Party of four

Jennine spent far too much time worrying about what the other girls thought of her and she hated that about herself. She worried because she had been part of many conversations where she cut other girls down with snarky criticisms. It didn’t take a genius to know that when she wasn’t there, they were cutting her down. One of the favorite reasons to tear a girl to pieces was over indiscretions in their sex life.

“Did you hear that Emily Janson gave a blowjob to Nick Papadakis in the bathroom at Zeta Psi during their Hawaiian Luau party!” one would gossip.

“Ewww!” all of the girls at the table would shriek, with a detest, even Jocelyn, who had sucked that boy’s cock earlier in the semester.

All of the girls partook in slutty behavior. All of the girls boldly shamed each other behind their backs. Jennine knew that she was going to be talked about, no matter what. Still, she didn’t want to be the subject of gossip. And Jennine desperately wanted to have sex.

For the entire first semester of the school year, Jennine had solved the problem of enjoying sex without being gossiped by getting into a relationship with a young man who lived at Theta Chi. She didn’t particularly like him, but she wanted a boyfriend to scratch that particular itch for her and it was a challenge landing a boyfriend. The men at her school always seemed to hold out for someone better. Many of them got by on weekend hook-ups and had no need for a girlfriend. Brent, the boy at Theta Chi had unceremoniously dumped Jennine when he discovered she had, prior to dating him, slept with another member of his fraternity. The honour of the young man required his dismissing of his significant other, even though he had shamelessly slept with several girls that Jennine was quite friendly with. The drama of the event had labelled Jennine a ‘Theta Chi Slut’ by her group of friends, even though they had all taken a dick or two inside of that filthy old mansion.

The rumors of her loose behavior never made it past the holiday break, and when she returned for the second semester, everyone had long since moved on. Still, Jennine’s sexual frustrations had only gotten worse by then. In the dorms she had been satisfying herself with a rather cheap vibrator she had purchased off the internet but she was too terrified to use it at her parent’s home. She had placed it in the far back of her desk drawer in her dorm room. To the girl’s horror, when she returned from Christmas, the toy was gone. She knew her roommate had not taken it because the girl had spent the holidays with her family in Montreal and had flown out before Jennine had left and she was yet to return. Jennine had, in fact, enjoyed a lovely session of vibrating, without fear of being discovered after the girl had departed. Now that Jennine was back, having been far too afraid to make any inquiries about the sex toy, assumed it was stolen by a perverted janitor.

Now the sophomore girl tried to supress her raging desires by focusing on her schoolwork. She didn’t dare buy another sex toy, out of fear that this one would not only be stolen, but be put on display to humiliate the girl.

“I just really need to get laid!” Jennine complained to her friend, Rachel.

“How long has it been?”

“October was the last time I was with Brent,” she lamented.

“So, four months?” Rachel surmised.

“Seems like more,” she complained.

“You didn’t hook up with anyone over Christmas?”

“There was literally no opportunities. I was always doing stuff with my family. They’re so up my ass. When I’m home they treat me like I’m still in high school.”

“We’re going out this weekend. I think Alpha Chi Ro is having a party and… well… Theta Chi is too…”

“There is literally no one on the menu at Alpha… like no one. And I’m pretty much banned from going to Theta Chi because of Brent.”

“I mean… there are other guys that exist outside of our school,” Rachel offered.

Jennine had, of course, considered dating outside of campus, but it was exceedingly difficult. The girls attended a college in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and, once you left campus, you found yourself in a sleepy town with a handful of stores and businesses that, mostly, catered to the college.

“What do you want to do… take a girl’s trip to Philadelphia?”

“Well… that sounds fun… but think bigger!”

“I don’t know!” Jennine said, exasperated.

“New York!” Rachel beamed.

Jennine took a moment and thought about how amazing a trip to the city would be. She could dance at clubs and meet interesting men with cool apartments. Men whom nobody knew back on campus. Men should could have sex with and never become the subject of gossip.

“I’m so in!” Jennine cheered.

“We can just go to the train station in town on Chestnut street.”

“When do we go?”

“Let’s skip out on our classes on Friday, take the train in, then get a hotel room so we have time to get ready.” Rachel figured.

“What are we wearing? Are you thinking clubbing or bars?”

“Hmm… I mean it will be easier to stick together in bars. Like, if we’re at a club, we’ll have to look out for each other the entire time. It’s so much easier with a group.” Rachel lamented.

“Yeah, it’s tricky clubbing even with a group, but, since it’s just us… let find a posh, fun lounge!”

The girls made their plans and packed an overnight bag to take on the train. They booked a moderately priced hotel room in SOHO and then dressed to hit a few lounges. Jennine was wearing a slinky cocktail dress and heels; she fit in well with the other New York hotties. Rachel wasn’t quite as stunning as her friend and didn’t fill out a similar dress in such an alluring way. Still she made up for it by actively pursuing the best looking men in her immediate vicinity while Jennine hung back, letting men buy her drinks while she judged whom she wanted to consider.

“I think we should both take men to our hotel room and not split up!” Rachel suggested.

“I mean, I don’t want to split up but are you ok with having sex in front of me? Are two guys going to want to do that? Maybe we should just meet up in the morning?”

“No! I want to stay together… for safety. What about those two guys?”

Rachel pointed at one of the guys she had invested a lot of time stalking since she had arrive at that particular lounge. He was an exceptionally attractive guy; tall with a lean build and handsome face defined by angled cheekbones and a strong jawline. He was standing next to a guy with a similar look but not as poignantly attractive.

“The one you were talking to is hot!” Jennine commented.

“Yeah, he’s super into me!” Rachel lied.

“Oh yeah?” Jennine commented as she watched him place his hand on the hip of a stunning blonde who slinked up to him.

“His friend is hot too!” Rachel commented.

“He’s ok,” Jennine agreed.

“Let’s take them back to the room!” Rachel suggested.


“Yeah!” Rachel insisted.

“Oh, I don’t know… We’ve only danced a little and his friend is kinda cute but there are tons of hot men here…” Jennine protested.

“Come on!” Rachel whined and then waved at the guys.

The one attached to the blonde made no reaction, but the other one grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to the girls, leaving the slinky blonde behind.

“I’m Nick!” the guy shouted to Jennine over the noise in the crowded lounge.

“Jennine,” she responded, not very enthused.

The man he dragged along didn’t introduce himself and stood there glumly while Rachel wrapped herself around him like a boa constrictor.

“Let’s do a shot!” Nick announced and waved to the bartender.

The bartender seemed to know them and immediately took his order. Jennine found herself slurping down disgusting tasting cinnamon flavored whiskey.

“Ugh! Oh my god!” Jennine choked on the potent, disgusting liquid.

“Another?” Nick barked.

“No!” Both girls sang in unison.

Then Nick spoke to the bartender and the man immediately began mixing a new concoction. Seconds later, there were four pink shots in front of the group.

“I don’t want to drink this shit!” the man next to Nick complained.

“Shut up!” Nick smiled at his friend.

“I don’t want this either!” Rachel protested.

“It’s good, you’ll like this!” Nick assured.

Jennine picked up the shot and touched glasses with her friend and the two men buying drinks. It was a delicious, sugary, fruity swallow that tasted like something she drank once in Hawaii.

“Again!” Nick yelled to the bartender and the man immediately began procuring another round.

“Cheers!” Jennine celebrated while holding up the second shot glass.

“Pineapples!” Nick said to his friend who immediately began laughing.

Boys are so weird! Jennine thought to herself.

The group hung out at the lounge for another hour and the men fed the girls several more drinks and Jennine inhibitions slowly decreased. She was now practically sitting on Nick’s lap and they periodically kissed between additional rounds of the pineapple shots he kept buying. Before Jennine realized it, she was being led out of the lounge and into a taxi. Moments later, they were arriving at their hotel and the foursome piled into the elevator then into the room. They weren’t inside for five seconds before the men were kissing and undressing them. Jennine was having fun and feeling quite drunk. She went along with the flow and found herself naked, along with the other three people in the room. Each couple occupied one of the twin bed but made no effort at discretion. The boys had thrown all of the sheets, that had might have been used to cover their naked bodies, on the floor and left enough lights on in the room to see everything transpiring.

Nick broke away from Jennine’s kiss and spun her at the waist to face her away. Jennine anchored her body and arched her back as she waited for Nick to penetrate her from behind. She could feel his saliva covered fingers smear his spit on her pussy then massage the slimy drool all over the head of his cock. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Rachel’s man had already managed to get his cock inside of her. She also noticed that she didn’t make the man wear a condom either.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Rachel cried out with every thrust.

Just before Jennine became too jealous of her friend’s pleasure, she felt the wide head of a penis push past her lips and create space inside of her vagina.

“Ugh!” Jennine gasped as she got filled.

Nick began to thrust in her slowly at first. The slick, veiny cock stretched her with amazing gratification. Jennine hated that Nick had chosen to penetrate her from behind first. Usually she wanted to be on her back so she could be kissed; gently at first, then with more passion. She wanted his eyes closed during the kissing and then lots of eye contact when she was finally ready to take his penis inside of her. She wanted to be completely ready to take him inside, in fact, dying for it. Doggy-style was a favorite of hers, but not to start. It almost felt like she was cheap and it was all about him. Still, Jennine wanted this. She wanted it badly.

Rachel and Jennine made eye contact from their separate beds in the hotel room. They were both on all fours with a man behind them, thrusting. Jennine looked into her friends eyes and read her face. She had almost a smile on her lips and there was a light in her eyes. This was a bonding experience for Rachel and Jennine loved they were sharing it together.

Rachel broke eye contact and tossed her hair, moaning loudly. She bounced her shoulders causing her breasts to swing like pendulums as she absorbed each invasion from the laboring man.

Suddenly, Jennine felt Nick grab her by the hip and under her armpit, hoisting then and planting her in the small space between the two beds. Instinctively, she gripped the edge of the bed occupied by the other couple as Nick lost no time in re-entering her. Seeing this, the other man realigned Rachel so her head was aligned with Jennine’s.

Do they want us to kiss? Jennine puzzled as Nick increased his tempo behind her.

“Yeah!” Nick roared.

“That’s what’s up!” the other man hooted back at him.

Then, to both the girl’s surprise, they gave each other a high-five hand slap, like something out of an old movie from the eighties. They didn’t quite connect palms on the first try so they attempted a second slap.

“Look at my elbow, dude!” the guy instructed Nick as the two men perfected their celebratory technique while rhythmically fucking the two perplexed girls.

Jennine was feeling slightly annoyed by the juvenile display by the men, even though the cock inside of her felt divine. Her annoyance was short lived as she realized that these two men, albeit extremely immature, both were able to get there dicks hard and fuck without any fear of non-performance or premature ejaculation. They could have gone home with guys who were awful in bed, or couldn’t even get it up they were so drunk. Jennine began embracing the moment and focused on the pleasure she was receiving from the eighties action hero pounding her.

Rachel didn’t need any convincing to have a good time. Even though the room was dimly lit, Jennine could see her friend’s eyes had rolled back into her skull.

“Ahhhhh!” Rachel moaned as she began shaking.

“Wooo!” The man fucking her cheered. Then he slapped her right butt cheek without missing a beat.

For a moment, Jennine debated faking an orgasm, but she was worried she wouldn’t be as convincing as Rachel’s definite real orgasm. She could literally hear how wet her pussy was by the sound made by the cock stirring inside. The entire room was filled with the unmistakable perfume of a well fucked pussy. Jennine was terribly jealous of Rachel at that moment.

“I’m gonna nut!” A voice said behind Jennine. It was Nick and he began thrusting in her more deliberately.

Jennine was going to say something but her mind had been too distracted by Rachel’s orgasm and her own insecurities to be quick enough.

“Ugh! Ugh! Yeah!” Nick belted.

Jennine felt him stop thrusting and hold his cock inside of her at the deepest point of penetration. She could feel him twitching and she definitely felt the deluge of sperm inside of her pussy begin to pool. Thinking about the situation, at first, she would have preferred Nick had pulled out of her. Now, she was glad he just inseminated her. Had he sprayed his cum everywhere, Jennine would have needed to immediately get in the shower, ending the sex completely. 

Nick pulled out of Jennine’s pussy and, immediately after, an enormous rush of sperm leapt out of Jennine’s pussy and dove onto the sheets creating a Rorschach looking blot.

“Hey! Rebecca! Taste your friend!”

Confused, Jennine assumed Nick had just forgotten Rachel’s name. Standing right alongside the bed where Rachel was getting fucked by his friend, Rachel, without hesitating, craned her neck and took the cock in her mouth that had, only seconds earlier, been inside Jennine, ejaculating. Nick’s cock was slick with both sperm and of Jennine’s pussy. Rachel began sucking and, to Jennine’s surprise, took obvious swallows of the cum paste coating the member in spades.

Jennine began feeling very insecure. Rachel was sucking Nick’s cock while getting fucked. Both men were paying attention to her. She already had one orgasm. And her pussy wasn’t dripping with the sperm of a man who instantly abandoned her after cumming inside of her.

What do I do? Jennine cried in her head. She felt herself almost beginning to cry as another large droplet fell out of her pussy.

Seeing her not participating, the man fucking Rachel reached his hand towards her. Jennine’s heart leapt. It was a lifeboat that instantly stopped her from crying and filled her with happiness. It wasn’t true happiness; the elation from something wonderful happening, it was more relief that she was not being rejected.

The man pulled her into him for a kiss and Jennine opened her mouth to accept his tongue. She put a hand on his chest and felt his heart pounding from the exertion of fucking her friend. He never really held still enough to kiss her well. She could feel each thrust as it landed in Rachel.

Breaking her own rule to open her eyes while kissing, she saw that Rachel had hardened Nick’s cock and was doing her best to suck it while getting pounded.

She felt the man kissing her reach behind her ass and slip two fingers into her pussy. He swirled them and Jennine welcomed the feeling of fullness again inside of her. Then, a little too soon for the girl’s liking, he withdrew the fingers and then offered them for Jennine to taste.

Not wanting reject any aspect of the attention, largely out of fear of being dismissed to watch Rachel receive all of the attention and orgasms. Feigning lust, Jennine opened her mouth and allowed the man to stuff his fingers inside.

At first Jennine thought she could fake it and simply wrap her lips around the fingers and never touch her tongue to the foreign object. Immediately, she realized this subterfuge would never work as the man was expecting his fingers licked, so she obliged. To her immediate surprise, Nick’s sperm tasted incredibly sweet. Jennine had tasted her own pussy numerous times. Not as part of any sexual inclination, but mostly out of concern that it is not an objectionable to any man whom she had permitted to lick directly.

“Sweet tasting!” Jennine said out loud.

“Yeah!” Rachel confirmed.

“Pineapples,” Nick boasted with a chuckle.

“Ha!” the man fucking Rachel laughed.

Then, to Jennine’s surprise, Rachel gently reached towards her friend in order to insert a finger as well. Furthering Jennine’s astonishment, she opened her hips and leaned in to give Rachel better access. Rachel, despite having long, painted nails, very gently inserted a finger and swept it backwards so the flat red fingernail’s edge never came in contact with Jennine’s soft and sensitive vaginal canal.

How considerate and clever! She must have done that to herself… or maybe another girl! Jennine thought.

After a single glide inside of her friend, Rachel withdrew the finger and instantly popped it in her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she murmured.

“How does she taste, Rebecca?” the man asked, continuing to not remember Rachel’s name.

“So good!” She responded, not caring about the inaccuracy of her name by the man currently inside of her.

Without responding, he immediately went back to kissing Jennine and fondling her breasts. Jennine felt a hand on her and wasn’t sure if it was Nick’s or Rachel’s. It didn’t matter. Soon enough a set of fingers that did not belong to that hand was making small circles, pressed into the hood of her clitoris. From her proximity, it was the man kissing her, not the other pair. Then she felt the man turn his whole body towards her. This was a comfortable reposition as he had been kissing with his head turned as his hips pointed directly into Rachel. Jennine then noticed he had pulled out of Rachel and the man was attempting to move Jennine’s body to open her hips and put her in a nice position for him to enter.

Do I let him fuck me? Jennine panicked.

As she pondered this question, the man held her firmly by the hip and collapsed her on her back onto the bed, with Jennine’s feet jutting into her ribs. He deftly parted her legs and positioned the head of his cock, which was quite slick from being inside Rachel only seconds earlier, at the opening of Jennine’s pussy. Her internal stream of consciousness belaboured the circumstances and her feeling about them as the man prepared to inset.

Well, I did just let Nick cum inside of me.

And I would like to have more sex, but maybe it should just be with Nick.

But Nick is getting blown by Rachel and she didn’t have any problems with it.

And Rachel did cum on this dick so maybe it’s going to be better than Nick’s…

Jennine didn’t do anything to fight the man. She knew that the moment she took this man’s hand, he would be inside of her at some point. She opened her hips wider, giving the man the ideal opportunity and he pushed inside, using Rachel’s slickness as his lubricant.

“Ahhh!” Jennine moaned as she was penetrated.

The man bounced on her hips, thrusting. Every glide was amazing. Jennine was already filled with sperm and it acted as the perfect lubricant as she got fucked by a man whose name she didn’t even know.

I’ve never fucked two guys in the same day!

I’ve never fucked two guys in the same room!

I’ve never let someone cum in me and then get a bj from my friend!

I’ve never let a girl taste me before!

Am I having an orgy?!?!

Jennine’s mind spun until she felt Rachel bounce on the bed right next to her. The men had both of the girl’s on their back, side by side. Rachel began moaning as she got fucked.

I need an orgasm too! I want this! Jennine thought, focusing.

She felt Rachel grab her hand and squeeze tightly. Jennine gripped back. The man fucking her didn’t have a larger penis than Nick, but the shape was definitely different. She never even really saw the penis; it went from inside Rachel to inside of her. Jennine reached down and began playing with her clitoris while squeezing Rachel’s hand. The scene was chaos but she knew that the only way she could orgasm is if she concentrated.

Jennine’s middle finger was directly on her clitoris with her index and ring finger tightly alongside. She snapped the fingers sideways, rapidly, like a metronome out of control.

“Wooo!” the man fucking her cheered as he watched Jennine masturbate with his cock inside of her.

Jennine began to feel tingly and warm as she progressed. She closed her eyes and focused, driving towards her orgasm. A hand reached out of nowhere and cupped her breast. From the angle, it was definitely Nick. He had reached all the way across her to hold her left breast. Had he reached for the closer one, he would have impeded her ability to rub, and, despite everything going on, Jennine noticed that and was quite pleased at his considerate gesture. Or, possibly, Nick just decided to grab that particular tit and there as nothing more to the fondling.

“Ahh!” Jennine gasped, as she got closer. She could tell she was incredibly wet and her muscles began contracting involuntarily.

“Mmmm! Oh!” Rachel began moaning next to her.

Jennine noticed she wasn’t playing with herself but was able to get such pleasure from just the dick.

Lucky! Jennine thought to herself.

“Cum all at once?” The man fucking Jennine asked the room.

“Ugh!” Rachel cried out, shaking with her orgasm.

“I guess not then,” the man joked.

“Ahh!” Jennine belted. Her muscles contracted and euphoria rushed from her fingertips to her toes. She swam in her delicious orgasm, rolling her hips and arching her back with uncontrollable writhing on top of the mattress, next to her orgasming friend, as they both got pounded.

“That was fuckin’ hot!” Nick commented as the two girls panted.

“She squeeze ya?” the other asked.

“Like a fuckin’ vice, man!”

The two men intentionally bumped shoulders. It seemed like they had done this before.

“Alright, Imma bust,” the man fucking Jennine announced.

Jennine was still coming down from her post-orgasm high. What he said registered with her but she was still half off the planet.

“Grrr! Ahhh! Ah!” the man grunted.

His technique was slightly different than Nick’s. When Nick had inseminated Jennine, he didn’t move a muscle, pumping his semen at the deepest point he could achieve. It almost seem evolutionary to the girl; an attempt to inseminate her with the greatest chance of pregnancy.

On the other hand, his friend continued thrusting but quickly pivoted from long, hard strokes to short, deliberate lunges. She could feel pulsing inside of her and decided that she preferred this finish slightly more than Nicks.

While still inside of her, the man put all of his weight onto her hips and groaned while elongating himself inside.

“Oooh Yeah!”

Then he immediately withdrew and rushed his cum covered cock over to Rachel who gladly sucked his cum off the rapidly shrinking member.

“I think I can cum again,” Nick remarked.

Then, he withdrew from Rachel and replaced his friend between Jennine’s legs and inserted himself into her brimming with cum pussy.

A bit confused by Nick’s actions, Jennine finally spoke up.

“You don’t want to cum inside of Rachel?”

Nick was taken aback by the comment and stammered a bit.

“Well… umm… you know… it’s…”

“You’re on birth control and I’m not,” Rachel articulated for the stammering man.

“So what?” Jennine replied as Nick began thrusting inside of her.

“Is her name Rachel? I thought it was Rebecca,” he blurted.

“It’s Rachel,” the girl slurping on his cock confirmed.

“Oh… I’d prefer…well…I mean,  We’d both prefer to finish inside than pull out,” the other man straightforwardly told.

Jennine was going to object, until she remembered that, not only had both men already came inside of her before she learned of this, but, also that she had specifically gotten on birth control so a potential boyfriend could, indeed, finish inside of her.

As Jennine puzzled over a response, Nick began grunting again while holding the tip of his penis right to her cervix.

“Errrr! Uggg….nnaaa!” Nick growled as he pumped his seed into the girl.

Jennine relaxed her hips and took her third insemination in less than an hour. Both men had drained their ball sacks inside the girl and she wasn’t completely certain if she was pleased about the circumstances.

Did, like, Rachel and the boys decide this for me? She wondered.

Did Rachel tell them, cum inside my friend?

Jennine decided that was exactly how it had transpired. Everyone knew she was on birth control. It seemed planned.

Still, Jennine had gotten to dance and drink. She had gotten fucked exactly the way she wanted and, in truth, she did want to be filled with cum. She absolutely loved the afterglow of having an orgasm and slowly absorbing semen vaginally. It was a huge mood booster for the girl. This was especially true if she was hung over or feeling a bit blue. Still, Rachel has no business making the decision regarding if or how she was inseminated.

What will I do with Rachel?, she plotted.

“I’m going to chill a bit,” Nick sleepily informed everyone on the bed.

“Yeah, I could relax,” the other man commented.

“Ok, I’m going to the bathroom. Come with me, Jennine?” Rachel responded, climbing off the bed.

“I think I’m going to rest a bit too,” Jennine replied.

“Jennine… you should really pee!” Rachel insisted.

“Later,” Jennine sleepily replied.

Rachel shrugged and the men watched her as she walked, naked into the bathroom. With Rachel gone, Jennine snuggled up to the two men.

“We got anymore weed, Paul?” Nick asked.

Paul! That was his name! Jennine screamed in her head.

“Yeah, man… not too much, though. It’s in your bag,” Paul responded.

Nick hopped up grabbed the steel vape pen from a pouch in a backpack, then picked up the remote and snapped on the TV and began scrolling.

Jennine put her head on Paul’s chest and cupped his balls under the covers. Paul smiled and his cock twitched slightly. A moment later, Rachel emerged from the bathroom and saw Jennine cuddling with Paul, the guy she left with. Rachel made a somewhat surprised face then grabbed Nick’s hand and pulled him into the other bed.

Nick took a big drag off the vape pen and then blew smoke into the room.

“You want?” He said to Rachel.

She snatched up the pen and took a huge hit. Rachel was annoyed. She liked Paul more than Nick. She thought Paul was cuter and, more importantly, he had left with her, not Jennine.

Then Nick tossed the pen to his friend who also toked a huge puff before handing the pen to Jennine.

“Nah, I’m cool,” Jennine responded.

“Awwweee… come on,” Rachel goaded, but with a hint of venom.

Jennine took the pen and toked a small puff that she didn’t take into her lungs. She held the smoke in her mouth then exaggerated her exhale before returning the pen to Paul.

All four of them had been drinking. Each had orgasmed, and now, everyone but Jennine was stoned.

“Having sex while high is the best!” Jennine commented, looking at Paul.

Paul had only came once, and, he believed a second ejaculation was quite possible, despite being so high. Jennine pulled back the covers and started sucking Paul’s cock noisily. She could feel Rachel’s angry eyes, piercing through her. She knew how jealous Rachel could be.

Rachel tried to roust Nick in the same way, but the man was dead to the world. He had taken another turn on the weed pen and this, coupled with his second ejaculation, was only interested in sleep.

Rachel abandoned Nick and joined the couple in bed. She immediately began sucking on Paul and vied with her friend to be the dominant mouth servicing his dick. Paul was beyond thrilled to find himself being fought over. Still, it wasn’t enough for Rachel. She wanted to claim Paul. Pushing Jennine slightly out of the way, she straddled Paul’s lap and attempted to impale herself  on his cock.

Unfortunately, due to being so stoned, she was having difficulty being dexterous enough to insert the cock and was glad that Paul took charge, scooting himself out from under the girl, and positioning her to be penetrated from behind. Rachel proudly arched her back to be fucked as Paul fumbled a bit behind her.

Being far more sober than either of them, Jennine, graciously helped Paul enter Rachel’s pussy. She firmly grasped the shaft of his cock and steadily drew it closer to her friend’s slick opening. As she angled the cock, Jennine forced two fingers very deeply inside of her own pussy and, in a scooping motion, painfully pushed them as deeply as she could. Paul watched this curiously. He was quite stoned and couldn’t understand what she was doing.

Upon the completion of Jennine’s deep exploration, her two fingers emerged with a healthy smear of warm semen, recently deposited inside of her by both of the men.

She carefully carried the gluey payload and smeared its entirety onto the head of Paul’s cock. Upon completion, it was as if the dickhead was wearing a beanie made of cum. Then Jennine placed her hands offsetting Rachel’s labia and spread the lips incredibly wide.

“Owww!” Rachel complained.

Paul saw exactly what had just happened and gave Jennine a strange look. Jennine gave him a knowing glance that clearly spelled out for him to allow this to happen. Paul was the kind of man who just ejaculated inside of the same woman as his friend. As soon as it seemed Jennine was intentionally inseminating her friend, he gladly angled his cock to enter her while preserving the sombrero of sperm as be he could.

Rachel’s pussy had been well fucked, and was well stretched. Assisted by Jennine’s spreading, Paul managed to fully penetrate the girl while preserving the large glob.

“Don’t cum in me! Pull out and cum on Jennine!” Rachel commanded.

Jennine looked over at Paul.

“What a bitch,” Paul silently mouthed to Jennine.

“Pull out,” Jennine mouthed back.

Jennine didn’t want Paul to inseminate her. She wanted Jennine to assume everything was fine and not take a morning after pill the next day.

Paul got to work pounding Rachel. Jennine watched her stoned friend hold her pose and greedily monopolize the only working dick in the room. All the while Nick, snored in the other bed.

As Rachel got fucked, Jennine knelt on the bed next to Paul and busied herself digging for errant sperm in her vagina. The deeper she dug, the more globs she found. Paul watched her carefully, and, every time she collected a healthy portion, he’d pull out and permit the girl to tip his penis with the gunk. As they fucked, Jennine placed a considerable portion of semen on Paul’s dick and she wasn’t surprised. Jennine had been inseminated three times and she had carefully preserved the last ejaculate without allowing it to spill out of her vagina.

Paul was thoroughly enjoying himself.

This guy is a real piece of work! Jennine thought to herself as Paul actively participated in the cruel, yet very ironic, deceit Jennine was undertaking.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum!” Paul finally blurted.

He pulled out of Rachel’s pussy and Jennine posed for him as he let loose a liquid confetti explosion that peppered her tits and face with Paul’s buckshot. Even though Jennine’s eyelids were squeezed shut, she could tell Rachel was looking at her wickedly.

“That was hot!” Rachel announced to the glowing Paul and speckled Jennine.

“I’m getting in the shower,” Jennine commented, then hopped out of bed and locked the bathroom door behind her. She took an extra-long shower despite Rachel pounding on the door, demanding entry. When she finally let Rachel in, the girl rolled her eyes at Jennine as she breezed past her into the bathroom.

“Where’s that weed?” Jennine asked Paul who was watching television after definitely smoking more himself.

He pointed to the nightstand and Jennine took a huge puff, then put on a clean thong and climbed into bed. When Rachel got out of the bathroom, Jennine didn’t even look at her.

The following morning, the foursome slept in late and everyone was hung over. The girls packed their things up quickly and put on sweatsuits.

“Hey, um… can I get your number?” Paul asked Jennine when Rachel was in the bathroom and Nick had already departed for the lobby.

“What for?” Jennine puzzled.

“You know… hang out sometime.”

“I don’t know if I’m down for another one of these for a long time… maybe not ever,” Jennine cautioned.

“Yeah, I get that… we could just chill. Just us,” Paul suggested.

“I mean… I fucked your friend. And you fucked my friend… I just don’t think we could be normal.”

“You never know,” Paul offered.

“Fine. I’ll take your number, in case I want to text you,” Jennine offered.

“Cool!” Paul responded and rattled off his number.

A moment after he finished, Rachel appeared and they all got into the elevator for an awkward ride.

“See ya later!” Paul waved to the girls.

Both Rachel and Jennine gave the man a strange smile in response. They both knew they’d never see him again.

“I’m going to get an Uber but over to a friend’s house,” Rachel said to Jennine.


“Yeah. But I had such a good time on our little trip!” Rachel responded, in a fake voice.

The girls hugged coldly and sat in silence until Rachel’s Uber arrived.

Fuck taking the train, I’ll pay for an Uber home! Jennine decided.

A few moments later, her car arrived and she ponied up the huge sum of money for a ride back. Just as she was pulling into the dorms, she noticed Rachel getting out of the same Uber that picked her up in New York.

“What a bitch!” Jennine cursed.

Over the next few weeks, Rachel completely axed Jennine out of her social groups. Jennine didn’t care. She migrated to another group of girls, several of the members being other girls who were former friends of Rachel.

“Hey, did you hear bitchy Rach is preggers and there is this whole crazy thing going on with her?”

“What? No!” Jennine gasped, doing her best not to smile.

“Yeah, I guess she was going to planned parenthood to get that abo-bo but she told her sister… sister told their mom… and I guess her parents are super religious or something… so she’s dropping out of school!”


“Yeah! And the craziest thing is it’s not Brody’s kid either!”

Brody was a boy at Zete that Rachel had begun seeing shortly after her and Jennine’s trip to the city.

“How does he know?”

“I don’t know, she like lied to him or something.”

“Fuck!” Jennine blurted, then gave in and smiled.

After hearing the news, Jennine went to classes but before the end of the day she got a text from Rachel asking her to meet up. Out of sheer curiosity, Jennine agreed to meet her at a coffee shop off campus later that day.

Before the meet, Jennine called a friend who was dating someone at Zete in order to get the inside scoop.

“Ok, it seemed that three weeks ago she had slept with this underclassman I had never heard of named Brody. Brody isn’t a terribly good looking guy, but apparently, his family is super wealthy. So, Rachel tells this boy she he got her pregnant, like, a week after they had sex.”

Three weeks ago was a little more than a month after the New York trip, Jennine estimated.

“So, like, the boy’s parents are like ‘What? Who is this girl?’ and they get all involved. Apparently, they’re both, like, super well-known doctors and they send Rachel to their friend who’s like gyno to the rich and famous… and… Boom! Gyno says Rachel is eight weeks along.”

“No shit!” Jennine laughs.

“Yeah! And the crazy thing is this guy, Brody, totally wants to still be the dad, but his parents are like ‘fuck that’ and file a restraining order on Rachel!”


“Yeah, it’s nuts!”

“Why doesn’t anyone know about this?”

“Oh this all happened, like, today!”

“I heard that she was going to get an abortion but her sister told her parents!” Jennine added.

“No, it wasn’t the sister, Rachel is an only child. It was the cousin. Rachel’s cousin goes to NYU, or something, and she ratted Rach out to the Aunt and the Aunt told the parents.”

“No!” Jennine blurted.

“Yeah, they’re family is like super conservative, republicans or something.”

“Oh, I thought they were religious?”

“Umm… they might be religious, but I heard the reason was they’re like, in love with Fox News, or something.”

“Wow! And their daughter is such a little slut!”

“Oh Rachel is easily the biggest whore in the school! By far!”

“Are they rich republicans or the trashy kind?”

“Oh, they’re super trashy. They have zero money. That’s why Rachel was trying to bag that kid Brody.”

“Who is this guy?” Jennine asked.

“Ok, you know how, like, Zete will let you in, even if you are just a huge loser, if your family has buckets of money?”

“Umm… yeah, that’s why we go there all the time! They book bands I’ve actually heard of for their parties and they don’t have cheap booze.”

“Fuck a Theta, date a Zeta!” they both sang in unison.

“Well, I guess this Brody is, like, the richest kid there. His parents are doctors, but they’re old money New York, like upper-east-side New York!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I guess some of the Zete’s were in the City and, instead of staying in a hotel, they stayed at his parent’s house and dude is just ballin’!”

“Ohhh!” Jennine murmured.

“Yeah, so I guess slutty Rachel got knocked up, missed her period, realized she was preggers, then fucked this kid she thought would just take care of her, like, forever, in his parent’s dope spot on the park.”

Jennine decided that she wouldn’t tell this girl, whom she barely knew and was more than happy to gossip about Rachel, that she would be meeting with Rachel shortly. Jennine knew she had to make certain that Rachel never let people know how she got pregnant.

If she tells everyone that she got knocked up in a four way, it would be worse for her. She won’t say shit! Jennine figured.

An hour later, Jennine sat nervously in the coffee shop, off campus, waiting for Rachel to show up. When she finally did, it looked like she was trying to be incognito. She was wearing a hoodie and had her hair pulled back. She wasn’t wearing any makeup. Jennine barely recognized her.

“Hey!” Rachel said pleasantly.

“Heyyyy!” Jennine replied, stringing out the greeting, almost sympathetically.

As she sat down, Jennine tried to notice if she was showing, but the hoodie was too bulky. Plus it was almost certainly too soon.

“Listen, I was wondering if you had Nick or Paul’s number… you know, the guys from New York?” Rachel asked, very sweetly.

“Oh, umm… no, I don’t. I kinda never wanted to see them again,” Jennine explained, feigning sympathy. The truth was she didn’t get their number but was able to find Nick on social media. Nick was a law student at Columbia and was engaged to a girl who was also in the same graduating class. Looking at his pictures, you’d think he was a sweet guy with a great life. Jennine would never forget watching him high-five his friend as he fucked her.

“Oh, really! Do you know their last names or where they went to school?”

“Oh, jeez… it’s been so long… we were so high… no, I’m sorry. Why?”

Rachel’s sweetness was instantly swept from her face and her lips curled into a resentful scowl.

“Oh, please! Like you haven’t been talking about me behind my back!” Rachel spit at her.

Jennine flipped her demeanour, matching Rachel, and fought back.

“Yeah, congratulations!” Jennine replied, sarcastically.

Rachel gave her a shitty smile.

“You totally let those dudes raw-dog you. They were in me… then in you… then back in me… they busted over and over. Don’t put your problems on me!”

Rachel’s eyes welled up in tears but she choked them back.

“I need to find those guys!”

“Just get an abortion!” Jennine exclaimed.

“I can’t! If I do, my parent’s will completely disown me. They won’t support me. I’ll be on my own and I’ll have to get a shitty job at like Walmart and be a loser. If I have the kid, I can give it up for adoption and then get on with my life. I can come back to school next year. Or transfer somewhere else, I don’t think I can show my face here much longer.”

“Did you tell that kid at Zete it was his kid?”

“No! Where did you hear that?”
“Rach…” Jennine shook her head in disgust.

“Fine. Yes, I did. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know now. But if you can’t help me, then I’m going to start telling people that you were there too!”

“Rachel, if you tell people about what happened then I’ll do something terrible to you!” Jennine cursed.

“Oh, bitch… what are you going to do?”

“Rachel, if you tell people you got knocked up in an orgy, and I was there… I’ll confirm it. I’ll tell everyone it’s true. I’ll tell everyone that you’re a huge slut. And then I’ll make some shit up! I’ll say there was really five guys there! I’ll say you are a drug addict and you were fucking them for coke! I’ll say you have tons of STDs! And I’ll say the guys gave you money to do gross shit and make up the most disgusting things I can!”

“Yeah, but you’d be part of the rumors! You’d be humiliating yourself!” Rachel pushed back.

“I’d already be humiliated but everyone would talk about you, not me. You’re the one who got pregnant. You’re the one who tricked that kid at Zete. You are the story, I’m just confirming it. You’re ‘slutty Rachel’… ‘ratchet Rachel’… you don’t even know who’s kid you have!”

Rachel couldn’t hold back the dam and the well of tears broke free and rolled down her cheeks.

“I need someone to help me! I’m so alone!” Rachel sobbed.

“Rachel, did you tell those boys they could cum inside of me?”

“I… I mean…,” she stammered.

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” she whimpered.


“There was this other girl talking to Paul and she was so pretty. I told Paul I’d go home with him and he said… ‘let me see how the night goes’… and then went back to talking to her. So I said, he could fuck both of us… and he still wasn’t convinced… so I said he could go raw… in both of us… and he still wasn’t convinced… then he said ‘let my boy fuck too’ and pointed to Nick… and I thought Nick was cute too… so I said ‘yeah’… but then he laughed at me and went back to the other girl.”

“I just thought I was super drunk because we were all of the sudden just taking them back to our room,” Jennine admitted. “What the fuck happened?”

“It was looking like Paul was going to leave with this other girl… so I started talking to Nick… and he was super down… I kinda oversold it… and he went over to Paul and made him ditch that bitch to leave with us… but when Paul came over he said if he was going raw he didn’t want to pull out… and I hate condoms, and I was so drunk… but I said I wanted them to pull out… and Paul was like… ‘that other girl is hotter, Imma hit that, tough luck, Nick’… and I knew you were on birth control, so I said they could cum in you, not me…”

“That was so nice of you,” Jennie growled at her with a healthy dose of sarcasm and vitriol.

“I told you… now do you know their names?”

Jennine thought about what a scumbag she thought Nick was when she learned he was engaged but still ejaculated into her. But then Jennine figured if Nick was exposed then she would be as well. Besides, she owed Rachel absolutely nothing.

“Rachel, do you remember when you orgasmed all over Paul’s dick and then he pulled out of you to cum inside me… and then Nick stuck his cock in you while waiting to nut in me a second time?”

“Umm… yeah, I guess?” Rachel admitted.

“I doubt you sucked all the cum off Nick’s cock so he’s probably the father… wherever he is…”

The end

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