Jetsetting & Fornicating

Note: There is a glossary of all Italian Slang at the end of the Story.

Condensation from the icy cold beer collected into a fat bead then ran down the tall glass until it collided with the dark red nail polish on Emma’s fingers. She shook the deliquescence off then pushed her dark brown hair behind her ear before taking another sip. The smell of cut grass wafted in the air, which was in sharp contrast to the sawtooth of towering glass comprising the Singapore skyline.

“Fumo?” Emma asked her friend, in accented Italian, while picking up her pack of thin cigarettes and her lighter.

“Certo!” Isabela responded, smiling while her eyes danced.

The pair smoked along the wall at the outdoor bar near the Marina Bay Financial Center while they watched the ex-pats trail in and out of the buildings and escalators in their wool suits. The two girls were each wearing long flowing dresses as if they were spending the day in Bali. Emma and Isabela were on a long vacation that had started several months before, in Boracay, and was still going strong. This was more than partly due to their inclusion of local men along their journey. The pair would arrive at their latest destination without accommodation and frequent posh bars and beach clubs in search of attractive, wealthy men with interest in buying them drinks before inviting them for a cigarette on their balcony. The ladies had successfully been temporary residents at some of the finest residential addresses in the world without so much as opening their Nico Giani’s to pull out a credit card.

Thanks to these temporary boyfriends, Emma had experienced fine local dining, delightful adventuring, and even shopping; fully financed by the gentlemen, of course.

Emma was in her mid-twenties. Her father was from Italy and her mother an American woman who spent her youth trapsing around Europe. Emma grew up in Italy but spent a significant amount of time in New York, where her mother eventually landed after running out of youthful gas. Emma had the tanned skin of a Mediterranean woman who had conspired to spend her life soaking up the sun on exotic beaches. Despite identifying as European, she had the voluptuous figure of an American girl with full hips and lovely, sizable breasts. She had remarkably high cheekbones and a relaxed expression across her face from hardly working a single day since she had decided college simply wasn’t for her when she was nineteen. She was a career party girl and the lifestyle agreed with her.

Emma took long drags off her cigarette while watching the men; there was something particular she was seeking. Although she had no hotel room for the night, she wasn’t going to sleep with any man who had four walls and a roof. She wanted excitement and passion in a luxurious environment with a man she couldn’t wait to devour.

“Un bell’uomo,” Isabela remarked, pointing her cigarette at a sharp looking man in an expensive suit. He was around thirty with a lean, athletic build and appeared to be of Nordic descent.

Emma looked over at him and instantly agreed on her friends assessment.

The man seemed to be waiting at the edge of the outdoor bar area. Isabella looked directly at him in a manner that caught his eye. He looked surprised that the young brunette was making such deliberate eye contact with him. Then Isabella waved to him, beckoning the man to join the pair.

A look of panic washed over the man’s face. He stood there, distressed, and even looking a little heartbroken.

“Lui è scemo!” Isabella declared, certain only a stupid man would decline the invitation of two beautiful girls. She could see from the short distance he was not wearing a wedding ring. Without hesitation, she began walking towards him to figure out why he was not interested; Isabella never accepted a rejection. The man was frozen in horror as she approached.

The moment before Isabella arrived, she noticed the Nordic man’s eyes dart towards a young, dark-haired, local girl who was also walking in his direction.

La sua Ragazza! Isabella cursed in her head, realizing he was not only already taken, but belonged to a woman she deemed less attractive than herself.

“Sei uno stronzo!” She wafted in the general direction of the man.

Emma watched and laughed from the short distance. The moment the local Singaporean girl reached her man, an argument between the coupled ensued. The local had evidently seen the exchange between her man and the brunette. The Nord emphatically explained he didn’t know Isabella, nor was he interested in her. The dark haired girlfriend was highly sceptical.

“Mi fa cagare!” Isabella cursed to her friend after turning on her Giannico heels and returning to their smoking spot.

Emma responded by extending her pinkie and index finger into horns and snapping her wrist several times to protect them against the local girl’s badmouthing from across the open air bar.

As Emma gestured, a man suddenly caught her eye. He wasn’t the typical archetype banker she was hunting. He was a tall muscular, rugby-player looking sort; definitely an American. What really caught her eye was the buckle of his shoe; an Italian brand she was quite familiar with that was rather expensive. From the buckle of his shoe, she traced her eyes upwards to the bulge in his American jeans, then the Swiss watch on his wrist.

“Figone!” Emma declared, gesturing at the Americano.

The man walked over to the bar and ordered a tall Stella Artois without appearing to have anyone in particular he was there to meet.

Emma decided to play it cool and keep smoking her cigarette, waiting for an opportunity to catch his eye. Very casually, she bent at the waist to adjust her strappy sandal then grasped the skirt of her flowing dress. As she rose, she held on tightly, causing her neckline to plunge further exposing more of her alluring cleavage.

“Bella!” her friend complimented while subtly clapping.

Emma noticed him pull a pack of cigarettes out of his bag then place a napkin over his beer to save his chair. He walked over to the wall, not too far from the pair, and lit a Marlboro. Emma pointed her body towards him while keeping her face directed towards her friend. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed his gaze fall on her and linger for several seconds. She knew he liked what he saw; Emma had a sixth sense about these things. She pretended nothing happened, intentionally smoking very sensuously, pouting her lips as she touched them to her long, thin cigarello. When she exhaled smoke, one would have thought she was doing so post-orgasm. Just as she had anticipated, the man walked to her.

He had a confident smile and made eye contact with Emma as he approached.

“I saw you smoking so I decided to join you. Are you on vacation?” he asked, warmly.

“Vacation? No… if you live your life correctly, there is no need for vacation,” Emma responded, curling her lips into a playful smile. “Are you on vacation? Or possibly you are a Singaporean?”

The man laughed genuinely and pulled another cigarette from his pack the exact moment Emma retrieved a fresh stick. He lit hers before his own and took a casual drag. The entire time they never broke eye contact.

“I suppose I’m not living my life correctly… I’m here to work.”

“From America? What part?” Isabella asked.


“Ahh!” both girl commented.

“What are your names?” he asked.

“Emma,” she responded in a sultry voice, placing her hand on his arm.

“I’m Steven. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Certo! Certo!” Emma responded, pulling herself in a little closer.

“E il mio nome e Isabella,” Isabella interjected, playfully at the almost couple.

The trio went back to the bar and ordered a round of Sambucas. Not long after, they grabbed a table and the drinking continued with intermittent sliders and wings. As the evening crowd arrived, Isabella peeled off from the pair and acquainted herself with a table of English bankers. 

Emma looked into Steven’s eyes, with a decisive gaze that all but commanded him to make a move on her.

Steven pulled out his credit card and held it into the air for the waitress to see. She came over with the card reader in her hand allowing Steven to pay right at the table. Without a word, he stood up and offered Emma his hand to assist her. Smiling, she took his and the pair walked towards the borderline of the open air bar. They passed Isabella on their way out. The girl was surrounded by men loosening their ties and jockeying to capture her attention.

“In boca al lupo!” Emma called to her friend.

“Crepi il lupo!” She shot back with a smile; it was a joke they always shared during such moments.

Steven lived in the same complex as the bar; a giant glass tower. The pair walked past the security guard and Steven used his key card to open the elevator doors to whisk them to his room. He lived on the twenty-nineth floor in a very sterile looking apartment that was definitely occupied by a single man who was a workaholic. Along the wall was a row of windows and a balcony. He ushered her to the balcony and lit her cigarette as they looked at the skyline shimmering in the hot night.

“Can we smoke inside?”

“I’d rather not, we have the balcony and I don’t want my apartment to smell of old cigarettes.”

Emma accepted this, although not thrilled. She wanted to lounge on the couch and smoke at her pleasure. Maybe she wasn’t persuasive enough she thought.

“Do you have a t-shirt I can wear, this dress is a little uncomfortable,” Emma asked as Steven closed the door to the balcony behind them.

“Umm, sure,” Steve replied and selected a random workout tee then handed it to the girl.

Emma placed the garment down, then stood while grabbing her dress by the sides. In one smooth motion, she pulled the dress completely off, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It was a moment that Steven knew he would never forget for the rest of his life; it was cinematic surreal. Her breasts were round and plump with perfectly shaped triangles of white surrounding each nipple from sunbathing in a very revealing bikini. Another white triangle glowed off her waxed flesh, highlighting her delicate folds. She had a voluptuous figure and smooth curves. She smiled at Steven then, as if to imply the show was over, pulled the t-shirt she was given over her head and allowed the garment to fall, covering her gorgeous body. The shirt was long enough that Emma could have worn it as a cocktail dress, provided she had the correct belt to pull it close around her hips. She keenly focused her eyes on Steven, taunting him to see if he was going to make a move as she sat down on the couch and sensuously crossed her legs.

Controlling himself the best he could, Steven walked around the couch and sat next to the girl and in one motion, wrapped his arm around her and confidently leaned in to kiss. Emma accepted his tongue into her mouth then began feeling his chest as Steven’s hands began to wander.

After cupping Emma’s breasts through the fabric, he felt the girl hiking up the material of the shirt. Between kisses, he could see the blinding white triangle, split by her puffy labia. He reached down and traced a finger along her pouty lips, separating them. After which he began tracing a small, slow circle, balancing his finger on her clitoris. He incorporated more fingers in order to widen his circle widened. Within moments Emma’s slickness coated his fingers.

“Ugh! I need you inside of me!” she moaned.

Steven grabbed her by the wrists and led her to the corner of the bed where he sat her down while he fished in the nightstand drawer for a condom. While he opened the pack, Emma busied herself with his belt. After expertly removing it, she zipped open his pants then made very deliberate eye contact as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft before gobbling up the head. She drew on the head with incredible suction while tightly gripping the shaft. Steven’s eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure.

Without removing the cock from her mouth, Emma reached up and took the condom out of Steven’s hand. She then placed the prophylactic in her mouth and deep throated the cock while using her tongue to expertly roll on the condom in one spectacular motion.

With the condom securely on, Steven pulled out of the girl’s mouth, anticipating penetrating the stunning, tanned girl. Emma rolled back on her hips, opening them incredibly wide, so he could slide inside of her uninhibited. They kissed passionately while Steven pounded her on the bed. They switched positions several times before Steven couldn’t stand it any longer and shot his load inside of the condom with Emma’s ankles on his shoulders.

“Cigarette?” Emma asked as Steven was withdrawing a full condom from her body.

“Yeah,” he responded, slightly out of breath.

The pair smoked naked on the balcony, starring into the twinkling skyline as the lazers zigzagged atop the Marina Bay Sands. Emma enjoyed the lovely moment. She had picked the right guy and her Singapore adventure was off to a fabulous start. Once back in bed, Steven had recovered and Emma gladly took him back inside of her. This time, having already been intimate, Steven peeled off the condom during the zenith of their coupling and Emma posed for him to paint her exquisite breasts with cum. The following morning they had sex again, this time, Emma took Steven into her mouth for his orgasm. Afterwards, they showered together, then left for their day; Steven at his office and Emma galivanting around the city with Isabella.

Steven was very comfortable with the girl being there and allowed her to leave her luggage and spend several nights. Each night, and again in the morning, they would have enjoyable sex before going about their day.

A few nights later, after a very pleasant coupling, Steven fell asleep with Emma, naked in his bed. He was dreaming, holding the girl, and quite relaxed when Emma’s phone began ringing. She sat up in bed and picked up the phone.

“Isabella?” she asked in a worried tone.

Steven heard the girl on the other end of the phone speaking rapidly. Looking over at the clock, he noticed it was past three in the morning.

“Che palle!” Emma cursed into the phone.

The girls continued to speak for a few more moments until Emma held the phone into the bedsheets and looked at Steven.

“Isabella had a fight with this guy she is seeing and he threw her out… I said she can stay here tonight. Is it ok?”

It was difficult to say no to the naked stunning girl, but Steven was a little concerned he was inviting more drama into his life than he wanted. He had no idea how long Emma would be in town and he was happy to host the girl as long as it was convenient and fun, but not a moment longer.

“Just for tonight,” Steven agreed.

Emma kissed his cheek then began speaking rapidly on the phone with her friend.

“Grazie! Grazi!” she lauded.

Steven grinned a fake smile, knowing he was being taken advantage of by the girls. He had already assumed that Isabella had found her own man and was camped out at his condo each night; exchanging sex to live in the Interlace or Raffles Place, probably. The arrangement had, evidently, run its course and the man had become annoyed with his house guest and dismissed her.

“She’s in a taxi,” Emma said, while covering the receiver. To Steven, it seemed she was already en route before he had agreed.

The girls talked for a few more minutes before Steven heard Emma end the conversation.

“Can you get her in the lobby?” the naked girl asked.

“Umm… yeah,” Steven agreed and pulled on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

In the lobby, he saw the girl he remembered from the bar a few days prior. She was wearing incredibly low-cut shorts paired with a tank and no bra; her hard nipples poking through the material. She had a suitcase at her feet. The concierge at the desk had stopped her from entering the bank of elevators until she was accompanied even though the lift wouldn’t budge without an access card.

Steven flashed his room card at the man who had seen him a hundred times in the lobby. The concierge’s attitude improved slightly at seeing the resident there to fetch her, but was still treating Isabella like a gypsy; albeit an attractive one.

“Grazie tante!” Isabella sang as Steven collected her and carried her suitcase into the elevator.

She was quiet during the ride up until they reached the apartment. Emma had put on a silk robe but was still visibly naked as she embraced her friend. They went outside and smoked while Isabella spoke in a tone that seemed to convey a great annoyance had been done to her. Everything was in Italian and Steven couldn’t understand a single word when he went out to join them for a smoke. It was four in the morning and he was exhausted. On top of this, he had to be at work in a few hours.

He left the balcony and crawled into bed. The girls remained outside, smoking and talking. Steven couldn’t fall back asleep. He decided to assert himself and demand the girls end their conference so he could at least sleep a few more hours before his alarm started and his workday began. Steven walked to the balcony and open the door decisively.

“Bed,” he commanded, looking at Emma.

She nodded at him and went back to her cigarette and conversation.

“Now,” he added, firmly.

As he closed the door, he saw, out of the corner of his eye, the two girls extinguish cigarettes that had not been smoked to completion, then rise. Steve climbed into bed as he heard the balcony door closing, then to his surprise, both girls were walking towards his bed. He had assumed that Isabella would sleep on the couch but now his pulse rose as it seems she intended to bunk with him and Emma. Then, cinematically, Emma pulled the silk curtains of her robe open, shrugged off the garment, then carefully placed it on top of her belongings. Completely naked, she crawled into bed just as Isabella began wriggling out of her shorts.

Emma inched across bed like a tigress, stalking her quarry; Steven was a gazelle, completely frozen on the Serengeti. She crept further until her lips pressed into his. Her momentum continued until she was completely on top of him. He reached up and held her naked body, caressing her breasts. Then he felt his basketball shorts being pulled off his body. Emma’s hands were wrapped behind his back. It was Isabella undressing him.

Steven began kissing Emma with wild abandon, mostly trying to distract himself, as he felt a warm, wet mouth encircle his stiff cock and suck luxuriously. Over the past few nights, Emma had treated Steven with her mouth, even allowing him to spurt his load for her to swallow. Isabella’s suckling was equally exquisite but her technique was much different. Emma would firmly grip the shaft while putting tremendous pressure on the head with her mouth as she made short, forceful strokes. Then she would completely change pace and flutter her tongue delicately on his frenulum before returning to her grip and suck. It only took a few rotations of this technique before Steven was announcing his impeding ejaculation and Emma locked her lips on the head and used a very fast stroke, with considerable less squeezing, while he burst in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

“Swallowing is better; if you spit then you taste it more. Better to just take it down the hatch,” she joked afterwards, using an American idiom. The girl would effortlessly interchange Italian with American English; Steven found this incredibly erotic.

Isabella would delicately move her mouth up and down his cock while swirling her tongue. She made a ring, using her thumb and forefinger, which she held closely at her mouth to run up and down the cock while she plunged the phallus into her throat. The other hand firmly held Steven’s balls. The skilful technique was ethereal and, had Steven not ejaculated in a condom, buried deeply in her friend’s vagina a few hours earlier, he would have been unable to stop himself from cumming in the girl’s divine mouth.

I can’t imagine what would possess a man to throw this girl out of his condo? Steven thought as Isabella fellated him.

Emma was straddling Steven’s body as they kissed passionately. She clawed at this back while her tongue cavorted with Stevens. Abruptly, the focus of her lust diminished; something was distracting her greatly.

“Uhh!! Uhh!” Emma moaned, breaking away from Steven’s kiss.

Steven could feel Isabella’s hand was still gripping his shaft and holding his balls but the mouth was elsewhere. Raising up on his elbows, Steven peering into the darkness. His room was cast in twilight with the glimmering lights of the skyline from the large windows on the other side of the room. As his eyes adjusted they converged on what was distracting Emma. Steven could see that Isabella’s face was pressed into Emma from behind, licking her inner lips and clitoris as she arched her back.

“Ti piace cosi?” Isabella asked with her tongue still gliding across her lips.

“Si, cosi mi piaci, cosi!” Emma moaned. “Sono tutta bagnata!”

Isabella alternated between deep throating Steven’s cock and flicking Emma’s clit with her tongue. Finally, Emma could no longer stand the teasing.

“Fuck me!” she screamed out at Steven.

Steven felt her hips lower and Isabella, firmly gripping his shaft, guide the head of his cock inside the girl’s soaked pussy.

“Wait!” Steven begged. “I’m not wearing a condom.”

Neither girl paid any attention.

Emma began bouncing up and down on Steven’s cock while Isabella’s tongue glided along his shaft at every withdrawal. At one point, Isabella stuffed her mouth completely, gagging on Steven’s sack. Wanting to be fucked harder, Emma grabbed Steven’s shoulders and rolled to her side on the large bed.

Dexterously, Steven stayed inside of her, as they athletically transitioned to missionary. Without missing a beat, he held the girl behind her knees and pounded her with long, powerful strokes. At the culmination of each thrust, the smack of flesh could be heard.

“Scopami! Scopami!” Emma yelled, begging for more.

Isabella was now alongside Steven. They kissed without any slowing of the rhythmic pummelling. He could taste Emma’s pussy on her lips.

Steven grabbed Isabella by the waist and pulled her on top of Emma so she was straddling her friend. Isabella’s ass was now pointed towards him as the two girls began kissing; Emma on her back, getting fucked. With Isabella in the perfect position, Steven withdrew from Emma then arched his hips upward to penetrate Isabella from behind.

“No!” Emma screamed.

Steven stopped abruptly, hearing Emma’s angry shout.

“You are mine! You don’t fuck my friend!” she scolded.

Isabella looked over her shoulder demurely at Steven, then resumed kissing Emma’s neck and face. Emma’s eyes were ablaze looking at the man poised to insert his erection into Isabella’s lovely wet pinkness, hovering in the ideal position. It seemed he was allowed to kiss Isabella, and even receive oral sex from her, but, Emma drew the line at intercourse.

Fuck! Fine… When in Rome! Steven joked, consoling himself.

Even though Isabella’s pussy was a mere inches away from the tip of Steven’s cock, he abided by Emma’s rules and slid his cock back inside of the woman who had just declared ownership of him. The instant his cock was back inside of Emma, she returned to kissing Isabella as if nothing had even happened.

To make up for not experiencing Isabella’s pussy, Steven started fucking Emma as hard as he could and the girl squealed with pleasure. After a few minutes, she pushed her friend off her chest and replaced her, presenting her round ass to Steven. Isabella positioned herself laying down, subordinate to Emma and took her tongue back in her mouth as soon as Emma was situated with a good arch of her back.

This is fucking unreal! Steven thought to himself as he parted Emma’s slick labia with the head of his cock.

Steven could feel his orgasm building. Emma’s pussy clenched him as he slid. It was hot, wet, velvet; it was quite evident to Steven that she preferred the cock inside of her without a condom. Steven’s hips smacked into Emma’s perky ass causing her tits bounced underneath her at each jolt. All the while she screamed in-between kissing Isabella.

Isabella broke away from the kiss after Emma whispered something to her and crawled underneath Emma’s splayed hips. Steven could feel her tongue licking Emma’s clitoris while he fucked her from behind. At the origin of each lick, Isabella’s tongue would start on Steven’s shaft before running into her friend’s tender bits. Emma was screaming with ecstasy.

“Sto per venire!”

“Sto per venire!”

“Sto venendo!”

Steven could feel her pussy gripping his cock as she orgasmed. The intense clutching and releasing was impossibly pleasurable. The flicks from Isabella’s tongue pushed him right to the edge. Steven couldn’t hold off much longer.

Fuck! Should I pull out? Steven thought, panicked. Somewhere in the primal sections of his mind he decided that he should embrace this moment in every possible way. He could live a thousand lives and never again have an experience that parallels. Steven was going to finish inside of the strangling pussy of a stunning woman while her friend tongued them both.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted, giving Emma a final chance to demand that he doesn’t inseminate her.

“Vienimi dentro! Inside! Cum inside!” she moaned, shuddering through her orgasm.

It was all too much for Steven. His mind blew a fuse as he convulsed for a moment before the pressure, deep inside of him, unleashed in a massive injection of sperm into Emma. Isabella’s tongue continued to dance, extending the electric shock on Emma’s clitoris, making her squeeze the cock exploding inside of her. Even though Steven had came a few hours ago with Emma, it was a mundane orgasm inside of a condom. It was nothing compared with the madness of this climax, amplified by the duelling indulgences of Isabella’s tongue and Emma’s unprotected pussy. The gratification crescendoed with such intense pleasure, only deeply degenerate drug addicts, a moment before stopping their own heart with a massive overdose of their favorite narcotic, could possibly comprehend the bliss. If given the option, Steven would have lived in that moment for all eternity. Unfortunately, the massive hit of dopamine abated and he, reluctantly, floated back to Earth. When he arrived, he was still deep inside of Emma’s gorgeous pussy, where his cock was, effectively, obstructing the escape of his semen inside. His heart, as well as Emma’s, thumped in their chests as if they had just ran for their lives from, almost, certain death. Isabella was somewhat trapped underneath her friend and, noticing this, Emma tried to reposition her body to allow her friend venue to escape. In doing so, she managed to pull her hips away from Steven, dislodging his cock out of her well fucked pussy. The moment Steven withdrew, an ocean of semen bubbled out of the girl’s vagina and poured directly into Isabella’s hair who was still underneath her hips.

“Cazzo!” Isabella cursed, feeling the hot, viscus goop infiltrate her styled locks.

Emma laughed at her then stood up, grabbed the girl by the elbow, pulling her towards the shower.

“Dai,” Emma commanded at Steven, who joined the pair in the shower. Steven helped Emma wash Isabella’s hair thoroughly then they took turns washing each other. By the time they returned to bed, it was nearly dawn.

Steven passed out instantly, only to be awoken by the blaring of his alarm two hours later.

“Fuck! I have to go to work,” he mumbled.

Steven decided showering a second time followed by coffee would be the only way he’d make it through the first half of his work day. The two girl’s seemed dead to the world, laying wrapped up in the sheets.

After showering, Steven walked out of the bathroom to find Emma, awake in bed. Isabella was still asleep, tucked away with her face to the wall.

“Are you two going to stay here while I go to work?” Steven asked, hinting he was uncomfortable with leaving them alone in his apartment. Emma had never stayed in Steven’s apartment when he wasn’t there.

“Let her sleep,” Emma whispered back. “We’ll leave around lunchtime.”

“Sure,” Steven allowed, showing more than a hint of annoyance.

Emma definitely picked up on his irritation. She then carefully climbed out of bed, so as not to wake the sleeping Isabella. Emma was still naked from the previous night and looked truly inviting.

“Scopami ancora?” she posed, seductively.

“What?” Steven whispered

“Let’s have sex again… before we leave,” she whispered in a deviant tone.

Steven was exhausted but the evening’s events were still fresh in his memory. It was the most unbelieve thing that had ever happened to him. Still, he was already guaranteed to be late for work.

“If I’m not on the train in five minutes, I’m going to be late,” he lamented.

“Good, we only need three,” Emma taunted.

She slinked over to Steven and pulled off his towel then dropped to her knees and began performing her intensely rough oral sex routine, squeezing and sucking with fervour.

Steven’s heart immediately began thumping in his chest, rushing blood to his extremities causing his cock to engorge within Emma’s mouth. After a matter of seconds, he was rock hard. Emma stopped her routine, stood, turned around and delicately placed her hands on the back of the couch. She arched her back, bending at the waist, then raised up onto the balls of her feet. Steven could see her delicate little lips and he instantly wanted to be back inside.

Holding her by the hip, he penetrated her deeply. Emma gasped as she took him in. Steven then proceeded to pound her from behind while Emma absorbed the shock of each thrust. Out of the corner of his eye, Steven saw that Isabella had awoken and was sitting up in bed, watching them with great interest. Steven was incredibly comfortable fucking while the girl watched, having already performed last night.

Emma took one hand off the couch and began furiously rubbing her clitoris with two fingers in a side-to-side motion. Within moments she began breathing sharp, halted breaths as she convulsed.

Feeling Emma’s pussy clenching, Steven thrusted faster and concentrated until he began pumping his load inside of the girl for the second time. He never even considered pulling out or asking permission to inseminate the girl.  

The pair slowed down, then, a moment later, Steven’s rapidly shrinking cock slid out of the girl followed immediately by a rush of his cum that plopped on the floor in a mess. Emma turned around and the two kissed passionately.

“Bravi! Bravi!” Isabella cheered while clapping.

After the kiss, Steven hurriedly threw on clothes then instructed the girls on how to lock up before he raced to catch the train to his office where he sat at his desk, smelling Emma’s pussy all over his body.

When he returned to the condo after work, the two girls had long since departed along with their suitcases. Emma had always left her suitcase during her previous outings. The only thing remaining was a short, handwritten note that read:

“Ciao, -E.”

A few days prior, Steven had exchanged social media accounts with Emma. That evening, Steven saw her latest update; the girls had decided to travel to Kuala Lumpur by train. Steven continued to follow them for the next few days. After Malaysia, they flew to Siem Reap. After Cambodia they continued on their crazy adventure and Steven stopped following her movements.

A few months later, Steven travelled back to the US for the Christmas holiday. When he was in the States he would power down his SingTel phone and exclusively used his Verizon phone which he kept anticipating an eventual permanent return home. It wasn’t too expensive to roam with SingTel, yet Steven always felt it was a good reset to lose touch with everyone in Singapore once a year.  All of his real friends in Asia were also his colleagues and they knew how to get a hold of him. The only people who exclusively had his Singaporean number were romantic interests and there was no one in Steven’s life at the moment. After an enjoyable retreat home, Steven landed at Changi airport and switched on the SingTel phone for the first time in weeks. The screen explode with new messages and, surprisingly, a few of the messages were from Emma. It had been several months since he last heard from the girl and Steven smiled nostalgically. The messages were not very descript; they just said ‘hey’ and then a second ‘hello?’ a few days later with no further information. He responded back, but the number no longer belonged to the girl and the messages registered as undelivered.

With Emma still on his mind, Steven taxied back to his apartment and pulled up her social media account on his laptop. It seemed Emma had returned to Italy shortly after Singapore. She only had one short trip to Australia after Cambodia and it was maybe a few days at most. After Australia there seemed to be a large gap in her postings. Emma resumed posting and the most current pictures were with her family. They were celebrating Christmas, yet something was amiss. She looked a little puffy in the face and wore clothes that were not the stylishly form-fitting ensembles she trapsing around in Asia wearing on her adventures. Clicking through the photos, he finally saw it; Emma appeared to be several months pregnant. Steven’s heart stopped in his chest while starring.

“Is… Is that my fucking kid?” he puzzled.

Steven counted the months back. It was five months ago, around mid-August, she had spent those days with him. He quickly scrolled through more photos. She never wore a wedding ring or had her arms around a man who appeared to be the father in any of them.

“I’m certain she slept with a lot of guys besides me,” he reasoned while remembering the unprotected sex where he twice ejaculated inside of the girl. 

After pouring over dozens of photos, he debated sending her a message. He had never sent her a direct message through social media and didn’t know what to say after so much time had passed.

“What would I say?” he pondered aloud. “Hey Emma, what’s up? How was your Christmas? Are you having my baby?”

Studying her photos further, she hadn’t shown off the pregnancy until very recently. The previous few months, in the few posts she made, she was either covered or was it was too soon for the bump to be so visible. As if to send out a feeler, Steven liked one of her photos where she was sticking her belly out and posing.

“If she doesn’t reach out to me, I’ll send her a message,” Steven said to himself.

Exhausted from the seventeen hour flight, he went to sleep in the middle of the day and woke around midnight. Feeling incredibly groggy, he pulled open his laptop and checked to see if he had gotten a response. There was none. Then Steven clicked over to her page to see if she had been online except he wasn’t greeted with the thousands of images of the girl and her life. Nothing came up.

“She fucking blocked me?!”

On both of the social media platforms Steven knew about, he had been blocked by the girl. This was a very strange turn. He couldn’t even go through her list of friends to find Isabella. He didn’t know either of their last names or anything about them. Not what city they were from or any facts that would help solve this mystery.

Years passed and, eventually, Steven returned to the US, never knowing what became of Emma and her child. A child that very well might have been conceived in a Zen resort in Cambodia, or a swanky hotel in Kuala Lumpur, or a glass tower in Marina Bay during a threesome.

The End

Glossary of Italian Terms used in this story:

“In boca al lupo” – good luck. It technically means in the mouth of the wolf

“Crepi il lupo!” – the response which technically means ‘may the wolf die’. People typically just say ‘Crepi’ but I went with the full use of the slang.

“Mi fa cagare!” – means ‘that was awful’. It technically translates to makes me poop.

“Sei uno stronzo!” – you are stupid

“Figone!” – a good looking guy

“Un bell’uomo,” – same as Figone – a good looking guy

La sua Ragazza! – technically means girl but in this context girlfriend

“Lui è scemo!” – means ‘you’re stupid’

“Grazie tante!” – thank you very much

“Che palle” – what balls/what nerve

“Si, Cosi mi piaci, cosi!” – you feel so good

“Sono tutta bagnata!” – im so wet

“Sto per venire!” – I’m going to cum

“Sto venendo!” – I’m cumming

“Dai” – has many meaning. It can be “come on”. It can also be a bit of a reprimand, which is the case here.

“Scopami” – to fuck

“Bravi” – Bravo is to cheer a male performer, Brava is to cheer a female performer. Bravi is to cheer every performer, which was the case for Isabella cheering Steven and Emma. Italian is a very gendered language.

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