How much is Candy?

Candace chose her favourite comfy tank and yoga pants from the heavy wooden drawer in her dorm room. She loved the material of the tank top, it was so form fitting that she often didn’t need to wear a bra, not that Candance needed one anyways. She squeezed her ‘A-cup’ breasts in the mirror and she barely got a handful. Her Aunt had told her that they would grow as she got older, but here she was, midway through her freshman in college competing for men’s attention against her peers spilling out of snug tops.

As she stood on the ugly green rug, her friend Samantha knocked on the door while turning the knob and opening it slowly. Samantha lived across the hall and was her closest friend in the dorms. She was also the girl who got Candace her the job.

“Hi Sam,” Candace called out, trying to be cheerful.

The girl walked up behind her and gave her a tight hug.

“You all set for your new job?” she asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I think so… are you sure I don’t need any make-up?”

“No. Don’t wear make-up. Don’t wear a bra. Put your hair in a ponytail,” Samantha said with confidence.

“I look like death without make-up,” Candace complained, pulling on her face in the mirror.

“You look hot! You’re going to make SOOOO much money!” Samantha assured and squeezed her even tighter.

Candace was a beautiful girl; dark haired and skinny with olive skin. She was the kind of girl where people wondered if she was multi-ethnic but were afraid to ask out of politeness. The truth was, she was just another white girl from the suburbs who probably just had a distant ancestor from someplace warm.

“I’m going to be late,” Candance whined.

“Then go! Have fun with it!” Samantha cheered.

Candace put on a light hoodie and walked to the elevator. She was terrified that everyone knew where she was going; like they knew her secret. She was so ashamed, but she felt that she was out of options. Candace’s Aunt had cut her off financially a week prior.

“If I can’t help out my own kids, then I can’t help you out either. It’s a shame…,” her Aunt had told her, implying that if Candace’s mother were still alive then she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Candace was taking out loans to pay for school but the loans didn’t give her cash to buy a bus pass, or warm clothes, or toiletries. Beyond that, Candace was a young girl and she wanted to own make-up and pretty clothes. She wanted to have enough money in her pocket to buy her own drinks, but look good enough so she didn’t have to.

Her aunt had been giving her a healthy allowance of pocket money since she moved out of her house, but that abruptly ended when her husband was unceremoniously fired from his very lucrative role as a corporate lawyer.

“You can just wear the clothes you have and get a job!” she reasoned to the young girl.

Candace had looked into a number of part time jobs but the only ones that would take her paid the minimum wage of only seven dollars an hour. She’d need to work every weekend just to be able to have deodorant, shampoo, and cheap make-up. Candace felt she was better than that.  It had been over a month since she had been cut off and her spending had not slowed. Candace always figured the problem would solve itself. In the past, all of her problems had been solved by someone else, Why should this be any different? She thought.

“I can get you a job that pays a hundred an hour…,” Samantha had boasted to the girl when she complained that her ATM card was overdrawn.

“Really! What would I have to do?” Candance eagerly inquired.

“Use your power,” Samantha smiled wickedly back at her.

Samantha was referring to a joke Candace had made, commenting on how quickly she claimed she was able to get, Gavin, one of the very well-known boys at Zeta to cum during a few weeks ago. Candace had always had her eye on the upperclassman. Not only was he devilishly handsome, rumour had it his family was rich. She spied him drinking at the keg and waited until he separated from his friends. The moment Gavin stepped into his bedroom at Zeta she took her chance and followed him in, locking the door behind. Despite the boy’s obvious enjoyment of her skills with her mouth and hands, Gavin didn’t opt to begin a relationship with her. Candace had cried when she heard he had asked a sophomore to Zeta’s formal dance.  

“You gave Gavin your power and he took that skank Jesse, with the boobs, to Zeta’s formal,” Sam reminded her.

“Yeah, I know…,” Candace lamented.

“You got nothing for what you did… I gave his stupid friend Dexter a bee-jay and he wouldn’t even buy me wine cooler when he bought at the liquor store. These guys are getting a lot for nothing. You should definitely still chase Gavin, but the Dexter’s of the world… maybe they should be paying us!”

“Paying us how?”

“How much would Dexter need to pay you to suck his cock?” Samantha probed.

“Ewww… gross… at lot… a thousand dollars,” Candance cringed.

“How much to just jerk him off?”

“Ewww still… yeah, a thousand dollars.”
“What if no one would ever know? Like nobody ever gossiped that you jerked him off or ever did anything with him? And you never needed to kiss him or do anything. Just walk into his room, jerk him off, then leave.”

“Umm… I don’t know, that sounds pretty unlikely…”

“What if it wasn’t Dexter but rando guys?”

“Jerk them off?”


“A thousand.”

Samantha then pulled out her wallet from her purse and fanned a gorgeous stack of bills for Candace to see.

“Oh my God! How much is this?”

“Oh, I don’t know… five-hundred-sixty dollars…,” Samantha boasted.

“Where did you get that?” Candace begged.

“Keep it our secret?”
“Umm… yeah, of course.”

“Giving massages at this place in town. I made this in one day. I just haven’t gone to the bank yet.”

 “One day!”

“I gave four massages… I got there at noon and left in time to go to the pre-party at Kappa at seven!”

“And you gave these guys bjs?”

“Eww.. No!” Samantha gagged, laughing. “I give them a terrible massage for, like, ten minutes, then I give them a hand job. They cum in, like, under a minute. Then you wash your hands and that’s it.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, I paid all of my bills and I’ve got, like, a few thousand dollars in my account. I’m definitely going to spring break!”

“Oh,” Candace said, a little sad. Spring break seemed like an impossibility.

Samantha waited to see what Candace would say next. The owner of the massage parlour had pulled her aside and told her if she recruited girls from campus she’d give her a hundred bucks for every girl she brought to work.

“They have to be very pretty. Nice face. Skinny body. Young. Also, not stupid,” the owner had instructed Samantha in her thick Russian accent. “Girls like you. I give you one hundred cash for each. But they have to work out. If they are problem then no.”

Candace’s eyes traced back to the wad of bills peeking out of her friend’s chunky wallet.

I could just do it once! Then get some stupid waitress job once my account isn’t overdrawn, Candace thought.  

“You said you think you could get me a job there?”

“Maybe I could…,” Samantha teased. “Do you want me to try?”

“Yeah, I do,” Candace begged.

“Ok, hold on…,” Samantha assured.

Samantha pulled up the Russian woman’s number and texted her. A moment later, Samantha’s phone beeped a response.

“Stand up, girl,” Samantha commanded.

“What why?”

“Stand up and take off your hoodie.”

Candace stood up and took off the bulky sweatshirt she was wearing. She now had on just a pair of tight fitting shorts and a tank.

“I’m sending the boss your picture. She said ‘face and full body’, you ok with that?”

“I guess,” Candace responded, trying to look cute for Samantha’s phone.

Candace allowed Samantha to take several pictures of her and send them off to people judging whether her looks were sufficient enough to give strangers a hand job for money. Candace was starting to feel very uncomfortable.

The Russian woman looked at the photos of the thin, pretty teenager then responded, “Have her come in tomorrow. Noon. If she works out, I give you one hundred.”

“Candace! You got the job!” Samantha cheered.

In her heart, Candace hoped the people receiving the photos would have declined her. She didn’t want to give someone a hand job, unless it was a boy she was hoping to snag; especially if they had a nice car.

“Great!” Candace cheered back, feigning excitement.

“I’ll text you the address. Be there at noon tomorrow!”

The following day was a sunny day and Candace didn’t really need the hoodie but she felt her nipples harden and she didn’t want everyone staring at them. The bus pulled up and she stepped inside then scanned the QR code with her phone.

The reader beeped angrily.

Candace hurriedly investigated on her phone to see that the app had attempted to replenish itself from her account but had failed due to insufficient funds.

“No!” Candance groaned.

The driver knew exactly what the insufficient funds error looked like, having seen it a thousand times.

“Cash or I can’t let you ride, Miss,” the driver said as kindly as he could.

Instinctively, she looked up for help.

A man in his thirties quickly got up.

“Hey, I got you, sweetheart,” he said, and handed her a five dollar bill while smiling.

“Thank you! I’m so late!”

“Come sit next to me, once you’ve paid,” the man responded with a wink and put his hand on her shoulder.

Ugh! Doesn’t anyone just do something nice and not expect something back! She groaned in her own head.

“I… I think I’ll just walk,” Candance responded, handing the bill back to the man.

“I got you, babe, and you can sit wherever you like,” an older woman responded, standing up quickly and handing her a twenty.

“Thank you!” Candance beamed and sat next to the older woman while the man slinked away.

Candace then attempted to give the woman the change.

“Oh no, sweetie. You hold on to that. How else will you get home?”

Candace melted.

She rode the bus for nearly twenty minutes until she reached a strip mall near several car dealerships. She hopped off, thanking the woman, and walked towards the stores.

Candace pushed past the door of a small storefront that read “Acupuncture and health” and found herself in a tiny, empty lobby. There were a few chairs but no receptionist or customers. Along the wall, there was one glass door that shielded the other side with a reflective mirror. The door looked strong and foreboding. Alongside the ominous glass and metal door, there was a doorbell and the moment before Candace touched it, the door began buzzing. The buzzing caused a metal bolt to free itself with a loud snap, then she nervously pushed the door open. Before she was even past the transom, Candace was greeted by a large woman in her forties.

“You Candy?” The tough woman inquired with a thick Russian accent.

“Ummm…. Yes?”

“Are you or aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m Candace.”

“No, you’re Candy,” she said, gruffly looking the girl over. “Take off that sweatshirt.”

Balking for a second, Candace took off her hoodie. The woman looked at her face then her body.

“Sam was right, you’re a little cutie. Are you at least eighteen? Can’t have no underage girls working here. Show me your ID.”

Candace had brought it with her, expecting to fill out tax forms.

“Do I need to sign anything?”
“No. You work for tips and I get twenty bucks each time you get a customer. Understand?”

“Wait! I have to give you money?”

“Now just listen to me,” she said gruffly, pointed at Candace when she talked. “Do you know how to give a massage?”

“Ummm… yeah, I think so,” Candance replied, unconfidently.

“Ok, these men come here for the happy ending, not the massage. No one cares if the massage is awful. They pay a hundred bucks for the massage; that all goes to me. I pay for the rent, the lights, everything here. Now, you have them lay on their front and you massage them for twenty minutes. Then you have them flip over and ask if they want anything else.”


“Now, here’s the important part. They want anything and everything they can get! They’ll fuck you if you let them. But there is no fucking in my parlour. You tell them hand release is a hundred bucks. Make them pay BEFORE you jerk them off, not after. If you come running to me and say you jerk some guy and he has no money… then you just jacked someone off for free.”

Candance’s eyes were wide as her heart thumped in her chest. Samantha had told her what went on there but now it seemed very real.

“Every customer you get, I charge you twenty bucks. Then you keep the rest. You can maybe charge some extras, but no fucking.”

“What’s an extra?”

“Take off your top and let them grab your titties while they’re getting jerked. Charge twenty bucks more. Do you know how to give a hand job, right?”

“Umm… yeah… Yes. Yes, I do,” Candance said with more confidence, thinking about Gavin, briefly.

“Any questions?”

“Yes… umm… where are the customers?”

“When you hear the door buzz there is a new customer. Now go wait in the girl’s room. I’ll fetch you when it’s time to work.”

Candace was shown into a small room with couches and a minifridge. There were several young girls in the room. Candance recognized a few of them from campus.

“Hey! You’re Sam’s friend, right?” One of the girls said without looking up from the TV.

“Yeah,” Candace responded, recognizing the girl somewhat. Maybe she had seen her at a frat party.

“I’m Maddie,” she said over her shoulder. “Sam told me to look out for you on your first day.”

Maddie was adorable looking. She had very thick hair and looked like a doll.

“Oh… thanks. How long have you been working here?”

“A few months…”

“You like it here?”

Candance noticed that sitting in her lap was a Louis Vuitton bag.

“Do I like it… I like the money. The work is… meh,” she responded, not breaking her stare with the flatscreen.

“Are you scared when you do it? You know… the finish… with strange men…”

“Do what? Oh, I don’t even notice it anymore. I’m just trying to get as many customers as I can. Are you nervous, hon?” Maddie asked.

Candace reluctantly bobbed her head while making wide, emphatic eyes.

“Come here,” Maddie said and grabbed Candace’s hand and walked her out of the room. She led her out back into an alley and opened up her expensive purse and took out a thin metal vaping pen.

“It’s suuuper strong, so go easy,” Maddie instructed, handing Candace the vape.

“It’s weed?”

“Ummm… yeah, you don’t want to do this job straight.”

Reluctantly, Candace took the pen in her mouth and pressed the button, causing the end to light up. She breathed in very deeply until she saw Maddie waving her to stop. She handed the pen back to the girl and instantly began coughing.

“Hits real good!” Maddie commented before placing the tip in her mouth.

Instantly, Candace’s anxiety flew a million miles away. She no longer had a care in the world. She took another hit and the world stopped dead in its tracks. It wasn’t sunny anymore. She wasn’t at a massage parlour. She was floating deep in the ocean and all was well.

“Hey, we need to get back,” Maddie said, pulling Candace back into reality.

The two girls returned to the room inside. As soon as Candace was there she realized that all of the girls were stoned; every young eyeball was fixed, vacuously, on the television. Candance starred at the tv as well. Her nervousness was completely gone and time began to pass.


The door buzzed and none of the girls seemed very interested. A few moments later, the owner’s head appeared in the doorway of the girl’s room.

“Candy, you’re up! Room two.”

“Time to lose your cherry,” Maddie commented as Candace rose to see her first customer.

She walked down the hallway until she reached the tiny room with a number two on the door. She knocked softly and waited.

“Come in!” a boisterous man’s voice responded.

Candace pushed the door and did her best not to react to the very overweight man in his mid-fifties standing completely naked by the side of the padded, wooden massage table. He had a full thick head of salt and pepper hair which seemed to extended from his head all over his bloated, paunchy body.

Santa Claus? Candace joked to herself.

“I’m Candy,” she blurted, and extended her hand to shake.

The man made a confused face, not expecting the attractive teenager to make such a formal introduction.

“I’m Rick,” he responded, smiling as he gobbled her up with his eyes.

Candy noticed that when she shook his hand, his penis jiggled in a hilarious way. It was all she could do not to burst out laughing. As the naked man looked her up and down, she noticed the jiggling dick quickly sprouted from a tiny shrimp into a plump little sausage. The only place Santa Rick didn’t have unkempt hair was around the little sausage. Everything about him was so ridiculous to Candace. She had to cover her mouth and pretend to cough, otherwise the man would have seen her giggle at his appearance.

Without another word, he awkwardly climbed the table to sprawl himself facing down.

He looks like a fat baby! Candace thought, seeing him draped all over the table.

Candace was incredibly high and paused, pondering what she was supposed to do next. After a quite a long delay, she decided to grab one of the bottles of oil from the cart and just smear the contents all over him. The bottle was greasy and it didn’t seem to pour. She held it over the naked man, shaking it vigorously. Barely a few drops leaked out.

It doesn’t work! Candace puzzled.  

“Squeeze?” naked Rick suggested, calmly.

Candace gave the bottle a healthy squeeze and an immense amount of oil squirted out of the bottle all over the man’s back and ran along his sides onto the table.

“Oooh,” the man murmured.

Candace rolled her eyes at his pleasure. With her hands, she began rubbing the oil into his back. His hairy, greasy body captured much of the oil and gave his skin a strange texture. Before long, the oil was everywhere including blotches all over Candace’s favourite tank top.

Despite the disgustingly fat man, and her inauspicious start to her career as a masseuse, Candace was actually beginning enjoying herself.

It was like petting a very big sheepdog, she thought and then had to stifle her laughter.

God, I’m stoned! She realized.  

Eventually, she had thoroughly greased his back and it was time to move on to his lower body. The man’s ass was a complete mystery to Candace. She had never seen an older man naked and his ass literally did not exist. Her ass held a shape whether it she was lying down or standing. This ass seemed to melt into nowhere.

As Candace greased the shapeless ass, Rick, very deliberately, spread his legs to expose himself and give the teenaged masseuse full access to his genitals.

I’m looking directly into this asshole’s asshole! The stoned girl thought, smirking.  

She then walked back to the cart and grabbed the bottle and squirted it smack dab into his crack just to see it run down. The bubbling oil formed a river and trickled onto something Candace had also never seen before.

In her eighteen years, Candace had two boyfriends and she had slept with both of them on numerous occasions. She also had a one night stand earlier in the school year and, of course, the recent blowjob during a party. She felt that she was very familiar with the male genitals; this, however, was something new. Balls were supposed to be in a perky sack just underneath the dick. This man’s ball sack was so elongated that it extended past his cock and rested on the table. The sack was longer than any dick she had ever seen. She poured oil onto the stretched out appendage, then picked it up just to see if it was real. The sack was warm and smooth with random long white hairs near the base. It extended nearly eight inches and the testicles it contained were massive and asymmetrically misshapen. She played with them with immense curiosity.  

“Ahhh… I like you,” Rick moaned.

Candace didn’t even realize he was gaining gratification from the act. She was just high and flabbergasted at the peculiarly shaped sack. Then she noticed the little shrimp begin to grow again. It looked misshapen and discoloured to the girl. All of the cocks she had seen up to then had been owned by men no older than twenty; they were firm, blemish free, and considerably longer and thicker than this pathetic worm.

Is this even a dick? She puzzled.

“I want to turn over, is that ok?” Rick asked.

Candace was having trouble speaking she was so baked and finally managed to say, “sure.”

The man first rolled onto his side and then onto his back, like a sea lion, sunbathing on a pier. His large, distended abdomen had the perkiness that his ass lacked.

You should wear your gut for an ass, Candace pondered, then hid her giggling.  

Rick made eye contact with her and motioned with his droopy eyes towards his little sausage.

Still intrigued, Candace reached for the fat little nub and gave it a squeeze.

It’s so small, I can hide it in my hand! She judged.

“Oil?” Rick asked, excitedly.

Money! Get the money first! Candace remembered.

She picked up the bottle and squirted a liberal amount of oil on the wrinkled sausage. She thought maybe it would grow like a cartoon plant being watered. Then she held the shaft and began to slowly stroke.

“How much of a tip will you give me?”

“Fifty,” Rick offered quickly.

“No,” Candace replied with a drawl then took her hand off the shrimpy dick.

“A hundred!” Rick blurted, correcting his earlier offer. “But take off your top.”

“One twenty,” Candace retorted in her slow voice.

“How much to take it all off?”
“Two hundred,” She responded, surprising herself.

Stoned Candy is a great negotiator! Candace thought to herself.

“How much to have sex?”

Ewww! Candace’s mind retched.

“We don’t do that here,” she responded calmly.

“But I can touch you?”

“Yes. Two hundred. Money first.”

The fat man heaved himself off the table and fumbled around his pants until he produced a hundred dollar bill and five twenties. He awkwardly handed Candance the money, then flopped back on the table.

Candace put the money next to the oils and pulled off her tank and slipped out of her yoga pants. Despite the room being incredibly warm, her nipple were quite hard. Even though her breasts weren’t large, she did have the most astatically pleasing nipples with perfectly round areolas topped with fat, protruding little buds. Her body was lean and stunning with a flat tummy and toned midriff that had delicate visible muscle striations. The round bubble of her ass was a lovely curve that met her narrow waist and shapely legs.

“Cute!” Rick exclaimed while running the tips of his fingers through the whisps of her long, dark pubic hair. Candace was so high, she didn’t even flinch.

Candace hated that she didn’t have a Brazilian wax, or a tightly groomed strip, but she couldn’t do much about it. Once, she had attempted to shaved it, but that turned into a catastrophe with horrible razor burn. A trip to the aesthetician was a luxury she couldn’t afford. The other girls in the dorm made regular trips to the spa to get massaged after their pussies were waxed. Candace didn’t have enough money for bus fare.

She stood alongside the table and took Rick’s little sausage in her hands. It was already drenched in oil making it very slippery. She gave it a squeeze and the tiny head popped out of the foreskin. This was the first uncircumcised penis she had ever touched. In addition to the circumcision, the other cocks she had previously held were more than enough to grab onto, standing at attention on their attractive owner’s toned, athletic bodies. This little cock was less than a handful, jutting out of a mound of fat that perched just below a massive, heaving belly. Candace was unsure as to how she should stroke it without causing injury to the runty dick.

Immediately, Rick reached for Candace’s breast and, to her surprise, cupped her flesh quite gently. She half expected him to roughly paw at her, or painfully pinch her nipple, but the man was very considerate in his groping. The young men that Candace had allowed to fondle her breasts would callously squeeze them causing the small girl to yelp in pain. They never seemed to have any remorse for their hostile pinching of her small bosom. Her first boyfriend had often insulted her breasts and those word seemed to injure the young girl more than his twisting fingers. Candace was so pleased with Rick’s soft, compassionate caressing that she leaned in to give the furry hippopotamus a closer reach.

Noticing Candy’s offering of her perky rack, Rick’s attempted to sit up to capture one of Candace’s gorgeous nipples in his mouth. His stomach bulged as he tilted towards the girl, slightly raising his torso with his head craning from the awkward attempt.

If he can do a sit-up then he’s earned sucking my tit! Candace thought, not relinquishing the breast, but even goading him to reach it with his lips.   

The effort was too difficult for Rick. He also realized that if he sat up his massive gut would smother his penis, preventing Candy from completing her stroking. Giving up, he reached behind the girl and placed one index finger on the precipice of her asshole and another on her furry labia.

“It’s another hundred if you want to finger me,” Candace quickly rebuked. In truth, she stopped him because she didn’t want his potentially dirty fingers inside of her.

Rick nodded and only cupped her well-formed cheek while focusing on getting hard.

The small penis was still quite flaccid despite Candace stroking it. She changed tactics and clutched his loose balls while squeezing the little sausage from the base on every stroke. It became slightly harder but not much.

“Are you going to be able to finish?” the stoned girl asked.

“Yeah, just be really rough with me,” Rick assured.

The bloated stomach was making it difficult for Candace to stroke the cock so she abandoned the balls and used her free hand to push against the mountain of fat. Now that she had some clearance, she began squeezing the tiny cock while vigorously stroking.

It wasn’t that difficult to make Gavin cum and he was drunk! She thought to herself.

Despite Rick’s age, poor looks, and bloated body, Candace inexplicably found herself becoming aroused. It wasn’t because she was attracted to Rick; she was, in fact, repulsed by him. She was becoming aroused because every penis she previously touched was always seconds away from going inside of her and this Pavlovian conditioning was confusing the girl. With Rick’s cock in her hand, something in the recesses of her nervous system was telling her body to prepare for intercourse. On top of this, smoking weed was an immense aphrodisiac for Candace. Every other time she had smoked it, she found herself on the hunt for a sexy and mysterious man to kiss shortly afterwards.

“Oohhh!” Rick moaned with pleasure as she serviced his stubby cock.

Seeing the fat man’s gratification excited Candace further but in a different way. She felt powerful; something she had never felt with a man before. She was in control. Had Rick been a professor, or any other figure of authority, as most men Rick’s age appeared to the young Candace, she would have cowered out of fear of his disapproval. Up until then, she had always been in very submissive roles with men. Candace lost her virginity without ever saying ‘yes’; she just didn’t say ‘no’. This role was much different than giving a frat-boy a blowjob on a couch; Rick looked to her for approval. Candace was in charge and it was empowering. It was sexy. It was God damned fun.

As she stroked, she looked over at Rick’s face who was starring directly back at her with a knowing gaze. Rick saw that Candy was, in fact, enjoying herself. She wasn’t robotically stroking him off, like so many other girls had done. He saw intrigue in Candy’s eyes and a wry smile on her lips. He had no idea the girl was, in fact, quite stoned and too inexperienced to separate her actual romantic life from the transactional sexual favour she was being paid to give to an obese senior. Emboldened, Rick decided to take a chance.

As Candy kept busy holding back Rick’s gut while rhythmically jerking off his now hard cock, she felt Rick release his firm grip of her perky ass cheek. He then placed a finger back on the aperture of her asshole and began delicately tracing a sensual circle around its rim.

Not this again! Candace thought.

She was about to say something, except she was immediately taken aback by how her body responded. Candace was still learning what brought her sexual gratification, and she had never experienced a gentle finger caressing her butthole while she was naked and aroused. She found it quite pleasurable, even erotic. She decided not to stop him; at least not yet. She could feel that Rick’s finger was well coated with the oil she had rubbed all over him and the slickness felt divine.

He’s been so gentle… let’s see where this goes! She mused.

Candace began breathing harder as Rick started to press.

“Ahhhh…” she moaned as Rick pushed his finger inside of her ass. This new sensation agreed with Candace; it was so snug and pleasurable.

Oh, yes! This is amazing! Candance thought.

She relished in how taboo and naughty she was being. This felt very different than the fingers and cocks she had previously allowed men to insert into her vagina. Candace absolutely loved the divine feeling of fullness in her vagina, especially from a nicely shaped cock. Rick’s anal penetration technique was not more pleasurable; just different while being incredibly gratifying and she wanted more.

“Put a finger in my pussy, too,” Candace groaned to Rick.

She looked over at the man and saw an expression of urgency on his face. A moment later, the fat little cock in her hand pulsed as it erupted with ropey cum. The first spurt launched in the air so abruptly Candace couldn’t even react to it, she was so stoned. She simply watched it climb in the air before painting her neck and chin.

“Oh my!” she blurted, then unsuccessfully tried to move her body away, failing to escape as Rick had her moored to the side of the table with his finger deeply embedded in the young girl’s ass.

Embracing her situation, Candace continued stroking Rick through his orgasm and allowed him to go on spurting indiscriminately. The next rope didn’t have the same impetus as the first and only made it to her breasts. Rick’s semen was very warm when it landed on her skin, then cooled rather quickly. The following glob managed to curve in the air and land exactly on Candace’s black pubes, instantly tangling itself to form a glistening spiderweb of bright white cum on springy dark hair. Her pubes were a natural landing spot as Candace’s hips were thrust forward in order to accommodate for the large digit in her ass and the immaculate tuft of long hair seemed all but poised to catch errant ejaculations.

All subsequent bursts of spunk were rockets that never made it off the launchpad and dribbled down the spasming cock onto Rick’s stretched balls. Candace slowed her stroking and continued holding the cock while it pulsed without creating any new projections of semen. Rick’s breathing slowed as his orgasm faded, yet he didn’t retract the lubricated finger out of the teenager’s ass. With his giant palm encompassing the lythe girl’s cheeks, each finger extended to the borders of her perky flesh except his longest finger; hidden inside. It was very comfortable for Candance and she made no effort to displace the extremity.

Candace began breathing with Rick who was calming himself post orgasm. It felt very much like yoga as she followed the rise and fall of the enormous stomach.

I should always have something in my ass during guided breathing! Candace legitimately considered.

At every exhale, the bloated stomach and the penis deflated slightly, keeping pace with each other. Rick’s tiny head lowered into its fleshy hood of foreskin and the last remnants of sperm pooled inside forming a little cup containing a dollop of cream. Candace slowly squeezed and released the tiny shrimp causing the level of sperm in the cup to rise and fall. She was so high it enthralled her; a little cup of sperm in the old man’s foreskin. Every few seconds, Rick would have an aftershock from his orgasm, and the fleshy shrimp would pulse in her hand. Now that the penis was fully retracted, a sudden pulse caused such a displacement that a tiny amount within Candy’s cup overflowed.

“Oh!” she squealed with concern as the cup spilled. Without even thinking, Candace quickly leaned in to put her lips to Rick’s foreskin and hurriedly slurped up the tiny amount of sperm remaining. After consuming the dribble of semen, Candace continued to suck on the foreskin. She was enthralled with the appendage and ran her tongue along the inside. She had never seen an uncircumcised penis but her friends had discussed the anomaly often, whenever the subject of penises arose.

Rick’s eyes were as big as saucers as he watched the girl noisily suck the sperm off his tip. He couldn’t even remember the last time anyone had consumed his sperm, it might have been several decades. He was completely spent and the girl’s seeking tongue was delightful but his oversensitive member was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Signalling he wanted the tongue probing to end, Rick slowly pulled his middle finger out of Candy’s ass.

OMG! What am I doing? You are too high, Candace! She yelled in her own head while quickly taking her mouth off the tiny penis.

“That was… that was just… lovely,” Rick stumbled.

“Uh-huh,” the girl responded, feeling a tad foolish for losing herself in the moment as she did.

“Can… Can I get your number, to see you again… professionally?” he added.

“Umm… no you can just see me here. But you can get me another hundred for sticking a finger in my ass,” she responded while searching for her clothes on the floor. She grabbed a tissue and mopped up the semen from her chest and neck. She did her best to clear the sperm entangled in her pubes, but knew they would never be completely clean until she showered.

“Umm… I don’t know if I have that much,” he balked.

“Did you think that was free? It’s ok, I can just take your phone. I need a new one,” high Candy negotiated.

Rick began quickly fumbling through his wallet.

“I’ve got… seventy-nine,” he said, turning out his pockets and showing the girl his empty wallet.

“Fine. But if you come back ask for me and you owe me,” she scolded taking the bills and adding them to her collection.

Two-seventy-nine! It would take me a week to earn this at a mall job! She cheered in her head.

“I will ask for you! Only you! Thank you! Just… Just incredible!” Rick said warmly, still naked; his little shrimp jiggling under his bulging gut.

Candace gave a fake smiled and left. She walked in the direction of the girl’s room but was abruptly accosted by the owner in the hallway.

The woman gave her a curious eyeballing, as if to silently ask her if she was successful in her debut.

Without a word, Candace retrieved the wad of bills from the small pocket of her yoga pants and peeled off a twenty and handed it to the woman.

The owner nodded in approval and walked away with the folded bill, leaving Candace to continue on to her destination. Once she arrived she looked around for Maddie and saw she wasn’t there.

“She’s with a client,” one of the girl’s commented, noticing Candace’s eyes dart around the room for the familiar face.


“How did it go?” she inquired.

“It went,” Candace said casually, adjusting her thong, almost feeling like the finger was still deep in her ass. Her hand smoothed down to the wad of bills in the tiny pocket of her yoga pants and she smiled.

“Do you want to smoke?” the girl offered.

“I think I’m ok, but thanks,” she smiled.


A moment later the boss’s head appeared in the doorway of the girl’s room.

“Candy, you’re up! Room four.”

To be continued…

Author’s Note: This is Chapter 1 of “How Much is Candy” which is available on Kindle. Only chapters 1 and 2 are still on the blog. The other 7 chapters, including the final never seen before chapter, can only be read if you buy the book on Kindle for $2.99 or READ IT FOR FREE on Kindle Unlimited (link below). Since the book was launched, the response has been tremendous that I wrote a sequel that was just published, How Much is Candy 2 (link below as well).


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