How Much is Candy (Part II)

Candy had worked at the massage parlour for a few months and developed quite a clientele of middle-aged businessmen who routinely plunked down hundreds of their hard earned dollars, every week, to have the sporty freshmen slather them with oil before jerking their over-the-hill cocks into an explosive orgasm. She had refined her technique to use both hands, twisting in opposite directions, while gliding in unison up and down the shaft as the nineteen year old squeezed the perfect amount. She always kept her dominant hand on top so she could apply an extra motion, rolling her palm atop the penis head at the apex of each twist. Occasionally, she’d mix it up and use the flat, hard palm of her hand to firmly, but gently smack the rising head at the pinnacle of her stroke, simulating the penis colliding with a supple but unyielding cervix. Most men couldn’t stand more than one minute before they were cumming buckets. It wasn’t unusual for a first time customer to start shooting after a few seconds.

When she first started working, she dabbled in letting the men negotiate with her for various modifications to the traditional happy ending. These extras ranged from her removing certain articles of clothing to one gentlemen who paid the teenager an extra forty dollars if she would spit in his mouth. Others peculiar request included suckling on her toes in an incredibly creepy fashion.  During the first week, Candace even broke down and accepted a two hundred fifty dollar offer to suck a customer’s cock until he exploded in her mouth. However, that situation was unlikely to repeat as the man who received the exceptional service was spectacularly good looking and Candace would have eagerly let the man put his penis anywhere he wanted. Her preference was deep inside of her vagina, but the man passed on the opportunity to be the teenager’s fourth notch on her bedpost and insisted on her mouth.

Now, Candace only had one item on the menu; her marvellous, twisting hand job, topless – touching, no pinching – for the price of one hundred and twenty dollars. To the delight of the customer’s she preferred performing her craft with her breasts exposed as she found too many previous customers had splotched semen on her top. Candace despised dried sperm on her clothes while working; it was impossible to get off without washing the garment. Secondly, it was her deepest fear to be exposed at her university as being the queen of hand jobs, and walking around with semen encrusted clothing would be noticed by any of her female peers who had ever caused a penis to spurt; which was just about all of them.

She found the simple transaction to be the best for everyone involved. Most men didn’t know what they wanted. Giving them an option only complicated the situation.

“Regulars are always better than walk-ins,” Candy preached to a new girl. “You know what you’re dealing with. Walk-ins are a crap-shoot.”

Of all of Candy’s regulars, her favourite was the very first client she ever had; ‘Fat Rick’, as she called him to the other girls. During her first encounter, Candy had been so stoned, she had forgotten she was working at a massage parlour and sucked his shrimpy little cock as if she were some new man the girl was dating. Ever since, Fat Rick had been in love with her. He was always buying her gifts and splurging on the girl with unbelievable tips.

Almost every other girl working at the parlour had, at one point or another, serviced Fat Rick and they were baffled why he was Candace’s favourite.

“He’s so fat and old that he takes forever to finish!” One girl would complain.

“He is literally the grossest person I’ve massaged!” another remarked.

“Why is he your favourite? Is it the money? Is he giving you, like a thousand?” they’d ask.

“He’s just easy, that’s all. He tips me regular… nothing crazy,” Candace would lie.

Rick was Candy’s only regular who got a different level of service than the rest and she would look forward to his arrival every week. During their first encounter, she had allowed Rick to anally penetrate her with one of his fingers while she was administering her attempt at a hand job. Looking back, Candy could not believe she had allowed that to happen. After that event, she had learned that she was very much into ass play but exclusively her own; she had no interest in giving.

I’m a back-Dorothy! She joked to herself.

Unfortunately for Candy, Rick was the only man who had successfully given her pleasure anally. After the first time, she found herself thinking of the act often. She even tried fingering her own asshole when she was masturbating with her favourite small vibrator a few days later, but it didn’t yield the same pleasure. She tried different toys and butt plugs to no avail. During one of her subsequent hook-ups, she told the guy to finger her ass while he was pounding her doggy-style; it was a catastrophe. The young man was beyond ecstatic at the opportunity and stuffed a nearly dry finger inside of the girl in an incredibly painful manner. Candace howled with agony, and ended the intercourse, to the dismay of the horny man-boy.

It needs to be gentle. It needs to be loving. It needs to be Fat Rick! She decided.   

With Rick, she never had to inspect his fingernails for dirt. They were always groomed and clean. She always knew he would execute the difficult maneuverer exactly the way she wanted. Most importantly, Rick knew this was a very special relationship he had with the teenager, and allowed Candace to fleece him for the privilege.

The massage cost one hundred dollars, on top of Candace’s tip. She had an agreement with Rick for a three hundred dollar tip where the obese man was allowed to begin their session by pleasurably licking the teen’s asshole while she quietly vibrated her clitoris with a small toy. While Rick’s tongue ran circles around Candy’s balloon-knot, he would stroke his tiny cock until he ejaculated on the floor. They both knew that this was skirting the rules of the establishment but this was the only guaranteed orgasm that Candace ever had.

Sometimes Rick would opt not to tug himself so he could focus on Candy’s perfect little ass. Once he tried to venture lower, dipping his tongue into her soft, wet labia; Candace ended that immediately. In her mind, Rick had absolutely nothing to do with vaginal sex, an act she enjoyed very much with young, attractive men. Rick was the girl’s specific tool for stimulating her butthole and that was all he could ever be.

Despite being exclusive relegated to ass play, Rick loved his time with Candy. It  was his heaven. He relished in running his tongue on the beautiful girl’s exposed little button while furiously tugging himself. When he truly wanted to treat himself, he would cough up an additional hundred dollars and have his girl stroke him after her orgasm. Candace never deviated from the menu she offered Fat Rick. For the girl, the transactional nature of their relationship was the impetus, not her orgasm.

My orgasm after getting new highlights or custom-cut jeans is almost as good! She’d joke to herself.

But today was a special day for the overweight customer; Candy wanted to go to spring break and she needed extra cash. Ever since she began working at the parlour, Candy was raking in enough money to afford a lifestyle she was now addicted to enjoying. In a ten hour shift, Candy would typically see between five and seven clients and walk home with around a thousand bucks. In the early days, she didn’t know what to do with all of the money, but that changed quite rapidly. Her dorm room closet was now packed with designer jeans, trendy bags, and shoes. Candy was a regular at a salon that charged nearly four-hundred dollars a session. She would also go to the spa to pamper herself with expensive treatments.

It was a bit of a trip for the girl when she was getting massaged at the posh spa. Even though the establishment was beyond reproach, she always half expected the masseuse to offer her some variety of sexual favour nearing the conclusion.

In addition to shopping, Candace had completely stopped eating at the cafeteria in her dorm. She was now too good to eat overpriced pizza and gain the freshman-fifteen. The posh eatery for stylish young co-eds was the salad restaurant located just on the edge of campus. Candace would schedule her classes around a strict lunchtime in order to spend twenty-six dollars on the ahi tuna poke and mango salad, or the quinoa and kale salad with wild-caught salmon. She would eat her organic, healthy food while drinking expensive bottled water; she couldn’t imagine going back to a life with anything less. Eating overpriced salad was where she met her new friends.

These new girls were the well-to-do young ladies whose parents floated them enough cash to do whatever they pleased. This included going to clubs, shopping, and burning money in general. To these girls, all money was disposable and it appeared magically in their purse.

“Just buy it! You look so hot!” they would say to each other, trying on designer labels.

The most recent buzz within the group was spring break. The destination was Jamaica and Candace needed to be on the beach, in a new bikini, with a fresh wax, and designer sunglasses. She needed to be in a hot little dress and new heels, dancing in the clubs at night with her girls. She needed to get drunk and high. She needed to be the center of attention. She needed to go home with a different boy every night and not feel guilty or have anyone at school even know.

The whole trip would run no less than five-thousand counting flights, hotel, and partying. She needed fifteen-hundred dollars in the next day to secure her seat on the plane and at least that much for the hotel room. She also needed Rick to buy the tickets directly for her as Candace had run into some problems spending her tips.

“I hope you are not putting this cash into the bank like a stupid girl?” The Russian woman remarked to her after working at the parlour a few weeks.

“Why not?” Candance asked, honestly.

“Because you don’t have a job according to the IRS. If you keep depositing lots of cash they will think you are a drug dealer or some other criminal.”

“But I’m not a criminal!” Candace shot back, taking offense.

“Oh no?” The woman retorted, making a sceptical face.

Since then, Candace had been careful to keep her account just high enough to not get overdrawn while the girl spent cash wherever she could. She debated handing cash to her new friends and having them purchase the tickets but she was concerned that would look tacky. None of them ever had money problems. Their parents routinely topped off their accounts and paid credit card bills the girl’s never saw. Candace didn’t have a rich father; she had Rick and all of the other men who needed to cum.

Rick showed up looking very nervous, even though he was a regular at the parlour. The Russian woman always knew to fetch Candy as soon as he teetered into the establishment.

During their recent sessions, when Candy would position herself on her knees atop the massage table, Rick would needed to rest his bloated stomach in between the girl’s feet. Otherwise, he would become tired rather quickly, supporting his weight while eagerly licking the teen’s asshole.

“He’s definitely getting fatter!” Candace remarked to the other girls.

Now it was too difficult for him to reach his penis at that angle, so Candy ended up jerking him off after she was able to reach orgasm, with his finger in her ass of course. Candace actually preferred to jerk him off than to let him cum while she vibrated. The extra hundred bucks for the handjob was a lovely bonus, but the real treat was having her asshole penetrated after it was thoroughly licked. Naturally, she couldn’t ask Rick for the sexual favour; she could only sell it to him. Otherwise she’d be starting the dangerous precedent of blurring the lines with her client.

“I don’t know why we just didn’t go to a hotel,” Rick whispered to Candy.

“No! Always here!” Candace insisted.

Candy knew better. It was one thing for her to bend the rules and offer full service, it was another to service a customer offsite. The Russian owners would see it as Candy stealing their customer and she had a healthy fear of them. No girl had ever been hurt at the parlour by the owners, but they were quick to fire and Candace would be devastated if her cashflow ran dry.

Despite her boss’ predilection for terminating rule breakers, she wasn’t too concerned about what would happen if they discovered she offered her regulars extra services. Most of the girls did this and it was an, almost, expected practice. Her friend Samantha, who got her the job, had admitted to Candace she would let one regular bend her over the massage table and fuck her every time.

“Never throw the condom out here, take it home. Don’t risk being caught!” Samantha had warned.

Another girl had been fucking several of her customers and became pregnant. So many different men had been inside the girl, she wasn’t certain if the faulty condom had been worn by a fifty year old massage customer, some frat boy on campus, or the men she would meet in bars.

Candace knew she was making quite a bit of cash for Russian woman. Her regulars sang her praises and, nearly every day, greying businessmen, construction workers, and even professors from the university would venture into the parlour for the first time and nervously ask if Candy was available.

“Don’t ever steal from me, cyka blyat!” the Russian woman had told Candace, and every other girl sternly.

“What did she call us?” Candace had asked Samantha, who just shook her head.

No matter what happened in the massage room, the Russian woman was getting one-hundred and twenty dollars and it seemed unfair to Candace. She was the one servicing pigs; did the Russian really care which of her orifices she used to make them ejaculate?

Candace had plenty of time to ponder her money troubles as she watched Rick struggle with his clothes, removing them with awkward grunts. He seemed to get lost in his white undershirt. Candace quickly removed her clothes and completed the task before Rick was even topless.

I’m so jealous of his boobs, Candace thought, looking at Rick’s C-cup breasts.

While waiting for the man to finish, Candy scooped up the bottle of oil and placed a healthy dollop on her finger. Carefully balancing the sizable drop, she brought it underneath her and dabbed her taut asshole. Once the rim was well coated, she loaded up with more oil then pushed her finger inside her asshole to spread the lubricant. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Rick fall over.

The man had been concentrating on removing his pants and billowy white briefs when he saw the teenager apply the lubrication to her little asshole. It made it all too real for Rick; he was going to fuck Candace anally and he fell over in shock. Once on the ground, it was far easier for him to remove his pants. Candace speculated that he never got undressed, or dressed, standing up, and she was correct.

Rick’s little sausage was as erect as it could become. His eyes walked all over his dream girl’s naked, supple body. He had fantasized about this day more times than he could count.

I cannot believe this is going to happen! He screamed in his own head.

Candy saw that Rick was ready, so she went to her purse and retrieved her small bullet vibrator and a condom. As she approached Rick, she saw his face drop.

“I… umm… I can’t wear the condom,” Rick explained.

“Why not?” Candy blurted, incredulously.

“I… I have a difficult time keeping… my erection. Most times I go soft before I can… you know… put it inside…,” he confessed.

Fucking liar! Candy thought to herself. No man ever wanted to wear a condom.

“You can’t stay hard for me?” Candy challenged.

“It’s just… you know… difficult…,” Rick begged.

“You’re wearing the condom. Also, I don’t have my flight confirmation. Did you send it?”

“Not yet, Candy.”

“Send it now,” she demanded.

“But I’m all ready to go… can I send it afterward?”

“I’ll keep you ready, just send it now,” Candy assured.

She walked over to Rick’s pants and found his phone in the pocket. She handed it to him and then dropped to her knees. Candy knelt, face to face, with Rick’s two inch long erection. It was about as thick as the girl’s thumb, and she was a petite thing.

Jamaica. Jamaica. Jamaica. Candace repeated in her head.

Above her, she could hear the great whale breathing while he typed on his phone. Candace opened her pouty lips and leaned forward until they landed on the last centimetre of hairless flesh where the penis sprouted from a nest of grey pubes atop a heaving mound of blubber. She closed her mouth and the cock was completely inside. It was so small, her gag reflex was not even close to being triggered. The firm little sausage rested on her tongue. As if it were a lollipop, she began sucking on the hard little member. Rick instantly began panting.

As she sucked, Candy held her phone in her hand and was watching her inbox. The little penis in her mouth began twitching and this caused the girl alarm.

“Don’t cum in my mouth,” Candy scolded, briefly expelling the little wang.

Rick didn’t say anything, he appeared to be highly focused on his task. A moment later, Candy’s phone beeped. She had the email confirmation for her round trip ticket to Jamaica; paid in full. She was going to spring break.

Candace pulled her mouth back from the tiny penis and started opening the condom wrapper. She pulled out the prophylactic and pushed it onto the cock. The condom fit but there was so much slack at the bottom. The condom mostly rested on the top and she was afraid it would fall if she let go.

“Hold onto it,” Candy instructed.

Quickly, Rick reached around his gut and held the condom on his little dick.

Candy spun around on the floor and pushed her ass into the air with her face and tits right on the towels she had laid down. She reached for the bottle of oil she had placed next to her and put another healthy layer on her asshole in anticipation of Rick’s tiny pecker.

The man attempted to squat down lower to find Candy’s tight opening with his prick. However, his legs quickly tired and he was unable to hold a position conducive to penetration. Next Rick dropped down to his knees, but it wasn’t much use either. Little Candace tried to lower her hips but Rick’s massive distended abdomen was very much in the way.

“Rick, honey, when was the last time you had sex?”

Rick, out of breath, felt quite embarrassed answering, “Maybe five or six years?” He lied. It was more than ten.

“Maybe I can just use my hand, babe?” Candace proposed. She was being extra nice to him, she knew her trip might be in danger if he couldn’t complete the transaction.

“The ticket was almost two-thousand! I don’t want a hand job!” Rick protested between breaths.

Candace spun around and looked at the heaving man behind her. Rick put his hands on the floor in order to better support his body. He was breathing as if he just ran a marathon.

“Lay on your back, honey,” Candace soothed.

Rick flopped on his back with renewed energy. Candace surveyed the huge man on the floor with the cloudy coloured condom perched halfway off his nub of his penis. She gently reached for his dick and felt it inside the condom, it was definitely not hard enough to penetrate her. She took of the condom and rested it on his fat stomach, then took the tiny prick back in her mouth. She sucked the nub quite hard, knowing that Rick responded very well to intense stimulation. At first, there was no change, however, after twenty seconds of intense suction, Rick achieved his maximum rigor.

Candy sat the plastic hat back on the rigid little prick then turned around. Instinctively, Rick reached up for her ass and helped steering her hips into his lap. Candy took hold of the plastic wrapped nub and lowered herself, guiding it to her greased little asshole. She was very excited about finally having a real penis in her tight hole and she knew that Rick’s size was perfect. She was certain that Rick would be gentle with her and allow her to experience the sex she wanted without worrying he would suddenly become rough or deviate from anything she found immensely pleasurable. Candy was so excited.

Finally, she felt the hard little head press into her butthole. She had almost missed and guided him into her pussy, simply out of habit. With the nub pressing, she felt Rick’s hands on her hips giving less support, allowing her to push the cock into her asshole.

Here we go! Candy cheered as she allowed gravity to work its magic.

“Ahhh!” Candace sang sharply as the small hard cock pushed into her sphincter and the little round muscle gave way. Rick was inside. The penis was much smaller than Rick’s finger, though it felt superior simply because it was, indeed, a cock. This excited the girl immensely.

Oh my God! Fat Rick just took my anal virginity! She giggled to herself before getting on to the business of enjoying her much anticipated ass-fucking.

Candy rolled her hips and attempted to change the angles of Rick’s penetration, but the fat made it difficult. She found the most pleasurable action was when she pressed hard into his fat causing the little cock to go as deeply as it could.

Oh this is amazing! Candy thought.

Behind her, Rick was grunting while he allowed Candy to completely control the sex. The hard pushing roiled his guts and was excruciating, but Rick tolerated the pain as this was truly the most spectacular sex the man had ever had.

Rick needed this to be the most amazing sexual experience of his life. There were no other women in his life beside Candy and this had been the case since he met her. On top of which, Rick was just about broke. The truth was, Rick was not very affluent at all. He had a boring office job that paid moderately well. He had emptied his saving to pay for sexual favours from Candy; he was quite addicted to her touch.

Rick knew that his relationship with Candy would only last as long as he was able to afford paying for her time. He wished she would be in his life without the money, but Rick didn’t need to ask Candy on a date to know that it could never be. Rick very much wanted a girlfriend. He had tried dating on numerous occasions, but there literally was not a single woman interested in him on any of the dating apps. He would bombard every eligible woman in a fifty mile radius with winks and likes; not a single one of them responded to his advancements. He modified his search criteria to every possible configuration and still got zero replies. He had begun to think the apps were all malfunctioning until he changed his profile pictures to a chiselled silver fox’s photos he found online; the change in response was instant. The problem was Rick. This is how his sex life became relegated to paying for hand jobs in massage parlours.

At first, Rick would frequent the massage parlours where the Asian girls worked. He kept this up until he found out that many of those girls were trafficked sex slaves. Rick’s conscience would not allow him to return. After that, it was almost a year before he heard about the massage parlour that had all local girls from the nearby college. He was ecstatic about the opportunity until he heard the price. The Asian parlour was fifty for the massage and fifty for the happy ending. The establishment with the beautiful college girls was double. He budgeted himself visits on important occasions, such as his birthday or when he couldn’t stop crying, home, alone, on a holiday weekend.  

When he was a younger man, he once had a girlfriend. He treasured the relationship dearly. They were both pudgy twenty-somethings. After a weekend at the beach where a group of young, attractive people had mocked his girlfriend for wearing an ‘old lady bathing suit’ she cried and promised herself she’d lose the weight. After months of tortured soul-searching, the girl radically changed her lifestyle and reduced her size from an obese adult to a very respectable weight. The change was remarkable; she didn’t even look like the same person. She began taking more pride in her looks, patronizing salons she was too intimidated to frequent when she was overweight. She tried on clothes at the trendy stores that didn’t make outfits for anyone over a size ten. She stopped shying away from the makeup counters at department stores and allowed the women there to show her exactly how to highlight her newly discovered cheekbones. All the while men began to notice her. They would approach her right in front of her chubby boyfriend, Rick. He would speak up and the men were shocked she was in a relationship with him.

“Oh I had no idea… sorry!” they would confess, and walk away, commenting how her husky boyfriend was probably wealthy.

It wasn’t long before the girl shed her relationship with Rick, like so many pounds. Within days of being single, Rick learned she had already been dating other men, and was now in a new relationship. Her new beau was better than Rick in every conceivable way; looks, personality, career. Her new boyfriend could wear a t-shirt without having plump breasts on display or the round bottom of his tummy peeking out to hang over his belt. Her new boyfriend played frisbee in the park with his friends and ran down errant throws. Her new boyfriend could have sex with her in positions besides girl on top. After the breakup, poor Rick descended into a shameful spiral of isolation and binge eating. He never recovered. He was a kind soul, but ill equipped to forge ahead in the dating world after being dumped. Despite it all, he never became jaded; he accepted his fate.

“Women just don’t go for guys like me,” Rick would say when asked if he was married.

Now Rick had a woman who was more beautiful than any he had ever spoken to and his hard little prick was buried in her taut asshole.

Rick held Candy’s smooth, tight skin while he struggled to activate his hips. He desperately wanted to complete a thrust into the girl. The condom was bunching on him and was very uncomfortable. Rick was certain it was going to eventually fall off.

I just wish I could move the way I wanted to! Just for five minutes! Rick yearned.

Candy, meanwhile, was in heaven. The size of the little dick was perfect inside of her tight hole. She loved the control and the stretch. It was intensely hot.

“Oh! I want to vibrate my clit!” Candy remembered.

She pulled the tiny cock out of her ass and it escaped with a pop. Hunting around her bag, she quickly found the bullet, then leapt back to push the little nub inside again.

To her dismay, Rick’s cock had deflated slightly since she had extracted it from inside of her. She squeezed the penis inside of the condom and attempted to force it to no avail. It just wasn’t working. In desperation, she pinched the base of the penis quite hard and forced the small dick inside.

The pinching forced enough rigidity into Rick’s little shrimp but it was incredibly painful. Rick tolerated the agony in order to ensure his continued penetration.

“Can you get harder, babe?” she inquired over her shoulder.

The moment she spoke the words, the small penis retracted out of her ass, leaving the condom halfway inside, poking out.

Candy sat up and reached behind her to pull the condom out of her ass. At first, she though Rick might have ejaculated inside of the condom, but after inspection, there was no semen. Rick was looking at her nervously. His tiny prick was deflated almost back to the little shrimp.

“The condom is just not working, Candy,” Rick begged.

“So, what… you want to go inside of me without a condom?”

“Please?” he begged.

Candace wanted to have the dick back in her ass so she could vibrate her clit and orgasm. It would naturally feel much better without the condom but that was a line that made her nervous. Candace had never had sex without a condom. She feared becoming pregnant and she simply didn’t want to take birth control pills or any other intrusive, hormone therapy. This was different. She certainly couldn’t become pregnant from anal sex. Still, Candace knew that sex without a condom was a treat that would garner a higher price.

“I’ll jerk you off, ok?” Candace offered, waiting to see how Rick would react.

“No, I bought the ticket. I want to finish having anal sex, like you promised!” he pleaded.

“Then you need to wear a condom, honey,” she pressed.

“It… it just won’t work. I’ll cancel the ticket…,” he threatened.

“Oh no you won’t!” Candace retorted angrily. “I took your cock up my ass. From the start I said we would use a condom.”

Rick looked exasperated.

“If you want to go without a condom, that’s something different. Would you cum inside of my ass?”

“I dunno… I suppose yes,” Rick weakly agreed. “I don’t know if I could pull out.”

Candace knew he couldn’t pull out, not that he wanted to.

“Thousand dollars, Rick. That’s the price to cum inside of me,” Candace put out, flatly.

“No!” Rick complained, thinking about how he just bought her the plane ticket on his credit card.

“Then we’re done… unless you want to try with the condom again,” she offered.

“Ok… umm… I don’t have a thousand dollars… not on me….”

“Buy my room. Five days. Grand Palladium Jamaica beach resort. Book it for the days I’m there and I’ll put you back in me without a condom and you can cum inside, ok?”

Rick sat there, pondering his option. He didn’t care about sexually transmitted diseases. He was more concerned with his credit card bill. It was going to take him two or three months of frugal living to pay off the girl’s flight. The hotel would add another month at least. It would certainly guarantee that he wouldn’t be on Candy’s table for a happy ending for quite some time. Then again, he may never get another chance like this in his lifetime; to have anal sex with a gorgeous college girl.

“Fine, hand me my phone,” he conceded.

Candy had to hold back her excitement as she fetched Rick’s phone.

I’m going to get my room paid AND orgasm with the little dick in my ass! She cheered to herself.

As Rick typed on his phone, Candy decided to get a head start and snapped on her vibrating bullet. She didn’t enjoy direct contact with the vibrator on her clit, but more of a nearby stimulation of her hood. She would put the bullet on its lowest setting and carefully angle the toy. This was the exact amount of stimulation she loved. Since she had both hands free, Candace pinched her outer labia together, gathering her flesh even closer to her hood to further dull the vibrations. It was perfect. She would often do this for hours in her dorm room attempting to achieve an orgasm, but most of the time she would fail. It just wasn’t exciting enough to send her over the edge.

What am I going to do for an orgasm once Rick dies? She once, morbidly contemplated.

But it was true; every one of her best orgasms had taken place at the parlour with Rick.

“This is a lot more than a thousand!” Rick suddenly blurted. “The room is two-fifty per night. Five nights, plus tax, plus this resort fee… this is more than the flight!”

“Just click it and fuck me!” Candy scolded as she rolled the bullet around her mons, trying to find the perfect dampening of her vibrator with pink flesh.

“No! If I do this, I want to come here and see you without paying.”

“Just click it and fuck me!” Candy repeated. She didn’t really care to understand if the room was more than the flight or any other logistics concerning the cost of her trip. To Candace, men had money and they acquired it so easily; they can give her more. It would take her an entire summer of folding t-shirts in the mall to pay for her Jamaica trip when a man could simply make that amount of money in a few days doing whatever it was that men did in huge office buildings to earn money. It all seemed like a scam to Candace.

“They make some phone calls, send some emails, and get paid, like, a hundred-thousand bucks a year! What’s an extra twenty?” Candace had complained to another girl at the parlour.

“This is why we need socialism! We should move to Denmark where everything is free. Free college, no one pays rent, and you don’t have to work if you don’t want to!”

“Ugh! That sounds amazing! Yeah, I totally want to live in Denmark,” Candace lamented.

Rick was rich and privileged, Candace surmised. He can pay. He should pay.  

“I want to come here five times for free if I buy the room! It’s almost three thousand dollars! That’s five thousand in total!” Rick frantically insisted.

“What? Are you crazy?” Candy asked. “The boss would never go for that! Just click it and fuck me!”

Rick was about to say something until the girl suddenly turned around, propped her gorgeous round bottom in the air, then inserted the bullet into her ass. She turned off the vibration and pushed past the rim. Rick’s heart thumped in his chest and his little shrimp recovered instantly.

“This should be you, Rick,” Candy insisted, pushing the toy in deeper.

Rick sighed and typed for a few seconds. A moment later an email popped up on Candy’s phone. Her room was booked.

“Yaaaasss!” Candy cheered, but was abruptly interrupted.

Amazingly, Rick had climbed up from the ground and had positioned himself behind the girl.

“Oh my God!” Candy gasped, quite shocked at Rick’s dexterity.

Rick heaved his massive gut onto the girl’s lower back. To Candace, it felt like an entire person had climbed on top of her. Then, she felt it; Rick had achieved an erection and had the tip pressed right against her little asshole.

“Oh my God!” she repeated.

The moment the words escaped her lips, Rick penetrated her anally.

“Ugh!” she gasped. The two inch sausage felt incredible inside of her without a condom. She loved how Rick had taken charge.

Being penetrated is SOOOO much better than riding! She cheered in her head.

Candace dug one elbow into the towel on the ground to support the massive weight. With her free hand she stuck the vibrating bullet up to her hood. Then she felt the most unbelievable thing; Rick was thrusting like a young, healthy man. She had to turn around to be certain that it was truly Rick that was pounding her little ass.

Thank God his dick is little! Candace thought as she felt the hard two-inch dick plunging her insides.

Candace began to feel the warm, tell-tale sign of her orgasm building. Her skin was electric and her nipples buzzed along with her clit. She was close.

“Grrrr!” Rick groaned behind her.

A second later, Candace felt hot lava burst, deep in her ass. Rick was pumping his semen into her and the sensation was spectacular. The spasming runty dick pulsed again, unleashing another hot shot of cum to scorch and sizzle inside of Candace’s sensitive entrails.

“Yes!” she screamed. The hot shot tipped the scale causing her to climax intensely.  

“Grr! Grr! Grr!” Rick belted, making tiny thrusts with each burst inside the girl.

As Candy’s orgasm completed, her arm became tired and she couldn’t support Rick’s immense weight much longer. She slid her arm outward, and her body lowered to the floor with Rick still on top of her, still deep in her ass. Her slide continued until she was prone with the massive man smothering her. Almost all of Rick’s weight was on the girl. She was completely covered except for her little legs, dangling out from between his, and her tiny head around his chest.

Despite the incredible weight, Candy was so at peace with the massive man crushing her. His body was incredibly warm and soft. The massive deposits of fat spread the pressure out evenly like an enormous weighted blanked. The tiny cock, still lodged in her ass, continued twitching while holding every drop of Rick’s boiling sperm inside of the girl. Candace could tell her pussy was very wet, but she was so satisfied. It was the most intense and gratifying sexual experience of her life. She could feel Rick’s enormous heart beating in his chest. She snuggled into his fat and held her breath, waiting for the next involuntary twitch of his shrinking penis inside of her ass.

“Are you ok, Rick?” she finally asked.

“Yes,” he responded, after a pause.

“You’re still inside of me, honey,” Candace reminded him.

“I know. Just a little while longer.”

“You’re the only man who has ever came inside of me. Did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t know that. Was it ok?”

At first, Candace thought it would be better to lie. Then she decided, she was feeling too vulnerable at that moment.

“It was… it was magic,” she admitted.

“I love you, Candy,” Rick slipped.

Candace paused. She had to handle this very carefully.

 “I know baby,” she softy spoke. “And I love what we have.”

Rick didn’t expect her to say she loved him. He was, in fact, ecstatic that she didn’t reject him. He squeezed the girl underneath him and rolled his hips upward. The effect forced his penis a little deeper into Candace’s asshole.

“Ugh!” Candace grunted, as the cock burrowed.

Rick held his cock inside of her, as deeply as he could for another moment, then he shifted his weight and began to rise. The teen’s sphincter squeezed his small shaft as it retracted from inside of her.

Candace felt his cock sliding out of her body. A moment later it popped out and her tiny sphincter snapped shut. She then crawled out from underneath the massive body and spun around to sit. Being free of the immense weight felt strange. It was like a security blanked had been taken off her. She touched her ass and felt the oil but no sperm appeared to be leaking.

Rick sat on his haunches, relaxing. He felt such pride and satisfaction having succeeded in not only fucking his dream girl, he did so on top of her, like a man. Rick beamed.

“I’m going to miss you when you’re on spring break,” Rick finally said, in a cheery voice.

“Don’t worry, I’m taking a little bit of you with me,” she smiled.

To be continued…

Author’s Note: This is Chapter 2 of “How Much is Candy” which is available on Kindle. Only chapters 1 and 2 are still on the blog. The other 7 chapters, including the final never seen before chapter, can only be read if you buy the book on Kindle for $2.99 or READ IT FOR FREE on Kindle Unlimited (link below). Since the book was launched, the response has been tremendous that I wrote a sequel that was just published, How Much is Candy 2 (link below as well).


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