in her head.

She didn’t dare say a word, in case they’d recognize her voice. She looked at them through her dark glasses and let the spaghetti strap of her tank fall off her shoulder, exposing her revealing sports bra. Her milky white breast poured out of the top and sides of the garment. She gave a bored wave to the boys and pulled away as the light turned green. In the distance she could hear them hooting and whooping having been treated to a glimpse of this unknown hottie’s cleavage.

She pulled into the gym and walked into the lobby like she owned the place. Men and women alike noticed her as she entered. Brian rushed to the front to greet her before she was even to the counter.

“Hey! You ready, good lookin’?”

“Oh you know it!” Diane responded confidently, dancing her shoulders.

She spent the next hour bouncing her breasts while dexterously dancing up and down the rope ladder, laid out on the ground. She swung the kettlebells. She ran interval sprints on the treadmill. All the while, Brian was always within touching distance of her and repeatedly placed his hands on her back, shoulder, and even hips, guiding her through the workout.

“Hey, you really crushed it today, Princess Di!” Brian complimented, somewhat awkwardly comparing her to the stunning, but deceased, English royal .

He had recently been trying out different nicknames for her and, to Diane’s delight, none had to do with her personality.

“Thanks! I pushed myself at the end!” she replied.

“How are you feeling? A little tight?”

Brian was almost too obvious in his interest in touching the girl.

“Yeah, I think so… definitely in the hamstrings and glutes…” Diane casually implied.

“Ok, let’s get you stretched out!” Brian cheered, more than a little enthusiastically.

The gym was fairly packed with patrons working out and stretching. There didn’t seem to be a spot for Brian to open up Diane’s hips with his signature move. Definitely not enough privacy for Brian to brush against Diane sexually, like he did the past few times.

“I guess there’s nowhere to stretch,” Diane shrugged, wanting to see if Brian would try to find a solution. Diane had heard that men will go to the ends of the earth for a woman they wanted and she was curious to see if it was true.

“We could… umm… we could stretch in my office… if you wanted…” Brian offered.

Diane looked over to the glass room in plain view of the entire gym and was about to speak.

“Oh not the signing rooms… we have the private office down the hall…,” Brian then pointed down a hallway that many of the staff would walk down, but none of the gym attendees.

“Oh, I’ve never been over there…” Diane said, intrigued but not entirely on board.

“Yeah, but here’s the thing… I need you to go to the ladies room first and then meet me there… we just can’t walk down the hallway together. And when you go there, just kinda walk over quick like you’re supposed to be over there,” Brian said, nervously.

Diane smiled at him and put her hand on his chest.

“Brian, how about we just go to your apartment?” She asked sweetly.

“Oh, um… uh… I don’t get off work for, like, four more hours…” Brian stammered.

“Oh, that’s too bad… because I’m off to college tomorrow… I won’t be back here for a long time… maybe ever…” Diane lamented, shrugging in a way that gave her even more cleavage.

“Can you just meet me after I finish work?” Brian begged.

“Gotta pack then… I’ll be too busy… guess it just didn’t work out?”

Then Diane stepped up to Brian, wrapped her arms around him and pressed her tits into his chest, giving him a hug. Without another word, she turned and walked away. A moment later, when she was in the parking lot, she heard Brian calling just before she reached her car door.

“Wait!” he yelled.

“Yes?” she calmly answered.

“Do you wanna take one car to my place or do you wanna follow me?” he replied, proudly.

“Oh? I thought you had to work?”

“I don’t work here anymore… this job kinda sucks anyways,” he said, nonchalantly.

“Oh?” Diane replied and looked over his shoulder. Several of the gym staff were pressed against the glass wall, watching him talk to her.

“I need my car, so I’ll follow you. Are we going far?”

“Great! Umm… no, not far… just… like, five minutes down the road!”

Diane got into her car and watched Brian jog to an old pickup truck that had seen much better days. He swung around and waited for Diane to pull behind him, then he slowly drove down the road, constantly looking in the rear view mirror to ensure his precious cargo was following.

In her car, Diane was going out of her mind with excitement. She couldn’t believe Brian had just quit his job for her. It made her feel incredibly powerful and sexy. She was so wet and excited. Then she realized she didn’t have a condom.

“Brian will have one,” she decided.

Closer ten minutes later, they pulled into an apartment complex along the highway, nearer to the city. It was nice enough but nothing that would impress anyone. Diane had only ever lived in her parent’s house, which was a gorgeous single family home on a manicured lawn in a posh section of town. She nervously rode the elevator with Brian up to his floor then watched him fumble with his keys as he opened the door.

His apartment was small with ugly tan carpeting. The furniture was mismatch and the only thing that was even remotely nice in the room was a massive television set that was hung on the wall with errant cords trailing from the back to a cable box sitting on a tv tray. There were several containers of protein powder on the counter and, even though he worked in a gym, there were dumbbells all over the floor. It seemed like several men lived there as there was more than one bedroom and there were at least five pairs of running shoes piled near the door.

“It’s… nice,” Diane said, feigning interest.

“Yeah… I live here with my buddies… did… did you want to shower… since we just worked out?”

Diane had actually not thought about this, since this was about to be the first time she was having sex. In truth, she only wanted to shower if she was able to spend another hour meticulously doing her hair and makeup, but she did want Brian to shower.

“How about you shower… maybe I’ll watch,” Diane offered.

“Yeah! Sure! Umm… this way!” he grunted and dragged the girl to his bathroom.

The minute Diane entered the dingy bathroom, she was relieved she had opted not to shower. It probably had not been cleaned in a year. The tub-shower was partially concealed by a plastic curtain that might have been charming at one time but was now murky with stains. The entire room smelled like the same odor wafting out of the men’s locker room at the gym.

Not wasting any time, Brian pulled off his shirt and Diane regained interest. She had never seen him with his shirt off but, based on how he looked in his skin tight workout gear, she already knew his body would be amazing. He had perfectly sculpted abs and chest muscles. His arms and shoulder were a lovely flowing hills of tight muscle. Then he dropped his workout shorts and Diane’s smile instantly disappeared. Up until then, Diane had only ever seen penises on the internet while specifically searching for the largest ones possible. She had no idea that, by most standards, Brian was incredibly well endowed. To Diane, any penis under nine inches looked small. She expected him to unleash a flashlight sized tube with a bulbous head the size of doorknob. Not this measly seven incher with a head about the size of a fat walnut. Despite her disappointment, Brian seemed very pleased with his erection and displayed it for the girl.

Diane reached out and squeezed it. It was very warm and gave a little when she gripped, only to expand back to its girth immediately after. She had assumed penises were very hard, like wood, which they were often compared to in her movies. The head was crimson and, after a few squeezes, a tiny bead of precum formed on the narrow opening of the tip.

Oh my God! Precum! Diane screamed in her head.

She had dreamed of exciting men and causing these thrilling bodily functions to happen. She needed to taste. Diane crouched down, holding the cock and carefully licked the precum. She gathered it on her tongue then pressed it to the roof of her mouth to smear it on as many taste buds as she could spread the magical liquid. It tasted salty and was warm. She returned her lips to the head and sucked it as hard as she could, searching for more.

“Uh!!! Oh my God!” Brian moaned.

Diane then took her lips off the cock and began examining the fleshy member. She lifted it up and saw how his testicles hung. She carefully gripped them with her free hand, knowing how delicate they were from the movies she watched. Then, she opened her mouth and stuffed them inside like the girls did. Brian’s balls tasted salty as well. They were slimy with sweat and had an odour not dissimilar to the rest of the bathroom. None of it mattered to Diane.

I’ve got a hot guy’s balls in my mouth! She screamed in her head.

Brian was becoming anxious with the oral attention he was receiving from the girl; he wanted to experience her pussy and not have quit his job for an, albeit amazing, blowjob. He did his best to calm himself, wanting to appear in control, nor wanting to rush the girl holding his balls in her mouth. He marvelled at how expertly this girl, just out of high school, knew how to tease his cock so well. Most girls just made a vagina out of their mouths and sucked. Not Di… she teased and played.

Reaching for her elbows and raising her to her feet, Brian held the edges of her tank top and pulled them over her head. Then he slid his fingers into the sports bra, along the sides, and carefully pulled it over her head. Brian was an expert and taking off women’s athletic apparel.

Diane’s breasts were amazing, almost translucently white, perky orbs of flesh that barely fit in the D-cup bra. Brian had never seen such white breasts, it was as if Diane had never sunned her teenage body at the beach or had a single sunburn; which was true. Diane, and her whole family, had never gone to the beach, nor a pool. In fact, she had never owned a bathing suit her entire life.

Cupping her massive breasts with both hands, Brian took a pink nipple in his mouth and gently sucked on it, elongating the bud with his teeth.  

“Ahhh!” Diane moaned. The feeling was divine but she then had a strange thought.

I tasted cum and had my nipples sucked before I was ever kissed…

Then she reached for Brian’s chin and raised it, indicating she wanted to be kissed. She opened her mouth and Brian tilted his head at an angle to form a seal of his lips around hers and slowly caressed her tongue with his. Diane felt awkward for the first moment, but then became very comfortable in the act. As they kissed, Brian’s erect cock pressed into her stomach. She could tell there was more cum on the tip. She was incredibly wet and so excited.

“Take me to the bedroom!” Diane finally said, breaking away from his kiss.

It seemed that Brian was going to attempt to carry the girl out of the bathroom, but it would have been a dangerous thing to do, with the narrow doorway and dumbbells scattered all over the floor. He took her by the land and led her to a dingy bedroom with an unmade full sized bed.

In her parent’s home, Diane slept on a beautiful queen sized bed and the sheets always smelled freshly. This room smelled only slightly better than the bathroom.

Showing amazing strength, Brian lifted Diane off the ground and placed her on her back on the bed. She wasn’t laying down more than a second when, in a swift motion, he pulled the small shorts off the girl and her red thong, entangled, came off with it.

“I love it! Seventies-style!” Brian commented, referring to the thick, untrimmed pubic hair that spanned from hip to hip on the girl.

Diane had considered shaving it off but she was too frightened of her parent’s discovering. Her mother tended to snoop in the bathroom that only Diane used in order to ensure she had enough deodorant, sanitary napkins, tooth paste and razor blades. Diane was afraid that if she tried to wash the pubic hair down the drain, it would become clogged. If she tried to capture it all in toilet paper, and throw it away, her mother would find it. This was all a very new problem for the girl. Up until a few weeks ago, Diane never considered the possibility that anyone would see her bush anyways.

Diane was soaking wet and Brian pressed his fingers to her labia and sampled the slickness with two fingers then rubbed the wetness on the tip of his cock.

“Wait! Do you have a condom?”

“Umm… yeah, I do… but we can go without… don’t worry… I’ll pull out…” he assured.

“I’m ovulating right now, Brian… you sure you want to risk it?” Diane lied. She had no idea if she was ovulating. The only thing she knew was she’d die if that cock wasn’t inside of her soon, but she still had the wherewithal to not let this guy she met at the gym inside her unprotected.

“I mean… I’m sure it will be ok…” Brian tried a second time.

“Are you just not good at taking the condom off to cum on my face?”

Brian balked and stammered at what the girl said. Diane was obsessed with porn and in all of the videos she watched, if the men with enormous penises didn’t inseminate the tiny, demure girls, they would usually ejaculate into the faces of the women; and they would love it.


“I mean, I suppose I’ll be disappointed if you miss, but I’d really like to taste it as well…”

“Um… yeah, I can do that!” Brian burst out with enthusiasm. He had never came anywhere besides inside of a condom or on the stomach, breasts, or back of a woman. Originally, it had been his plan to shoot his load all over Diane’s spectacular tits. This was far better. It was incomparably better. The girl Brian had most recently been dating wouldn’t even allow him to finish inside of her into the condom. She would make him withdraw from her and stroke himself outside of her vagina until he filled the tip of the condom with his semen. Ejaculating in a girl’s face was a unicorn scenario that only happened in porno’s or to guys who had Ferrari’s, Brian estimated. If the price of wearing the condom was being permitted to bust all over this hot girl’s face, then it was the best deal he had ever made. A moment later, Brian had procured a condom from his desk and was rapidly opening it.

“Wait! Let me watch!” Diane demanded.

“Um… yeah, ok?” Brian agreed, thinking this girl was even kinkier than he thought.

He took the condom out of the wrapper and Diane watched carefully as he pushed his head into the little hat and then rolled the sides down his shaft. She made several mental notes so she could repeat the process when she was at college and having sex with amazing, brilliant, cool guys who didn’t have tiny seven inch cocks, like Brian. Then Diane rolled back on her hips into the position Brian loved to stretch her in and prepared herself to finally have a cock inside of her.

Brian grabbed her under her knees and placed the head of his cock up to her soaked lips and easily pushed inside.

“Ughh!!” Diane groaned.

She had been stuffing multiple fingers inside her pussy for years but had never gone deeper than two or three inches. Brian navigated to uncharted territory and scratched an itch that Diane had been dying to satisfy for as long as she was finding pleasure touching herself.

“Yesss!” she screamed.

Brian began fucking her with long, powerful strokes. Diane grabbed at his muscular arms and chest. She was living out her fantasy and it was better than she imagined. The penis inside of her stretched her vaginal walls in the most pleasurable way. The feeling of fullness was so much better than her fingers. The deepness was exquisite, she loved it.

“You’re so fuckin’ wet!” Brian rapped while turning his thrusting into a workout.

Diane’s pussy sloshed and dripped as she got pounded. Brian grabbed her and spun her around. Diane found herself on her hand and knees for a moment, disoriented, before Brian expertly skewered her from behind.

“Ugh-ga!” she gasped.

Maybe I’m wrong about Brian’s dick! Maybe I just have a small vagina! Diane thought as the cock reached depths inside of her that bordered on painful. Her eyes involuntarily teared and she saw stars as the hulking meathead pushed his cock into her cervix again and again.

“You good?” Brian asked while checking his own pulse on his smart watch, without missing a beat in his rhymical momentum.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God, Yes!”

 Brian felt so proud of himself. Sure he quit his job for sex, but this was just the push he needed to go and get his real estate license or to start that post workout recovery drink company he wanted to do.

This is like a quitting bonus! Brian thought, as he fucked Diane even harder.

The truth was, Brian slept with a lot of his clients, but Diane was way hotter than the others. Recently, he had a brief fling with a really good looking thirty-something year old Mom who would have him over the house while her kids were at school and her husband was at work. Still, he would never quit his job for her, even if she did let him fuck her without a condom.

Diane’s got a great face! Her body could be a little tighter but those tits! Besides, she’s like eighteen! When’s the last time I fucked an eighteen year old!  Brian mused. Gotta be five or six years ago! Shit! I’m twenty-seven, so this girl was like… how old… much younger when I was her age… ugh, I can’t think… I can’t wait to cum on her face… after she goes home I’m going to run the lake trail… bet I can do a personal best time… keep this pump going, baby!

Diane knew she could orgasm just from the penetration and she held off as long as she could. When she masturbated, she loved to bring herself to the edge and then tease herself by slowing down. Every time she came close and backed off, she only made the final orgasm better. Now, she wasn’t in control of the tempo and every thrust shot electricity down her spine. She wanted to play with her clitoris, but she was afraid Brian would see her rubbing and think she was weird. She sometimes saw the girls in porn rub themselves, but those were only the most confident porn stars and Diane didn’t particularly like them. They were the older girls; the MILFs. Diane’s favorite was the very young, very petite girls who were shocked when the man revealed his enormous penis to them. They would even be a little scared but then, slowly acquaint themselves with the thick, veiny cock before having the most fantastic experience with it inside of them; screaming over and over.

Just as Diane was mulling over the possibility of a younger girl, like herself, rubbing her clit, Brian changed angles of his doggy-style thrusting and his pendulous ball sack began swinging and colliding with her pussy in a way that it bopped her tingling little love button over and over.

“Ahhh! HARRRRRR!!!” Diane grunted, very unattractively, as her entire body shuddered with an orgasm.

“ARR! ARR! ARR!” she moaned as her whole body flexed while dopamine coursed through her veins hitting a level of euphoria she had never experienced on her bed, teasing her pussy while watching the hulking men fuck.

“Wooo!” Brian cheered, watching her orgasm. He continued pounding her until she stopped twitching.

“That… was… amaaaazing!” Diane sang as Brian’s cock continued to slosh inside of her.

“Yeah, think I’m about ready to pop! You ready for this!”

“Oh yes! Cum on my face!” Diane begged, just like the girl’s in her videos would.

Diane knew that most girls didn’t like men to plaster their face with semen. She couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t like it.

“They are cumming because you’re so hot! Because you’re face is so amazingly pretty! They’re looking at your face and they can’t help but cum! I couldn’t image anything sexier than a hot guy looking at my face and cumming!” Diane had tried to explain to one of her high school friends, earlier in the year when she was still obese.

“I think it would be really disrespectful. Not to mention gross, Diane,” her friend responded, making a face.

“It doesn’t matter… it’s not like anyone wants to kiss me, let alone have an orgasm with me,” Diane whined, frowning.

“Diane, you are so pretty! And you’re going to find a wonderful boyfriend who would treat you so respectfully. You don’t need to do gross things to get a guy. Boy’s don’t need to cum to be happy with their girlfriend. He can just like spending time with you because you are awesome-sauce!” her friend assured.

Diane didn’t want a boring, nice boy who never came. She wanted a hot, muscular, gorgeous man to explode all over her face because she was so stunningly beautiful that he couldn’t help himself. She wanted her life to be cinematic. She wanted to be so desired that millions of women would die to be her and millions of men would quit their jobs for the chance to fuck her.

“You want it!” Brian roared, increasing the tempo.

“Yes! Cum in my face!” Diane demanded.

Brian pulled out of her and slid the condom off in one smooth motion. Diane’s pussy was so wet, he used that as lubricant as he began stroking his cock. Diane knelt at the foot of his bed and grabbed both of her enormous tits while staring straight into the tiny hole of the crimson, pulsing cock. Just like the girl’s in her movies, she opened her mouth wide while smiling as if something wonderful and magical was about to happen.

Brian’s breathing became shallow and he slowed his strokes. He was beyond exited. Since he was a teenager, he had watched so many porn videos where the girl’s faces were sprayed with cum. It was not really even his fantasy because he never considered the possibility of ever doing such a thing. He felt his orgasm building up.

It’s going to happen! Diane screamed in her head.

“Uhh… uh…,” Brian made a soft noise that sounded like a confused barnyard animal, possibly a goat. It wasn’t at all like the men in the videos, announcing their orgasm with a masculine, athletic roar.

Then it happened.

A bolt of hot water shot out of the tip of Brian’s cock and exploded against Diane’s upper lip, teeth, and nose. A portion of the jet spray managed to hit her directly in the back of the throat and she began involuntarily choking which forced the semen up her nasal passage where it became stuck, leaving her with a horrible taste in her mouth and an equally gruesome smell.

“Ack!” Diane coughed, painfully.

“Uhh…,” the barnyard animal continued. This time, instead of a shotgun blast of watery semen, the crimson head managed to heave a great glob of thick white glue that landed, again, on her nose and upper lip, trailing into her mouth.

Diane did her best not to cough while the glob slid off the shelf her upper lip created and landed mostly in the space between her bottom row of teeth and quivering lower lip.

Brian moved in closer, so the tip of his cock was almost inside of her mouth.

“Yuh… uhhhhh… ha…,” the quizzical goat continued.

An equally large glob leapt into her mouth and landed directly on her tongue. Diane wanted to close her mouth, but the cock was still inside. This was all too much. She wanted it to stop.

“ho…yah… oh…,” the goat was winding down. Smaller spurts landed on Diane’s tongue and pooled with the bigger gloop.

Then a voice in Diane’s head took charge.

You got this! You can do it! You are sexy! The voice screamed.  

With all of her bravery, Diane reached up and grabbed the cock at its base, displacing Brian’s own hand and squeezed as she closed her mouth around the head. She sucked as hard as she could while rocketing the massive lagoon of spunk on her tongue down her throat. She swallowed with a loud gulp then worked her way up and down the cock. It periodically twitched in her mouth as she sucked hard and squeezed harder.

“Ohhhh!! Uh… Whaaa… Ohhh!” Brian moaned. His legs buckled and it seemed like he was going to fall.

Diane looked up at Brian, his eyes were on the ceiling and he was swaying like a tornado spun around him.

You are so fucking sexy! The voice in Diane’s head cheered.  

Then she felt something so strange. Brian’s penis began to shrink in her mouth. Brian seemed very uncomfortable with her powerful sucking and held her face, attempting to remove his cock from her mouth.

“Di… that was… unreal!” Brian praised.

“Oh, you enjoyed that?” Diane boasted, still holding the shrinking cock.

Brian pulled his cock out of her hand then jogged to the bathroom to retrieve his shorts. He came back, shirtless to see Diane jumping into her tight workout shorts, causing her tits to bounce.

“Do you want to take a shower with me?” Brian asked, seductively.

“Uh… no, I’m going to get going,” Diane replied, remembering the disgusting shower.

“Maybe you want to spoon on the bed for a while?”

Diane did want to be held. She wanted to process her newfound womanhood in the caring embrace of the man who had just deflowered her. She looked down at the dirty bed and it’s unclean sheets, in the middle of an untidy, shabby room. It didn’t scream intimacy, it screamed gross. She was willing to have sex on it, but not cuddle. She could have that kind of intimacy next week in the dorms with a guy even better than Brian. A guy who will be so impressed with not only her beautiful body, but her amazing techniques in bed.

“I’ve got some things to do,” she politely declined, squeezing her tits into the elastic bra.

“Umm… can I get your number? I’d really like to see you again!” Brain stumbled.

“I don’t know… what would you say is my best feature?” Diane asked as she adjusted her breasts inside the bra.

“Umm… I’d like to say either face or tits… it’s a toss-up. Great face. Great tits,” Brian confidently judged, acting somewhat immaturely.

“So, you wouldn’t say that my personality is my best feature?”

“Huh? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Yeah, you’re chill as fuck… that’s why I want to see you again,” Brian stammered, wondering if he was being tested, somehow.

“So, my personality is not my best feature?” she pressed.

“Tits then face… or face then tits… depends what kinda guy you are… me, I’m a guy who loves tits,” Brian settled on. “But are you going to give me your number so I can text you? Or at least tell me your Insta account?”

“What’s your Insta account name?” Diane probed.

“Yoked Yolo, all one word, with two underscores after it,” Brian said, proudly.

Diane did her best not to laugh.

“Ok, I’ll make an account and DM you… maybe we can hang out again,” Diane said with a smile.

“Oh, you don’t have an Insta account?”

“No, not yet… but I was thinking something along the lines of ‘Miss Personality’,” she snickered.

To be continued…

Author’s notes:

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